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Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 06, 2013, 03:39:04 am »
I doubt it. More and more people also seem to be going in for more heavily processed diets. It would not surprise me at all if most humans end up eating some laboratory-processed gunge made from hydroponic farms.

Well, after this week I've noticed that this one little town I'm visiting has the most actively ignorant inhabitants I have ever met.
I realized that if there are so many here in this small area, the world must be jam packed with em.
These ones may have to just be washed out by a synthetic food wave.
Maybe it would take a hell of a lot of time and energy to change them.

However it goes down, it seems that times are really changing.
I'm just a kid really, but I listen.
I have heard older people all of my life just melting down about how fast the world is changing.
And that "in their day" everyone could smoke on planes and the oh so terrible healthy living movement was unheard of.

I think were slowly but surely progressing.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 04, 2013, 09:38:21 pm »
Yes! Youre the best!
Thank you Inger, haha.

I have found that others are very slow in their transitions so far, but it is true it satisfies me nonetheless!
I just need to know that people are trying. I want them to feel the benefits that I have.
The benefits give life a whole new meaning, I find.
Everything feels valuable and worthwhile now, its great!

The more I heal, the more my anger and sadness goes away. Soon I will be just love.
I really didn't think id ever get to say that. I thought I was doomed.
This is what everyone needs.

When you take the subways in Toronto, it is filled with posters saying "Are you depressed? Try this medication" and "Are you feeling sad? Join this study and test out these new anti-depressants for us!"

A lot of people are on anti-depressants and the numbers are just growing.

Somethings gotta change or I'm going to end up surrounded by zombies.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 04, 2013, 05:40:38 am »
Just because all of the good people I personally know (family and friends mostly) are ignorant and hideously misinformed, doesn't mean Ill willingly let them die at my feet.
Thats a little twisted, dont you think?

About the only concept modern human has shared with me, that I believe in more than ever, is being a good person.
Helping others, not letting someone suffer just because they push help away with their deeply bred shitty dispositions.

The more someone fights me about raw paleo, the more I know they need it.
I'm not saying random strangers, I mean my loved ones.

What kind of selfish bitch would I be not to help whoever I can to know what I know?

And it is very true, that people hate being told new things.
That doesn't matter. It's not their fault that they are programmed like that.

The way I see it, I know better.
So if I can't change them, their failure is my own fault.

People are like computer games (grade 4 computer games), you know the mystery solving adventure games? Confusing, but ultimately doable.
You might have a very hard time solving the mystery, you will probably have to try it quite a few ways, but if you don't just get angry and quit, youll figure it out.
Cause its a computer game. And honestly, there are only so many ways to do it.

It doesnt take a genius here, it just takes a creative person to persevere.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 04, 2013, 12:35:51 am »
WHya re people bashing raw paleo?
who cares!
Most people will perish as this world burns at the hands of the poisons of the kingdom of Satan.
And I say good riddens. While the sheeple die and become extinct the elite of this world who understand true health such as ourselves will survive and thrive.
The solution is not to convert the idiots but to create as many of the free people of the future as possible.

This will have to include polygamy of course to create any reasonable amount of change in the future.
A more powerful raw animal food community in america will also be necessary if we are to keep our children out of the filthy blood and cum stained hands of child protective service who we know will not accept raw paleo families.

I think that if you knowingly let the world die because it lacks the knowledge that you have,
you are actively killing yourself.

Maybe I'm wrong, but you should probably reconsider your proclamation there, just to be sure.

I think the whole 'every man for himself' kinda attitude is a critical ingredient in the formula for the poison that keeps humanity going in the wrong direction.

Just because you know how to live a superior life, doesn't mean youre an elite being. It means that you know more. If you don't help others, what is the purpose of you?

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 02, 2013, 06:05:53 am »
yes yes I just think (know) that people are being mislead and it is leading them through a miserable empty life that concludes in an untimely death.
I'm a leader type person, thats nothing new.
See the accident happened, and I lost my mind. And with that, my ability to have a healthy body and to help others around me.
That was always my job, to make the good decisions and give the good advice.
I was 17, and I was actually able to help quite a few people.
Only with trivial kinda things like relationships and whatnot, but it was my purpose.
I was sharing not what I knew from my own experience, but what I could figure out.

