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Instincto / Anopsology / High on raw squid ?
« on: June 28, 2020, 10:46:57 pm »
Anybody has ever tasted raw or uncompletely cooked squid ? I dislike them cooked so will not dare to taste them raw....

Beware  ! Eating raw squid can result in your "insemination"  by spermatophores

2 cases of insemination are detailed in the article below ( in french )  one in South Korea, the other in Japan


This  short  comic story on eating animal droppings really deserves to be translated into english

I found  it in a recently created french digital COMIC website dedicated to political humour and satire. Lots of very funny comics in there. All in french unfortunately.

This particular one  illustrates in the most vivid manner,  the potential of capitalism to harness human survival instinct to its own survival.

Personals / Bern Switzerland
« on: May 14, 2020, 06:55:50 pm »
Hi there

Is there somebody living in the Bern area on this forum ?

Thanks in advance

An Alsatian in his fifties died after being intoxicated after a confusion between two plants picked in the forest: he consumed crocus for several days thinking that it was bear garlic.

"This person did not have any particular health problems but he consumed pesto several times which he had cooked himself and in which he had put on crocus ( colchique )  thinking that it was bear garlic, has explained Doctor Christine Tournoud, from the Poison Control Center East, based in Nancy.

"She was severely poisoned and died last weekend despite being placed in intensive care," she said.


You might not be aware of the following  :   a couple of years  after earning his Nobel prize, Prof . Luc Montagnier became a laughing stock among french scientific community when he publicly advocated strong nutritional reform to elicit natural immunity to AIDS.
He thus became the leading voice of "anti pasteurian" & " pro-terrain " advocates in France. 
He further  disawoved  France's frantic vaccination policy. 
He went as far as endorsing public funding on research on the memory of water (the scientific debate on homeopathy) .
At some stage he even said he would leave France in order  to conduct research in Japan because of  France's  " intellectual terror" ( his own words )

Ever since he "crossed the mirror" , I haven't read ANY article in the french press which does not grossly disparage his ideas.
This guy was absolutely ostracised in the media....  But it all stopped yesterday , strangely enough !!!!! 

When I realize there was, for once,  almost no negative or  mild reaction  to Montagnier's declaration on Covid 19, I thought

" What he says is being endorsed by the governement.  France wants to send  a warning signal to China without engaging the responsability of the governement on the debate on the origin of Covid. So they are letting him raise the banner of the man-made virus.   "

In any case due to  his reputation,    his words have gained considerable weight and acceptance   in France's  alternative circles ( including myself )

His declaration was issued at 15:00 Paris Time on Thursday.

Aids discoverer Montagnier has publicly  given credit to rumors which started circulating  since the  beginning of the pandemic

Should this information prove true , the financial liability incurred by China would be devastating for its economy......

Was announced two days ago.
I have never heard about him before but he seems to be a famous guy....
The  actor said he is very much interested in health topics and he is watching a lot of videos on the topic. 

If you ever  read this message Liam , it will  mean you are on your way to the naked truth .......

In relation to my previous message it would be interesting to throw an eye on the following scientific article referenced in Wikipedia

Thébaud B, Stewart DJ  "  Exosomes: Cell garbage can, therapeutic carrier, or trojan horse?  " Circulation, 2012;126:2553-2555

I love the title !  It  cannot be more explicit : scientists have found something back in 1983 but 30 YEARS LATER  they STILL  have absolutely  NO CLUE about  how to interpret the sense and the meaning of what they have discovered   ( this is most often the case with medicine anyway but  in the case of exosomes, it is by their own admission .... )

According to Wikipedia the discovery of exosomes was made in 1983 and was first aired thru  this article

Harding C, Heuser J, Stahl P, Receptor-mediated endocytosis of transferrin and recycling of the transferrin receptor in rat reticulocytes [archive], J Cell Biol, 1983;97:329–339

This chronology fits in with my "burgerian chronology "

Off Topic / Curing evil by evil
« on: April 14, 2020, 06:38:35 am »
Attached is a advertisement found in a medical journal from the 1910's

Sold in the so called "health shop"

" Gluten satisfies in itself all that nature demands for prolonged and complete nutrition..........."  -\

Thank you very much Good Samaritan for this video by Dr Andrew Kaufman. 

Even though I don't share any of your conspirationist thoughts  ( nor on the health impact on 5G impact  : by the way France has not a single  5G antenna so far  , although mobile operators  are set to start deployment later this year ) I  would  strongly advise everybody to have a careful look at this video.

