Author Topic: Multiple migration of small groups out of africa claimed, not a single one  (Read 1265 times)

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Someone commented that this video explains the above link
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Neither the article or the video dares to point out the incontinent truth, that the groups coming out of Africa interbred with the other humanoids already inhabiting Europe and Asia... The exodus from Africa had much earlier incarnations...though perhaps the last wave did indeed dominate and consume all others..... The traits they would have inherited from such interbreeding during the epic migration following the ice age of 70'000 years ago, must of be of paramount importance in explaining the emergence of the different racial groups and the general explosion of all the mutant genetic variation, as homo sapiens swarmed the earth.

The Video is chalked full of half truths, straw grasping, and a general white washing of reality, but it does highlight the Siberian Herds people very well... I am not sure, it appears that the narrator is eating raw Reindeer meat, about the 1:30:00 mark  though he obviously does not mention that the reason the people are able to survive in such a harsh environment is because they eat raw meat.
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