Author Topic: Wild girl discovered living within monkeys in India. Walked on all four  (Read 439 times)

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A discovery of an true instinctive raw eater of direct  human ascent.

Discovered in a national park by the India/ Nepal border,  two months ago but the news has only come out recently.  When she was captured, the girl did not know how to speak and ate directly on the ground, without using her hands.

Photos and details by typing "Mowgli girl" on Google or Youtube.

There are reports that her body shows "large wounds", apparently  healed without any medical help. If anyone can find her  medical report, it will be interesting . In any case, photos show that the girl lacked the king of inter-individual grooming which "social monkeys" normally perform. Or maybe the tribe in which she was raised did not know how to groom a human......   


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