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Hot Topics / Hot Asians Doing it (cooked) paleo! Hottttt!
« on: April 01, 2017, 03:57:20 am »
Hot Asian girls prepare super paleo foods from forage to finish, enjoy!!

Off Topic / Why are you even giving dpl the credence of a response Ty?
« on: March 26, 2017, 06:44:15 am »
Just like your ridiculous argument about how the world is overpopulated just because the UK actually IS overpop'd falls apart prima facie, so does Dar's. Why waste time? Post more epigenetics and you'll stay on the cutting edge of what matters. We need the smoking gun, clinical, CRISPR evidence for when these shitty non-human-foods cause aberrations down at the molecular genomic level. Gawd. Nevermind. Stand back, I've got this.

Dar, I eat 90% raw meat, marrow, offal, and eggs, so why don't you sod off?

.. Ya'll make it real challenging.

Do you all live under a rock?

Have you no concept of thermodynamics?

Not that you deserve this either buuuut..
Water out of thin air..derrrr and it is being constantly scaled up as we speak...

Are you completely ignorant of works like Geoff Lawton's "Greening The Desert" ?

Did Sepp Holzer have vast amounts of water before he permascaped the mountain he is on?

Here you go simpletons, not that you deserve this...

Do I need to mention that as we move off earth blood as fuel and onto solar that we can pipe water any fucking place we like on the planet just as we have done with sweet crude??? BASIC.

What I (do)n't understand is why those who can't, Don't just stfu and stay out of the way of those of us who DO.

Lastly, if this hurts all your sensitive wittle caveman feewings, you can feel free to ban me. I switch fones each month so you'll never get a fix on my IP....

Fuckig think for a second, tools.

Off Topic / More to be had than could ever be...
« on: March 24, 2017, 12:51:28 am »
While I don't fear the loss of our dead weight,  and also don't expressly want that because I was one of those sheep at one time, there is NO overpopulation issue.

Just because humans have chosen to pile on top of each other in just a handfull of places around the plane, does NOT result in a factoidal outcome of overpop.

Have you ever driven across the united states? I have, from top to bottom and left to right....more fuqqing land and water than you can shake a barrel of sticks at. Hashtag Permascape it all. If you farm water and forage, ALL else is thine eyes and heart.

I'm open to the following observations being due to a pottenger-like effect in the overwhelming majority of the population and so I could be miscrediting the cause here but I don't expect so for the reason enumerated after.

It is outside of natural law and the evidence is written all over folks who are in the raw movement but consume raw dairy.. Mucus, dry skin, often more palid, and many times furry (as in extra facial hair in women), white layer on tongue, plus the consumptor begins to stink with that acrid-fermenty cow smell.

When I switched over to raw coconut cream/milk, made at home, all that stuff went away. Wish I'd dropped raw grassfed dairy a long time ago.

Then reason in that cow dairy, arguably the most common in the west and very common still in parts of the east, is meant to grow a 50lb calf to 1000+ lbs over the course or 1-2 yrs... Not a humanoid infant of 6lbs to 150 lbs in 20yrs..

Then factor in the epigenetic evidence against it...

Then just use common sense.

Then do whatever lab tests you like and still eat dairy anyway if one wishes!

Neat article Ty. I suspect they will continue to push the timeline back until people pull their heads out of their bums. Everything significant on this planet is way the hell older than the schlubs pretending to be scientists and scholars.

In reference to Iguana's comment: Besides, anyone who has ever eaten a raw, green plant has "used" antibiotics... People make too much out of things. For many issues that arise out of attempts to subvert natural law, it isn't a matter of which plant getting into your system, it is rather that you consume some plant, not overtly toxic, which will offer many, many, bio-compounds your system can use to transform or synthesize the specific substances it needs to remediate the issue, this extends to molds/fungi/yeasts as well.

Personals / Rawfed (three generations back) Dogs Available for rehoming
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:24:45 am »
Note: If the bizarre mods on this forum find this an inapropriate section for this (even though these dogs have individual personalities and you would become a member of your family), then please move wherever you like.