What is implied by this video is that viruses are tools which  help cells communicate between themselves on ways to  eliminate  toxins, once they manage to "find" (ie chemically devise) a solution.

Now,  I do have a bad memory, but I clearly remember this story of viruses as detoxifying AND communication tools as one of the key elements  of GC Burger's course  of the so called " useful virus theory " ( which he claimed to have discovered or elaborated on his own, but that is another matter  l) ) . This was back in 1988.

Some interesting news coming from Italy and the city of  Ferrara ( south of Venise in the delta of the Po river,  plagued by malaria until WWII ) on natural resistance to covid among inhabitants of the City. Incidence rates are 6 times lower  than in comparable cities in northern italy as per the article.

The article is in italian but you can copy paste to your favorite translator if you don't read italian

Survivors of malaria were made naturally resistant to the disease by a genetic inheritable trait known as  thalassemia.

Would the same genetic character prevent the occurence of covid ? Italian scientists are already researching on the matter. 

I have neved had malaria but the similarity of the malarian fever and the covid fever are striking ( coming and going and lasting for weeks ...)

In absolute terms you may be right , in the sense that what is  contagious in the first place  is our  deleterious eating habits which make us liable to all sorts of potential pathogens.
Should these eating habits not be contagious as they are in our socialized food environment , then (most if not all ) viral  diseases would loose their transmissible potential for pathogenicity
A very good illustration of your point is the fact that wild animals are not made sick by their contact with sickened  domestic animals

However I disagree with you for what relates to   homo sapiens  and all  domesticated animals in general.
For those living beings, and only for those,  I fully share Iguana's viewpoint, as exposed in a  recent thread on this forum

So, as often happens with complex subjects,   you are both right AND wrong, depending on the point of view from which the story is told  !

Hi guys

It's been quite a while. My family and I just went thru the covid 19  roller coster . Nothing big. Light bouts of fever coming and going. A few body aches. I just had one serious bout of fever during the hours which  followed my  ingestion of  two "chocolate parfaits"..... Just warning you in case you'd be tempted....
The most impressed was my younger kid. He brought the virus from his prep school. After a feverish night, he realised upon waking up that he'd completely lost his sense of smell and taste. Took him 15 days to regain most of it. The recovery happened in a kind of "reset" mode ( ie as abruptly as it had initially dissapeared ).   

I'm taking advantage of the confinement to do a bit of historical research and book hunting. As you know it is one of  my favourite activity.  Don't know if some of you heard about it , but I just discovered that the  Cathare (so called) heretics  ( XIII th c.) rejected agriculture !!  They also thought badly of sexual relationships but that's another matter.  As I have just learned it through the grape vine, I need to investigate this matter further.

By the way Cathare is a greek word meaning "pure" or "parfait" . Don't know if they enjoyed  "chocolate parfait" as much as I do .... :P 

Also of interest is an interview of a  physician, university teacher,  and currently one of the two or three foremost figure of France's free masonry. Two good reasons NOT to listen to him  >D ?  But wait a minute  .... These are his own words. 

" There is in the christian tradition , this notion of gnosis,  that is a deeper understanding by some people, compared to others, of the good news of the Gospel. And this deeper comprehension leads a group of humans further on the road to orthodoxy, while never leaving the church mainstream ...." 

I listened to this, and I said "What the fuck is he saying ?" I rewinded the video once , twice......yes I heard him correctly....  Then I thought to myself   " What a big big  mistake I made   to equate  Gnosis with Western Esotericism.... while in reality Gnosis has more than one face ........" 

But hey....  how can you know........ if you are not an historian of religion ?

A christian gnosis which always sought its kingdom  on earth and  to prove its righteousness to the elected few  ?

A gnostic understanding of christianism competing with the official orthodoxy imposed by Dominicans ( thru their regent master  Thomas Aquinas, whom GCB litterally  puts down  in his book " La guerre du cru" ? ).

Stay tuned guys.... I think I'm homing in on truth. All radars turned on .

Mongolian food is largely based on cooked meat, mainly lamb, but also including yakmeat, beef, horsemeat and marmot ( aka groundhog)

This news was recently  released by the leading newsparer in the french Alps ( "le Dauphiné libéré" ),   an area where marmots are somewhat protected..... and plentiful, which probably explained why this newspaper decided to report on the subject.

