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I was having problems making zerocarb work, up about until a month ago, about which I already made a post. What I have found out was that I was not eating enough. I switched to another source and I enjoy the meat I eat now. I think because I was eating meat I didn`t enjoy before, I was thinking I was full when actually I could and should have eaten more. Now that I enjoy my meat, I eat a lot more, until I feel like Im done. Im satisfied all the time and feel relaxed whereas before I had a feeling like what I was doing was somehow stressfull on my body and something was missing. I suspect now, that it might have been undereating. I was eating 1 kg of fatty meat a day and thinking it was alot. Now I am eating over 1.5kg and could easily eat 2kg but can`t really afford that atm.
I think another issue is that some people are scared of protein and we have these numbers in our heads... It can be frustrating to forget about the numbers and really follow your hunger signals. 1kg of meat sounds a lot, but I think when you are eating zerocarb, then it is probably not enough even for most females. If you are 175 pounds guy with an active lifestyle you probably need at least 2 kgs. Im a dancer but I haven`t been doing much recently because I know what Im eating now wouldn`t be enough to support that. Even now without any exercise or physical work, I feel like I could eat more so..
I think I saw sabertooth write somewhere that when he makes a freshkill he will gorge on a lot of meat and gain weight, but after a few days when the meat is not fresh anymore, he loses appetite. I wonder if he could eat fresh kills all the time, then maybe his appetite wouldn`t go down and he wouldn`t feel like he needs the plants? What I have experienced is that when you eat the meat you like, your appetite for it only grows with every meal and cravings for other stuff only decrease...
Ofcourse I have been doing this for a very short time, so any conclusions would be unreliable. In a few months maybe I can give better, more reliable feedback.

Update us on how it goes with storing some of the blood I am curious myself.
I stored it an airtight container in the fridge. Lasted me a week and it was still fresh. Some of it gets clotted as soon as you collect it, but it is still edible. I have to say this though. Drinking blood and eating the organs from a freshly killed animal is truly an interesting experience. I didn`t even wanna touch the muscle. I can understand why predators go for the organs first and the Inuit aswell and why they would eat the organs raw but cook the muscle.

General Discussion / Handling and preserving blood and the whole animal
« on: August 04, 2018, 04:07:18 am »
Hey there, so as I have mentioned in a different post before(About not having appetite for raw meat. Iam going to make an update there in a few weeks to tell you guys what Im doing now and how it is going), Iam going to get a whole animal from a farm soon. I told the farmer that I wanted to collect the blood also. He said it clots very fast and so there is no point collecting it? How should I handle blood. Collect it, put it in a glass air-tight container as soon as possible and then put it in the fridge like that when I go home? For the muscle I bought hooks and am going to hang them(Special thanks to Sabertooth, got the idea from your video), I also put a humidity absorber in fridge to keep it dry so Im hoping that will turn out fine. Im not sure how to store fat and organs. If I put them open air on plates in the fridge, since it will be pretty dry inside Im not sure if it is a good thing if they dry out fast as well?

I am not really devoted to carnivore. But I am hesitant to add in plants for a few reasons:
1) I feel like fiber was the cause of my gut problems in the first place.
2) The mental clarity and creativity that comes with zerocarb. I really like that and don`t wanna give it up.
3) The success stories of so many people on even cooked zerocarb forums.
However, I am open to anything and will keep experimenting to find out what works. If I were to add some plants back in, which low glycemic ones could be good options, which wouldn`t give my gut a hard time? Is it ok eat them at the same time with animal foods? Can you guys give examples of what you eat in a day and how much so I get a better idea.
Regarding meat, I am gonna try different sources and see how that goes.

   Hey guys, so first a little summary of my story. I first tried a RVAF diet last summer due to mainly digestive problems. It helped a lot, but after about a month, I went back to my old ways of eating. Because of social pressure and my lack of discipline. This april I said this is it, Im gonna do it this time and until the rest of my life. Because although I quit it last year, I understood this is the way Iam supposed to eat. Anyways, since April I have been eating 90% raw carnivore diet. I did experiment with some raw honey, didn`t turn out very good. For the last month I have been very strict eating only raw animal flesh (beef and lamb) and occasional eggs. The meat is supposedly pasture-raised organic. The thing is although it has been 3 months and last 1 month especially I have been quite strict and it seems to be going fine for now, except 2 things. First thing is that sometimes water will give me diarrhea, even if I drink it hours after I ate. Second thing is that raw meat still tastes pretty bland to me. I don`t really have appetite for it and have to force it down my throat everyday, 3 times a day, and after 3 months it gets really boring. I don`t know how long I can keep at this. So after 3 months, if raw meat still tasted bland, does that mean the meat is  bad quality, or what else could it be?
    Another thing, I think I am going to start buying whole animals from the farm, because it is cheaper and also otherwise there is a lot of things I can`t get, like blood, glands etc.. The problem is where I live, grass-fed isn`t really a thing, I was ordering my meat from a different city. I have been looking at some farms around and found one where they let goats out on pasture twice a day. They also give them hay but also some barley.. The owner said they don`t use any antibiotics or hormones or anything.  But I  saw the guy once injecting something into the animal and asked what it was. He said it is just for the ticks, nothing important. I have no idea how harmful or necessary that is. Anyways, do you guys think it is a good idea to buy from this farm? Iam gonna keep looking for other farms but I don`t think I will find a 100% grass-fed one. Because I think farmers and also other people in my area, are not informed about the subject, what the animals should eat and if that even makes any difference.