So it is with a heavy heart that I'm offering up a few of my children. I tried adopting them out locally when they were born but could find only one home where they agreed to feed all raw MEATS not meat/veggie mixes, and not cut off their balls (vasectomy, which is the norm in Europe, is fine), and not inject them with mercury/BHQ/etc under the malicious guise of vaxxines.

I am leaving this disgusting filth that is New Mystery Babylon (USA,inc.) behind in favor of florid jungles where I and the pups that remain with me will feast on python, anaconda, coconuts, gator, and bear. Unfortunately my pack is 8 at present and a few of them thini they're dominant amongst themselves after me. This leads to skirmishes and since we will be living in a manner where we will need to keep a low profile so as to maintain our idealistic paleo life in paradise (well, central america preferred but no way I'll be risking them across those borders) without being discovered and arrested for our downright, extremist , revolutionary way of living, I will have to let a few go. Looking at between 1-3 of them, though each loss is a fresh wound in my side, if the lands were more vast in the subtropical regions I would find a way to keep our family together, but would have to stay in the wintery north for that and 30years of it is enough. These dogs breeds are as follows : Black Lab, pitbull, jack russel terrier, beagle, Taiwanese Formosan Mountain Dog (badass as fuck), and possibly Greyhound. These dogs have been raised with pack psychology, meaning they have been given lots of exercise, calm assertive dominance and leadership by myself, and never allowed to walk all over me, their master and Alpha. They are obedient, have bright, glossy coats, alert eyes, strong bones and healthy dispositions. They are loyal as all get out, they are both cuddlebugs and vicious hunters. Fearless when they want to be, but cowards to loud noises (which can be overcome, they have many hunting breeds in their genes). If you were a soldier they would go into battle with you. If you were a childcare worker they would be ambassadors for their species. They are wild and free at heart and will not tolerate being kenneled. They are HIGHLY intelligent, and it can be difficult to keep them contained. They are a bunch of Houdini's so be warned. I will not let my babies go to just any cretins, I turned down LITERALLY hundreds of respondents to my various ads because they weren't good enough. You, the RPD community are my last ditch effort. If I have to, I will find a way to get along with my whole pack. But would really love to find someone so awesome that they could deserve these dogs. If you are Atheist, please don't apply. If you are a dogmatic religious person, please don't apply. If you understand that something put us here in this dimension, and you believe in karma, and practice empathy and have good energy about you, and have your shit together, then please get in touch. You can pm me here or email me from my profile section.

I will be posting pics, as well as links to my youtube channel (CryinRyan'sHelpMeToHelpEwe),  where you can view their awesomeness in video. They will eat whole carcasses, or bone-in meats, or eggs or if you have plenty of land, they will find and kill their own food. They take rabbits easily, and will kill tukey and others if allowed (it is their inherent right to secure food just like anyone else). They NEVER get sick under my pasture based, livestock and wild foods (barn pigeons, rabbits, deer, turkey, crow, etc) feeding regimen. They are hardy in cold weather, but also have breeds built for tropics, and their mom was a wild rescue from the desert mountains of norcal, so they can take the heat and humidity as well.

Please only respond if you treat dogs like family....if they are just an amusement for your kids, or they are an "it" instead of a he or she, please don't respond because I will neurolinguistically profile you and discover if your goals are incongruent with what my babies deserve.

Link to vid: hxtps://

Personals / Or her:
« on: January 20, 2017, 05:03:12 am »

General Discussion / Pearls n Swine
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:23:48 am »
Nothing magic about your body's ability to come into it's proper configuration thru development. Your meatsuit is highly intelligent, and I mean intelligent, and will virtually always prioritize the most crucial needs when it receives sufficient appropriate inputs. And since virtually all people who are in societies with computers are virtually all egregiously low on this keystone hormone/vitamin/molecule (vitamin k2), then...blahblahbpah big picture, congruence, yadda yadda, ah who cares right. Pearls before swine.

Personals / Have you seen this gir?
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:24:51 am »
Bored of the asinitnity of new Babylon? Yah, me too!

Looking for my twin flame who wants to leave this world behind for however long and go live down south and experience how good free and wild living, in the forest can be.