Sorry you will have to translate the article from french ( or find another source in english ).

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Portugal
« on: July 08, 2018, 08:12:49 am »
Desculpe mas esqueci de falar da ilha da Madeira no Atlantico. Si ainda nao foi là, e IMPERATIVO  que voce và.
Là tem frutas desconhecidas no Portugal y otros tambem bem mais gostosos do que no continente.

Aos Acores nunca fui.

Até ja. 

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Portugal
« on: July 08, 2018, 07:41:58 am »
Dear François 

You did not answer my question !

Why shouldn't I be interested in GCB fate and projects, given my innumerable postings on the subject on a number of internet fora, as you kindly recall  ?

Mind you, I probably wouldn't have asked about GCB 's project ,  if it wasn't for Portugal. I used to live in Lisbon as an expatriate at the time I first heard about the possibility of eating by instinct. So the news of  GCB's newly proclaimed ( ?) interest  in Portugal  is,  to me,  a joyful and  double return to the past. 

Don't keep me waiting too long  for the answer to my question.....

PS  : too kind of you to have "unbanned" me  from participating in this long-forgotten french forum :)  . I'm busy with business matters right now.  So it might take a bit of time before I can reply to my favorite master plagiarist,  purloining in the gardens of edenic thought  ( that's a good one. I  have to remember it  ! ) 


Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Portugal
« on: July 06, 2018, 08:54:24 am »
Hi Iguana

I received a strange  circular mail the other day from GCB stating he was in Portugal to take care of a new "pro-genetic agroforestry project"  in this country.

I can't  imagine Burger coming to Portugal without you being  in the know.   

Could you let us know some details of this most interesting project ?


I'm always surprised to hear that this idea continues to be discussed in anglo-saxon anthropological circles.

Don't expect this kind of information to appear in french science journals or common press.  Even reluctantly.

In France  polygenism (the idea that  humanity could come from several "stocks"  as opposed to monogenism ) is an absolute scientific taboo  ( bordering on holocaust revisionism in terms of political well pensance). If you would make a poll in french streets  asking people " do you know that there are alternative theories to the "Out of Africa" hypothesis ?" , you would get  99,99 % "NO". 

Reason for this ideological  histeria lays in the history of anthropology : those who defended the polygenist hypotheses (in France at least , don't know about England) were downright racists. They did not want european population to descend from african stock. 

Even though the link between polygenism and racism refers to  ancient science , the matter is still not debatable in France one or two centuries later. This and some other curiosities in the history of anthropology  clearly shows how scientific debates can  be annihilated by cultural history.  Obviously the same applies to the lack of debate on the matter of food instinct. 


Since those  scientists responsible for the study do not seem to eat durians, they only refer to fart gases, which do contain hydrogen sulfide as well...

This is a University of Exeter  study so you'll probably be able to find the reference in english

Here is the french link to the study

The much intriguing title in french goes "Smelling farts could be beneficial for your health"

Science / Raw food contains excessive lead levels in indian cities
« on: October 24, 2017, 03:37:58 am »
Toxic lead found in raw food items in Kolkata ( Calcutta )

Findings regarding lead concentration in street dust and street markets  are worrisome

A discovery of an true instinctive raw eater of direct  human ascent.

Discovered in a national park by the India/ Nepal border,  two months ago but the news has only come out recently.  When she was captured, the girl did not know how to speak and ate directly on the ground, without using her hands.

Photos and details by typing "Mowgli girl" on Google or Youtube.

There are reports that her body shows "large wounds", apparently  healed without any medical help. If anyone can find her  medical report, it will be interesting . In any case, photos show that the girl lacked the king of inter-individual grooming which "social monkeys" normally perform. Or maybe the tribe in which she was raised did not know how to groom a human......   

Regarding Tyler's "Are our aversions representative of a healthy instinctive response or have we become so perverted by the artifice of life encapsulated within a technological bubble, that the instinctive sensibilities no longer function correctly?"

There are two kinds of aversions : instinctive or physiological, and psychological.
My instinctive / physiological aversions have been profoundly  modified under instinctive diet. Some aversions took much longer than others to disappear. At the beginning I could not stand the smell of mangoes. Smelled exactly like pure turpentine to me. Not  "disgusting" per se , but such a strong smell that I would avoid mangos at all cost. Needless to say,  after a year or so of detox,  I loved mangos.
Physiological aversions are mostly the reflection of one's healthy /unhealthy intestinal flora. 
One of the major problem facing todays dieteticians and on which you may find quite a lot of science papers : many  people who eat junk foods do have aversions for healthy foods, precisely because their intestinal flora is heavily damaged ....

