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Instincto / Anopsology / Feasting
« on: December 04, 2012, 04:02:57 am »
It was a great pleasure to host fellow RP Forum member 'Alive' at our place for 7 days recently.
Alive, was keen to see the way I tackled 'instinctive eating' and we had a blast: foraging and nibbling on all types of vegetation on our long bush walks, eating many different seaweeds in states fresh from the water to fermenting in the sun on the beach, hunting  ;) for slow-moving shellfish and sea-urchin, as well as dining on a mouthwatering range of local produce, including kangaroo, lamb, beef-tongue and fish (and of course pounds of vegies, some nuts and fruit).
We also did lots of sensory mindfulness work, both outdoors in the bush and indoors, eating  ;) to our hearts content.
Alive was quite amazed with the volume eaten at some meals too I think, though all the exercise in the outdoors sure works up a hearty appetite!
Eating to appetite, and being mindful when senses start to tell us enough is enough, does not necessarily mean eating like a sparrow and sometimes can mean eating a feast fit for a king.
The pics show Alive and myself ready to dine (one of the smaller meals, generally we were too engrossed in the meal at hand to think about taking photos) and a pic Alive took of yours truly enjoying some fresh sea-urchin.
Alive got into the spirit of the trip, eating lizard tail, using acacia sap to heal some cuts and even learnt how to perfect the Aussie salute (waving flies away from the face)   ;D
A bloody good time was had, thank you Alive.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Vibram Five Fingers: US stockist
« on: November 21, 2012, 12:24:05 pm »
Does anyone know of any reputable Vibram stockists in America - most importantly - that will ship to Australia?
Help appreciated  :)

Personals / twitter
« on: April 02, 2012, 09:57:01 am »
If any Twitter users, feel free to stop by and follow @forajay

Instincto / Anopsology / neurological pathways
« on: February 16, 2012, 08:49:30 am »
I have now read through many of the posts on this particular forum regarding 'Instinctive Nutrition'.
Although the posters here no doubt represent just a small total of overall people around the world who eat this way, it still seems that the number of true 'Instinctive Eaters' as a percentage of population is miniscule.
On this forum it appears that there are perhaps a handful or so that eat 'instinctively'.
Then there are others who seem open to the theory but it has not accorded into practice, there are the doubters and disbelievers, and those that cannot get a handle on the concept at all.
Many (if one uses this forum as a guide) seem to have tried but it has not solidified with any success into day in, day out, 'instinctive' practice.
This appears - in a number of cases  - not for any lack of effort, dedication, resolve or learning.
I have a theory that 'instinctive eating' is dependent on brain wiring pathways, on organism neurology, and so it is not for deficiency in desire that 'it' doesn't occur with some folk (that's not to say it can't occur), but rather that the neurological pathways are not 'thus' configured.
As I do not come to 'Instinctive Eating' from the usual Instincto/Anopsology teachings (see Kindred Spirits post) I would be interested to hear whether organism neurology and the implications to 'Instinctive Eating' has been documented by GCB, Iguana, or others.

Instincto / Anopsology / Variety
« on: February 05, 2012, 11:23:30 am »
It may be interesting in terms of regionality, availability, and of course instinct, to see what (raw food) is being eaten.
This is - to the best of my memory - the foods I have eaten over the past 2-3 weeks or so:

Sea Urchin
Turban Snails
Fish (various: Dory, Snapper, Teragalin, Salmon)
Chicken Eggs
Sea Cabbage Weed
Kelp SeaWeed
Cherry Tomatoes
Snow Peas
White Sweet Potato
Red Lentils (soaked)

anyone care to share....?

Instincto / Anopsology / Kindred Spirits
« on: January 04, 2012, 04:46:25 pm »
It is a joy to come across you folk.
I arrived at this way of eating not having studied the writings of 'instinctive eating', but rather (it) came about quite naturally as an end result of a spiritual quest several years back.
Originally, my quest was driven by self-enquiry and the myriad questions about life and existence that collectively come together under the query 'who am I?'.
Many months later, after devoting hour upon hour to meditation and solitary contemplation, the quest came to a conclusion of its own one day with the attachment to the question(s) (and answers sought), effortlessly relinquished.
And so it remains.
In addition to this 'surrender', physiologically the body underwent changes such as heightened sensory sensitivity.
And this takes us back to 'instinctive eating', and the common ground I discovered that I seem to share, as contained within the writings of Iguana, GCB, and others here on this forum, namely:
* a food may be very appealing in taste or smell sometimes, then on other occasions the same food may be quite un-appealing.
* the 'attractiveness' in taste or smell of a food can change quite markedly even while eating a particular food in the one sitting.
* although one might expect to overindulge in a particular taste - which could be say sweet, or it could be bitter, sour or whatever - but a natural thresh-hold kicks appears to kick-in.
* pronounced 'reliance' on sensory response, rather than an overly intellectual approach to eating, and whether a particular food is largely considered healthy or not healthy by others.
* preference for 'simple' food tastes and smells, and by 'simple' not meaning that eating an unadulterated vegetable, fruit, nut, shellfish, etc can be defined as 'simple' at all, but rather processed, modern meals layered with all manner of ingredients camouflage and alter the ingredients therein, and could be defined as 'complex'.
* an almost primordial sensory response dominates and whether a food looks appealing or not within the modern, cultured framework of 'seeing' (or taste, smell or touch), is largely irrelevant.
No doubt there is much other common ground also.
Its great to have the opportunity to share. Thanks.

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