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Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Typical Daily Dietary Intake of Members?
« on: January 25, 2018, 03:48:00 pm »
Today i ate ~
1 pound of beef cheeks
1/2 pound beef of shoulder roast
1/2 pound of beef back fat
Some green leek leaves of a single large organic leek

I was doing zero carb for some months but ive recently been eating fibrous vegetables mostly green onions or kale or leek though im slowly expanding. My typical day always includes muscle of beef or sometimes fish and beef back fat and then a few times a week i eat an organ meat like liver or pancreas or sweetbread.

Health / Re: Cystic acne
« on: November 02, 2017, 11:59:39 am »
I cant say for sure its gotten better since going zero carb but i know its gotten better since going raw in general, ive felt really good since going zero carb in terms of overall health i have a lot of energy and my digestion has become very regular i have almost no flatulance and my stools have become well formed again i got a little bit of diahrea when i started for the first couple weeks but that has ceased.
I do plan to continue cutting down on caffiene i think plants can still be medicines and teachers but coffee isnt really either too me at this point i would rather be tired when i should be and have energy when i need it than rely on it for such things.
I will look into the brain fm sessions, i have been making a good attempt to being meditation back into my life in more parts of the day i generally will meditate before sleeping but rather than maintaining the last bit of awareness im of course just trying to let go entirely, it definitely has helped me a lot in being able to sleep when i want though and i know its an extremely benificial practice in many ways.
How does one feel after 5 days of fasting im sure it wouldnt be as hard as it would seem at a certain point but having only gone maybe 20 hours fasting at the longest it seems like it would be a very powerful state? Im sure you would stop being hungry and perhaps have energy but i would think your mind would be all over the place theres no way i could go to work during something like that

Health / Cystic acne
« on: November 01, 2017, 01:54:43 pm »
I was just curious if anyone has had an issue with cystic acne but only concentrated on the back and on the neck? Back in the days i used to eat a SAD diet i would get it terrible on my face, back, and neck, since changing my diet to cooked paleo i had gotten rid of it on my face mostly, and after switching to raw its been basically nonexistant like my face is as clear as can be. But after all this time even though my back has improved it still has a enough that occurs that it makes me wonder if i could be doing something better.
Ive thought of the sun factor i definitely dont get as much sun on my back as i could but a couple times a week ill go out and get an hours worth, i walk or bike several miles most days and so my face always is able to get a good bit of sun but i dont know if thats whole issue.
Right now ive been doing zero carb for a couple months i think it was july 23rd i started, my only cheat is occasional roquefort cheese or katamala olives but i havent even eatan those in quite some time. My typical day is either beef or goat as well as beef back fat at around 3 or 4 o clock, then around ten o clock ill eat either more beef and fat or an organ of some kind or fish. Im definitely getting enough fat i eat quite a lot of it, i could probably stand to drink more water and i do have about 4 shots of espresso every day. I tried to quit drinking espresso but i work with it and i was so angry all the time and i ended up just starting again but with much less than before.
ive had some strong cravings for the cheese and olives lately but ive realized that both foods are very salty and so i may be primarily craving that, i salted my meat yesterday and plan to incorporate it more but im not sure if that will help.

Health / Re: Eye Infection??
« on: October 06, 2017, 04:31:18 am »
That sounds like a good idea with the saline solution, thats awesome the doctor was interested in doing a more natural treatment as opposed to some things they could have done.
Ive never had a stie but ill definitely keep in mind if it were ever to occur i feel thats good information to be out here it could definitely help someone, i wonder by what method it was able to get rid of it.
I just woke up today and my eyes feel and look a lot better i can rub them and they are sensitive but its much less so than yesterday morning and last night, and most of the swelling seems to have gone down as well. I just continued using diluted vinegar over the course of the day and it seems to have helped.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions they are greatly appreciated, if theres any reasurgance of the issue ill try out some of the other methods and let you know how they work

Health / Re: Eye Infection??
« on: October 05, 2017, 04:33:29 pm »
I understand that your right it probably is the safer option to see a doctor first and then go from there, if its not much better when i wake up tomorrow ill go to one and see what they say. I cant imagine it would be an allergic reaction as i havent changed a whole lot of things that would have chance to get in my eye, ive stopped washing my hands at work with there antibacterial soap so it could be from rubbing my eyes after contacting someone elses germs instead of from raw meat.

