Author Topic: A better history and visualization of our Solar System by Billy Carson  (Read 676 times)

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While helping my son with his I-search in school, I had stumbled onto this amazing integrator of knowledge, a presentation by Billy Carson.

Billy talks about scientific evidence, published widely, and integrated historical texts and modern sleuthing astronomical tools.

A big correction about 15 times the distance from earth is actually supposed to be 15,000 times. 

Read the comments as many people in the same and frame of thought and critics chime in with their 2 cents.

I've always been an astro geek, so this summary is just so cool.

Our sun, plasma discharges, origin of the earth, asteroid belts, our moon, mars, why uranus is tilted that way, our binary star system with a red / brown dwarf Tyche with Nibiru orbiting it together can be Planet X, that blacked out spot in Google Sky has been revealed by the researcher using other telescopes.


Published on Oct 30, 2015
Our guest Coach Billy Carson shows the location of Nibiru, Brown Dwarf Star AKA Tyche. The last time it passed the sun was approximately between 2600-1600 BC, putting it squarely in the time-frame of Noah's Flood. We live in a Binary Solar System.

5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36? 45.7? These are The Google Sky Coordinates

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