Author Topic: New book re addictiveness of fast-food  (Read 1564 times)

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New book re addictiveness of fast-food
« on: April 01, 2010, 08:05:29 pm »
OK, an ex-head of the US FDA(Food and Drug Administration) has just written a book in which he blames fats, sugars and salt for making foods highly addictive. An article of this is shown below:-

Now, he blames particularly the combination of fats and sugars as the main culprit above all behind such addiction to fast-foods. Naturally as always, he chooses to ignore current scientific data showing that opioids produced by cooking are in fact  the main culprits behind addiction to modern  junk-foods(of course, harsher, modern cooking/processing makes things even worse than previous gentler cooking methods such as boiling).

Judging from past posts on other forums, most RVAFers view the FDA as a sort of "Great Satan". I'm not generally a fan of the more extreme RVAF conspiracy theories re the FDA, but it seems to interfere a great deal re removing peoples' rights to certain foods etc. I'm not too familiar with the FDA's nefarious doings as I'm from the UK, but I do recall the   FDA's ridiculously low setting of recommended mercury-in-fish limits , which are way, way, below the point at which any harm could occur from such ingested mercury.
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