Gots to eat the raw meats.
Must be absolutely weary of pop and fringe culture. Would prefer you know how to bushcraft but if not I will teach you if there's chemistry.
Looking to live as a first peoples nation, not anything more conventional than that. No iron age, no Renaissance, and no modernity. Awareness, knives and bows, and spears that about does it!
You must be healthy already. Hopefully you got there on your own studying and trial and error as I did (all thanks to all recorded resources such as Aaj who carried me along... Rest in peace if you're really dead my Brother, I would have shown you my gratitude if you were still here)

You must be love filled and motivated. If you don't live and breathe love, this would never work.

Must love dogs....i have 8 that come from 2 previous generations raw and are about as badass as it comes. They are loyal, obedient and gorgeous. They're jet black but their hair shines blue under the cleaf sky...but I mean love them, not tolerate them..

Must be emotionally stable and perceptive. I've been around crash test dummies my whole life, I'm so past that. Be friendly and blanced, kind but firm, and have your head out of your rear plz.

After that don't care. I'm 5'11, slim athletic build, blond, blue eyes and probably a little native as i turn in to a brownie under sunlight. Most people find me attractive even if they can't abide my candor. I don't want anything from you but your company. I have every last thing I need out of this beautiful drop in the bucket, save for you...

I love all pieces of this reality, Im just bored of synthetics, and artifice, so please, join me in an equatorial paradise where it's always 🎵🎶summmmmertimmme and the livin's easy🎵🎷🎼

Because life in the subtropics for an RPDer is like a lifelong retreat at a resort with  no rules, we will run, climb, lounge, hunt, fish, create, destroy, meditate, and get high occasionally as the earth provides.

Bonus, I am very very very into your pleasure, so lots of romance ;)

General Discussion / K2
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:07:55 am »
Your body puts everything there for a reason. If you can't get vitamin k2 (menaquinone) from food (you can), then get the best quality natto sourced vitqmin k2 supplements you can find and go to town on them. You should also be consuming food sourced vits A,D, and E for assimilation thereof...

But at the end of the day you just need to learn every last thing you can about k2, it's your best friend. It guides your osteocytes to form those wisdoms fully and properly...recognize...or dont :)

General Discussion / Rupert Sheldrake Vid, Morphic Resonance
« on: January 14, 2017, 10:22:15 pm »
Agreed Saber!


Rupert Sheldrake on why materialism isn't the answer..


Hot Topics / Re: Marijuana and the FUTURE OF FOOD
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:23:36 am »
Also Rogue, you must not be that hungry since I offered your lady compensation in the form of this plant for a service she did me when I was growing in NorCal and it was rebuffed through silence.  Offer stand although I will not extend it again, it is just there...And for the sake of this forum, all local, perceived 'legalities' will be observed in said transfer...

Modified: Regarding mushrooms, those available in a city near your might be 'domesticated' but it was only 20-50 years ago that the *overwhelming majority* of present day psilocybe and panaeolus strains which are now abundant on the web, were brought out of obscurity from the cow shit fields of cambodia, india, thailand, philippines, south america, central america, mexico, etc etc ad nauseum. Meaning that while web-purchased spores may be epigenetic domestics (and short term at that with only a few hundred or thousand generations possible given the average 4-6 month maturation schedule) given the aforementioned time frame, the originals are growing RIGHT NOW in places such as Uruguay (nov-dec cubensis mushroom season) and panama. Untampered, unbred, and probably co-evolving epigenetically along with the local human and animal populations... Oh yes, I forgot strains like cyanescens which, in the PNW are STILL growing all over kingdom come, on their preferred medium of rotting wood and such. Meaning absolutely ZERO manipulation...

