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Health / Re: How to transition back to some cooked foods
« on: July 26, 2015, 08:35:28 pm »
Thanks for the suggestions.

Jessica -

My prior diet was pretty much a cooked food diet, high protein, moderate carbs and fats. For example, some egg whites and a green smoothie for breakfast, BBQ meat for lunch or something else high protein, Dinner would usually go out and have indian, greek, or sushi. I had some bad habits that I got rid of over the past 7 months in an effort to get rid of the chest pains and racing heart issues. First I cut back on alcohol and caffeine. I soon quit drinking all together and have so for 6 months. I then quit nicotine gum which was by far the hardest and have been off of that for 4 months. I then quit all caffeine and diet sodas which I have been off of for 3 months. My chest pain was better in intensity but still occurred very frequently, and I still had episodes where my HR would go up to between 130 and 180 when I was just sitting down at work doing nothing. After quitting all the stimulants etc, I then developed these hypnic jerks in my chest where right when I was about to get to sleep I'd get a huge thump in my chest that would wake me up. This kept me up all night three times. I then went on a raw foods diet.

CK - Social purposes would be the main reason. I'm thinking sushi might be a good place to start based on yours and evehearts suggestions. The only cooked ingredient I would be adding into my current diet would be white rice.

Eveheart - If I were able to I'd prefer to go back to cooked diet so long as I was not having health issues. I am glad I learned about the raw foods diet 15 years ago so I have a tool now for when docs aren't helping me out much. I agree 6 weeks is not long but 99% is far more difficult for me than say 90% or even 95% since it's very difficult socially at 99%. If I could continue to get better a little at a time at 90% I would be happy since I feel pretty good now.

Health / How to transition back to some cooked foods
« on: July 25, 2015, 07:54:36 pm »
For the past 6 weeks I've eaten a 99% raw food diet in an effort to get rid of daily chest pains, racing heart,  and headaches. Ive been to 2 cardios who said nothing was wrong with heart and the headaches were either migraine or sinusitis depending on the headache doc. My diet has been fruits, veggies, honey and fish. I had beef once and it caused chest pain. I'd say I'm about 95% better in terms of frequency and intensity of both. I would like to start adding back in some cooked foods to my diet but Im not sure what food I should start with whether cooked starch or meat. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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