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Welcoming Committee / Just saying hi
« on: November 29, 2019, 04:13:46 am »
Hi all. I'm 59 year old and from Norway. One of my interests is finding natural remedies for optimizing health. It was sv3rige's rantings over at youtube who got me looking into what's behind the raw meat, raw everything hype. I do believe he's on to something. Hope to learn more here.

I've already been into fermenting vegetables and milk for a couple years. Fermented fish was next to try, but then I heard of fermented meat. Doesn't look any good. But fact is many dogs dig holes in the dirt to bury their fresh raw meat and bones, only to dig it out again weeks/months later and gobble it up. Important clue I'd say..

Trying to find motivation and at least give it a try :)


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