Now I have all of this personal experience, as well as this incredible knowledge that is not widely known about at all.
Then everyone I know, I look at them and I see everything wrong with them.
Because I spent so much time searching for the answers to my problems, I understand their problems and how to spot them.
I can see where they hold their extra weight, they tell me about all of their problems, I see the massive mistakes they make when they act based on their emotions, ah! I see it all!
The list never ends.
And none of it is real! Well, it's real, but it doesnt have to be.
They arent just genetically programmed to have these issues, like they have been made to believe.

I just think back to grade 10, when my grandpa died of cancer.
And how maybe if I would have been able to learn all of this just a few years earlier, he might still be here.
And then I think of how many people have their family members and loved ones die, and they don't know that there are answers out there!

I feel obligated, to spread the word. To make people know, really KNOW. So that even if they kinda dismiss it, they will think back to what I said when someone they know needs it.

I can think of quite a few instances in my life where this knowledge would have come in handy.
even before my accident, I would have been open to it for sure.
I just wasn't looking for it, so I didn't find it of course.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Irresolute about raw foods.
« on: July 02, 2013, 05:22:59 am »
haha well I only know how a sick little 19 year old canadian girl would start.
And it would be by going out and buying raw eggs,
and then after those were eaten, going and buying grass-fed hormone free steak.
Those two were my starters, because eating raw eggs and raw steak is pretty well heard of I think.
From there I started eating a lot of raw fish, because thats also a very 'safe' thing to do.

After that it got easier to be brave and try the things that I was always told would make me sick.

Nothing has made me sick so far, and its been about 6 months now.
I have been getting food from different sources all of the time, no issues.

I think its been a lot of fun, because I can finally eat without being in pain after! woo

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 02, 2013, 01:27:17 am »
Wait, what?
Are you thinking that I was trying to say that I dont understand raw being good for pets?
I know that raw is the way for everyone haha
Animals and people alike. Because we're all animals, I think a lot of the world 'knows' that, but they don't really know. Ya know? haha

ps have you seen the quantities that the healthy raw vegans need to consume daily?
Insane. I like the idea of having enough nutrients in my body to be able to handle missing a meal once in a while.

I beg to differ. People are pretty far gone, but never too far gone.
I hope you've seen on tv what people can overcome.. and I mean, thats just what the tv is showing us.
I've heard of people overcoming crazier things too.
I'm sure a bunch of people on this forum know stories of people overcoming.

Everyones sick and not being taught not to use their brains, I think thats correct.
They need to be woken up. They aren't dead, right? So we can wake them up.
It's obviously going to be difficult, but maybe thats not where you want to help change the world?
There are many ways.
The thought that they will be earth's superman probably leads to a lot of disappointment, and then these people get kinda snappy and not okay with others thinking they can make a difference? I dont know. It doesnt make much sense to me.

No, I wont become wonder-woman. I never thought I would? Thats ridiculous. I want to play my part in fixing the world.
I don't think i'll get credit, or ever see the results with my own eyes, but I am not interested in the fame.
I just want to help.
I'll help by doing as much as I possibly can to educate and turn people's lives around
I've already educated a few people and it feels good. You can see it in their eyes, they are interested.
When they ask questions, you know that they are interested.
Im literally telling people that this is the right way to eat, and then providing so much personal experience and facts that they gain real interest. Everyone starts off defensive, because theyre being told that theyve been doing it wrong.
Then after the explanation, they ask questions, then more and more questions.
Eventually they know enough for me to be sure they are waking up. My job is done once they start waking up, from that point on it's enjoyable.
It's a very slow process, you get a lot of shit, but its worth it if you can wake someone up.
And you always can, because they aren't dead, remember! It just may take a very long time.

It's very counter-productive to go around telling people to stop trying to help.
Lets all help instead of arguing about whether or not we should help.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 02, 2013, 12:15:03 am »
My energy is best spent on doing my best to contribute to helping mankind along in the right direction.
And also squeezing it all into run-on sentences, I'm good at that.

