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Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Current view on zero/low carb?
« on: August 04, 2019, 03:53:52 pm »
Currently, nothing much varied:- bananas, blueberries/raspberries, avocadoes, watermelons, oranges, garlic, radishes, wild garlic leaves. Sometimes raw brazil nuts. That sort of thing.

What kind of quantity of fruit do you normally eat in a day, and do you ever worry about cavities from the sugars or do you brush most days? I have access to free blueberries at my workplace albeit they are not organic, and for some time I would consume approxamitly 150-250 grams in a sitting once a day 3-4 days a week but It seems on those days that I can feel plaque building up on my teeth while when I'm only eating animal foods they feel completely smooth for days without brushing.

Outside of the blueberries my diet is mostly raw beef and suet, though maybe 1 to 2 times a week lately I crave raw cheese and will go buy half a pound or so and eat it all at once, normally Roquefort is my go to. I find I just don't crave many vegetables raw anymore or if I do I only like them much if I put salt on them.

General Discussion / Re: your strongest health side
« on: August 04, 2019, 03:33:07 pm »
I have to agree with Tyler, I've been eating 99.8% raw for the last 2 years and cooked foods make me very sick in my experience. I tried having some cooked turkey on thanksgiving because I thought what's the worst that could happen and I was with my family, within 20 minutes I experienced terrible noxious smelling flatuelance and in 50 minutes I pooped out everything in my body it was very sickening. I will say that I don't know how that turkey was prepared or what it may have been brined in before it was bought, whenever I've cooked for female friends and made dinner myself out of grass fed beef and vegetables with butter the symptoms have been far more benign, but either way I would say I never feel as great eating cooked food.

I could see how if one was eating both cooked and raw foods digestion would become more powerful for both, but I think in the absence of cooked foods the body rebels against you bringing them back in.

Primal Diet / Re: High Meat preparation questions
« on: January 01, 2019, 12:05:41 pm »
What is high meat supposed to smell like, is it supposed to smell good? I tried a while back and what came out of it was extremely repulsive smelling. I just kept some lamb in a jar attatched to a bit of bone and i opened it every day or two days and shook it a bit to let it try and breathe, the jar was in my fridge. It seems like i normally like my meat fresher whenever i thaw out a steak i think it tastes tremendous the first day or two but if i let it sit around in a glass bowl for two many days its less pleasant to me. But i really am interested in high meat from what ive heard.

I order from white oak pastures very frequently, i really love the quality of there meat but i feel something has been wrong with some of the beef theyve been sending me as of late, sometimes i get a roast thats a very dark color and when i taste it its super bland/off puting. Normally up until recently darker cuts were delicous as it meant the meat was fattier, but thats not whats causing the color in this meat i dont know what it is but i hate to order large amounts and then have 90 dollars worth  of my order taste bad.

Overall i do highly recommend them, when i ordered theyre beef up until a few months ago 100% of it was delicous sweet savory perfect meat, but now i feel like i might attempt to find a local option at some point with more reliable quality.

Health / Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
« on: September 13, 2018, 01:02:56 pm »
I watched that whole movie i thought it was beautiful its made me feel a lot better, im confident everything will be okay i feel like a lot of stress has been lifted.

I know i do need to choose my partners better if i had known everything i know now i wouldnt have done it regardless of hiv existing or not, im sure i did probably catch something from her but it will be fine i know im strong i can fight it off and whether i live 20 years or 80 more i will live free until that day.

Thank you both i really appreciate it, and you too goodsamaratin you guys are the best!

Health / Re: Should i be scared of hiv?
« on: September 13, 2018, 07:34:22 am »
Your right i know not all technology is bad there is such a thing as technology being able to do positive wonderful things. Im reading about the pyroenergen machine right now, when you say zapper is this the same thing or no? It says it doesnt kill bacteria only viruses and cancers so im guessing a zapper is different, if i only had money for one treatment in the immediate future would you reccomend the pyroenergen the most, it is something you use yourself or have used before?