However i did just eat a bunch of raw oysters for the first time and then immediately followed them with beef and back fat and after a short time i ended up experiencing somewhat bad chest pains for about 2 hours and now thats mostly stopped but i have itchy bumps around my ankles. It seems strange that i would have a skin reaction somewhere that never was touched with oyster residue and also it seems like reading online i would have pains in my stomach more than my chest if it was an allergic reaction to the oysters, im not sure if it was the oysters or if ive got something else going on related to my eyes as well.

Do any of you have reactions to one kind of shellfish but not any others? Ive had shrimp, lobster, octopus and scallops all raw and never had a bad reaction and also clams and squid but cooked, i suppose it definitely could be that i was combining foods improperly just because i ate one thing right after the other or it could be something in the water where the oysters were harvested. I have 2 left out of 14 and at this point i feel like i should just throw them out but part of me wants to eat them tomorrow and see if i react again.

Health / Re: Eye Infection??
« on: October 05, 2017, 07:11:14 am »
Ill definitely check in with a docter tomorrow if the situation has gotten worse hopefully the swelling will have come down by then, thats interesting about the fasting i have heard things like that before, i would find it very difficult to go that long i think though, the longest i think ive fasted recently is 20 hours most days ill fast 16 for intermittent fasting. Ill keep in mind looking into some essential oils, would those be used topically after being diluted or internally?

Health / Re: Eye Infection??
« on: October 05, 2017, 06:17:26 am »
I would just think taking such action as that would lead to higher chance of reaccurance, i would rather let my body figure out how to deal with it so it doesnt happen again.

Health / Re: Eye Infection??
« on: October 05, 2017, 06:08:17 am »
Really though arent they just going to give me localized antibiotics if i go to an doctor? Its only been going on for two days i applied more diluted acv and the swelling has gone down

Health / Eye Infection??
« on: October 05, 2017, 03:29:04 am »
Greetings all of you, so i have been raw for several months now and am doing very well, ive been mostly zero carb for about a month and i do have some questions as far as that regard but that is for another time, right now my most urgent need is to know if i need to be worried about an infection in both of my eyes?
Yesterday they hurt when i rubbed them and did not feel great but today its even worse and they are both extremely swollen. Im pretty much entirely positive its from rubbing my eyes after touching raw beef without washing my hands, this actually happened before maybe 3 weeks back but to only one of my eyes and it never got so bad as to where it was very swollen, all i did last time was put diluted apple cider vinegar in my eye and it got better after 2 or 3 days. I just want to know if you guys think i should be worried about this enough to actually go to a medical establishment or if you think it will be fine if i just do what i did last time?
My thinking is that right now my body is not entirely accustomed to the bacteria found in the meat and this sort of thing will become less common after my body has built up an immunity to the germs, im already ingesting them without issue so i would think that should help since my body already fights them off fine internally, but do you think i may have an underlying immune system weakness from eating zero carb that may be why its happened twice in relatively short time?
I like eating zero carb a lot of other foods ive tried seem to stop me up i can feel them sitting in my intestines the next day, meat never does this though on the contrary i feel as though i do not have a complete fecal evacuation all the time im hoping that will fix itself in time.

What do all of you do if you aquire an infection? Herbs to boost immunity? Sea salt externally? Ive used acv many times for wounds in other parts of my body and it has always worked to stop any infection from occuring my main concern is i dont want to go blind if it doesnt work now that the infection is already set in.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Shiitake Mushrooms
« on: July 28, 2017, 01:46:45 pm »
I dont think this is the exact article i read but its something,


