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General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: July 23, 2018, 06:27:54 am »
Saturated Fats
Saturated fatty acids not only provide energy but also have structural and metabolic functions. Saturated fatty acids can also be synthesized in humans from nonfat sources or by ?-oxidation from unsaturated fatty acids (25).

Saturated fatty acids range in size from 6 to 24 carbons, but the most common in infant diets have 12, 14, 16, and 18 carbon chain lengths (Fig. 2 and Medium-chain–length fatty acids (C8–C10) can be absorbed to a large degree directly into the hepatic portal vein and transported to the liver, where they can be oxidized for energy (26). Medium-chain fatty acids have the potential to limit the oxidation of PUFA and LC-PUFA and to enhance the conversion of PUFA to LC-PUFA (27,28). In preterm infants, because of possible intestinal immaturity, facilitation of fat absorption through the inclusion of medium-chain fatty acids in the diet may be useful, but there is no demonstrated benefit for energy balance or growth (19,29). Adding dietary medium-chain triglycerides, however, has been shown to be beneficial in children with severe fat malabsorption such as intestinal failure because of short bowel syndrome or severe cholestatic liver disease (30).

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: July 23, 2018, 06:03:03 am »
There is no such thing as beneficial parasites - this is just another one of AV's BS. When animals have access to plain water and water from copper pipes they choose copper water - because copper kill parasites - i know this from dr. Joe Wallach - his specialty are minerals.
So  raw liver is maybe the real superfood - i doubt there is another food that actually contain copper nowadays - maybe shellfish but definitely no plant foods because the soil is depleted in most countries. I read somewhere that you need stomach acid to absorb copper .
I have no hope to restore my stomach acid but i will be happy if HCL suplements do the job and help digest food. Several days ago i tried to eat beef and took 10 doses HCL unfortunately i was craving fats and ate 500 gram cream - the result was a disaster - the cream was not raw and i had to take a lot of pancreatin but didnt- now foods have enzymes with HCL, pepsin, pancreatin and ox bile in one capsule - next time i will know.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: July 23, 2018, 05:28:50 am »
norawnofun - almost everything you write here is the same with me. Regarding saturated fats and not only them - low stomach acid comes with low pancreatic enzymes - we just can not digest fats unless they are raw - also i think some fats are short or medium chain and they just dont need digestion - they are directly absorbed in small intestine - but i think fat in eggs is not saturated - it is probably long chain fats also protein in cooked eggs is like gluten - not digestible. Just do some google search with the term - heat caused protein modifications and you will find a lot of info - heating not only destroy enzymes but change protein so even your enzymes can not digest is. I think unsaturated fats are long chain very hard to digest. I can tell you that there is a big difference between cow milk fats and goat milk fats - when you leave cow milk - the fat rises - this does not happen with goat or sheep milk - maybe cow's fats are long chain. I read somewhere that the protein in cod fish does not need stomach acid for digestion /not sure if they tested raw or cooked cod/- so if you cant digest it - i think the pancreas is not working as it should - but it is possible that when you cook the fish - the protein is changed so that it needs pepsin for digestion - i read somewhere this is what happens with gluten and soy protein - so i wonder is raw grains like oats will be digested by someone with gluten intolerance. Raw meat is definitely better than cooked but still undigestible for me - i tried to eat meat and took 10 doses pancreatin - it does not help - i have not doubt that the main problem is stomach acid and pepsin but pancreatin can help with fats.

sound advice thx,but what do you think of eating raw meats during a parasite cleanse? somehow i have the urge to eat raw red beef, but i don´t want to aggravate the parasites. I´d also like to eat some raw fats with the raw meat. Do you know if they either speed up the cleansing of parasites or can impair it? I´m still undecided about that. There is no doubt about raw meats being superior, however I am not sure when it comes to a parasite cleanse.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:35:00 am »

Thanks. But it doesn´t prove anything that A2 Milk is a scam.