Health / Should i be scared of hiv?
« on: September 13, 2018, 06:42:07 am »
I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago with a girl ive only briefly known, she told me that she got tested for stds 2 weeks prior and was clean and but that she had had sex with a guy shes been having sex with for quite a while a week after that but before we had sex. Shes involved in a lot of very high risk behaviors i now believe, she regularly goes out to parties and does extremely toxic hard drugs and i think often has sex with people then to her own admission has extremely little recollection after the fact. I didnt know all of this until after we had sex she said she was on birth control so thats why i didnt use a condom.

I woke up yesterday and had a terrible pounding headache for almost the entire day, it receded some at night and it hasnt been bad today, but something definitely has been going on with me i was very sore and im sick with something, i havent been sick in two years since before i started rawpaleo and im really freaking out worrying about what if i contracted hiv from her, i know that life would go on, i know i wouldnt take the pills they would offer me, but would i still have to fear my immune system collapsing if im on raw paleo? Is there anyone here who knows someone who has hiv and eats this way? I know goodsamaratin has made posts on the subject but i dont know how much personal experience he has, if your here and wanted to give me advice that would be great.

Again i dont even know that thats whats going on, if i believe the girl got tested im probably fine, i havent been tested myself, but its just very strange that all of a sudden ive gotten sick for the first time in so long in the supposed time frame someone who contracted hiv would experience acute symptoms. I know i should just calm down, i know a simple headache could be a million things, but im struggling to stay grounded.

General Discussion / Re: ground meat still good? 2days sealed
« on: September 06, 2018, 07:22:49 am »
Its hard to say for a fact, i honestly dont like ground meat at all even when its fresh, but if it tastes fine i would say its likely fine. The only meat ive ever had that i think was bad tasted absolutely terrible, i bought 6 half off grass fed steaks in vacuum sealed packs from tom thumb that were supposed to go bad that night because i was out of meat from my normal supplier, two of them tasted like the most repelling thing ive ever put in my mouth i wouldnt even feed them to my dog i threw them out. I feel like in most all cases your senses can tell you whats not safe to eat, though that might not always hold true. If its bitter than i say get rid of it for sure, i theorize that the steaks fell to imporper temperatures and that combined with the vacuum sealed packs caused the bad growth if they had had air or been colder im sure it would have been fine

Journals / Fenrir's Journal
« on: June 17, 2018, 04:11:53 pm »
So today I'm going to give this a shot, I feel like this is a very cool thing the journals and I've been living this way for over a year now so maybe its time. I started my raw journey on June 8th of 2017 and though I was completely raw as far as meat went right from the start, I still was eating cooked vegetables every day for the first month or two. Since then I've been completely raw minus a few social occasions with my family, those occasions only totaling maybe 3 times in the past year when I've eaten a cooked food with the 3rd time being today for fathers day. We went to a steakhouse and I asked them if they could give the steak to me raw but they told me they had to at least mark it and so I agreed, but I honestly totally regret it I should have just stuck to a salad. whenever I eat cooked foods now even like the extremely rare still cold in the middle steak I had today I can just feel it sitting heavy in my intestines and I feel like it puts a damper on me for the rest of the day, it wasn't even good meat it was a super bland regular feedlot steak with little taste other than the singed parts of the outside.

As far as my regular diet goes I am very much predominately a meat eater, some days I don't eat vegetables at all but most days I do. The foods I fill my diet with mainly are beef goat and lamb muscle meats, beef back fat, liver, pancreas, heart, and thymus. I don't eat organs every day or really focus on making sure I eat them in any specific amount I just sort of eat them when I crave them, I do however make sure I'm eating extra fat even though sometimes it doesn't appeal to me.
In terms of vegetables I like leek leaves probably more than anything else, but I include regular onions, green onions, kale, spinach, chard, lettuce and two days ago I decided to give carrots a try. Raw carrots were one of my favorite foods on cooked paleo and even as a child on the SAD diet but I don't know how I feel about them now, I've eaten one carrot each of the last two days and I suppose I will continue for now, its hard to say what effect its caused as I made the cooked mishap this morning as well.