It talks about more than one specimen with one being meat heavy and the other eating primarily vegetation, one thing in common however is they both eat mushrooms. I think it speaks that the one that was eating predominately meat free also had a dental abcess and bad bacteria in their colon, but mushrooms i think can be a boon for good health.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Shiitake Mushrooms
« on: July 28, 2017, 01:33:13 pm »
I love shiitake mushrooms there my favorite ive had though ive only had the white grocery store ones, portabellos and oysters. Ive had portabellos raw and there alright but i get easily sick of them i can only eat half of a large one before i cant handle any more of the tatse, shiitakes on the other hand tast great to me and it seems like everything ive ever read about them is extremely positive. There the only kind ive been buying recently and i dont even wash them, there not organic because the kroger near me only carries the one kind but ive read they cant use very many pesticides on mushrooms because theyre extremely senstive to such things and would look unnatractive to the consumer, this could be incorrect however.
Either way they never give me much digestive trouble in the 1-2 ounce quantity i eat them in i never feel sick from them but if i dont chew them well enough i can see them in my poop. I would say shiitakes are a great addition to a diet. I would be hard pressed to find the article again but i read that when looking at food remains in a preserved ancient persons teeth all they found was meat and mushrooms there was no other plant material they could detect, this of course only speaks for that specific person in that environment but i think it does say something of their healthful qualities that it was the one plant food the people were incorporating into their diet.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 28, 2017, 01:11:26 pm »
I like to think im relatively in tune with my body now a days, i definitely would never go back to the way i lived before, cooked paleo was one thing but eating all the SAD things i used to rely on my entire time growing up was one of the most destructive things i never knew i was even doing to myself for the longest time.

Ive kept strong with the raw foods but ive had trouble finding too much variety that sounds appealing, ive just been eating carrots, beets, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, ripe home grown peppers and then im making sauerkraut currently too.

 Does anyone think its a coincidence that all the things that are appealing to the palate have higher quantities of sugar as well? Like i feel as though if it werent for the sugar such vegetables would taste just like more bitter ones like the crucifers, i dont know if they really still have less antinutrients as well or not, i know tomatoes supposedly have a lot of lectins which arent good but they taste pretty good raw and have less sugar than fruits. I dont necessarily think all sugar is a bad thing like if it were entirely toxic to the human body i cant fathom why it would taste so good to us obviously it isnt all bad, but it would seem that all the cultivated fruits i have access too have much more sugar than they would wild and arent great for my digestion. Im just curious if something more bitter such as kale leaf would necessarily be a bad thing, I did actually have a good time passing myself today so i feel with the roots things may go well but i would like more variety if i can find it.

On the topic of high meat do you guys think the risk is actually that high? Like ive only been sick once in the past year i have a good immune system which im sure improved each day with raw foods i would feel like the worst thing that could come of it would be a purge if your body really didnt want it, that is interesting though that robinlove was trying it and then just dropped off the radar, i would feel like if she had a terrible reaction we would have been the first to hear about it once things cooled down though. Though i do believe that eating rotten meat frequently or in quantity could have negative results to ones health i can see how doing it seldomely could be benificial. Honestly the high its said to produce sounds intrigueing ive actually eatan mushrooms on more than one occasion and it generally results with positive change in my life like a reset button on the consciousness. I read somewhere on here about a person who was new to the raw diet and they ended up having there intestines colonized by some sort of bad bacteria and had health reprecussions causing them to give up on the diet, but people were saying that it probably colonized the fresh meat in her fridge first and it just got bad from there, this has kept me cleaning my fridge once a week or two weeks but even if i ate some high meat and had negative consequence it wouldnt scare me from the diet i know this is the way to go. Im not necessarily jumping to try high meat i havent made any preperations yet but i would give it a chance at least once.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 27, 2017, 07:04:06 am »
I will go ahead and try making some high meat in the near future, it does sound rather intriguing and i know the importance of having good gut flora. I can totally see how it would feel really great i already feel awesome after i eat plain raw meat im sure part of that effect is the bacteria and part is just the quality energy from the food itself. It only makes sense that bacteria in balance are good for our health in pre modern circumstances without soap it would be impossible to avoid their presence even if you cooked all your meat you would be eating with hands still covered with the raw meat germs and all other kinds im sure most all of the kinds of bacteria in an environment would end up making a presence in your gut if capable of surviving there.