We're just pieces, part of a whole. If you arent serving the whole, youre not too useful.
Not too useful to the world, not too useful to yourself. One in the same.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 02, 2013, 12:11:47 am »
Ah! I knew it.

I'm gonna get really personal here for a second, for the sake of relating to the blog post.

Before the accident, my body was in really good condition.
That special time was always 4 days, very light, and with no pms or cramps

Then came the accident, the body was in very poor condition
that time got super special and one time even lasted 9 days, very heavy, insane pms and debilitating cramps.

Its getting better but its sure taking its time.

When I finally achieve health, maybe itll go away entirely!
Its like you just told me that you put another piece of cheese at the end of my maze.
I'm even more excited to reach the end now, I hope kinda close haha

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:00:18 pm »
haha come on!

I'm going to give you a very loose uneducated unknowledgeable example here that I think might open your eyes.

Alright, do you know of when the african americans had zero rights and were treated as lesser beings?
Slavery? I hope so, but I don't know which countries get taught about that. Yeah I am not wise when it comes to history or the worlds activity haha.

Anyways, if they would have all stuck to the mentality "This is just how things are, don't try to change it because you never will", what do you think would have happened?
They fought for their rights, they fought for what they believed in. They fought for the truth.
They were up against all of these hideously ignorant white people who had full control over them.
Eventually, they succeeded.

I believe in this. I believe in mankind. Let me try. Let anyone try.
If we all try our best, someday, we'll succeed.
Because it is right, it is true.

I think theres something to fighting for the truth.
Eventually, it will overcome all else.

Life is so empty when you go through it sick.
No one deserves to live like that, but many do.

I'm completely cool with the idea of trying to change the world for my entire life, and never seeing success.
I know that I will help some people at least, and hopefully what I do will help people someday long after I've died.

What the hell are you even doing if you aren't trying?

goodsamaritan, you're obviously helping if you're healing people haha.
Healing others to the point where you're 'maxed'?
"are we going on a rescue mission AGAIN"?
You're selling yourself short!
If you are helping others, you're changing the world.

Eric, come on. I noticed that my sister's cat wont eat raw meat either.
The only thing I learned from that was that I need to help it.
I felt pity, because I understand that because of us, she doesn't even understand that she wants real food.
The same applies to humans.
It's cool if you want to look the other way, but why would you insist that others do the same?
Let me at least try for a while before I come to the same conclusion.
Any 'trying' will benefit in the long run.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 09:50:02 pm »
Okay, I kept looking for vegan cats, and came across this..

My vegan cat

We have really messed up this planet of ours.
I have heard of a study that proves that cooked food has done this.
I'm going to go look at it asap, Ill let you know what it says.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 09:05:25 pm »
Yes I've also seen people fail to do it right a thousand times, too.
Thats true.

But the ones that succeed go far beyond anyone eating any form of cooked diet.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 09:03:17 pm »
Because I've seen it a thousand times!
I don't mean to be all sassy and defensive, I'm sorry for that.
The idea of people going down the wrong path because of misinformation just freaks me out.
The wrong path can be absolutely detrimental.

I'm really sure about this, it is entirely undeniable.
The most recent proof I found was yesterday.

I was reviewing videos by a raw vegan on youtube, and I found something remarkable.
She feeds her DOG a vegan diet!

I was blown away as I searched further online and found that dogs actually do well on raw vegan diets.

I decided to look a step further, vegan cat diets.

As cats are considered 'obligate carnivores', I wondered if maybe....

Yep, cats on raw vegan diets.
Doing better than normal cats.

Incredible eh?

That's how horrible what we feed our pets is, that even our cats are so nutrient deprived that going from carnivore to herbivore benefits them!

Thats how much better raw food is...
Could you imagine?
(cats and dogs are supposed to eat meat, I know that. It just blows my mind that they can get healthier than they do on regular store bought food even when they go vegetarian)

I mean, I have known for a while that a raw meat diet really does well for cats and dogs.
I've seen it.
But I never...