I do include seafood in my diet but its more of a rare thing I much prefer red meat, I feel its just much more satisfying. In terms of plant fats I've found since going raw most good plant fats don't really agree with me well, I eat avocados sometimes but every time I eat them I end up with undesirable results in my feces the next day, and coconuts last I attempted didn't land me in such a great spot either. I have however recently bought some cold pressed coconut oil and I've been using it a lot externally before spending brief periods in the sun throughout the day and it hasn't seemed to cause me any problems I can detect.

In terms of salt intake I don't have it every day but maybe once every week or two weeks I do get strong cravings for it and ill eat Celtic sea salt on my vegetables, I don't feel like its caused me any issues and it doesn't seem like an addiction its something that I'm able to satisfy for a good period of time by consuming it.

For maybe 4 months I was completely zero carb but after going so long I started to get an ache in my intestines and thats what spurred me to reintroduce plants, whenever I eat plants it completely cures the ache every time, I don't really look at plants as any real caloric sustenance but I think they seem important to good health in some quantity on a regular basis.

My life this past year has been going really well in general but there are ups and downs of course, Ive been working at Starbucks for a year and a half at this point and just started the online college plan that they offer last month, I'm only taking one class right now but I'm doing really well and am very excited to be back in school its been a few years since I graduated and I feel as though I'm very much working my way towards the place I want to be in my life. As of right now my goal is to do some manner of field work in biology I would really love to travel near or far and study plants and animals somewhere, I'm particularly interested in desert and jungle environments if I got to pick somewhere that really inspires me the most but I haven't really figured everything out yet.

Right now one of my biggest goals is to figure out my caffeine addiction, I do drink black coffee every day in somewhat above moderate amounts and I feel like long term I would feel much better without it, I feel I have a very strong emotional attachment to it in my life and it makes me wonder if I really even want to stop. I quit smoking cigarettes over two years ago, and I cut down on smoking marijuana almost entirely this whole past year and have been clean of it entirely for about 5 weeks, but I feel like for the longest time coffee was a friend I believed couldn't possibly be bad for me and with working at a coffee shop I'm very much exposed to it on a daily basis. I don't really know what the future will hold for it but its something on my mind.

More than anything I feel a strong need for emotional connection in my life but I struggle greatly to connect with people in my age group, I just lack any interest in most things that most people today concern themselves with and then I've got strange facets of my life including the whole raw diet and a few other manifestations and I never really have connected well with most people before all this, I do have friends and I have been growing closer with them in recent time but don't feel a connection on any incredible level yet, and I haven't been intimate with a girl in almost a year. Its not that I'm antisocial I'm outgoing I talk to people all day long at work, I have lots and lots of acquaintances, and I get numbers of people I'm sexually attracted to all the time, its just that none of it ever leads anywhere I just don't click with anyone. I know that I don't need anybody and really my primary goal is to find happiness on my own in a sustainable real tangible form, but I get lonely at the same time.

I really love thymus they are very savory and creamy, i also like pancreas a lot though its much more tangy almost sour but not really and in a good way. I think those two are my favorites though i do enjoy liver occasionally.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Frozen versus Fresh Meat
« on: May 19, 2018, 01:26:48 pm »
Though I feel its very likely that fresh never frozen meat does taste better I haven't been able to try it yet, I would have to say the benefits of eating a raw diet will still be drastic regardless, ive been eating frozen meat shipped from white oak pastures in Georgia for the entirety of my raw diet experience which will be one year as of the 7th of next month and I always think it tastes amazing. I order fat from them which sometimes sits in my freezer for several months depending on how much I stock up but I haven't ever been able to tell a difference in it I can't explain with normal variation.

 I really do love the quality of their meat but they've all of a sudden raised the prices on everything 125-150% and I don't think I'm willing to pay that much if I can find a local alternative that supplies good quality meat, I know buying local is far more responsible anyways. I'm hoping to find a rancher with grass-fed goats or lambs in the north Texas area I'm willing to travel to aquire it if its a reasonable price, I don't mean to derail the thread but I've seen 80-90 pound whole lambs listed online for around 320 US dollars is this around what I can normally expect to pay?