A2 milk is not a scam but some people can not digest even raw A2 milk - and this guy here claims that ginger enzymes can digest both A1 and A2 milk

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:03:30 am »
I read somewhere that amino acids or peptides from parmiggiano and other aged cheese can restore digestive enzymes.
But in all studies like above they talk about cheese aged 36 months - this is not easy to find adn buy but i think the mark is 12 months - everything aged below 12 moths is not good. I read on this forum people try roquefort and feell bad - roquefort is more like fresh cheese aged 2 months only. Or gryere cheese - it seems hard but it is not aged - only 6 months. But grana padano and pecorino romano are longer aged - 12 or more months

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: June 20, 2018, 12:52:27 am »
Here is one very interesting study for lifesaving parmiggiano reggiano - it is even digested by infants. I found it why i lay at home recovering from my stupid attempt to eat raw red meat again:

Send to
Acta Biomed. 2008 Aug;79(2):144-50.
Intestinal inflammation in nursing infants: different causes and a single treatment ... but of protected origin.
Pancaldi M1, Mariotti I, Balli F.
Author information
Three case histories of nursing infants suffering from different forms of intestinal problems, who underwent special dietary therapy in order to solve situations that would be difficult to deal with using the special artificial milk varieties on the market, are presented. These children were administered a homemade food consisting ofParmigiano Reggiano cheese seasoned for at least 36 months, rice or maize custard and tapioca, sugar, maize oil. In the first case the diagnosis of "widespread nonspecific acute colitis" was made compatible with "antibiotic-associated colitis" and Clostridium difficile was isolated from the feces. The second case, under the suspicion of cow's milk allergy, was fed by soya and hydrolyzed milk with persitent disturbed alvus with greenish feces and mucus. The third case was represented by a nursing child with persistent diarrhoic alvus after an acute episode with subsequent intolerance to rice milk. After the introduction of the food based on Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, all cases showed a rapid and progressive improvement of symptoms and alvus characteristics and were discharged with increased weight. The Parmigiano Reggiano cheese shows a high concentration of easily absorbed amino acids and oligopeptides like a hydrolyzed proteic preparation. As regards the lipoid component the medium and short chain fatty acids are directly absorbed in the bowel and immediately usable as a significant source of energy. Finally, another relevant characteristic of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the complete absence of lactose. The use of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese as a dietary therapy is appropriate not only for its high nutritional value, but also for its characteristics as a functional food that produces beneficial effects on health with regards to the gastrointestinal tract and the inflammatory problems resulting from alimentary intolerance, post-therapeutic antibiotic dismicrobism, or post-infective conditions. Moreover, its efficay on these pathologic conditions is further improved by the prebiotic and probiotic effects resulting from the oligosaccharides and the bacterial flora of this natural food product, only derived from the nature and the work of skilled artisans closely tied to tradition.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: May 02, 2018, 09:28:25 am »

How is your general digestion except with the gastric/stomach acid? Do things move well and fast? And are you normal weight, underweight or overweight?
I am underweight and constantly hungry.
I tried to isolate the problem with HCL - i tried no protein diet and no fats- it is a disaster for me - i tried only fruits, then only starches like potatoes - i think they are worse than cooked meat. I decided to try fruits because i read about way diet and her claims that sugar moves intestines - but many people especially here in Europe have fructose malabsorption and eating fruits and some veggies is very bad idea - also honey.
Then i tried some raw fish called bacalhao - i think all raw fish is great but not easy to buy here - we have only frozen fish and when you defrost it nothing is left - 80% water and 20% meat. Yesterday i eat raw duck liver - it was disgusting but i eat it frozen - it was foye grass - so fatted liver from grain fed ducks - nothing to do with wild duck liver but this is what we have here.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: May 02, 2018, 08:56:37 am »
Concerning cheese: REALLY bad for my skin, get oily skin, or unsmooth skin. But if I eat a lot of animal fat, I don't get that for some reason.
What kind of cheese exactly is doing this to you? I have the same skin problems with most milk products especially heated and concentrated and i think most people with digestive problems will have the same experience.

