Author Topic: Female infertility doubled by consuming junk food  (Read 4135 times)

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Female infertility doubled by consuming junk food
« on: May 04, 2018, 07:33:32 am »

The raw fruit issue is , of course, quite bogus as raw vegans routinely develop infertility problems  in the long-term. According to Weston-Price, raw animal foods, especially raw organ meats(from high quality sources, not from intensively-farmed meat) help restore female(and male) fertility.
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Re: Female infertility doubled by consuming junk food
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2018, 11:46:12 pm »
As in much of what passes for mainstream science, these relativistic ways in which such findings are presented are inherently deceiving. Just because people who eat more fruit are more fertile than those who live on junk food doesn't mean that eating fruit in and of itself increases could simply imply that those who eat more fruit calories tend to take in less fertility inhibiting junk food calories.....also; such fruit eating people are usually much more health conscious about other relevant lifetyle decisions in general.

These faux studies are for usual mistaking correlation with causation....and the ivory towers from which these so called authoritative academic cretins , are too far removed from reality on the ground level of being, to objectively view their subject matter without being jaded by ignorance and bias  . These false clerics will not take into the equation relevant factors such as how the basic fertility rates of well nourished indigenous peoples who follow totally unprocessed meat heavy diets, would be far greater than that of any of their fruit heavy test subjects. Hell most people who study dietary matters in the West have never met an other human who practices ancestral and holistic ways of living.

Having only one extremely poorly defined control group makes such articles an example of the rampant idiocratic bunk science run amok.

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