Pumpkin, though i cant say what continues to cause continuation of the hemorroids exactly i entirely credit there formation to a high consumption of deep fried shrimp and chicken at my old job as well as large quantities of poor quality nuts at the same time. At that period i was also eating oats in the form of plain oats mixed with egg and honey and microwaved, lots of fruits, and i would eat cooked meat and vegetables in olive oil once a day too but i think it was the nuts and fried foods that were just tearing my insides apart, ive always had an addictive personality when it comes to foods and when all the fried food was free to me i had a very hard time resisting even though i knew it was killing me. Whenever i was eating all of these things it was like my stomach would be incredibly uncomfortable most the time and especially when it was time to poop and it would come out as diahrea but it was like i could never wipe it all off i would wipe countless times and after a short period of days i started feeling slight pain and getting blood by the end of wiping, i was eating this way for some months before i finally stopped and then i was still eating amounts of margerine from meats cooked on the grill which didnt make me feel much better. I quit this job and continued eating nuts in some quantity regularly for several more months before starting to only eat macadamia nuts and then none at all. But even without nuts fried foods or any grains at all it seems like i still once a week at least will wipe and get blood, after having been eating raw meat and the microwaved vegetables for 2 months i feel as though it was helping a lot and things have improved but two days ago after eating fruits in slight quantity the day before i actually had a resurgance again, and so i think ill continue to stay away from fruits again and stick to raw meat, raw vegetables that are pleasant raw, and then some fermented ones as well. Im hoping this will be the anwser if i need to i will go zero carb but right now i have carrots, beets, and mushrooms as well as some cabbage im going to ferment with cayane peppers i grew.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:44:33 pm »
That makes sense that feeding the ducks that way has effects down the line as well. I know that organic meat means nothing ive avoided anything that isnt grass fed or pasture raised i actually just placed an order for this next months meat and i got some more variety, i ordered beef again but also duck, lamb, and some pork not too much of any one thing as i want to see how i like the other meats.

 One thing i was reading i worry about slightly however, i order all my meat from white oak pastures and though their beef and lamb are 100% grass fed it says theyre pork is offered peanuts as supplement and both their pork and poultry is offered grain and soy supplements. This was almost a deal breaker to me in terms of getting variety but it says free choice and so i would hope they arent eating a substantial portion of the feed in their diet, but i should probably work harder to find a local farm for meat other than beef or lamb. Part of what makes it hard is they have better prices than the truly local farms i called before i found them online and i only work at starbucks even from them a substantial amount of my income goes to food.

That was an interesting read its definitely food for thought, im guessing you mean to point out the healthful effects of many strains of bacteria in general in relation to high meat or is the one they mentioned likely to be present in meat as well? I have yet to make the jump to trying high meat im sure i can find details as to how to do it right in previous threads here but one thing i read someone say in passing before is that the bacteria in high meat wouldnt be the ones that are actually useful in eating fresh meat, i dont know how much that makes sense to me but i suppose that the organisms are benificial regardless if so many people claim positive effects from the consumption of it.

Thank you for bearing with me and the various questions i feel more sure of what im doing and i plan to continue on from here truly raw in terms of food with the exception of coffee and espresso, i know i should do something about those factors as well though i dont know if im ready to give it up yet.

General Discussion / Re: Why Do Vegans Hate Me?
« on: July 25, 2017, 11:37:27 am »
If you read my post all i eat now is grass fed meat i spend 400 dollars a month supporting a real farm im not saying that i believe that feedlots are a necessary evil i said that there is a better way, im saying that there is not a lot for me the individual in the life situations im in to make much change in terms of remedying the situation, im saying that i personally would rather sacrifice the life of those animals than my own if it came down to it. Veganism is a steady course towards ones demise and there is no healthy way to live without animal food, does that make me greedy? Maybe. But one can not truly love those outside of oneself without loving oneself first, and i love myself far too much to make myself a martyr for such a cause when this is my only one chance to live.

If you actually expect me to believe air pollution is causing a greater need for protien maybe you should try a source, and that speaks nothing of the human bodies need for fat regardless.

If having refused to eat grainfed meats within the last 2 and a half months with the 3rd months meat headed my way now is taking no action i dont know what you expect, maybe you wish i was out in the streets protesting with peta instead of working and putting funds towards the solution?