But there is huge difference between different milk products. In my opinion their digestibility is:
aged raw cheese - aged 1,2 or more years - this should be practically predigested by bacteria and very easy to digest even for people with casein allergy
raw unaged cheese - aged less than 6 -12 months - concentrated casein and very difficult to digest for people with casein intolerance
raw milk from A1 cows - better that pasteurised but still have casein and lactose
raw milk from A2 cows or other animals - better that raw A1 casein
raw kefir - not much better than raw milk unless very fermented which i never could achieve with kefir
raw youghurt or clabbered milk - i think if you make it very sour this will be the most easy to digest food - the problem is that when i try to ferment clabbered milk for more that 2-3 days it gets moldy - i tried to add bacteria to raw milk and then let it clabber at 25 o C but still get moldy. There are video on youtube of people making clabbered milk and i see they get separation of casein and whey - some say only after 1 or 2 days - mine is not working. Maybe the temp is too low here or maybe the humidity is too high but i get a lot of mold on the surface of milk

pasteurised milk products - disaster for digestion
Most people buy some raw cheese like brie or roquefort or camembert and they think this is aged cheese - it is not aged it is hard cheese and not so fresh as mozarella but it is not aged cheese. Really aged cheese have sharp taste and is crumby.

Primal Diet / Re: Blue Cheese Anyone?
« on: April 24, 2018, 06:56:00 am »
Stilton is raw, blue cheese. It tastes very good. I also find that "high-meat" tastes very much like raw, aged cheese.

The whole point of making high meat in my understanding is to make bacteria predigest meat to amino acids - the same is with aged cheeses thats why the taste is the same. But blue cheese is too salty and not very aged - i think to be closer to high meat the cheese should be aged at least 1 year or better 2 years - it should be very hard even crumbly like real parmeggiano reggiano or very matured cheddar.

I think you can kill all the bacteria on the surface of meat by marinating it in vinegar - this is how they make a type of beef jerky called biltong - then dry it - in South Africa where the temp is above 30 degree celsius and the meat does not rott.

Just realized I mis-calculated everything. The meat that made me feel uneasy was only 4 days old. The batch before I ate it until 4 days old and felt fine.

I guess somewhere around the 4 day point is when it will start having that effect if I continue storing it like I have been (stacked up in the plastic bag and tied off).

I use small peltie dehumidifier like this   in the fridge and the results are great - the humidity drop from 90% to 60% - before everything in this fridge was wet - the fridge have auto defrost so i guess this is where all this moisture comes from but the mini dehumidifier is abe to reduce humidity while putting several kg of sea salt did nothing.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 24, 2018, 05:22:52 am »
Pancreas powder is dry concentrated raw pancreas.  It should be better than papaya enzymes but i guess depends on quantity.
People that have their pancreas removed use pancreatin to digest their food.

You say:
 When I ate cooked beef (didnt do a raw meat diet back then) with papaya the digestion was incredible.
Have you tried this with raw beef - cooks use papaya and bromelain to tenderise meat - it should work?

Regarding molasses - i read the same good stories about it - i eat a lot of it and the result was not good - but i  definitely have problems with fructose so it may work for you. I think health benefits of molasses comes from copper but think raw liver is better source of copper because if there is copper in molasses depends on the soil where the plant is grown /and in our world all soils are depleted except some isolated countries/ while muscle meat may not have copper if the animal is not fed well the liver should  have good amount of copper.


But since it´s impossible to get it here, maybe the powdered form would help a bit? Interesting regarding MRI. But I don´t have the money for that and I doubt it can be done here.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 22, 2018, 07:23:58 am »
I am not sure if i understand correctly but it seems low cortisol causes low potassium and low potassium causes low HCL
from this study https://onlinelibrary.wiley.   com/doi/pdf/10.1111/j.0954-6820.1961.tb00252.x
"K levels of plasma and cells is an important factor in formation of gastric secretion."
And by giving potassium to potassium deficient animal they were able to restore gastric secretion.
Regarding you plan - i can share my experience - raw dairy seems to need some intestinal brush border enzymes that ill people are missing - i mean lactose and casein are a problem - this can be fixed with fermentation or aging - clabbered milk or 2 year old cheddar for example. Raw goat kefir - i have problems with this - it is not enough fermented for me but maybe works for others. Raw pumpkin seeds - bad  - no minerals in them unless grown in some exceptional soil and mineral in them are not absorbable, the same for molasses. Raw eggs - i think this is the most easy to digest food but some people say they have problem with them too - so i guess some enzymes with them will not hurt.  raw veal liver - i read about some guy with pancreatic cancer - so he could eat raw liver and it made him feel good - it seems it is very easy to digest even with damaged pancreas.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 22, 2018, 06:49:22 am »
norawnofun, after MRI of the head - they told me that the pituitary is compressed - so called empty sella syndrome - empty sella can cause hypopituitarism - low ACTH - low cortisol. I bet many people have this problem and dont even know about it - pituitary can be damaged even after light hit in the head. Empty sella can be seen only after MRI and only if the rentgenologist is good.
I can tell you that even after MRI it is very difficult to diagnose secondary adrenal insuficiency or hypopituitarism - you need dynamic hormone tests that are rarely done - at least in my country.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 18, 2018, 08:31:27 am »

