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List of other RVAF diet forums
« on: November 27, 2009, 08:02:08 pm »
Some of these groups are non-palaeo or only partially raw):-

Here's the link to our French-language RPD sister-site:-

Here is our Russian rawpalaeodiet forum:-

 a Russian raw-general diet:-  (this group is largely defunct for various reasons, but the archives from the early years may be of interest to some)  (To join this closed group, please e-mail jon c fox at asking to join and stating that you've read AV's 2 books and are doing the Primal Diet. (closed forum, I believe)

New York Meetup Group for Palaeos(mainly for cooked-palaeos, but rawpalaeos welcome too):-

Polish Cooked-Low Carb Forum(It has a raw-meat-eating section and many members are apparently rawpalaeodieters:-

Here's a forum for rawist ZCers though it is only a subforum for the cooked ZC diet:-
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