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Health / Re: Not doing good on raw paleo 2weeks in
« on: July 21, 2013, 11:54:21 am »
Every supplement i try makes thins worse like salt or fermented foods. I feel the best if i only eat muscle meat and fat with some raw honey. I am not doing any exercis and im not workin atm because i have fever and extreme neck pains going back a week now.

The biggest problem i have is with fiber. They constipate me.

Health / Not doing good on raw paleo 2weeks in
« on: July 21, 2013, 05:24:04 am »
So i started raw paleo caus i have had a week digestion all my life, NO allergies but not ever been hungry. I was hoping raw would strengthen my digestion. However now 2weeks in with mostly lamb/beef meat, beef fat, bone marrow i feel no power in my legs and i never feel like eating, feels like im always full but NO bloating/constipation/gas. I am loosing weight and would now be classifeid as underweight. Fruit is NOT a solution since all fruit makes me less hungry then ever (been on and off frutarian for abot a year before and my body just hate fruit now). What is also scaring me is that my eyes a getting blood shot every time after i eat. Been trying to mix it up with seafood but every seafood gives me a fever feeling and chills. I know this diet is much more then my body ever can handle right now but im not knowing if it trys to adjust or if i have physical problems inhibiting me from eating this way ever.

Ye i have been thinking candida also, and no grains are not paleo and i have not been eating grains for a long time, im just stating my experience with how i feel regarding different foods.

Virgin coconut oil is just loaded with Salicylates that works as poison in my body since it seems like my detox ability is extremely low.

mango: it says yours is also full :) you can email me at t1 at henkelarsson se, think that works best.

For as long as i can remember i have had problems with dandruff, bad skin, eye floaters, and a small greasy white coating on my tongue. Later in life i also got prostatitis at 19yo and after that i have had problems with a cramping feeling in my balls every time i eat cooked food, esp meat, and esp that kind of meat that is called hot meet according to TCM for example a BBQ steak would make my balls look like ping pong balls going up and down in my scrotum. I also have a very anxious personality and a hard time relaxing.

If i do take digestive enzymes or Betaning HCL supplements the dandruff and my skin clears up in just 2days. Also taking ZMA makes me a much calmer person and since Magnesium and Zinc absorption rly depends on my HCL lever it seems like i might have a low lever of HCL.

Here is the strange part, i do not have any bloating or problems digesting meat, raw meat and cooked meat digest the best with me. The first time i eat raw meat i did 400g of kidney and had no problems digesting it and if my HCL levels were low i should be having problems i guess. What i do have problems with is carbs, i cant digest Quinoa, Amaranth at all, the only thing i digest well is millet. Fat i also digest good, i do 80g of suet and even if some small parts come out whole my stool is not overly greasy and i have been eating raw fats only for a weak so guess the system needs more time to adjust. This is driving me crazy since i cant pinpoint the problems and therefor dont know how to find a solution. And everything is in perfect condition according to the doctor who has tested kidney, liver and all the standard stuff.

Anyone here that has the same issues and know more what i should test at the doctors?

I just want to finish this thread by adding the solution. Orange peels did work but it was not a pleasant solution in the long term. What did resolve the problem was adding some Magnesium as others have  pointed out in the thread. My hunger and thirst is far from what it should be but I think its going in the right direction. What did go away was the water in my intestines, right after I took magnesium it went away.
Thanks for the help!

General Discussion / Re: Suet vs other fatty parts
« on: July 08, 2013, 03:45:14 pm »
Nice thanks for that, i have not been able to find the nutritional data on separable fat, now i know. What about pigs fat, anyone that go for that?

General Discussion / Suet vs other fatty parts
« on: July 08, 2013, 03:20:39 pm »
I am wondering what the difference is between suet and the fat that is around the heart and the other fat you can buy from cows that comes from under the skin. The fat located under the skin i find so very soft and full of other things that makes me more tiered after eating while suet or fat from the heart makes me feel super. The problem is that suet is so hard to get any big deliveries of since each animal ha so little of it. Also are there any type of fat from the pig that has lots so saturated fat and is hard? Might be easier to get lots of pigs fat from where i am.

I have not tried aged meat yet but to me it is strange that one are using a aerobic process when the human body is anerobic and the bacteria in the meat will die when eaten? Might it be the endotixins created by the dying bacteria that we react to and not the living bacteria inside us?

I have had some huge success today, after spending the day reading about Ayurveda i found what my types of a personality is and i also found a very long time imbalance i have had that is probably the reason for why i feel worse now then i used to do. The things i see i can do to correct this would be to add orange peel and some leafy green salad to my diet. I did try this and it worked as a charm, no water in the stomach and i could feel the energy just flowing in my body. I guess those orange peels has some potential toxins in them but they do wonders :)

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Sweden
« on: July 05, 2013, 12:10:10 pm »
Yes he has some strange things going and i am not following him. I'm just saying that I do get extremely cold from eating fatty fish.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Sweden
« on: July 05, 2013, 02:23:15 am »
Hi Inger, nice to talk to someone more close by :)
As for now im doing only meat since i have weaken and just overloaded my system with salicylates and all other stuff that can be an issue with fruits so i just stay away from berries and all. As for fish im not sure they are so good, have you ever heard about Ray Peat? He has some interesting stuff to say about thyroid health and omega 3. He claims that omega 6 and omega 3 are bad for you and i can say in my experience that when i did eat a raw mackerel i became so cool and my body temp went from a warm 37C to 36.5C, i did feel nice and clear in the head but my body temp went low and im a big fan on having a high body temp for optimal body function. I will try and get some brain next week and eat to see if the omega 3 in brain has the same effect.