General Discussion / Re: Why Do Vegans Hate Me?
« on: July 24, 2017, 01:36:12 pm »
Ive never actually met a militant vegan in person, but of all the ones i have known the only caveat of their diet has been the exclusion of animal products none of them have ever been actually healthy in any way. It could be just my age group maybe older ones with more on the line make an attemp at something someone could at least be logically misled to think is healthy, but they almost all have still subsisted on grains and processed foods like vegan cinnamon rolls except for one that i currently work with who eats lots of soy and legumes and potato.
I dont think that theyre bad people for the most part but i think theyre horribly wrong and i would rather eat feedlot meat than be a vegan any day i think that the best cant be the enemy of the good, i dont think theres any possible way to live a vegan diet long term without suffering and i believe that eachs own personal health should be the top most priority you have, and as bad as it may sound even if it might be at the expense of animals locked and caged in their own feces. I was eating slightly over a pound each day of feedlot brisket or chuck for months before i finally switched to grass fed and though it is terrible what they do to the animals and we need to do something to fix it if i couldnt afford 10-15 dollars a day for quality meat i would still take lesser quality meat over soyburgers and pounds of beans.
Vegans say that their way would end world hunger but the only crops which would feed everyone and the growing population would simultaneously destroy our health as well as that of the land through cash cropping leading to soil depletion, i think it would be short time before the right disease came along and just wiped everyone out. One cow could feed an average family for months on months if we're not throwing away all the fat and 'undesirable' parts. What we really need to do is focus on developing mixed farms on larger scales that can provide healthy happy meat which simultaneously fertilizes the land to grop quality plant foods, any vegan who has a problem with killing an animal for food which has lived a fulfilling life prior is in denial of their own human nature and the nature of life on this earth.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 24, 2017, 12:01:08 pm »
Thank you guys for the feedback, ill see about trying some more land meats for some variety i believe you that parasites arent really a concern. I would like to try more wild game im sure it is of superior quality, out of curiosity would you still eat a suburban wild animal? I live nearby a stream and there are actually a lot of ducks which live there and i doubt it would be ultimately too hard to catch one, but part of the reason it wouldnt be so hard is because ive seen a lady feeding them before and im sure she was just feeding them bread so that might be a concern? as well as that they live in a stream probably 50% composed of road runnoff. There are alot of plants including wild carrots that grow around it but i dont know about the actual health of the ecosystem its probably not the greatest as far as it goes.

So the last two days i havent eaten any cooked foods at all, i went to the store and got cherries, a plum, a kiwi, green onions, carrots, an avacado and shiitake mushrooms all organic except for the mushrooms. Ive stuck to relatively low amounts of fruits each day yesterday i had the plum and avacado and maybe 6 cherries and then today i had a few blueberries at work along with 8 cherries, everything else has been raw beef and fat but this morning i had some heart too and im about to have wild black drum for dinner. I still dont know quite how i feel about the fruits i got some minor heartburn after the blueberries even though it was only about 2 ounces, but they also werent organic so it could stem from that. Ill probably stick with it for 5 days to a week and see how im feeling after that i may just go zero carb if its not working out or i may just rely on the carrots as i know they do me fine. Would you say that if i enjoy the taste of fermented vegetables that are raw than the fermentation has reduced the anitnutrients or is it just because the tanginess covers the bitter? I made lactofermented broccoli stems with leeks a cayanne pepper and some garlic last week and really enjoyed that.

Its good to hear its likely not something to be concerned about as far as the omega 3-6 ratio of foods when eating grassfed/wild meats of any kind i will let go of concerning myself too overly with it, but i probably will continue eating wild caught fish once a week or more just to be on the safe side sense its an enjoyable thing to do anyways and then theres no way to really go wrong with it. I also though have to say i wont start eating nuts again just because how badly they treated me in the past, im sure fresh nuts in moderation can be a healthy thing but it would seem fresh nuts are very hard to find and from the way they made me feel i think it could be possible i was minorlly allegic or just intolerant of them period. I never actually liked nuts at all as a child i hated them but then i tried them again when cooked paleo and couldnt stop eating them.

