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Sile's Journal
« on: December 10, 2011, 08:24:52 am »
Sile's (pronounced: SHEE-la) Raw Paleo Journey, begins!

Well, I guess it makes sense for me to start a journal, as I'd like to keep track of how I am feeling as I start eating more raw (especially animal) foods. 

Today I ate:

Snack:  1 cup of carrot/celery/lettuce/cilantro/lemon juice with a splash of raw milk kefir

Breakfast:  salmon sashimi with raw coconut aminos and lemon juice, gok du gi kimchi (fermented radish with korean hot pepper), small bowl of chicken bone stock (eaten first).  Took 1 HCL capsule.  Everything seemed to digest very well.  Didn't feel tired after; actually had almost a "high" elated feeling.  Afterwards, had a normal poop (LOL sorry if this is TMI, but being constipated is one of my major issues and makes me feel terrible when I am), although I did still take 2 tsp. of natural calm magnesium last night.  Might discontinue this or at least go down to 1 tsp. tonight.

Supper (at work):  "french" steak tartare (raw beef chopped up with egg yolk, fermented kale, parsley and tarragon and salt--pretty good, actually), the rest of the salmon, about 1/2 cup of raw milk kefir with cinnamon and a tad of manuka honey, and about 1/2 cup of chicken bone stock (eaten first).  Didn't take any HCL, but drank a tiny bit of dandelion infusion bitters before to stimulate digestion.  Everything seems to be digesting well this time, too.  No "lump" feeling in the back of my throat (that I usually get when I don't take HCL with animal foods).  And I don't feel tired, which I almost ALWAYS did at this time at work.  Do have a tiny bit of throat-cleary-ness phlegm, but not much.  Not sure if this is related to the milk???  My sinuses are clear, which is where I used to get phlegmy with milk.  Maybe I'll cut it out for a few days and see how I feel.  It just feels very healing to me, so I'm not sure...and its SO YUMMY.

Oh, and also pooped (normal looking!) again just before eating supper, and it is SUPER rare for me to go twice in a day!!  YAY!! ; )  ....sorry, again, TMI I'm sure
I am also super-psyched that I ate a decent amount of veggie fiber today (compared to no fiber at all, as I was eating the last 3 days) and have had *NO* abdominal bloating.  NONE!  My stomach looks completely normal just after I ate, when before it would blow up to looking like I was 3 months pregnant!!
And I do seem to digest raw meat more easily.  I feel more nourished with less (like the amount that comfortably fills my stomach) whereas with other food, a lot of the time I wouldn't feel "satisfied" even after my stomach felt STUFFED.

Later I'll probably eat more of the steak and bone broth before I leave work (done at 10:30pm) and probably some carrot/zuchini/mayyyybe apple?  juice if I decide to forgo the magnesium, before bed.

I'm also hoping I come to like the flavor of raw meat.  I really gotta remember to take it out of the fridge a few hours before I eat!  Much better at room temp than cold.  The salmon was delish, though...but then again, I already love sashimi.  Unfortuently I haven't had any luck finding fresh grassfed meat or wild it was all previously frozen (wild alaskan, for the salmon.  Thats good, right?  My husband was worried about it not being technically sashimi-grade, which is apparently flash frozen?  I though most wild seafood was flash frozen at sea?)
<------any insight on this fish issue is welcome!
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Re: Sile's Journal
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2012, 04:07:51 am »
I'm so glad you started a Journal Sile, AND volunteered the pronunciation of your name which I was going to ask you about anyway! haha

Is that Irish? I like it!

Anyway, eventually when you give yourself enough time you will get to like raw meat and you will lose your fears of 'pathogens' (AKA our little helpers facilitating literally all our life processes, thank you germs!) and you'll realize designations like "sashimi or sushi grade" are very arbitrary and more meant to assuage public trepidation about raw flesh. The core of this way of eating is the more germs (bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites the better, with very little exception), the better. Not everyone RAF holds this view, but it is the consistent view. Basically these creatures are vitally important to our life processes, just as we are to theirs.  They stay in balance as long as we have a healthy internal system. However when we overload with toxins causing dead tissue to manifest, they are 'activated', the body sends out signals that cleanup is required and they come in to disassemble, ie consume, those cells so that regeneration can occur. Obviously they are mostly just wanting  a meal, but that is good for us because it provides efficient detoxification and makes way for restoration (assuming you have the proper foods in your diet providing the raw materials for this rebuilding, for most of us, that means copious amount of raw fats and proteins and much smaller amounts of carbs)

But, that all in due time, for now, do what makes you comfy, don't force anything. As long as your salmon is a bright red color(not rose petal pink!!! that is farmed, and to my knowledge the chinese do 'recatch' released farmed fish which is then labeled wild caught, this is the salmon found in walmart), and is visibly healthy it is ok for consumption.

