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I'm new here and have been reading the threads, trying to immerse myself with all the information on how to best become raw.  Your posts are very informative and it sounds as though Raw has benefitted you tremendously.  I was wondering if u could help me out.

I have horrible digestion issues... my MD calls it "the worst case of IBS" he's ever seen---so bad, that I actually have physical damage to my GI tract, among other issues such as hypoglycemia, hormonal imbalances, malabsorption/maldigestion, inability to gain/maintain weight, difficulty with BMs (either constipated, diarrhea, or feeling like I'm not "empty" gets so bad that I often have to "help" it come out), bloating/gas/cramps, poor skin, anxiety, etc...

I used to be die-hard vegan for over 10 years, then began incorporating eggs, poultry, and fish due to the fact that I was becoming sicker and sicker.  I was able to gain a good amt of wt, bringing me to my natural set point of 90-95# (I'm barely 5'1).  However, I got the flu 5x in one year, which caused me to lose it all, as well as exacerbate my "IBS" symptoms to the worst it's ever been.  I'm currently 78 pounds.

As of now, I have completely eliminated all grains, limited my intake of fruits and veggies, and consume a lot of coconut oil with eggs, fish, some poultry, liver, and recently added ground raw meat. Here is what a typical day looks like for me (I am currently trying to follow Matt Stone's 180DegreeHealth program and have seen great results in terms of digestion, but I know there is more that needs to be tweaked):

Before my workout: ½ apple
                 Smoothie: 1 Peach
                               3 Jumbo farm-fresh Eggs (raw)
                               1 tsp raw honey

Post workout:  Pureed: 1 yam (6oz)
                                3 oz RAW ground Beef
                                 2 TBs Coconut Oil
                                  (I can't stomach ground meat by itself just yet, thus I have to mix it with the yam or sweet potato, which I know are not Paleo)

Lunch:  Carrot/fish Mush :  1 medium carrot
                                       3 oz fish
                                       1 TB Olive Oil 
                                       1 TB VCO
                                       1 TBs Apple Cider Vinegar
                                    (All of this goes into the food processor, like the other meals, for easier digestion)

Snack:  Apple/Almond Puree: Apple sauce, almond butter, coconut oil (This is really yummy and very calorically-dense.. tastes like a pudding)

OR I'll have Fish + zucchini + 1Tbs VCO blended together like a tuna salad

Dinner:  Stir-Fry:  3 oz meat (seafood, liver, or chicken)
                      2 Tbs Coconut Oil
                       Bell peppers, sugar snap peas, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots,   pineapple, spinach (not a lot of veggies, just enough to make a stir-fry)

Optional Snack:  2 Raw eggs (large)
                      1 tsp honey
                    (I eat this if I'm still hungry)

Before bed:  1 Large hard-boiled Egg
                 6 ounces Prune Juice + a splash of lemon juice (warmed up like a cider)         2 Prunes (soaked overnight)
                 1TB CO 
                (I HAVE to do this in order to have a BM... if not, I'm a bloated, sick mess the next day)

I get nearly 60% of my cals from fat.  I try to limit carbs to less than 200g, preferably in the 100-range.  Protein-wise, I try to get over 100g (but I'd like to increase this).  Total cals are over 2500, but am unsure how to increase this.

I weight lift.. was on my way to bodybuilding before I got sick, hence the desire to get back to "fighting form."

Can you please help?  I have no idea where to turn anymore.