I agree ray peat is absurd like when i found out about him around the time i found this place it gave me pause because it flys so far out from everything i was thinking, i feel it was good for making me take a step back and think and i feel some logic is there i look at danny roddy and he seems pretty healthy, but i ate sugar rich foods long enough that i know they are death and ive read on ray peat forum so many people talking about all of the health issues theyre still having that are fixed with a diet like this and i know its not the way, no one would ever be able to live the way he proposes without the modern worlds structures. I will keep looking around at other gurus ideas for the perspective it provides but this place makes perfect sense to me and in just a month i feel like ive improved my health drastically i think this will be my home for the future i foresee.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 23, 2017, 01:30:01 am »
Im glad to know freezing shouldnt be too detrimental to the benifits of the meat, i would consider investing in my own fridge at some point where i could adjust the temp and hang everything but at this point in time ive got a lot of bills that are going to take up most of my free money so it may be a good while.

I do agree variety is most likely important though i do enjoy beef quite a bit still. I left out that ive been buying wild caught fish about once a week as well ive had raw swordfish, salmon, tuna, octopus, and black drum with swordfish being my favorite. But i worry about eating some other land animals raw still i know its said that its really no cause for concern some of the things such as liver flukes or trichinosis but at the same time i havent pushed the envelope yet. Ive had raw lamb but only from tom thumb which gets its grass fed meat from australia and i dont know how i feel about it traveling so far and being raised in unknowable conditions, i could order pasture raised pork or a variety of different birds duck or turkey or chicken, do you eat white meat of birds or do you mostly favor red meat of goats, lamb, pork and beef?

I will order some bone marrow this next shipment but it seems like its a lot more expensive than the back fat at 6 dollars a pound including bone weight compared too 3 dollars a pound for the pure fat, i have had cooked grain fed marrow and i really liked that but it seemed really hard to scoop out before i cooked it will grass fed marrow be easier to extract without heat? Also do you worry at all about your omega balance? I could get pork jowls for only 2 dollars a pound which ive never had but appear to be mostly fat, but if im following the logic of the 3-6 balance then would it be bad to eat it too often or is that not really an issue when your not oxidizing your pufas cooking them?

What your saying about vegetables is interesting if im not misunderstanding you your saying that overall theyre likely going to be a net loss of nutrtion as opposed to a gain, would you say thats in all amounts or is there a low quantity which may be benificial that can be determined by taste and what about lactofermented vegetables?

On the topic of fruits do you avoid the ones that are highly modernized or shelf ripened such as apples? I do really enjoy plums and cherries i wouldnt mind going back to eating more fruits like i used to and seeing if i feel better with them. But at the same time i feel as though fruits are an addictive food for me and i feel that isnt a good thing, i think i used to be insulin resistant as well and so that partially is what led to me cutting consumption, but at the same time if you listen to ray peat supposedly fruits are the best thing for your thyroid and so im sure theres a balance that is good. Not that im saying i listen to ray peats advice i think alot of what he says is totally crazy and hes just a sugar addicted old man, but at the same time even though i would never try and eat the way he prescribes doesnt mean i dont think there are some gems to be learned from him.

I appreciate you anwsering my questions i respect your opinion quite a bit from the posts of yours ive read! i hope that im not too varied on what im asking that i should be starting a new topic i look forward to hearing back from you whenever your time permits

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 22, 2017, 09:31:57 am »
Thanks for the response steve! Im glad to hear it sounds like im doing it right for the most part, thats unfortunate you cant afford grass fed it is alot more expensive even for the cheaper cuts. Im suprised you dont get sick of eating 90% organs in your diet! I think they taste really good on occasion but i couldnt base my diet around them without feeling sick i think. Thats interesting about the fruits it seems like ive read things of that nature around that there more meant to be eaten less toxins than vegetables, but at the same time it seems like the low amount of vegetable toxins is healthy so its confusing. Do you ever ferment fruits or vegetables? 

