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« on: December 24, 2016, 04:20:00 am »
Scientific theories are formulated to explain known phenomena. When creationists say “evolution is only a theory” they are either A: agreeing that evolution occurs, because otherwise there could be no theory to explain it, B: lying, by pretending there is no difference between what the word “theory” means colloquially versus what it means in science, or C: demonstrating their ignorance of this distinction.

We have a theory of evolution to explain the evolution we know occurs in the world. We do not have a theory of unicorn flight dynamics because there is no evidence for flying unicorns.

The fact that evolution occurs had been recognized long before Darwin. Darwin merely hypothesized that natural selection was the mechanism behind it. What we would now call Darwin’s hypothesis of natural selection was “only a theory” in the colloquial sense of something postulated as possibly true, but it has now been so well confirmed by multiple different lines of evidence from different fields that the only possible way if could be overturned is to demonstrate that we all live in The Matrix and all of reality is a sham.

At this point, it is only possible for scientific developments to refine our understanding of how evolution takes place and under what circumstances different forms of natural selection operate. Not only is evolution real, it’s arguably the best understood process in all of nature. It’s far more likely that new developments will disprove gravity, dark matter, or the perceived limit to the speed of light than that it will disprove evolution.

By the way and once again, why is this "Science" section "members only"? It would be much better open as it would show that the raw paleo movement is based on sound science!
Cause and effect are distant in time and space in complex systems, while at the same time there’s a tendency to look for causes near the events sought to be explained. Time delays in feedback in systems result in the condition where the long-run response of a system to an action is often different from its short-run response. — Ronald J. Ziegler

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Re: Evolution
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2016, 05:46:59 am »
 The belief in cooking is not based on science. If modern scientists were to suddenly all praise cooking and show evidence of its harm, it would take many generations, more than with smoking, for it to vanish, if that were at all possible.
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