Btw not sure you speak Swedish? Im doing a blogg at if you want to know more of what i eat and i would love to get to know more about your style of eating, feel free to PM me some contact information if you feel like sharing some knowledge.

O and the protein composition in insects is different than in muscle meats so it would be better to stick to sources with more collagen in them.

I used ordinary iodised salt, prob not the best but how big of a difference can it be.

I feel much better now after some time with salt, if feels like the heart is beating faster and pumping more blood through my body, i guess the effect of salt is to increase blood pressure? What are the physical effects of salt and how does this happen, what is manipulated by the salt in the body?

I guess salt is more important when eating lots of meat, the most paleo source of protein i guess would be insects and what i have read insect are rly high in Na and Cl making them salty. The sweet and sour taste we get from fruits and berries and the bitter taste we gett from leafy greens. Might it be this simple. Eating salted meat, with berries, bananas and lettuce?

I did take a glass with salted water right now, about 30min after eating. It made me more energetic but i made me extremely depressed!!

I have tried most diets after i lost my appetite, from LFVegan, paleo and now im doing carnivor diet eating only meat, this i like since i cen get lots of calories in but i dont have to eat a ton of food. I use no extra salt or any suplements. There is no stess but i have ben very low in social activity, its been only me and my gf since i have been traveling for 9months.

Health / Total loss of hunger, thirst. Water retention and dryness
« on: July 04, 2013, 12:24:17 pm »
About a year ago I totally lost all my appetite and thirst, I never feel a need to drink or eat. I even stopped eating for 2weeks just to see if I would get hungry. I have a slight tendency towards constipation but i would not say that is a problem as long as I don't drink much water, with only small amounts of water or any type of food eaten I can hear lots of water are getting stuck in my stomach and intestine and the more water I drink the dryer my skin becomes. I feel the best and my body works the best when I don't eat or drink anything, that is in the morning before I eat breakfast. You guys have any clue what is going on here?

Journals / Re: Just starting ZC carnivor, might need pointers plz
« on: July 03, 2013, 11:52:43 pm »
Sounds like that can be the trouble with the spleen, will wait and see if it goes away, other then that i feel good, somewhat low in energy but i guess it takes some time for me to up the ketones?

Thank you so much 24isours. I am doing more protein but not by much (im under 100g), i do about 500g of some sort of muscle meat/organ meat a day then i just eat beef fat until im not hungry. However some days i have done 400g of kidneys or liver...
Why do you eat so little organ meats? Why is not your main source of protein from oragan meat? What is your preferred source of protein and fat?

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Sweden
« on: July 03, 2013, 11:39:33 pm »
Yes I weigh 65kg now and i want to put on some weight, I eat almost one kg of meat consisting of one more high in protein and then the rest is unprocessed beef fat that comes with skin and meat on it. Not sure how many calories it is in that but it is mostly fat for sure.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Sweden
« on: July 03, 2013, 07:39:09 pm »
Surly im going to do what feels good. I know that i have overloaded on carbs after eating LFRV on and off resulting in me becoming sensitive to carbs so I need to give them a break. I might eat some avocado and whatever other things I crave but for now the raw meat is really all I want and have no craving for other things. Guess raw meat was what my body needed.

Questions regarding fibers in meat. I do like to eat the though parts of skin beef fat, the ones that you can't chew and just swallow them whole, i can see them coming out the other end and was wondering if this would be sort of a fiber for carnivores?

Journals / Just starting ZC carnivor, might need pointers plz
« on: July 03, 2013, 07:20:09 pm »
So my name is Henrik and im 31yo from Sweden. Plz read some more about me under presentations. I just started ZC 3day ago eating only raw beef fat, liver, kidney, tongue, heart, ox tail, mackerel, herring, bone marrow. I eat two time a day, first 8AM then again at about 4PM.
Is this style of eating and the foods im using what other people here are doing?
How much muscle meat do other ZC eat?
I have started to notice a small cramping feeling in my left side just where the spleen is and i can feel its hard to breath at times, almost like im out of breath at time with a deep hard pulse, esp if i take a hot bath. Is this standard going ZC?

Welcoming Committee / Hello from Sweden
« on: July 03, 2013, 06:53:41 pm »
Hi there all, nice to have found this place. I have started to eat a 100% meat diet 3days ago due to constant problems with almost all foods. I have experimented with vegan diets and all other "healthy" diets over the past 2years. Have also tried the 30banansaday way that actually had really good results for about 4days but then after 17days i had to quit. The good results can not be repeated after this either after multiple trials and modifications in the diet, even did stay in Thailand during fruit season for 3months, so i guess i have given fruit a break now. 
When doing a lifelong review and trying to to get to what the problem is, my conclusions according to TCM are that i have a weak spleen and liver heat stagnation. This is probably causing detox problems and toxic buildups giving me all the food sensitivities if I do eat one type of food for to long. All the symptoms are there and im hoping that this meat diet will strengthen my spleen and correct my liver.

Are there any other people here from Sweden?

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