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Okay, thank you :) All of the grass raised organic meat I can typically find are frozen and vacuum sealed in plastic. I heard that there was a danger to do with vacuum sealed meat. Something about the lack of oxygen?

I was reading about raw pet food, and it was said that salmonella is not a concern. They said that salmonella has even been found in commercial pet foods. So animals can eat raw meat with zero concern, but we cant? Or is there a way that we can? I want to know what I actually have to bother myself with worrying about. Someone please ease my anxiety and fear haha

Health / How to get started eating raw paleo
« on: January 05, 2013, 01:52:50 pm »
Hi, Im a 19 year old canadian girl. I was in a car accident, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, and have been struggling with my health ever since. I was very quick to turn away from modern medicine after they had failed me numerous times throughout my recovery. I have been trying to work towards a raw meat diet ever since I obsessively read about the concept almost a year ago. My boyfriend and I are both doing poorly health wise, and are both very interested in getting started. We just cant figure out how. Where do I get the meat? What are the actual real risks? How do I avoid them? Please someone help, Im desperate!

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