Raw vegan cats - cats aint carnivores at all

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 08:27:43 pm »
Oh, this was a fuck up on my part.
I thought that someone else posted that article just to show me the opposition.
I thought it was an absolute joke, honestly.

I read through the article a few times, trying to decide whether or not it was actually written as a joke article.

Then I thought that you were some random guy that came in thinking that the article was actually being considered here.

I was arguing with you, thinking that you were just a little mislead.

I take it all back though, you are in too deep, I do not wish to fight with one of you.
Go live your life with this superior knowledge you've got.

Even raw vegans are healthier than the average people, because of the raw food.
Raw Vegan Diet Makes 70 Year Old Woman Look 40

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 08:16:10 pm »
I was so sick in the body and mind that I was lost.
I spent years trying different diets and different natural therapies, nothing ever brought me back.
My boyfriend was my 24 hour attendant, he suffered in a different way.
Even without physical injuries.
His mind and body changed dramatically, he became just as depressed as myself, if not more.

I was right here in this body watching closely 24 hours a day, as raw paleo began changing it when nothing else would.
My boyfriend dropped the entire 30 pounds of weight he had gained.
The bags (dark and deep) under his eyes that had bothered him daily, were gone within a couple of months. Maybe less
My mother joined me on raw paleo as well, she completely transformed too.
She was receiving compliments left and right about her youthful appearance (which hadnt shown itself in years, before raw paleo)
She had been struggling to lose weight for years, with raw paleo it was easy.

You can call me what you want, but I have done research for hours and days and months.
When you actually look, you will see that the documentation is there.
It is only hidden and overlooked.
Youre just one of the people that are holding it back.
It's strange that you confuse youre own ignorance with me being ignorant.
I'm not religious, I'm just passionate about stopping the suffering that I see every day.
I don't want anyone to have to suffer the way I have, but they will, if the ones who know don't start bringing out the truth.

That article is shit, that's the point.
I can disprove all of the lies woven into it.

Irritating that you believe something so hilariously untrue...

What do you get out of bashing this and telling me that I know less than I think I do?
You couldn't have any idea of what I know. I haven't written much.

Are you a doctor?

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 07:14:29 am »
"The invention and continuous development of food treatment has had a substantial, if not major impact on the intellectual, societal and economic development of mankind."

This is true, but in the opposite way that she means it.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: July 01, 2013, 07:06:13 am »
Woah. Is that ever the craziest thing I have ever laid eyes upon.
What the hell?

I have come to the conclusion that raw organic diets work the best.
By far, raw paleo or raw vegan.

Always raw though. Any cooked diet pales in comparison.

I can see why people believe raw vegan is the best, because it does show great results when perfectly executed.
But cooked? I've never seen great results from a cooked diet.

I had no idea people were still trying to say that cooked was better than raw, haha.
They should probably wake up and get with the times. We know better now.

Thank you for leading me to that exquisite piece of literature.
Very interesting

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: A really Interesting Discovery
« on: July 01, 2013, 12:38:41 am »
Haha well a blood analysis couldnt possibly show parasites not in the blood?
I figured we were on the topic of blood parasites.

Let me clarify,
judging by a live blood analysis, I was able to see that I had no blood parasites present in my blood.
People on the typical american diet often show blood parasites in their blood.
I found this interesting

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: A really Interesting Discovery
« on: June 30, 2013, 11:42:12 pm »
I didn't show any. At all.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: A really Interesting Discovery
« on: June 30, 2013, 11:14:31 am »
There's actually something to live blood analysis.  I have a friend who had it done, and was told he had candida.  He started eating a lot of unrefined Celtic Grey sea salt, to kill the candida.  He went back 6 months later, and, according to the analysis, the candida was gone.  However, he had "liver stars" (whatever those are) the second time, which apparently are evidence of liver stress. This jives perfectly with what I've hear about candida and also about the effects of salt.  Salt tends to reduce candida, but it can also stress the liver in large amounts.

My mind is certainly open on the subject. Some alternative health practices are total crap, but some aren't, and 5 minutes of reading Quackwatch does not make you an expert.

