Author Topic: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?  (Read 3082 times)

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Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« Reply #50 on: January 12, 2019, 12:05:56 pm »

The ideal case is that I can eat more fatty cuts of meat, but the problem is I can´t digest them yet, as my stomach acid is still not strong enough, plus I need a ratio of about 60 fat to 40 protein or more, otherwise digestion is bad. Ideally I would eat cheap fatty cuts, or osso buco which has the bone marrow included, together with some lard or tallow. Raw fat is too hard to digest and where I live there are no healthy animals around. So the only way would be the osso and the fatty cuts, or homemade bacon in extra fat. I´d like to phase out dairy a bit, by eating less dairy but with higher fat content, like butter.

How did you achieve turning away from dairy and how did your body take it? You just stopped all of a sudden? And how was your digestion? Sabertooth said to go on a 2 day water fast to possibly reset the microbiome. Did you do something like that?

I also noticed how dairy would entirely inhibit my ability to digest raw animal fats. Drinking milk with fatty meat would make it seem like the meat is just swimming in the milk and not digesting fully.  I tried limiting the amount of meat and fat while drinking larger amounts and lessening the fat. It helped a little, but overall my gut never felt right with dairy no matter the protocol or ratio.

I believe the enzymes and probiotics that work to digest raw animal fat are squelched out by dairy, especially in people like myself who were enzymatically insufficient. After a week or so of drinking milk daily the fats begin to pass through entirely undigested, and I lose my cravings for any extra fats. The milk sugar seems to throw me out of keto, and though temporarily it will give me energy and stimulate hunger and weight gain... it leads to episodes of hypoglycemia, digestive distress, and a host of other symptoms which lead me to abstain altogether.

Using dairy for only short periods, I could usually rebalance the gut within a week or so...I imagine someone who relied on it for longer periods of time, while never truly adapting to high levels of animal fat, would have a much more difficult time eliminating it from the diet. It could take up to three weeks to rid the gut of the milk sugars, fats, proteins, and microbes that inhibit adaptation to raw animal fat digestion.

I recommend a short term fast to help jumpstart the keto process, but its important to not starve yourself, three days water fast max, and to make sure you have the best fatty meats available once dairy has been eliminated. Try to obtain a variety of different fats... marrow, caul fat, suet, brain, sweet breads, tongue. Beware of cooked fats like tallow and lard, especially from unknown sources.

Once the body becomes starved for overall calories and has no other alternative, then it will be much more eager to rev up the long dormant keto metabolism. If you can get past the hurdle of raw fat digestion, then everything becomes much easier to balance. For me I can eat copious amounts of Raw fat, but there may have been some anomaly which isn't shared by most people. Before starting the Raw paleo diet I experimented with a high fat vegan diet, where everything was covered with olive or coconut oil. I spent a month eating low glycemic vegetables covered with plant fats. After weeks of enduring such an abusive dietary regimen, raw animal fats were easy to breakdown. Around the same time ealy into the transition I was using coconut butter to supplement fat, because of the lean goat meat I was eating didn't have enough. Raw Coconut butter seemed to help prime my fat burning metabolism, and I still to this day eat a couple of tablespoons with my meals...though again I could be as much an anomaly as the coconut itself.
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Re: A1 versus A2 dairy, any difference?
« Reply #51 on: January 13, 2019, 04:19:06 am »
Thanks for ur inputs. I would like to try and go the non-dairy route to see of any improvements. So far, things were only going uphill since carnivore, but I think you can always improve things. And being a slave to dairy ain´t no fun. I´m way too dependent on that and I want it to stop. And because I want more mental clarity, but if your digestion is blocked then you don´t have that. Therefore dairy up until now was the only way to somewhat have a good digestion and stay a bit focused. I did fasts only twice. Once a juice fast for 5 days, and once a broth fast for 1 and a half days. Nearly passed out on the broth, never attempted that again. I don´t like fasts because you loose weight, and every kilo counts for me. But I guess I have no choice if I want to turn things around and get the stomach acid back to its origin. Or I do it very slowly. Cut out more and more dairy, replace it with fat, eat very small portions. I also think that the goat dairy I have is pretty much hindering things, since its more alkaline. When I have cow milk things are going much better since its acidic and fattier.


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