I recommend the book four fish though to put salmon fisheries in perspective and maybe reconsider making this a regular part of your diet. Our fisheries are in even worse shape than most of us think and they are requiring a LOT of compassion if we're going to have them in the future at all.

Temperature is a big part of acclimating to raw meat. In the wild we would, at least at first, be eating that meat freshly killed at the animal's body temp, so that is probably what temp it will taste best to you at. Once raw meat has been normalized in your psyches, eating it cold won't be so off putting (at least during the summer, wisconsin winters are another thing altogether!! All though I'm very thankful for the tropical temps we've been having of late!) And for a quick way to warm up your meat when you haven't let it come up to room temp slowly, Turn a burner on your cast iron skillet, then when it warms up to a temp where you can only touch it for a second without getting burned, turn the burner off, put your meat in and cover. This way it should warm up pretty fast. It may require a couple times repeating to warm it up to where you like, but it's still a heck of a lot simpler than cooking! Eventually you will get a feel for it and be able to do it second nature.

Keep us updated if you will, it's helpful for everyone to hear about progress, thanks for joining!

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Re: Sile's Journal
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2012, 02:15:42 pm »
Thank you for writing a reply, Citrus!  I had actually forgotten I'd started a journal LOL....
So thanks for reminding me!  Yup, Síle is the old Celtic spelling of Sheila, which is how my given name is spelled, but I'm going to change the spelling legally, eventually.  I just like how it looks, and I have synesthesia, and the "Síle" spelling shows up as a nice golden color that I like. ;-)
I have some FRESH bison and bison marrow bones coming from NorthStar Bison, which I found out is just 4 hrs away from me!!  It should be here Thursday...I didn't know you had to order fresh meat by Monday and they only ship on I am anxiously awaiting that!  Once it gets here, I'm going rig up a meat-hanger in my frigde like van mentioned he has, and hang all of it so hopefully it will still taste appealing after a couple weeks (which is how long I'm hoping it will last me.)  We'll see if I notice any difference with the unfrozen meat, health-and-taste-wise.  It is quite a bit more expensive than getting meat frozen from our local grassfed beef farm, but if I need less to be full (because my body can use more of it) than it should even out. 
I WISH I could find unfrozen fish, but for now its all prefrozen.  Maybe I'll lean more towards getting the tuna instead of salmon, in light of what you mentioned about salmon sustainability.  The two kinds I have access to are both labeled "wild alaskan salmon" and are a medium reddish-orangy color.  At least I know the oysters I can get are live!!!  I'll have to see if my library has that book....
And thanks for explaining the whole bacteria/parasite/virus thing!  It does actually make a lot of sense to me. 

Lately I've been eating either fruit or veggie (carrot/celery) juice when I get up, and then a small meal of meat/fermented veggies late morning.  Then another small snack of fruit and nuts in the afternoon at work, and a meal of meat or fish and fermented veggies for supper at around 5.  Then at between 10-11pm I have a small snack of whatever fruit I had left usually mixed with coconut oil or cream and raw honey, and a couple nuts, and then at least a half hour later, a little meat or fish before bed. 
I made a salmon ceviche today with lemon and lime juice that was really yummy!! 
One random thing I noticed is that my dark under-eye circles I've always had have mysteriously dissapeared!  And I have been feeling much more energetic and just generally well.
I have some raw venison shot, butchered and freshly ground (then frozen) from a co-worker that i am planning on eating tomorrow.  I've been asking around on here, and everyone says JUST EAT IT!!  LOL!!  I am just a little worried, becasuse I've never eaten wild game before, and because of the whole chronic wasting disease thing (but apparently it doesn't jump species?) and that mutated e.coli because apparently the deer around here eat corn from the farm fields?  But then, I wouldn't think a wild animal with a choice of what to eat would eat enough corn to make its stomach too acidic, right?  Anyway....I was going to sear it but then since its ground that isn't going to do much, so I'll probably just make a tartare with it.  Wish me luck!!!! :-P

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Re: Sile's Journal
« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2012, 03:50:49 pm »
One random thing I noticed is that my dark under-eye circles I've always had have mysteriously dissapeared! 

    I had that for at least twenty-three years.  Raw meat, the more the better, and high meat is the thing that really did it for mine.  When I say the more the better, take note I am still not a big eater, so I don't know about people who eat pounds per day, YMMV, I haven't done that yet, but I imagine if I ate as much it would be better.
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