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Health / Re: Healing Lupus and MS w. diet, resources, examples.
« on: May 06, 2012, 01:18:41 pm »
Yes, Dorothy, since here MS is already very advanced and is complicated by chemo, and kidney and liver failure, the situation is very bad. However, I doubt that any conventional hematologist or nephrologist will ever agree with a raw nutritional approach, especially the one high in fat. Modern medicine just does not incorporate raw foods cures, only chemical drugs.

I do not see any suggestions in AV's book for kidney and liver failure, however, he has suggestions for cirrhosis of the liver. To clean and rejuvenate the liver, he recommends plenty of raw tomatoes and lemons, combined with eggs; unheated honey; raw coconut cream with cucumbers; and raw meat at least twice daily. If lacking appetite for any food, he suggests his famous raw butter / raw honey mixture under the tongue and a little fresh parsley or ginger to stimulate appetite.

Health / Re: Healing Lupus and MS w. diet, resources, examples.
« on: May 06, 2012, 12:05:23 pm »
AV's specific recommendations for MS: complete avoidance of cooked foods; lots of raw dairy, especially raw butter; stone-pressed olive oil with plenty of raw meats (chicken, beef, seafood); avocados and raw eggs daily; 2 glasses of natural mineral water a day and a drink made of 1 cup cucumber, 4-6 tablespoons raw coconut cream and 1 tablespoon unheated honey.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: 1 Fruit a day.
« on: May 06, 2011, 12:44:43 pm »
I was on a very low-carb diet before for several years, but really was not feeling well on it. Often felt tired, depressed and dizzy. Surprisingly, I also noticed weight gain and experienced "sugar drops". My carb intake was around 20 grams a day. Now I eat a bit more carbs, about 60 grams a day (mostly from raw honey, lemons, avocados, papayas, and berries) and feel way better. Especially, my energy level has improved greatly.


"Max began noticing immediate improvement in his symptoms as he ingested raw goat milk."

"He credits raw eggs as being very important for his healing process. Max also began consuming raw grass fed meat, raw butter, raw cream, and raw vegetable juices. He credits these 5 foods as being the most important for his healing from his lifelong battle with Crohn’s Disease."

"After 2 years of staying on a 100% raw food diet, which included raw animal fat and protein, Max has no more symptoms of his body’s severe digestive illness. During this time, he experienced various detoxifications from the poisons that he had put into his body all of his life. These poisons were expelled in the forms of diarrhea, boils, colds, fatigue and headaches. After the first two years, these symptoms had mostly subsided."

I wonder if Max is on this forum?

Health / Re: Vitamin E?
« on: April 30, 2011, 03:07:37 am »
Here is a very good article on Vitamin E (by Ray Peat, Vitamin E: Estrogen antagonist, energy promoter, and anti-inflammatory):

foxwoman, when you were zc were your calories significantly higher or do you think about the same as with carbs?

I think my calories were about the same - average of 2000 a day.

When I was on zero-carb, my weight was the highest - about 10 pounds more than I usually weigh. I slowly gained that weight in the course of several months, and felt horrible on that diet - no energy, dizziness, etc. The percentage was about 20% to 30% protein and 80% to 70% fat. I lost that extra weight and regained my energy when I returned several fruits back to my diet, maybe about 10-13 percent carbs. I find that it is difficult in practice to eat different percentages of protein than 20%-30%. However, "portion control" is important. A smoothie with egg yolks and avocado for breakfast can easily be something like 800 calories, and then you are hungry again in a couple of hours. A rib steak can be a 1000 calories. Therefore, I now try to eat smaller portions and watch the calories, and make sure that I eat some plant foods - usually about 2 cups of fruit a day.

Raw Weston Price / Glutathione in raw milk & raw egg whites (article)
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:35:33 am »
Found a very interesting article published by Christopher Masterjohn on Weston Price Blog:

Apparently, raw milk, raw lean meats and raw egg whites have copious amounts of glutathione - "the master antioxidant and detoxifier of the cell".

Raw Weston Price / Re: Pictures of Caribou herders
« on: March 15, 2011, 08:17:16 am »
They don't really look too healthy. Most people's teeth look horrible. Obviously, they all smoke a lot. Would be a nice illustration to what is happening to native tribes when they start eating "white men" foods. The text states that they eat a lot of animal foods (seafood and caribou), raw, preserved, smoked, salted, and boiled; some vegetation, like berries and sea vegetables; and also supplement their diet with "imported" sugar and white flour products. White flour "porridge" and flat bread fried in walrus oil are now their staples.

