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Links to Raw-Animal-Food-related Journals/Blogs
« on: May 06, 2008, 02:48:36 am »
Here are the links to some of the online Raw-Animal-Food Diet blogs:-

(the above link is more Palaeo-oriented, despite the  Primal-diet reference). 

(the above is definitely a strict Primal-Diet blog).

the above is a blog by a former Wai-dieter-turned-Rawpalaeo-eater)

Here's another blog by a Raw-Animal-foodist who's into bodybuilding:-

Here's another RawPaleo blog:-

Here's a Primal Diet MySpace entry:-

Here's another  rawpalaeo page with info and links:-

And a Primal-Diet-based blog:-

Here's a Facebook RVAF diet group:-

Here's a blog on a raw, zero carb diet:-

A Toronto- raw-oriented website:-

Our French-language sister forum is here:-

Primal Diet Chat Group:-

Primal Diet Blog:-

Description of recovery from retinal issues:-

A youtube video of a rawplaeodieter debunking Durianrider's raw vegan rants:-

! No longer available

A rawpalaeoish blog:-

Raw, anti-plant food website:-  Swedish RPDer.

Blog of RVAFer who recovered from OCD:-

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