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 22, 2017, 07:47:14 am »
The first thing i want to say is greetings to all of you and thank you for everything youve made this place to be! Ive been browsing this forum for maybe 2 months now and this is the first post ive created.
For the past 3 years ive been on a health journey which started with little improvements going onto mostly cooked paleo for the whole last year, though i felt a lot better eating cooked paleo i still could tell that something was missing. Ive been dealing with hemorroids that started while i was working at a mexican restaurant and eating a lot of fried foods as well as mounds of nuts when i wasnt working, i stopped eating the fried foods around 10 months ago and i quit that job entirely around 8 months ago but up until around 5 months ago i would still gorge on nuts from the grocery store bins. I know about the huge amounts of rancid omega 6 they likely contained and i could feel how terrible they were for me i would get terrible gas and stomach bloating and my hemorroids just wouldnt heal so i gave up the nuts and for that last 5 months my diet consisted of about a pound of muscle meat, several tablespoons of either butter, coconut oil, or olive oil; and large quantities of organic vegetables of all different varieties, as well as maybe 1-2 fruits each day. But my problem was the hemorroids still wouldnt heal and i just still wasnt abounding with energy like i knew i could be i knew something still wasnt right with what i was doing but i didnt know what. I knew that i needed to have alot of fat in my diet but i didnt feel the fats i was eating were of enough quality to get 70% of my calories from and so i experimented with bringing up the amount of starches i consumed from sweet potatos but that just made matters worse. I actually at this point read about sabertooths story in vice online and also about the adventures of stefansson in the arctic before i found this place and browsed through a good quantity of information you have here.
Starting on june 7th i basically jumped right into the world of raw meat and i havent looked back since, i truly for the first time can eat and feel like im just given incredible amounts of energy. ive been ordering all my meat online its all grass fed pasture raised beef, basically my diet each day now consists of: Black coffee unsweetened upon waking up but otherwise fasting until sometime in between 3-6, at that point i eat around a half a pound of raw beef usually chuck, rump, or shoulder, and about 1/3 a pound of raw beef back fat. After this i usually wait until around 10 at night and i eat another portion of similar quantity of both beef and raw fat then 1-2 hours later i eat more raw fat but this time mixed into a bowl of some microwaved broccoli or kale thats also containing raw garlic, either green onions or regular ones, and raw jalepeno or cayanne from some plants ive grown. I dont know the exact amounts of what i eat because i never actually measure anything but im pretty positive i get at least 95% of my calories from raw beef and fat. I also incorporate organs several days a week switching between liver, heart and pancreas. Ive felt really great doing this but i still have a few concerns and this is why i make this post.
1: all of the meat and fat i eat has been frozen i dont have the room in the fridge to hang my whole months worth of meat as i share the fridge and this is also the way it comes to me, is the meat being frozen entirely detrimental to ones health do i need to seek a farmer nearby and get fresh meat even though it will cost more? If you all think i would see much more improvements in health eating unfrozen then i will find a way to make the logistics work but it would be rather difficult.
2: do i need to have more variety in the kinds of fats i consume is having the foundation of my diet raw muscle and back fat dangerous long term? I have about 15 pounds of suet in my freezer but i literally cant stand the stuff unless i warm it up, its just so waxy and flavorless compared to the back fat thats chewy and creamy and melt in my mouth, but is this because the back fat is more pufa than the suet an is that an issue or no because it should still have a balanced 3-6 ratio?
3: though all my meat is entirely raw i dont like most cruciferous vegetables that way they taste so much better cooked, i know most people here recomend omnivorous over carnivorous but what kinds of vegetables do you eat raw? The only ones i really enjoy raw are cauliflower, onions and carrots, though i also like mushrooms raw, i would be open to eating more fruit but at the same time it seems like sometimes it causes me more digestive issues.

I really love eating this way and i dont plan to go back to eating cooked paleo my primary concern is trying to heal my digestive system and i suppose my colon as of right now, ive contemplated going zero carb but if my problem is simply that the vegetables im eating are cooked not raw ill switch to entirely raw omivore instead and see how it goes. If it helps to know some backround on physcial characteristics im ~150 pounds, 5'10'', 20 years old, male, and very active i workout around 3 days a week with weights and walk 3 miles a day 6 days a week, i dont need to lose any weight and im not really trying to gain any more muscle than i already have i just seek healing and immunity from the ails of the improper human diet.
I apologize in advance for this wall of text or if this wasnt the best place to put this! Hopefully i didnt beat around the bush with unimportant information too much i look forward to hearing back from some of you.

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