In dogs with pancreatic insufficiency i know they treat them with raw meat diet or raw pancreas added to their kibble but i think by raw meat diet they mean raw organ meats not muscle meat. There are people that have their stomach removed due to stomach cancer for example - and if you search for post gastrectomy diet you will see that their recommended diet is meat and cheese - so it is possible to digest meat - they dont even use raw meat - so these people digest cooked meat fine even without stomach -  no stomach juices - it seems the pancreas is more important for meat digestion.  I have also seen studies that link hormones with pancreatic insufficiency in people. Most probably people with digestion problems have both low HCL and pancreatic insufficiency caused by low thyroid AND low cortisol. Without cortisol thyroid hormones dont work - i read thyroid forums for years and thyroid glandular or hormones works for very few people - cortisol is the missing piece - most people actually have low not high cortisol - they have high adrenaline but low cortisol. When you go to the lab to test your cortisol they test for total cortisol - which says nothing about free cortisol.
There are several books about the importance of cortisol like Safe uses of cortisol from William Gefferies and he even claims that thyroid is not so essential like cortisol.

Among many other suggestions it also mentions to eat raw pancreas and raw liver to fix digestion. I think User Sabertooth said raw pancreas helped him a lot. So that makes sense now.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 11, 2018, 11:38:37 pm »
How are u battling your low HCL ivan?

The problem is that i have no success in fixing low HCL. I will try cortisol in low doses because there are studies that show that administration of ACTH or cortisol hormone normalize HCL - i have low acth and maybe low cortisol, i tried thyroid hormone but hey dont help. I have exactly the same experience as you regarding foods. When you cook beef you fix the problem with connective tissues but you make other proteins undigestible - so the only solution is dry aging. What do you mean by this:

I have also experimented with High meats, beef and salmon, and allthough it seems that it makes food move that´s stuck in the intestines, you still need Gastric acids to digest it

- do you find raw salmon, raw chicken or raw cod fish hard to digest? Was the salmon frozen? I read in some  book - some guy did experiments with HCL digestion and the result was that previously frozen salmon was not better from cooked salmon - i am now trying the find the book and get more info why this happens and if no frozen fish is better.  I tried to put some small fish in a cup with water and 5 hcl tablets and the fish was degraded - i tried the same with 30 grams of raw beef - nothing happens - raw beef is undigestible with low hcl. I have to try the test with chicken and salmon.

Health / Re: 22 Years Old, Severe Leaky Gut, Help Going Raw
« on: April 08, 2018, 08:41:20 am »
How do you know that the proteins in the bone broth are the problem and not the fermentable carbs in it. Meat stock is one thing but bone broth is different because some animal parts like cartilage have fermentable carbs:

Here’s where the problem is with SIBO and bone broth: Bone broth contains carbohydrates. More specifically, it is the glycosaminoglycan (GAG) carbs in bone broth that are problematic.

In short: The GAG carbs in bone broth can feed the bacteria in your gut, causing overgrowth to get worse in SIBO patients.


Bone Broth and FODMAPs
If you have SIBO, then you have probably already heard of the Low FODMAP diet. This diet is often recommended for SIBO because it removes certain fermentable carbohydrates which bacteria love to eat.

In several forums and blog post comments, I’ve read that “bone broth is high FODMAP.”  While this comment is in the right vane, it is not completely correct.

