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Journals / Celeste's journal
« on: February 04, 2014, 07:39:16 am »
Well, thought I'd start a journal to keep track of experiments... progress, instead of the welcoming pages. I watched the film Eveheart recommended today. My favorite part was how they could tell by bone analysis how much plant and animal foods people at that time were eating. This is interesting to me as I have asked the question ZC or not ZC? I'm already clear about no grains. It's mostly over dairy, how much plant foods, source of fats.

Just had a snack of blueberries, walnuts and cultured heavy cream. After reading others responses to me regarding dairy, thought I'd give it a try. Maybe it will help to settle my nervous system. Fats do have a way of relaxing the body. The pain in my arm is subsiding. A nap sounds good.

Health / drinking RO water remineralized with Concentrace drops
« on: February 02, 2014, 10:03:06 am »
Does anyone use Concentrace mineral drops? I've been using it to remineralize RO water as my main drinking water. I remember AV did not like it... or drinking water at all for that matter. I had wanted to get away from drinking the green juices, so had started drinking this about in October. I thought it would be good for us. It is supposed to be high in magnesium and is solar evaporated. My concern is it says no bacteria grows in it... could it sterilize the gut? Does anyone else use this? Your experience?

Welcoming Committee / Always fine tuning
« on: January 27, 2014, 01:49:14 am »
Overall I have been eating raw meat about 12 years. That does not mean that I was 100% all the time. Also when eating raw it has had its own incarnation each time - doing AV's primal diet a good portion of it, doing ZC cooked as well as ZC raw. Recently had become more relaxed and was eating more cooked paleo and had gone off dairy all together.

But last weekend (a few weeks into eating cooked) I crashed on my bicycle riding across train tracks at the wrong angle, and broke my wrist. Owww! Decided I better tighten things up and get back to raw, including raw fats. But I have learned that unfortunate incidences can be learning experiences.

So glad to be here. I need the feedback and have been learning already reading others posts. Love the tolerant diversity.

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