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What causes hair loss
« on: March 11, 2017, 03:28:10 pm »
Hi all,

I have a theory about what causes hair loss and why it disproportionately affects paleo dieters (raw or otherwise).

It is caused by a combination of certain pro-inflammatory prostaglandins (released during sexual activity (in males predominately) and between ovulation and menstruation in females (peaking in effect during menstruation when protective progesterone is at it's lowest)) and diet primarily root vegetables (including tubers and tuberous roots, corms etc.), though other plant parts may also contribute (fruit excepted). Hence why paleo dieters are disproportionately affected: they often eat significantly more root vegetables to make up for the absence of grain as an energy staple.

The mechanism (speculative):
the pro-inflammatory prostaglandins make the metabolism of phosphorous containing root vegetable starch unstable essentially causing burning to the hair follicles (and some other cells as well) causing them to die (isolated phosphorous in the form of white phosphorous burns intensely).

The prostaglandins' (first isolated in seminal vesicle fluid) role is to protect the body against the gametes (sperm or ova) which contain potentially omnipotently dangerous stem cells that may cause cancer or other nasty disease if out of place (I speculate that Lupus is a disease caused by an immune response to gametes out of place (who knows what would happen without the immune response)).

n.b. pimples are caused by pro-inflammatory prostaglandin in conjuction with bulb-type vegetables in the diet (onions, garlic etc.).