General Discussion / Re: I just reckon
« on: July 22, 2018, 05:28:17 am »
I keep also this stuff to myself. People won`t understand and think you are a freak or you have gone mental. Maybe some very few close friends that are open-minded... Some of them may be cool enough not to freak out. But if you don`t want to be an outcast, I would suggest you don`t talk about it in public.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: bodybuilding and eating
« on: June 14, 2018, 03:00:36 am »
Err, I'm just 45... I do have some food-intolerances to a few raw foods, even now( too much raw liver and any raw veggie juice over 1 litre  gets me going to the toilet soon after as my body refuses to absorb it. Too many raw eggs gives me yellow diarrhea in a similiar fashion, any suet gives me yellow diarrhea as well, raw coconut oil gives me very nasty stomach-aches lasting hours. That's about it so far, except that my food-intolerance towards cooked foods has, thankfully, increased steadily over the years to the point where  if I do occasionally eat cooked foods, I usually have to vomit them out some time afterwards unless they are consumed in very small quantities.
If you can`t eat suet, what do you eat for fat? Bone marrow?

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat changing one`s character?
« on: June 06, 2018, 12:56:02 pm »
All what you guys said makes sense. It is  prettycool that the diet has calmed you down. I dont know anybody in real life eating this way so sometimes I have nothing to compare to. Appreciate the replies

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Gaining weight on zerocarb?
« on: June 06, 2018, 12:47:25 pm »
I used to be underweight and gained back a lot of weight as a carnivore. I've found that eventually (if your underweight), your weight stabilizes and you stop gaining body fat for the most part. I've been able to gain more muscle once I started working out. But otherwise it seemed impossible to gain weight. So if you don't plan on doing some resistance training and eating as much as possible (obviously), you will most likely not gain weight if you are not underweight. This seems to be the experience for a lot of other people eating a carnivorous diet, consisting only of meat.

You can certainly build strength and muscle, but I am not sure how many (if any) have gained body fat, assuming they were not underweight and lacked and adequate amount.

Your body will have a stable weight (neither overweight or underweight) as long as you eat enough. If you want to gain a lot of mass, eat a lot and incorporate resistance training.

100 grams of fat has 900 calories, and there are plenty of sources of pure raw fat. Organ and muscle fat and especially bone marrow are the best sources of fat and could easily give you a 1000 or more calories in a single meal, even if that's all you eat. Eggs are a great source of calories, although not everyone is a fan of eggs. Any fatty cuts of muscle meat add more calories than they would if they were just lean, and there are some other parts like brain, tongue, belly etc... which contain higher amounts of fats. In general, focusing on fat for the calories and then the protein for the muscle building is optimal. Obviously macronutrients are not everything, but as long as you are eating organ meats and fat, you should be getting all the vitamins/minerals as well.

Personally, I just started doing resistance training and eating large amounts of bone marrow and enough protein. It worked for me.

How much meat and fat are you  eating daily and how much do you weigh? I eat 1kg of mix organs and muscle meat from beef-lamb and around 250 grams of lamb fat. I do some calisthenics training. I am 175 pounds and I seem to be maintaining my weight so far. I guess I need more. Maybe i can try adding some eggs also like you suggest for some extra calories

General Discussion / Raw meat changing one`s character?
« on: June 05, 2018, 08:12:18 pm »
Has anybody ever experienced a change in their character since starting to eat raw meat? I was watching sv3rige`s old videos and he looks like a nice guy and then after he starts eating raw meat in the videos he become more and more hmm lets say he insults people a lot. Not to judge anyone but I wonder if this is a thing. I have also felt like i have become more agressive and selfish and some people around me also commented on this. Do you have a similar experience or is it just in my mind

General Discussion / Eating connective tissue
« on: May 29, 2018, 11:25:57 pm »
Is there any benefit to eating connective tissue or should i just give it all to dogs?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Gaining weight on zerocarb?
« on: May 11, 2018, 01:40:02 am »
How hard is it to gain weight eating only animal flesh or is it even possible at all? Is there anyone on the forum who gained a substantial amount of weight on zero carb?

I don't know, it just is. Perhaps the moisture allows the "right" kind of bacteria to proliferate. The effect of high-meat occurs because bacteria in it trigger the immune-system and the brain, and thereby boost alertness, concentration and energy.

Hmm, alright. So if we have some meat that has been aging  for some months and is becoming dry, is it a good idea to pour some blood in it and mix it and continue aging?

Why dried up high meat is useless? Does it not still have the beneficial bacteria?

General Discussion / Re: Moldy meat
« on: September 03, 2017, 02:44:55 am »
Alright, thanks

General Discussion / Moldy meat
« on: September 02, 2017, 06:18:52 pm »
Hi there everyone! So I'm kind of new to eating raw meat. I had some grasfed beef entrecĂ´te in the fridge for 10 days. Today i checked it and it wasn`t just rotten it was moldy. These cotton like white things on it.. Im guessing this is not normal and not safe to eat. So i wonder why it didn't just rot the way it was supposed to? What did i do wrong? It was just sitting in the fridge in the package that i bought it. I did cover it but it wasn't 100% airtight

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