Author Topic: How your face is Made and the effects of facial posture. (the paleo face)  (Read 342 times)

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An introductory video to one of the reasons that paleo people found have such impeccable oral as well as facial health outside of diet and why your face is the way it is and how it can be changed.

Dr Mike Mew is a leading orthotropist specializing in understanding facial growth and has hundreds of videos on his youtube channel that give essential knowledge about your constantly changing face and how you inadvertently effect your faces ability to breathe, grow and attract others.

In addition it is my intuition that as a result of natural selection our intelligence level will facilitate us to promote greater oral posture based on our understanding of the things around us because our oral posture and body posture are affected by our mind (our face is attached to our head after all) which in turn reflects us to others. 

Civilization and all its intricacies can exasperate this process.  After all, the way we live and think today is far different than the usual.