Here is the famous quote from Rousseau's Emile  where the philosopher stands for our food instinct  "Nous mourrions affamés ou empoisonnés s'il fallait attendre pour choisir des nourritures que l'expérience nous eût appris à les connaitre ou à les choisir"

Obviously physicians, including the greatest hygienists like Shelton in the US, or Carton in France, took Rousseau to task for this idea.
Carton , a right wing christian traditionalist  wrote in reply that "le bon plaisir du palais ne peut décréter exactement ce qui convient à l'estomac" , a bit hard to swallow from one of the rare physicians  & natural hygienist  who was a staunch advocate of a raw food diet (albeit not 100% raw).
As far as I can reckon, Carton's position remains the "official" position of right-wing-christian-physicians-and-medical-skeptics  in France,  until now.

It's worth noting that at the time when  Carton was opposing Rousseau medical naturism (in the 1930-1940's), the leader of left wing christian intellectuals in France, Emmanuel Mounier, founder of so called "personalist philosophy" in France  seems to have shared Rousseau's opinion on food instinct ( by the way,  Karol Wojtyla was definitely a personalist philosopher - he wrote on philosophy,  and taught philosophy. This is just to let you know, in case you wouldn't have heard about it,  that personalism is one of the highly rated ideological movement in today's  christian world. We are not talking about a philosophical sect here ...).
The more I delve into the extraordinary richness of  christian philosophy (at least outside France ) the more I think the story  of food instinct is  not a matter for historians of science , but rather a matter for historians of philosophy . 

Please take my word for it : Burger's ironic comment on Saint Thomas in his book, is the key which opens the door to the christian sources on the philosophy of food instinct. It took me a while to understand this. But it is  becoming more and more clear : we are talking about a non thomasian epistemology. 


PLease read article inserted  below which was published three days ago in the NYTIMES .

This discovery would seem to call  for a  revision of the instinctive theory.

According to the study below , malnourished children can sometimes be killed  by following their own instinctively driven behaviour

This discovery seems to fly in the face of a theory which until now,  foresaw that instinctive eating, when given full command, would entail a swift cure of malnourishment.

However  the term "unripe" in this  article should ring a bell in our minds : have these unripe fruits been selected  after due approval by the sense of smell ? Or have they been swallowed in a similar way as the toxic berries mentionned by  Rousseau in his famous  " Emile ou de l'éducation" ?

If not , the theory, far from being unvalidated, would remain all the more valid........

One tell-taling  detail : the  account of the story on the french web  which I read first (before searching for the original story in english )  makes no mention of the fact that the fruits were eaten unripe.... which of course,  makes the whole story sound totally crazy ..

NEW DELHI — Three years ago, Dr. Rajesh Yadav, an investigator with the India Epidemic Intelligence Service, moved to the city of Muzaffarpur, the site of one of the country’s most mysterious outbreaks. And he waited.

Every year in mid-May, as temperatures reached scorching heights, parents took children who had been healthy the night before to the hospital. The children awakened with a high-pitch cry in the early morning, many parents said.

Then the youths began having seizures and slipping into comas. In about 40 percent of cases, they died.

Every year in July, with the arrival of monsoon rains, the outbreak ended as suddenly as it began.

Beginning in 1995, investigations variously ascribed the phenomenon to heat stroke; to infections carried by rats, bats or sand flies; or to pesticides used in the region’s ubiquitous lychee orchards. But there were few signposts for investigators.

Instead of occurring in clusters, the illness typically struck only one child in a village, often leaving even siblings unaffected.

A joint investigation by India’s National Center for Disease Control and the India office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, published in the British medical journal The Lancet Global Health on Tuesday, has identified a surprising culprit: the lychee fruit itself, when eaten on an empty stomach by malnourished children.

In 2015, as a result of the investigation, health officials began urging parents in the area to be sure to feed young children an evening meal and to limit their consumption of lychees (sometimes spelled litchi).

In two seasons, the number of reported cases per year dropped to less than 50 from hundreds.