Hot Topics / Re: Marijuana and the FUTURE OF FOOD
« on: December 11, 2016, 05:16:59 am »
I'm curious Ty to how much cannabis you've consumed over your life. I used to be terribly worried that it would do significant, reversible damage, especially with regard to my elocution as I have always been exceedingly articulate in the day to day to the point that people draw attention to it frequently without solicitation (I always thought I spoke like everyone else but that was a lack of empathy and awareness..). Now, at 30, after having started using cannabis in all forms (hash from middle east, flowers from africa, the US, nederlands, canada, hawaii, and having grown many years crops myself) since the age of 15, and having ranged from smoking 6-12 times daily (used like an infant's pacifier in my darkest times) to having taken up to a year off of use at a time, cold turkey through use of will, I can tell you that quite the opposite has been true. It has almost freed up my self-imposed mental limits so that I can access my lexicon further and more rapidly. My physical health has also not but increased beyond even my wildest dreams during this time, so while I have observed that burned plant material, in the form of smoke conveys carcinogens into the meatsuit, it would appear (probably based on zillions of years of ancestors inhaling camp fires, forest fires, volcanic debris, etc) that the body is supremely capable of remediating any of the negative physiological outcomes as long as proper, biologically appropriate, molecularly intact inputs (food, air, sun, water, love) are intaken in sufficient amounts.

I would also like to dispel any rumors which are plain bullshit right now regarding modern cannabis versus ancient cannabis. The OG's and the Blue Dreams and the Skunks of today are merely shiny new recombinations. The genetic potential was likely always there in those ancient varieties and I want you to understand that out in the forests of vietnam for example, there are plants 50-100ft tall that will produce 10-50lbs of cannabis that would give many entheogens such as psilocybe strains, panaeolus strains and ergot derivatives a run for their currencies. Meaning it is a complete myth that today's cannabis are more xyz...more potent, more damaging, more yadda yadda. If the people of northern california could try some weed directly out of the jungles of thailand, africa, and vietnam, they would immediately be put to shame for the mediocrity of their modern, supposed, hi-potency advents.

The reason I'm so tired of hearing that myth repeated is because it is truly a shame that due to legal climate, virtually no one, and I mean this, with the exception perhaps of strains like Red Dragon  (a sativa, and I know of no other in the US that will yield 19 pounds if started indoors in california and then finished outdoors where it will supass the height of nearby powerlines and the effects of this strain still do not approach those grown pure, in the jungles), is growing anything even remotely close to what exists out there.

Now. I realize when we get into it, that one may consider even the ancient strains to be your definition of 'overbred', however, I would caution one with this view when, in the course of my studies on the occult which presently rule this plane, it has become readily apparent that these entheogens (cannabis, teonanctl, mescalito, etc) very well may have been essentially gifted to us as catalysts for growth and transmutations of the spirit from the base lead of the animas to the spiritual gold that exists in a unified population viz a viz Rupert Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance and studies on so called telepathy.

I do not personally feel there exists evidence in other words, that you can compare the selective breeding of cannabis with that of the modern tomato or apple for example. Though, in the pursuit of truth and accurate perception, I'm willing to be wrong if the state of things so dictate...

Off Topic / Re: Interesting vampire therapy
« on: December 11, 2016, 03:22:44 am »
Blood is sacred and probably the currency of the spirit world (reality). It is no coincidence whatsoever that modern day Luciferians (the same people who have made western civilization's SWD/SAD virtually devoid (via legislation: try going to your supermarket or even your organic co-op and ask for brains, glands, blood, eyes, roe/caviar, etc and see the balking and eye bulging begin) of k2-rich animal foods revere blood for it's nutritive and occult powers. These folks or daemons or whatever the hillary's and bush's, et. al. are, appear to value infant blood the most and this makes sense from a scientific standpoint and when considering telomere's and such. As we AGE, as we expose our system to toxic thought and environment while we navigate 3D, we break down and wear away these telomeres, so it would only make sense that the least amount of time this brutal dimension has had to act on a meatsuit's system, the more telomere-rich(also allowing for other longevity or youth-marking pieces of our biology yet unidentified) the blood and any cellular portion of said system will be, thus providing greater benefit to the recipients meatsuit biosystem, though at what cost remains the question. Does this practice erode your spiritual qualities or perhaps lower your vibratory pattern or perhaps draw in dark matter from other (hell-like, chaos rich, perpetually on fire) dimensions?