The GAG carbs in bone broth are a type of polysaccharide carbohydrates.  Under FODMAPs, polysaccharide types of carbs are allowed – even though these can also feed gut bacteria and aren’t recommended for SIBO.  The fact that these carbs (as well as many other gut-damaging ingredients) are allowed is one of the big problems with the FODMAPs diet.  (Confusing, right?)

In short: The GAG carbs  in bone broth don’t fall under FODMAPs, but still are not good for SIBO.


Thank you all for your contributions to journey back to health!

I tried bone broth for a good while in the Summer, however, the cooked proteins and highly available amino acids within it proved to worsen my intestinal overgrowth. It was this experience actually which lead me to discovering the importance of raw proteins. Presumably stocks and broth would help some, but in my own experience I have found raw foods, plant or animal to work best for me as they are less conducive to putrefaction and fermentation in the gut.

I suspect that those of us with low stomach acid simply cannot breakdown and absorb cooked proteins before gut microbes begin to feast on them and produce their often problematic metabolites.

Upon reading your suggestions I have cut my protein consumption down to near 100g. I am also reducing my consumption of carrots and introducing cucumbers and leafy greens.

Yesterday I drove 2 hours to a farm and bought 20ibs of raw grass-fed suet, which I lightly render and mix in a 4 blueberries to sweeten and eat 2-3oz of with my meals. Delicious!

Per your recommendations, I have increased my consumption of veggies and fat and brought meat consumption into range. Lemon juice and stomach acid supplementation have lead to marked improvements in digestion, bloating, and constipation.

Due to my history of antibiotic use and worsening of symptoms after using them this Summer, I suspect my issues are related to an overgrowth of yeasts and molds in my gut.
My plan of attack from here is to eat in such a way as to feed my gut bacteria and starve gut yeast. Consequently, I will be removing carrots and switching to non-starchy veggies like kale and cucumbers.

As always, I am most appreciative of your sharing of your own knowledge and experiences! Thanks for tuning in

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: April 08, 2018, 03:48:57 am »
How many topics like this     do you need to understand some simple facts about digestion. What you say is based on nothing more than your own opinion - despite the fact that this forum is full of people that complain of digestive problems even after going raw paleo - and it seems many people before me explained here why this happens and instead of pin their topics to help others you
argue with them. Please educate yourself how exactly is food digested by reading real science not books like AVs. And Aajonus claims were the same - just his own wrong opinion - he says that his vagus nerve was not working and so he had no HCL - this is just not true - i recently read a study that vagotomy does not stop stomach from producing HCL but interesting adrenalectomy do exactly that.
If you really want to help people in this forum - tell them to eat raw meats low in connective tissue like fish or organ meats - no red meat even raw - except maybe aged or  marinated in vinegar or with HCL tablets. Raw beef not only does not help people with low HCL - it will make them much worse as happened with me and others. And what is worse - there are even studies that claim that even fish is not possible to digest without HCL - hcl is even more important than pancreas for digestion because without HCL pepsin is not working and pancreatic enzymes are never activated in the small intestine. The real cause of ilnesses are mineral deficiencies - not Aaajonus bs about toxins detox bla bla bla. There are studies that prove that minerals are missing in todays food including meat - so eating muslce meat will not help most people - organ meats - maybe.

Anyway, the vast majority of RVAFers find they digest all raw meats fine, fresh or otherwise. Putrefaction does not occur either as raw animal foods are close to 100% digested by the body. RZCers report very small amounts of stools, as a result.

General Discussion / Re: aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:20:48 am »
My post above is specifically about beef and other red meats - chicken and fish are another story they dont have so much connective tissues and don't need so much stomach acid. You are correct about true allergies but the problem for most people is not true allergy - it is putrefaction of protein in the intestines. Most people are not allergic to gluten they just can not digest it to amino acids and it putrefy in intestines. Mincing red meat does not help much in my experience with venison and beef, marinating in vinegar seems to help somehow. Where can i get more info about this wet aging method?  When i hang some beef outside it just becomes like jerky - it is even hard to cut it with knife. Maybe you are talking for some kind of fermentation of meat that will accelerate the process of aging?