And this is why I like you^  Thank you haha. Yeah I have tried a million different types of natural therapy, it's hard to find ones that work. But I have recently found a few. 
The live blood analysis was just interesting information to me

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: A really Interesting Discovery
« on: June 30, 2013, 11:11:58 am »
People on here actually give intelligent opinions most of the time.
Then there are the "everything ever sucks youre wrong!!!" kind of people, like you.
It annoys me.

I don't know what a tapeworm looks like?
I don't even own a microscope...
Probably why I went for a blood analysis.
I know what a tapeworm DOESNT look like, though.
It doesnt look like empty space between cells.

Please stop picking at the unimportant details that are truly irrelevant.
I'm trying to say that my blood consisted of healthy individual cells, even though they were unhealthily bunched together due to dehydration. As well as being malnourished.
It was significant to say that, because it meant that my body hasn't been absorbing anything properly.
But due to raw paleo, I have been able to progress in my recovery.
Parasite free, unless they are invisible. Because it seems you must know of invisible tapeworms right?

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: June 30, 2013, 11:04:15 am »
Youtube is so big, it's like saying you hate the internet.
If you do, in fact, hate the internet, then you wouldn't be here.
So I just don't understand why you have bad things to say about it?

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: June 30, 2013, 09:12:22 am »
van, well said. 
lead through example, not by trying to convince others.

i'm not sure i want some hollywood movie star promoting what i personally chose to do, and how to live...  it makes it seem "hokey", like everything else they promote...     :D
when we're all the last healthy people alive on this earth, things will be great.  gs, no more computer attacks!  the stupid shall be punished.  let the "youtubers" revel in their moment of popularity...  i can't wait until they're gone.  they thrive on ignorance, and they mislead the ill informed, without dignity or responsibility.

where's a massive solar flare, when you need one?     ;)

I gained the courage to start raw paleo by watching others eat raw meat on youtube and explain how great it is.
These raw paleo promoting videos really help someone nervous about the transition.
Without the internet, I would not have been able to discover raw paleo.
Without that discovery, I would not have healed from all of my injuries properly.
I was helped, I see the importance in helping others.
I am condensing my helping into a smaller amount of time, so that I can be free to live in nature.
The purpose of life is to help others, you obviously don't agree
Keep on Keepin on, though.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: June 30, 2013, 07:23:07 am »
Gotta keep in mind that my youtube videos serve a few purposes.
-Documentation of my recovery (Must be accurate)
-Informing others
-Working on my verbal expression (Because I suck at it, but can write just fine)
-Getting vegans to understand that they are just slowing down the recovery of man, but that the raw ones are on the right track in certain ways.
-Being true to all 4 reasons.

I will not fake cheer just to get likes, even though it is very clear to me that would work.
I understand how to manipulate people, it's very simple, I'm just not interested in that.
I want to show everyone how true all of this is, that even a crazy unstable 20 year old girl can see how right it is.
Then they will be able to someday look back on my old videos and see how far I've come.
It will be good, just wait haha. Don't give up on me, I know what I'm doing. My emotions are just all over the map and really messing up my credibility. My sanity somehow remains intact underneath it all.

Hot Topics / Re: Why are people bashing Raw Paleo?
« on: June 30, 2013, 06:43:53 am »
Once I'm healthy, I'm moving to the wilderness.
In the wilderness, I don't expect to be influencing others with my healthy presence.
Seeing as I don't plan on having many 'others' around me. Ever.

I'm trying to spend my healing time wisely
I figured I may as well give it my all while I'm here in the world of technology and sick people.
If that's considered a bad idea, I don't really care, because it feels right.

Even if people don't learn from me now, it doesnt matter, because when they come looking for answers they will be right here waiting.
The internet remembers all.

I think the only damaging thing is going to be all of the grouchy negative people bashing supplements and 'non paleo' ways of helping the body transition to raw paleo.
Our bodies are messed right up.
Generations of damage have been dealt, and certain people's bodies are clearly taking it harder.

People just need help. When the sickness gets into the brain, it becomes much harder to cure. Cooked food really messes up the brain.
 It won't be easy, but it has to be done. Just try your best and don't tell people that helping is a waste of time.
Because that's all I'm hearing, a lot of the time.

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