I eat a lot of bison meat, which is readily available in Alberta where I live. I know that here bison are free-range and mostly grass-fed (yet fed grains and hey in the winter when we have no grass due to cold climate) and completely free from hormones & other crap (so-called "naturally raised"). It costs more than "naturally-raised" beef and I do like the taste better, and bison also adds variety to the diet. Since I prefer to buy my meats always fresh and shop in a local supermarket, I do not really care about buying everything strictly "grass-fed" or "organic", but go for the healthiest choice available.

General Discussion / Re: What brought you to a Raw Paleo Diet?
« on: March 15, 2011, 07:45:40 am »
I came to RPD in search of a cure for my life-long psoriasis / seborrheic dermatitis and other health problems, such as hypoglycemia and cycles of anxiety & depression. Started about 6 years ago with Weston Price Diet, then moved to gluten-free, then to grain-free, then experimented with dairy-free and zero-carb - all without notifiable changes in my health. Only the two years on mostly raw animal foods (including dairy) helped me get rid of my skin problems and other health conditions. Unfortunately, at that point I abandoned my diet and returned to eating grains and cooked foods, and my skin and general health gradually deteriorated and now I am starting RPD anew, this time without dairy. Hopefully, it will work again.


General Discussion / Re: Whole Sea Bass - Where to start?
« on: March 12, 2011, 06:31:46 am »
Hey guys,

I got a whole sea bass here. Where do I start? What bits are good to eat?

I would prepare a sashimi-style meal - scale and filet the fish, and then cut the filets into neat bite-size pieces (for "presentation" :)  ). Arrange some edible flowers around (OK, jk). Enjoy!

Health / Re: Don't Drink Too Much Water!
« on: March 10, 2011, 03:56:01 am »
I absolutely agree with magnetic. Eat only when hungry, drink only when thirsty.

Welcoming Committee / Re: FoxWoman Introduction
« on: March 09, 2011, 06:16:44 am »
Any thoughts about Vitamin D deficiency causing your skin condition? From not getting enough sun on your skin? Maybe chat to your doctor about getting a blood test for Vit D (need to test for the '25-D' form in the blood, not the activated form, as this gives a clearer idea of whether you are deficient or not).

I don't think this is the case. I maintain a year-round tan for a number of years now, and I just recently discontinued taking cod liver oil (well, will start it again now). Besides, I eat a lot of seafood. I was also using topical vitamin D on my scalp and face lesions before, without any success - it only seemed to aggravate my skin condition. :(

Thanks for the idea, though!


Welcoming Committee / Re: FoxWoman Introduction
« on: March 08, 2011, 06:42:58 am »
Just a follow-up...

Had an appointment with my doctor yesterday (I have quite a cool, open-minded doctor) and brought to her attention the idea that my skin condition might be caused by biotin deficiency. She took that very seriously. She advised that I should give up eggs completely - both whites and yolks, because it is impossible to completely separate them from each other and, if I continue eating egg yolks, I will also be ingesting some of anti-nutrients in whites. And, although I am very "anti-supplements", she also persuaded me to try a massive vitamin - B therapy with at least 1000 mcg of biotin, in addition to liquid magnesium supplementation, cod liver oil, and pancreatic enzymes with every meal.

I am thinking that I will follow my doctor's advice - just to give it a try. Recently, my skin has been very inflamed and it seems to be getting only worse on a no-dairy diet. So, I am thinking of maybe returning to butter or ghee, since egg yolks are now out, too...

Off Topic / Re: Organic food fraud in the UK/Daily Telegraph article
« on: March 08, 2011, 05:11:24 am »
This is why I don't really go for "organic" products - in most cases they look and taste exactly like conventional ones.

Israel? when did you travel there?
Did you find any good meat there please its important I'm in israel and cant find good quality meat only frozen organic ground beef...

I travelled there quite a long time ago, more than 10 years ago. At that time of my life, I was not really interested in healthy nutrition and was buying ordinary foods from supermarkets.

Health / Re: candida carbs
« on: March 04, 2011, 02:55:18 am »
Probably the best way to starve Candida is to combine a low-carb raw diet with a SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) approach. SCD eliminates completely all complex carbs: grains, legumes, starches, sugar and sweet milk / cream, as well as anything containing vinegar (commerical pickles, etc.). Also, don't eat old cheeses and mushrooms. A little honey and fruits are OK, but don't overdo (maybe about 30 gr. of carbs a day). The bulk of the diet should be: meats, eggs, fish and seafood, and butter (if you eat dairy), plus something to re-populate your guts with friendly bacteria (maybe high meat or probiotics with homeostatic soil organisms?).


General Discussion / Re: How many women?
« on: March 03, 2011, 06:49:14 am »
Forum stats show a 1:1 ratio of male to female members. I'm surprised that the ratio isn't lower as women are more usually interested in health.

