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Primal Diet / moldy berries
« on: August 26, 2010, 09:06:59 am »
I posted about this on rawpaleodiet & we_want_to_live yahoo groups but haven't received an answer in a few weeks :/

I'm trying to do Aajonus's moldy berry thing he had in his first book. I put blueberries into a glass jar with
lose lid and left them out on the counter, but it's been probably a month by now and they
aren't really getting moldy. A couple of them have a bit of mold but that's it. Before I read his book I had some get moldy in my fridge within a week...
They are starting to stink though and were are little worms inside. They're mainly just fermenting like grapes for wine... Are the worms ok? How
long does it normally take until they get moldy enough to put in the fridge?

Also, when I put it in the fridge in the jar with loose lid will the mold spread
in the fridge? If so will that effect other food in there and will I have to
clean out the fridge afterwords? Thanks.

General Discussion / Couple questions re RFD
« on: August 24, 2010, 09:33:30 am »
Where do you(if you're not eating raw dairy) or even carnivores get their calcium from? Doesn't meat not have a lot of calcium? or is it all just destroyed when you cook meat? or is it in the liver or other organ meats?

Where do you get your fats from if you're not eating raw dairy? Because grass-fed meat has much less fat then commercial meat. Do you just get fat from avocados and coconuts? Anyone know of a place to buy raw coconut cream in the USA? I'm guessing it'd be a lot more expensive then just coconuts... I found some coconut drinks but I called the manufacturer and they've all been pasteurized.

Does anyone know if there is a way to tell if the goats milk I'm getting is really raw? I'm buying it from someone at a farmer's market for $6 a gallon and she puts it in an empty plastic store bought 1gal water bottle. I just want to verify she's not just pouring regular milk in there and selling it for more x_x
I expected it to taste a lot different but I can't really tell as far as taste goes. Goats milk also doesn't naturally separate like cow's milk right? So I can't tell that way either :/

Also, about the moldy berries in Aajonus's first book - I've had blueberries in a lose lid glass jar at room temp for almost a month now probably and they're just stinking and rotting but not really getting moldy...

Thanks ^_^

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