General Discussion / aged cheese much better than raw beef
« on: March 26, 2018, 12:08:35 am »
I am doing a lot of reading to find out why i cant digest raw beef and after reading studies like this: Determination of free amino acids in cheeses:
www . agriculturejournals .   cz/publicFiles/08676.pdf
i think hard cheeses can be compared to high meat or rotten meat and are much better than raw unaged beef.
For example brie cheese - from 100 gram cheese you have approximately 50 gram mousture and 25 gram  fat and  25 gram protein of which 16 gram free amino acids per 100 gram cheese/160 gram free amino acids in 1 kg cheese according to study/. The remaining 9 gram protein are not free amino acids but probably peptides and not whole casein. So with the cheese you get predigested protein and saturated fats. With beef you get easy to digest fats and impossible to digest protein if you have low HCL in the stomach - like many people do. All those claims that raw meat is self digesting are total BS in my experience and aged cheeses may not be paleo and may not be even raw  but are much better than raw beef because bacteria did the hard work to predigest protein to amino acids - the same happens in rotten meat but you can not buy rotten meat in supermarket.
It does not matter what is paleo and what your ancestors were eating, what matters is what you can digest and the truth is that raw beef is better than cooked beef but still very hard to digest because of collagen in connective tissue. I even think this collagen is as hard to digest as gluten. I think the problems that people have on zero carb diets are not due to the lack of carbs but dies to the presence of undigested protein in their diet - Aajonus say that cooked protein putrefy in the intestines but the same can happen with raw protein if you dont digest it. Unfortunately many  raw paleo diet  fans are just as brainwashed as vegans and make claims that have nothing to do with the truth - that ALL DAIRY IS BAD AND ALL RAW MEAT IS GOOD just because it is paleo. Yes in the meat there are proteolitic enzymes that work when you age the beef but dry aging beef takes weeks - this is not going to happen in our intestines - or if someone can show me a study that proves otherwise please show me this study.
Here is another study  - Tolerability of a Fully Maturated Cheese in Cow’s Milk Allergic Children - they fed children with milk allergy with parmiggiano reggiano cheese and most children have no problem

I go on about dairy as it is often mentioned by Crohn's sufferers as seriously aggravating their condition. Maybe raw dairy is "less worse" as regards Crohn's, but that doesn't mean one should pretend issues with raw dairy never happen. And I am not ever "denying" the few reports of people doing well on raw dairy, I merely wish to emphasise the obvious,  that more suffer from issues with raw dairy than those who thrive on the stuff. That's all.
Hi Tyler
I wonder what kind of raw dairy did you tried - cow with A1 casein, cow with A2 casein, goat milk or cheeses or fermented as kefir or youghurt?

General Discussion / Re: Raw Dairy Nutrition
« on: November 04, 2017, 07:54:15 am »
I think there is nothing good in "high meat" - it will be very high in histamine and this means it will deplete your body of minerals especially magnesium and most people are deficient in magnesium.
You can check zerocarbzen com - where the author eat mainly raw aged beef for a period of time and make her migraines worse. The health benefits of bacteria in high meat were mainly  Aajonus claims but I have read many times for miraculous recoveries of many diseases like CFS or IBS using antibiotic rifaximin /which kills bacteria in small intestine/ in the same time many people made their condition worse with probiotics or fermented foods.
Regarding dairy - raw cheeses -  i don't think they are healthy in my experience because when you make cheese you remove half of the milk amino acids and minerals - in raw milk you have calcium and magnesium - in cheese you have maybe double the amount of calcium and not much magnesium. Also in cheese you have concentrated casein - not easy to digest. Raw kefir or raw yoghurt is another story - bacteria remove lactose and predigest casein - you have all amino acids and all minerals in this food - better than raw muscle meat and maybe a little worse than raw organ meats.

General Discussion / Re: Stomach acid?
« on: October 01, 2017, 06:23:24 am »
Gelatin - for more info you can search: Carl Voit and gelatin - this guy researched gelatin.

General Discussion / Re: Is it possible raw beef to make me worse
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:32:57 am »
We can't draw a conclusion here. What are your symptoms when eating raw beef?

Extremely oily skin and tiredness but the meat was definitely grain fed and very low quality. Also I think the fat was the problem - because I bought it grounded in advance. The taste was pretty bad. I once eat raw beef in expensive restaurant and it was completely different in taste but it was marinated with something like vinegar.

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