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Hot Topics / Re: Raw plant fat confuses me...
« on: January 25, 2011, 08:37:29 pm »
I'm new to the whole Paleodiet idea, coming from a raw vegan (high fruit) background and have only just started including raw meat in my diet. I am glad this topic came up, because when I was completely raw vegan, I started becoming more and more aware of the effects raw plant fats had on me - made me feel groggy and heavy, interfered with digestion and ability to feel whether I was hungry or not. Sometimes a tight feeling in back of throat. I didn't eat a huge amount, the occasional half avo or small handful of nuts or a tablespoon of raw nut butter I would make myself. And always kept well away from when I ate fruit. Read from others' personal experience about how raw nuts can contribute to teeth sensitivity and decay (cause acidic environment in mouth?) so cut out all plant fats for a few weeks and I definitely had an improvement with my teeth, even tho eating more fruit.

However, I have now started eating raw meat - only beef steaks and lamb chops tried till now - and I have experienced none of the above-mentioned symptoms. Still no nuts or avo tho. But high (sweet) fruit and greens (mid-morning), then green salad prior to 200-250g meat about 4 hours later. Unsure tho about which way to take my diet now - high-carb, low-fat, or a sort of balanced carb-fat. i don't think I could approach zero carb. It  seems to be working Ok for now,as I have no health issues, but now very unsure about long-term effects of high sweet fruit diet say on liver etc. I know I need to experiment for myself, but perhaps I can have some opinions on the two opposing 'theories' as far as carb-fat goes? Also some ideas on the healthiest fats - plants of animals or a combo of both?

my understanding (simplified) of the two opposing theories is like this:
Raw vegan, high-fruit low-fat perspective - the 'simplified theory' is that it is the over-consumption of fat that interferes in the glucose-uptake process and causes/contributes to all the DOC that we see today. The 'carbs' referred to here are predominantly from fruit, and the glucose obtained from them would be the primary fuel source for the body. So these folk (incl me until I recently started questioning things) literally live in fear of fat. And in even more fear of the dreaded saturated fats from animals.
On the other hand, from the amount of reading I have been doing in the last few weeks on the other side of the extreme - low-carb, high-fat - the general idea I get is that it is directly the high 'carbs' that are the problem and that we should be eating fat to burn for fuel. I assume 'carbs' here refers to all foods of plant origin that aren't fatty (and I guess in a SAD diet it would be cooked grains as well).

Any comments would be welcome.......i am in conflict at the moment!!

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello - newbie raw meat gal from South Africa
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:30:41 pm »
Why do you sleep on the floor? I sleep all over the place on all different kinds of surfaces for different reasons, including awareness, health, acclimation to uncomfortable surfaces and cold.
Body feels much better sleeping on the floor - used to get a lot of tension headaches from stiffness in neck and shoulders from incorrect side-sleeping on mattress and pillow. Tried various combos of different mattresses (liked really firm ones anyway) and pillows. Eventually read about folk sleeping on floor and improvements to sleep-related aches and pains, and tried it, and it works a treat. Just a doubled-up blanket under me and sleep in a sleeping bag so breezes don't sneak in. On my back mostly, and no pillow. Get a fab nights sleep and bounce up in the morning. Also feel more connected to earth that way. And a certain sense of freedom, not having to rely on 'furniture'!

While we're on the topic, an Indian yoga teacher at a yoga teachers' workshop I attended said that furniture and toilets were the worst invention as far as man's posture and digestive health went and if we wanted to improve both we should throw away our chairs, and squat to go to the loo.  So I sit on the floor, usually outside, to eat, and yes, I squat! Perched on the toilet seat if you want details!!

I reckon these are paleo practices anyway....maybe I should start a thread!

I agree with your comment about feeling better about eating animals that have lived a good life - one of the 'rationalisations' I used to help me along.

What are you eating at the moment...or 'how' are you eating at tyhe moment?

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello - newbie raw meat gal from South Africa
« on: January 23, 2011, 07:50:34 pm »
Sounds like the fictional Navi of the movie Avatar.

But yes, I am thankful too to those animals who sustains my family.

I loved the movie Avatar.....but saw it in 3D and got the most terrible motion sickness, whopping headache when I left the cinema and by the time I got home was vomiting and doing diarrhea. Spent the whole night crawling back and forth to the loo as I was too weak to walk!! Hey, NOT a good experience.
Luckily I sleep on the floor anyway, so I didn't have to climb on and off a bed!
Still get queasy when someone mentions the name Avatar.

But yes, I would like to be like one of the Navi - we could learn a lot from them.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello - newbie raw meat gal from South Africa
« on: January 23, 2011, 02:00:48 am »
every time i eat meat, i actually thank the animal that died to provide food for me. I dont overeat - so as not to disrespect the animals spirit.

Never felt like this when ate cooked.