I am actually surprised that the percentage of women here is so high. From the discussions here, I got an impression that the forum is mostly composed of college-age males.  8)

Health / Re: Dry Skin Remedy
« on: March 03, 2011, 06:42:10 am »
I remember when I quit dairy for about 8 months in the past, my skin, especially on the hands, gradually became very dry (I am now repeating a non-dairy experiement - will see if the dryness will return). After reintroducing dairy, with lots of butter, my skin became nice and soft again. So, maybe there is something particular about butter which lubricates the skin? And, BTW, my butter was not ever raw!

Another possible cause for dry skin which I have researched recently is lack of biotin - which could be caused by antibiotics or a prolonged consumption of raw AND COOKED egg whites. At least, theoretically. So, depending on how much eggs you eat, maybe a no-egg trial for sometime would be a good idea?


Welcoming Committee / Re: FoxWoman Introduction
« on: March 03, 2011, 04:29:54 am »
The avidin in raw egg white is drastically reduced in fertilised, raw eggs.

Well, I should probably get a family of my own chickens then. :) Not sure if they will survive on my balcony though... oh, wait, they will not be pastured! Unless I also grow there some grass...

But, seriously, if I were able to find fertilized eggs, I for sure would go for those! I remember seeing once fresh duck eggs on a farmer's market, but those were not fertilized and even not pastured, just "free-run". Our usual "organic, free-range" eggs come from grain-fed chickens and are as pale and anemic as conventional battery eggs. Currently, I buy OmegaPro eggs, they at least have the darkest yolk and the chickens are fed flax and alfa-alfa... my best choice so far!

Will do some further search for fertilized eggs...



Health / Re: Got balls?
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:04:32 pm »
How about you ladies chime in...
What are your thoughts on veiny balls?  :D

If I was straight I would probably have an opinion, lol!

Welcoming Committee / Re: FoxWoman Introduction
« on: March 02, 2011, 11:17:52 am »
if you find a source for some, i think you would love bone marrow!.. it's kind of like a dairy substitute, far better tasting than butter even.   

also, how are you feeling dairy free?

Bone marrow would be a nice option!

I don't really notice any changes so far being dairy free, but it's been just a couple of days. The only change is inconvenience - I used to snack on raw cheese with some fruit or berries before, especially at work. Now I just have an egg yolk smoothie with avocado, lemon and honey instead, but it lacks protein, so it is not as satisfying. I also decided that I will ditch egg whites, too - apparently, my skin condition is a picture-perfect illustration of biotin deficiency, so I want to play safe. My diet was always heavy on eggs, and I read here:
that avidin is not really destroyed much even when egg yolks are cooked. So, maybe I am extra sensitive to avidin, so I am ditching egg whites together with dairy, for now.


General Discussion / Re: Deficiency of dopamine
« on: March 02, 2011, 03:29:37 am »

I've always been a bit attention defecit, and have a pattern of feeling down, lacking motivation and not taking pleasure in life.

Seems like your problem is mild depression. AV says that depression can be triggered by 2 things: lack of bacteria and unstable blood sugar. So, the solution is: high meat for bacteria, to be eaten regularly; and cutting down on fruits, with a steady supply of good-quality proteins and fats.

And, I will also agree that sunshine (tanning beds in the winter) and being outside is very important. Besides, I find that sufficient sleep, a lot of "play time" and some regular social activities which you enjoy are pretty useful in combating blues.


Welcoming Committee / Re: Another dietary freak
« on: March 02, 2011, 01:51:31 am »

Stop making smoothies. 

Hmmm, what's wrong with smoothies? We, raw paleo eaters, are already pretty much restricted as to what we can eat, why further remove perfectly good things from the diet? Of course I would agree that a lot of juices is not a good idea - it is hardly paleo, but smoothies are a perfect way to eat, say, raw eggs with a little fruit and a little honey. That makes a nice light breakfast, or lunch if you have to eat in a "social environment".

In my own experience, I have found that just raw fruits or vegetables, eaten whole, are much harder to digest. Maybe the blending process somehow breaks down the fibers?

I developed stomach ulcer when I was like 19...
The symptoms indicated either IBD or IBS...
Unfortunately I still have a big problem with my weight. Because of this issue with bowels and then because of my transition to RAW paleo I became even more underweight – atm I am 56 kg ( around 120 pounds ) while being 186 centimeters tall, so it’s really skinny and depressing. I heard that people on this diet after some several months get back to normal weight, so I still have high hopes.

In any case, it is probably a good idea to restrict the amount of plant foods, especially if you have a history of ulcer and a lot of digestive problems. I used to suffer from IBS, gas, bloating, indigestion, etc. and what helped me immensely was carb restriction.

Another good thing to restore digestion is raw cream (if you tolerate dairy) - that will also help you gain weight!

Welcome to forum, Caban!


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