Ill send some but its not a lot! I put it through paypal.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Onion greens?
« on: April 21, 2018, 03:36:52 am »
 Lately ive been eating quite a lot of green onions and leek leaves, as well as a wild onion that grows in the woods, i mostly favor the green parts as opposed to the actual bulbs of the plants. Is there any reason i should worry about onion greens being a staple vegetable in my diet? I love the taste of them and onions are purported to be very good for raising your testosterone levels though i dont know if theres enough evidence to say thats a sure thing. They seem to be less domesticated and removed from their natural form than some other vegetables.
A girl i work with did tell me when i sweat it smells like onions though that may not be the most favorable side effect of onion consumption, but it doesnt really bother me much and i dont know if she was actually serious even, they see me eat raw onions all the time it may have been an attempt to poke fun.

Primal Diet / Re: Raw Milk Adjusting Period?
« on: April 07, 2018, 12:53:56 am »
My experience doesnt have to do with dairy but i would also think that if you get diarhea after consuming something it would be allergy/intolerance to it and even if its possible to reduce your reaction through extended consumption it still doesnt mean it would end up being good for your health.
One thing ive noticed is every single time i eat raw shellfish i consistently get diarhea the next day, i love the taste of shellfish whether is shrimp, scallops, octopus, lobster or squid, i think they are delicous and they used to be one of my favorite cooked foods, but they seem to not agree with me now that everything else im eating is great quality raw foods. Fish doesnt ever give me diarhea its specifically shellfish and mollusks. I would think that over time in your life or throughout generations your body could become accustomed to eating something like shellfish or dairy and it would perhaps end up being something you could thrive on given time but i would have to feel like it would never be as good for you as the foods you were adapted to to begin with.

Off Topic / Re: Raw Paleo Diet Forum Statistics
« on: April 03, 2018, 01:16:56 pm »
Now there seem to be a rotation of newcomers who again disappear after a while and are replaced with new ones, who in turn soon disappear again!

Though im sure its not always the case i would hope that new people dissapear after a while because their health improves and they just dont feel the need to ask as many questions often anymore. I have to say im incredibly thankful for everything that all of you and that this forum have done for me, eating this way has changed my life, but i am definitely guilty of dropping off the radar after i first came here and was present at least lurking every day even if not posting.

I wish i had better connections with more people here i feel as though i have not contributed as much as i could but i have only been doing this less than a year so i feel im not always capable of giving the best advice, i suppose that should be no reason not to participate when i have the time though really.

Awesome it tastes totally fine so thats good to hear! Thank you guys!

I live with my grandma so i have yet to be able to hang my meat up i plan to get my own fridge in the future i know its said to be the way to do it, right now its sitting on a plate i cut it open as soon as i found it.
 Ill make sure i flip it throughout the day to get the air on all sides, i know its impossible to say if theres no risk but you would say the risk is minimal? It has to have been cold for half the night it was complately frozen rock hard at 0 degrees farenheight when it started and only sitting out for around 12 hours.

General Discussion / Accidently left vacuum sealed meat out over night
« on: April 02, 2018, 01:09:39 am »
I was putting a couple pieces in my fridge to thaw and i left them on my counter to speed it up and have a little snack before i went to sleep, i cut open and ate from one of the packs and then put that one in the fridge but it totally slipt my mind i had put a second one out and i just found it this morning basically completely unfrozen at room temperature at least all around the outside of it. Its a 3 pound rump roast the only thing that worries me is i left it in the vacuum seal i know it would be no problem otherwise, i tasted it and smelled it and it seems fine am i probably safe? Im really just scared of botulism its not a big deal if i get sick but i dont want to permanently damage my brain.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:32:17 pm »
I myself cant speak from the stance of having poor stomach acids, i can see how beef protien may be hard to digest for some people, but i would be weary of replacing it with even raw dairy products.
The one thing ive noticed that really speaks to me is the amount of tartar build up on my teeth, when i was eating dairy just occaisionally in the form of raw roquefort i would end up with a large amount of tartar where my gums have eroded a bit on the inside of my bottom teeth, but since cutting out dairy the tartar production has been drastically reduced.
Overall both ways my dental health has been good thats the only thing in my diet thats changed between my last two dental visits, i dont think raw dairy will give you cavities and rot in your mouth the way many non paleo foods do, but i feel it could cause a greater imbalance in your ratio of calcium to other minerals perhaps causing who knows what kinds of issues where ever in your body long term, maybe none other than tartar buildup but maybe many in all manner of places?

