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"Max began noticing immediate improvement in his symptoms as he ingested raw goat milk."

"He credits raw eggs as being very important for his healing process. Max also began consuming raw grass fed meat, raw butter, raw cream, and raw vegetable juices. He credits these 5 foods as being the most important for his healing from his lifelong battle with Crohn’s Disease."

"After 2 years of staying on a 100% raw food diet, which included raw animal fat and protein, Max has no more symptoms of his body’s severe digestive illness. During this time, he experienced various detoxifications from the poisons that he had put into his body all of his life. These poisons were expelled in the forms of diarrhea, boils, colds, fatigue and headaches. After the first two years, these symptoms had mostly subsided."

I wonder if Max is on this forum?

Raw Weston Price / Glutathione in raw milk & raw egg whites (article)
« on: March 30, 2011, 10:35:33 am »
Found a very interesting article published by Christopher Masterjohn on Weston Price Blog:

Apparently, raw milk, raw lean meats and raw egg whites have copious amounts of glutathione - "the master antioxidant and detoxifier of the cell".

General Discussion / How Often Do You Eat?
« on: February 23, 2011, 11:05:42 am »
I was wondering how often members of this forum eat? I noticed that some senior members eat just one huge meal a day - how they are still able to function is beyond me. If I don't eat breakfast, I feel wolf-hungry at about 11 a.m. Even if I eat breakfast, I need to refuel my body at about 1 in the afternoon. And then, of course, dinner... an a snack later on! So, it seems like my body requires about 4 meals a day, each at about 500 calories, to function at its best, and 2 to 3 of these meals I keep raw. I have always had a stable weight, about 150 lb (my height is 5'8).

How often do other raw paleo dieters eat?


Welcoming Committee / FoxWoman Introduction
« on: February 22, 2011, 12:10:10 pm »
Hello everyone,

I finally decided to re-join the forum, have not been here in 3 years! However, 3 years of eating rice and mostly cooked foods again did not do me any good. Before that, I was grain-free for 2 years and ate a lot of my foods raw, which allowed me to put my psoriasis and other health problem (depression & anxiety and IBS) in remission, so I considered myself cured and thought that a little bit of brown rice bread and a lot of beef stews would not harm me... mistake!

Health changes with a new diet are usually very-very slow - so it took me more than a year to realize that my heath was deteriorating again - pitted nails, new psoriatic patches, lack of energy, tummy problems, mood swings... It took me another 2 years to finally admit that, if I want to be healthy, I need to ditch grains again and start eating most of my food raw. So, I am here again. Just about a month ago, I returned to my original, low-carb (about 40 gr) lacto-paleo diet with 50 to 75 percent of my foods being raw. And oh man, I miss my brown rice bread! :'(

I also had several experiments in the past with a zero-carb diet (for about 6 month) and with a dairy-free diet (for about 8 months), but both experiments were a disaster. I found out that I function the best when I eat about 2 to 3 pieces of carb foods a day (e.g. avocados, coconuts, unheated honey, tomatoes, lemons, etc.), some butter and aged raw cheese, 2 to 6 eggs (both cooked and raw) and raw or rare beef, bison and seafood. I cannot really stand organ meats or high meat, but I eat several ``century eggs`` a week and caviar when I can afford it.

So here is pretty much my story, thanks for listening! :)


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