Time will tell, thanks CERN! lol (;

Hot Topics / Re: Marijuana and the FUTURE OF FOOD
« on: December 11, 2016, 03:10:33 am »
Hopefully someday folks will appreciate the profound value of mineral rich soil and mineral rich food and quit thinking that taking supplements is a long term, biologically appropriate way to get those critical minerals which facilitate virtually every facet of health in terms of maintenance, fuel and cleansing.....not to mention they seem to act like receivers or transistors in our bodies making way for us to be as in touch as humanly possible with the electric universe around us in this low vibratory plane.

A friend of mine introduced me to Astera's work a while back. Then during a visit surrounding wild caught king salmon sashimi and roe he showed me his experiment of pitting Astera's made-to-order soils against your average run of the mill topsoil and side by side it was almost laughable the difference. I knew instantly which was which without him telling me and it was because on the one hand you had this supremely healthy spread of tomatoes, kale, swiss chard, herbs and lettuces and on the other hand was bug riddled sad shadows of the Astera-grown versions. Balance and nutritional (for a given system) density along with harnessing so called subtle energies (electric universe again, OhmTeslaTesla) seems to be the name of the game for producing plants (and animals and humanimals) that are shimmering exemplars of their species' (epi)genetic potentials. :) Got to love this infinite universe. No limits baby!   

Health / Re: PARASITES!
« on: December 11, 2016, 12:17:31 am »
Tyler that was a huge Dick move Brother. What the hell were you thinking??? Call a newbie a troll when they are legitimately concerned about something that is very real for them (remember that the detox microorganisms in the body can facilitate in people coming off a SAD SWD, CAN be lethal for people if not modulated correctly)??

I'm sorry WiF, Ty is jaded and someone callous sometimes, probably not getting enough K2....or love. I love you Ty, I love your wrinkly butt and bushy brows. In any case, WiF, humaworm is a good reset once or twice per year. But get ready for a zoological extravaganza in your stool. You will see beings of all shapes and sizes coming out and your health should improve immensely right after this and then gut balance will be a lot easier to obtain/maintain IF you are eating mostly biologically appropriate, molecularly intact food AND especially those in particular to remediate however you got toxic in your past...usually due to industrial components like nonfood foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals in different forms. Meaning the name of the game will be melting, dissolving and dislodging that stuff from your cellular make up, which will involve a significant period of detox at the 'end' of which you should feel almost reborn :) With Love, HMtHE

General Discussion / Dan Winter Video on supercoiling in DNA
« on: September 16, 2016, 10:24:10 pm »

I do not endorse any one source of info entirely ever. Whether jt was Aajonus, or this fella or Jack Kruse or etc, etc. To do so would be absurd. Ty, in the above post made a fallacious assumption it would seem, that I was calling glyphosate the boogey man or be all, end all of disease. It isn't, it is just pervasive due to the millions or billions of pounds of it poured and sprayed yearly over this Plane of existence. I could name a slew of other compounds and factors that precipitate pathology in many biological systems whether human or otherwise. Epigenetics is proving that stress (cortisol, etc), EMR, maillard compounds,  and other pervasive exogenous endocrine disruptors are *altogether now* causing the plethora of less than gleaming biological manifestations you see in the rotting people, domestics, and wild animals that any fool can see with their own eyes *when they bother to look.*

So use your noodle and taste every bit of evidence out there and let no one  e your authority for what you have the power to observe yourself..

General Discussion / allservethemosthigh
« on: September 16, 2016, 09:37:58 am »
Lol you are always good for a chortle Brother.

But I can appreciate you posing for balance. You and Lucifer must be Kin :) A serpent biting the horse's heel?

I will be adding a link to a gorgeous video about supercoiling in DNA by the  Delightful Dan Winter very shortly. Eventually I will paint a picture for you that one would have to be really rather daft to disregard out of hand. I love balance and so appreciate your input because I need to demolish Maya wherever it be manifest. You, Ty, play the Devil's advocate flawlessly. Have you ever thought of going in for luciferianism? You'd be a natural, even if the time is almost past for such folk.

Finally! I'm excite! <- Ty, please don't mod this, invoking creative license...

This lovely lady is super sexy to me:

'Glyphosate pretending to be glycine' is effing your world up! And this is why it takes so long to detox your way back to health, even under the best, most wildest, most biologically appropriate, raw paleo regimens...

Now, let the law suits begin and end...the madness..

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