Overall i think raw dairy is a better food than cooked foods but i truly think if you can get your body to the point its capable of digesting raw meats efficiently youll be far better off in the long run.
As to how to get to that point hopefully theres someone with more experience than i, i would think at the least you should get pure fat sources of raw meat you can digest such as back fat or marrow or suet and then use those for most of your calories and at least minimizing your dairy intake that way.

Health / Re: Best way to detox after cooked meal?
« on: March 25, 2018, 05:14:47 am »
That makes sense, thank you for your help!

Health / Re: Best way to detox after cooked meal?
« on: March 24, 2018, 03:44:31 pm »
Thank you both for the advice i just finished working out and had some lamb and i feel better now for the most part.

I read most of the study though some parts went over my head and some parts i did skimp through a little but a lot of it was very interesting about the role of the buildup of age's in degenerative disease. They mention a few sources of polyphenols that could be used to inhibit the production of age but i would imagine that would apply to a great many things right since most fresh plant foods are very rich in polyphenols even if some are more so than others?

Do you think that in a raw paleo diet weve reduced our age consumption enough that our bodies are able to work at reducing our total buildup or do you think we just balance the load and simply dont increase the amount yet remain near the level we started with already within our tissues?

Ill try harder to stand firm and abstain next time if i dont have any suitable options, and if its not possible perhaps i will try what you say and just avoid the cooked meat. What exactly about high meat would help to prevent the formation of toxins from a cooked meal after though?
Ive been doing this for quite some time now it will be a year in june but i still have yet to try high meat i dont quite know why. for a long time i was keeping my meat in the produce drawers in my fridge and i didnt really like the taste of meat that sat for too long,but recently ive stopped and am just keeping it on plates in the open fridge and i find the air definitely keeps it more appetizing i now do like the taste of the meat when its sat for a while and has started to dry. Would aged meat that has sat drying in the fridge for a few weeks but not rotten have at least some of the same benifits?

Health / Best way to detox after cooked meal?
« on: March 24, 2018, 09:14:58 am »
Today i went to a cookout for a friend/coworkers birthday, all of my coworkers know about my eating habits and i could have just not eaten and it would have been understandable but in the moment under peer pressure i ate maybe 8-12 ounces of cooked beef, i wouldnt have felt so bad about it i know that one cooked meal is not the end of the world but after i ate it i found out it had been marinated in beer as well, and consuming grain derivatives on top of the cooked beef makes me more uncomfortable.
The only other thing i consumed was a substantial amount of homemade guacomole which i presume was raw and i assume mostly paleo friendly assuming i didnt accidently eat a piece of someones chip that had broken off in it.

My stomach just feels kind of heavy now and i know that i really shouldnt stress about this because thats probably more dangerous than the minor amount of gluten and other toxic compounds i consumed at least in this small comcentration. I just want to know what other people might do in this scenario? Should i fast the rest of the night to give me body a chance to deal with the toxins? i know that this one meal isnt going to set me back in health any noticable amount logically but i just wish i hadnt broken from my dietary ideals even momentarily.

What do you guys do when you attend a social event do you just bite the bullet and eat cooked food as long as its still within paleo guidelines or do you only eat what minimal raw paleo options that happen to be available?

Part of my problem is i was out of meat until this afternoon i received more fresh, so when i attended i hadnt eaten all day and my resolve was weakened if i had had meat i think i could have eaten a meal before going and i would not have been hungry and weakened to temptation.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Sun expoure and RPD
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:22:54 am »
I cant say that i know a whole lot of science about it, but i feel that the sun is very important to our health. Not only does it feel great to lay out in it but it helps the acne on my back too, my skin on my face is crystal clear all of the time i dont think ive had a zit since starting rpd, but my back on the other hand still experiences cystic acne, not as bad as before, but still definitely there. However when i went on vacation last august with my family i went tubing for 3 hours and got very sunburned on my back and the next day my back acne was very near completely gone, im sure some redness would have been visible if not for sunburn but my acne is the kind you can feel as a lump in the skin and my back was completely smooth. I think that the reason my back still has acne is the lack of sun and air exposure. I tried to sit outside for 30 minutes to an hour most days last summer and it helped but i still had acne, this summer i hope to sit out for an hour most days and see if i can get all of my acne cleared.

