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My concerns
« on: September 07, 2021, 08:04:23 am »
I'll try to summarize all my concerns all in one, in order to avoid spamming.

I have IBS-D, a little eczema, male pattern baldness, parasites and sometimes brain fog.

I was keto 3 years ago, and my baldness reduced greatly, I had perfect poop always and no eczema.
Then I reintroduced carbs, mainly for sport performance, and my digestive problems came back.

All my family has very early baldness and difficulty digesting legumes. We all had subtle gut problems all our lifes.
When I was a kid I had constant mucus, thus, difficulty to breathe and I was overweight.

I read the fat of the land, Nutrition & physical degeneration and both books by Aajonus(read and re-read multiple times)

Lately, I was doing Zerocarb with some rice, sometimes cooked and other times raw. It was not working. My stools were bad all the time.

I am back to keto, and mostly raw, as I find it more appealing.

Regarding IBS, my triggers are: fiber(all raw vegetables), fructose(raw unheated honey is a big trigger, and most of fruits), legumes, and nuts. Nuts makes me depressed for a week, really.

So for now I'm doing  Raw zero carb approach but if I find that I'm craving carbs and my experience shows that they are helping I will do some potatoes or rice(like once a week, 20g of carbs, not a feast)

For me eggs were a big diarrhea trigger because I was used to take 4 in a smoothie. I have realised with time that as babies do, liquid food must be drunk in very small quantities, and with high frequency. And IMO that it's not stressed enough. Now I eat one egg, and I don't get another until I feel that my stomach is "empty" again.
I haven't tried high meat because the only batches that I made were not made with fresh meat, and I think that's really important for the final product. Their smeel was bad(bas as dangerous, not as stinky but tasty cheese)

Then for meat consumption, I think that bleu rare meat is better that raw meat that has not been preserved correctly. Preserving meat correctly in a dry, cold and open-air enviroment is very important. In Europe not all fridges are frost free, most of them they are not, and they make the meat wet and rot.

I used to drink clabbered milk but I dind't digest it properly, so I quit.

I get the idea that a well nourished human has not to fear parasites and bacteria, but I don't think that all of them are beneficial. I had anisakis twice, and yeah, it will die in your body, but you'll be feeling how a tennis ball size ball pass from your chest through your intestines for ~36 hours, not fun., trust me.

I have some parasites that I recently saw in my stools. I would like to get rid of them, but I don't trust doctors, I don't want to take anything that will compromise my health more than evicting those little bastards. My brain fog it's maybe related to them, because when I eat completely raw I don't get that headache, but I don't really know.

I would like to heal my gut, so I'm going to try introducing some high meat.

Now I'm eating:

-Raw meat: liver, heart, , muscle meat

-Mead: %2 alcohol, totally fermented, zero fructose

-Raw eggs

-Raw salted cheese: Cheese is salted worldwide because when whey is drained the sodium goes in the liquid and cheese unlike milk is a very unbalanced food.
AV claimed that constipation was about fats, but it is also about mineral balance, so my experience is that unsalted cheese is even more constipating than salted cheese.

-Chicken stock: It makes me feel good, but Bone broth gives me terrible gut pain.

-Raw frozen fish: I can get top quality fish from the fishing port in my town, but almost all fishes are infested with anisakis. So I freeze it for a week. I've read, that it's not good, but I don't know how I could fix that.
When I catch a fish myself I will try to degut it at the moment and eat it straight without freezing, since woms will have no time to get to the muscle.

-Spices: If I feel like using them.

-Raw fat: The fat surrounding the meat, bone marrow, egg yolks.
I have plenty of suet in the fridge that I used render for cooking, but I hate eating it raw, it's so unappealing!

I find sometimes I'm lacking salt in my food, but using table salt it's so disgusting for me. Maybe, I'm going to try using some seawater to get that saltiness. I think that too much salt or undissolved salt crystals are really harmful. But salt as in cooked food is broken down, so I don't think is harmful at all.

As well as eating high meat, I was considering doing a DIY fecal matter transplant (like Maximilian Kohler, a user here and running a subreddit on this topic) but some people says it's not optimal.
Nevertheless, my concern is that eating rotten meat will give me all the bacteria I need to digest meat, but not for vegetables or nuts. So maybe I should eat the grass in the stomach of the animal? That could repopulate my gut with fiber-feeding bacteria?

Also, I would like to use some carbs to enhance sport performance, and I was thinking if dextrose would be okay, despite not RPD. Because honey it's not an option for me right now.

Regarding food combining, I cannot mix cooked and raw meat in the same meal, but I can eat them in the same day with no problem, isn't it?
Can you combine high meat with other raw meat?
And, if cooked and raw should not be combined, Japanese custom of rice and raw fish is not good?

I used to drink some herbal tea, and green tea, should I avoid them? I don't really no.

To be honest, for me the best indicator is my poop, if my poop is good I'm totally happy.

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Re: My concerns
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2021, 02:39:40 pm »

The high meat will heal you, don't worry about the nuts and vegetables thing. High meat will be the best option for your digestion.

-Clean new jar
-Fresh (never frozen) meat (I get it the day it arrives at the butcher from the slaughter)
-Put it in the fridge
-Air every 2/3 days and stir the contents sometimes.

It should be edible in 3/4 weeks and strong enough to get better quickly in 2/3 months.

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Re: My concerns
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2021, 01:04:19 am »
Hi sorgin. It sounds pretty complicated. I hope something works. I'm also concerned about parasites, especially since starting to eat ground beef. I feel safer if I eat the whole muscle meat. What do you think it was that gave you the parasites - were you also eating ground meat? I'm just curious. There are lots of things I'm trying to heal too

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Re: My concerns
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2021, 03:25:11 pm »
Thanks Dingeman, today I'm going to buy some liver and heart to do some high meat.

Smokey, I don't eat ground beef at all. I can't say how I got them, maybe chicken or pork.

Since I have started I'm confirming my suspicions that all my ailments are linked.
When I have perfect stools, I'm having zero eczema, very little mucus, and no brain fog.

I think that mead is helping me too.

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Re: My concerns
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2021, 11:19:42 am »
Hey I'm new here so I don't have enough knowledge on the diet to help but I have IBD pretty bad.

A week or so ago we put in a reverse osmosis water purifier to remove glyphosate and flouride.  My gut has been much happier, but it's still too soon to call it a cure-all.  For the first time in years I'm unaware of food as it moves through my body and no crippling pain, which is a huge benefit.  Anyway, thought I would mention it.  There are a lot of GI diseases of course and causes.  Good luck!

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Re: My concerns
« Reply #5 on: September 14, 2021, 05:11:28 am »
Hi Poppy,
I don't understand very well the process but I have also felt the difference from chlorinated water to spring water

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Re: My concerns
« Reply #6 on: September 14, 2021, 02:14:47 pm »
In Europe not all fridges are frost free, most of them they are not, and they make the meat wet and rot.
My brain fog it's maybe related to them, because when I eat completely raw I don't get that headache, but I don't really know.

My fridge does make the high meat mouldy, but I eat it anway - have not had problems because of it, and I eat like 1 lbs at one meal when I have it. I saw videos of Vonderplanitz where his meat was very mouldy, he seemed fine with it.

The brain fog, do you have the possibility to take a general blood test, see where you are, especially in terms of vitamin B12 and vitamin D ? In UK one can order a blood test at home, and the results displayed online on a website that one has access to.

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Re: My concerns
« Reply #7 on: September 15, 2021, 09:09:07 am »
I'm waiting for my first batch of high meat, let's see...

I was tested 1 month ago and everything was good(test wise)


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