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I began last night.
« on: November 30, 2008, 01:06:45 am »
Yup, I began transitioning last night. Lately I've been eating fatty nut/oil raw vegan foods and have been feeling terrible. So much nausea and noise in my head(yeah, I got major neurological issues). Today is my 20th birthday, I was hoping too take it easy but my sister wants to make dinner. So I'll try and make some thing light for my self. I had a single raw egg last night, which gave me a little bit of gastritis but no big deal. I was assuming it would take some adapting for my body. This morning I had 2 more eggs, and then within an hour for some reason I was back to sleep, lol. Gonna take a few days before I try some salmon/tuna sashimi.

My buddy asked me how the eggs were. I'm like, "...their raw eggs...what else can I say about them." lol.

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Re: I began last night.
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2008, 01:23:38 am »
Are you eating the whites along with the yolk? The yolk is tasty to me.

Sashimi is a great way to start because it's socially accepted by most people these days. If you can find a Korean restaurant near you that serves "yook hwe" (a raw beef dish) than that might help you get over any socially conditioned problems eating that as well.

There's so many ways to go at it. The first time I ate raw meat I bought a little package of lamb from the market where I was getting raw milk and eggs (kind of doing Primal Diet without the meat yet) and just cut it up and started to eat it. Lamb has an interesting flavor and it didn't taste bad but not good either. Over the months I went back and forth thinking raw meat was ok then being very bored with it. I used to make a dish I heard was German where you put ground beef in a bowl with some onion and egg yolk. This would be very good to me for a little while and then get old and I wouldn't want to eat it. Also I was lightly cooking (pan searing) the outer portion of steaks and even sometimes ground beef patties for a while and then putting on a spicy sauce like a Thai tom yum or curry paste on it. Again sometimes this would seem so good and then I would get tired of it.

Now that I have some experience eating raw organ meats I can look back at raw muscle and say how good it is. It's all relative really, some things are more challenging. Raw slices of beef are tasty to me now and not at all gross. The conditioning against eating raw meat is all but gone, but the raw organs are still a challenge because of the strong flavor. Once I had some very mild tasting chicken livers but the next time I got them they were stronger. The mild ones perhaps were more fresh, but while eating them I felt like I could eat dozens of the little things and not get tired of it or grossed out.

It's actually hard to remember back to when raw meat was hard for me to eat (palatable and fear wise) because it's such an easy thing now. Hopefully one day I'll get there with organs too.


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