I know the sun can cause cancer but isnt the primary food for cancer sugar so wouldnt a balanced rpd diet help limit the risk? Im not sure but i guess time will tell haha

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Typical Daily Dietary Intake of Members?
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:12:40 am »
Never tried cheek tho. I bought it once, it looked like tongue, but my dog stole it.
This is actually really funny the first time i ever tried cheek it got stolen by my dog as well! I left it on the counter to thaw out while i was working out and the second he left my sight he went to the kitchen and i came out and it was in his mouth. I yelled at him and took it back though and then i rinsed it off and ate it  ;D

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Typical Daily Dietary Intake of Members?
« on: February 17, 2018, 11:06:43 am »
wondering why the inclusion now of the greens or onions?

I feel that a large part of it may be simply a desire to have more variance in my diet as it was getting kind of monotonous since my supplier for meat has been out of lamb and goat for several months, but partially ive been looking at my digestion sometimes with all meat my stomach would get upset i would be nauseas starting an hour or two after a meal on occasion for no apparent reason as most of the time with the same foods i would feel great, but now if that happens i normally can eat something like green onions just 3 of them or so and it fixes it very quickly. Also my poops though for a long time they were getting to be formed better as zero carb went on they started to be more wet and they just were not improving anymore, but since adding the greens there now very well formed much more consistently.

I imagine beef cheeks are similar to beef tongue. If so, how do you eat so much? I tried cutting up the tongue into small pieces. It took forever to cut and then chewing each small piece also took an enormously long time. What's your strategy?

In what form do you get your fat? Sliced or grounded? Again, I wonder with envy how you manage to eat such great quantities?

As far as beef cheek goes i actually have yet to try tongue so i cant make the comparison there but i really love beef cheeks they are a very tough piece of meat but they are very flavorful. I normally just slice off pieces with a knife and chew and swallow like i would with any other muscle meat though haha i use a serrated knife and pick up the cheek then push the knife through in between my fingers and slice it apart while i hold it in the air as opposed to slicing it from above while its on the plate. I dont know if that makes the difference but it never takes me very long at all really maybe 30 minutes if i had to guess and im normally taking my time at it.

With fat i get it as frozen vacuum sealed blocks of sliced back fat, i will say there is a tremendous amount of variance with the fat i get and that has a lot of effect on how much i can eat at once. My number 1 favorite kind of back fat is golden yellow with black/brown webbing on the surface i assume is blood vessels or something of the like, its almost always incredibly rich and flavorful its what i crave most but i cant eat too much or i feel sick. After that i also really like the white/yellow fat with similar webbing its normally very desirable in flavor as well but not quite as rich i can eat a lot of it at once and its totally fine. Then sometimes i get fat which is very very white and is much drier and doesnt really have much flavor honestly, this fat doesnt really bother me at all its not like suet where its so dry and crumbly it just sticks in your mouth but the best things i can really say about it are that its fat i can eat that doesnt repulse me. The only kind of fat i really dont like is a pale yellow and appears very very smooth in its consistency, whenever i chew it its almost squishy and the flavor really puts me off though i can let it warm up to room temperature and then its not bad normally all other fat i love straight from the fridge.

I dont know if any of those descriptions made much sense or were very helpful, i definitely have to recomend back fat over suet very strongly though as ive never been able to eat suet i threw out 16 pounds because i needed the room in my freezer for other meat and i didnt have time to make soap or candles. I also have to say i cant imagine ground fat is very good at all, honestly ground meat in general is the bane of my existance i ordered 4 pounds at one point because it was cheap and i ended up feeding half of it to my dog it was just like mush like i didnt find the flavor desirable and i just need something i can chew.

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