This is what I did the first time I ate raw beef and I suddenly felt a real 'connection' to life, that I had never felt before when giving thanks for my fruit/veg!! Not that I didn't feel grateful for the F&V, I think I was just being far more present when eating the meat, as it was such a new experience for me.

I feel this change in diet is taking me on a massive learning/growth curve in all aspects physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (hopefully not too much growth physically!!) - very exciting.

Thanks for your welcomes and support guys.

Welcoming Committee / Hello - newbie raw meat gal from South Africa
« on: January 22, 2011, 02:58:06 am »
Hi - I'm new to raw meat, been trying it now for 20 days. But i don't feel new to the forum, as I have been literally 'devouring' all the different forums here for as much info as I can get and feel I actually know some of you quite well already!! A great forum ,and I have learnt HUGE amounts the last few days - a bit of overwhelm I think.

Anyway, some history...started experimenting with vegetarianism 30 years ago - mostly because I believed it would lead to even better health than I already had. Had a few years in twenties when I reverted back to eating some cooked meat (living in non-veg residence halls at Uni), but then switched back to vegetarian, to macrobiotic vegan, to raw vegan, to the 811-almost-fruitarian diet about 5 years ago. But could never actually sustain the high fruit diet for any length of time without eventually succumbing to cravings for cooked carb. Partly becuase I couldn't cope with the huge volumes of food I was trying to eat to feel satiated, so probably wasn't eating enough. And I feel it made me mentally a bit hyper, ungrounded. No particular health issues from it, but convinced that it DIDN'T actually feel like a natural way of eating to me, stuffing myself so full all the time. So started doing some deeper research towards end of last year into Natural Hygiene, long-term non-benefits of veganism/fruitarianism, conflicting issues over health benefits or not of meat/cholesterol/saturated fats etc etc. I knew about Instincto eating and decided to learn a bit more about that...came across a pic of some kids eating raw beef bones and suddenly my body was telling me EXACTLY what it was I wanted. Amazing!!
Also found Raw Paleo Forum in the process and started devouring info from here.....highly entertaining! Also entertaining switching between here and 30BAD!

Well, 20 days ago tried some raw egg yolk just to see how my system coped with raw animal - no probs, in fact just wanted more! So progressed onto raw beef (luckily I can get grassfed beef (and lamb) that's not fed routine antibiotics/hormones. Raw beef felt like heaven to my body. Only had 100g after a salad, but knew I definitely needed more than that. Have progressed from 200g every second day to now having it every day as that is what my body is telling me.
Still have lots of 'issues' to deal with - spiritual-ethical-environmental side of it....I am a yoga teacher and  have 'preached' ahimsa/non-violence for many years, so  finding that a bit of a conflict. But the weird thing is that even tho it's only been a few weeks now, I actually feel more connected to nature, more grounded, having deeper meditations and sleeping better eating this way. And I suddenly am more aware of the whole mystery of life in which LIFE gives itself in order to sustain other LIFE on all levels. and I can give thanks for that every time I eat.

Still have to figure out a way of eating that works - right now, fruit and greens mid-morning after my own yoga practice or teaching still feels good, then salad and meat late afternoon. Seems to digest easily enough before teaching. But every day discovering new things and making new changes.

Thanks for all the help and info on this forum guys!


Yes, the antibiotic / growth hormone side really frightens me as far as eating meat goes. I am fairly new to eating raw meat, having come from a LONG background (20 yrs) of vegetarian/vegan/811-almost-fruitarian background (and 30bananasaday forum!). The almost-fruitarian-no-overt-fats caused me the biggest problems ito of cravings and constant 'failure' ito going back to cooked veg and minimal rice. Anyway, after having cravings for meat for the last few months of last year, decided to listen to my body - like heaven! Only been eating raw meat for 20 days, a little every second day for now.
But that antibiotic issue is the biggest worry ito where to buy meat if I can't get game. And what about organs like liver? surely these substances would be concentrated in the liver? At the moment I have only been eating lamb and beef muscle meat from Woolworths (equivalnet to M&S in the UK). They have a small (expensive!) section in the meat dept which offers grassfed lamb and beef, fed no 'routine' antibiotics or hormones. Makes me feel a bit more secure!! The lamb all seems to fall into that category, so maybe I'll venture out to some liver or kidneys this week - at least it is cheaper.

Still would like to connect with some South Africans to find out where they get their meat - I feel way out of my depth having been 'out of the meat market' for more than 20 years!

Personals / South Africans?
« on: January 13, 2011, 08:30:24 pm »
Hi - Any South African paleos on this forum? Especially in the Gauteng / East Rand area. Just wondering where you get your meat.....

General Discussion / Re: raw eggs, the oldworlds vitamin supplement?
« on: January 13, 2011, 08:27:22 pm »
Apparently egg whites are high in avidin which inhibits the absorption of Biotin. So best to just eat the yolks......

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