“It was an unexplained illness for so many years,” said Padmini Srikantiah, a senior epidemiologist with the C.D.C. and the senior author of the paper. “This is kind of emblematic of why we collaborate, to build this kind of systematic approach.”

The Lancet article walks through a two-year medical detective story, as epidemiologists like Dr. Yadav closely examined the lives of hundreds of afflicted children, trying to understand everything they had eaten, drunk and breathed.

“It was a very intense situation, because we witnessed children dying in front of our eyes every day, as soon as they arrived at the hospital,” said Dr. Yadav, who now works with the C.D.C. in Atlanta. Especially difficult were the detailed interviews of parents, many of whom had carried a convulsing or comatose child for hours to get to the hospital.

“They were in a kind of panic,” he said. “Their children were dying, and it was an unknown thing.”

The first clue: There was no evidence the children had infections.

For 20 years, clinicians were unable to determine if the disease, which led to acute brain swelling known as encephalopathy, was caused by an infection — the immediate assumption in many outbreaks here.

Investigators pored over records from the previous year’s outbreak and were struck by the fact that many of the sick children did not have a fever. Analysis of spinal fluid samples overwhelmingly showed that the affected children did not have elevated counts of white blood cells, a sign the body is fighting infection.

The second clue: Most of the victims had very low blood sugar levels.

Having collected biological samples from more than 300 children, the researchers were able to scan a large number of markers — including some they hadn’t suspected.

Glucose had never been a particular concern for investigators. But some of the affected children had strikingly low levels, and those with low blood glucose were twice as likely to die, Dr. Srikantiah said.

“It seemed to be a little signal,” she continued. “One of the things we heard multiple times from the children’s mothers was that they didn’t really eat dinner properly.”

The third clue: Outbreaks had been associated with the ackee fruit.

It was in the fall of 2013, during a conference call with colleagues in Atlanta, that someone mentioned “Jamaican vomiting sickness,” an outbreak in the West Indies that for many decades caused brain swelling, convulsions and altered mental states in children.

The outbreak turned out to be tied to hypoglycin, a toxin found in the ackee fruit that inhibits the body’s ability to synthesize glucose, leading to acute hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose levels. “It had been going on for a decade, if not a century, before people really figured out what it was,” Dr. Srikantiah said. “Now, the grandmothers and the mothers teach their kids, ‘Don’t eat the unripe ackee fruit.’ ”

By late 2014, laboratory tests confirmed that lychees also contain high levels of hypoglycin, as well as a similar toxin known as methylenecyclopropyl glycine, or MCPG.

This was an answer hiding in plain sight. The Muzaffarpur area, in India’s east, produces about 70 percent of India’s lychee harvest, and around the affected villages, “you really couldn’t go 100 meters without bumping into a lychee orchard,” Dr. Srikantiah said, referring to a distance of 330 feet.

Though orchards were typically guarded by caretakers, children often ate lychees that were unripe or that had fallen to the ground. But because everyone in the region eats them, it was difficult for many to believe that, in isolated cases, it could set off a catastrophic illness.

The fourth clue: Affected children had huge metabolic imbalances.

By early 2015, C.D.C. laboratories had developed a test to measure hypoglycin in urine. They found extraordinary abnormalities in the affected children. “The folks in the genetic labs said ‘We haven’t seen anything like this,’ ” Dr. Srikantiah said. “This was clearly abnormal.”

With that established, the investigators asked participants if they would be comfortable issuing recommendations based on their findings: that young children in the affected areas be encouraged to always eat an evening meal, and that consumption of lychees should be limited.

Everyone agreed. And it was done.

A version of this article appears in print on February 1, 2017, on Page A4 of the New York edition with the headline: Medical Mystery in India Uncovers Unlikely Killer of Malnourished Children.

I'm hard to surprise, really I mean (  too much reading , I guess ) .

But this article really got me flabbergasted, realizing that there was just one single company behind all this crap science........

Surely, one of the most interesting article I have read recently .

PLease google " From asbestos to pesticides to pork"  as published on the website of  the NGO ""

(I'm not allowed to post external links)

This is so  unbelievable. Talking about the "structures of sin" . There you are , man....

After checking my information in the US, it  seems that the french journalist either misinterpreted what he read in the american press, or deliberately tried to impress its audience by associating this sectarian group of raw eaters with the Rockefeller family.

 I can confirm however the existence of an active group of non vegetarian raw eaters in the States at the turn of the century  before the word "vitamin" was coined by scientists.

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