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As a female...why ???  Lol

To make money.

General Discussion / Re: Does raw meat gets cooked in the stomach anyway?
« on: October 23, 2022, 06:33:13 am »
Also people say that if the meat is factory grown and toxic it's best to cook it before eating.

Do the toxins just disappear once cooked I don't understand.

I never assumed he was pure raw paleo by any stretch of the imagination; but I am intrigued by his bastardized integrative approach that uses elements of both natural and unnatural Extremes in order to obtain insane results.

Please forward any other evidence to back up the claim of insulin, growth hormone, and other such substances he is accused of using; it would be interesting?

It seems his wife and children may be on a more natural diet and lifestyle path and it would be interesting to see how the entire family holds up over time.

I agree with much of the ancestral tenants he professes, although I concede it is deceptive for someone who becomes wealthy selling “natural”  to be secretly getting jacked on the unnatural.

lol at evidence..every gym rat with enough experience with hormones can tell you that he is on all of that stuff.

He is selling raw Paleo approach because it sells.. a good physique and raw meat = attention.

Publicity is publicity.

And it's a currency to an extent.

He is also selling supplements lol

But AJ has claimed since the beginning that SH was a hoax...

The world is full of lies, I believe AJ is probably supported by some powerful people, but I highly doubt it's the BG. What's more likely is that whoever calls the shots in the BG, controls him too.

He is not supported by anyone he is just a crook that got into trouble with the law recently.

political atheist your view on life is an illusion.. I've been there brother..I hope you get back to us..

reading your posts makes me question your sanity brother.

I suspect he is using something; but is there any proof of implants? Or testimony on what exactly he may be taking?

Although not exclusively paleo, high quality bio-identical hormone replacement therapy; if combined with an extremely pure primal lifestyle approach, could have amazing results.

Perhaps liver king won’t live to be 90 like natural raw meat body builder Arman Tanny, but he could possibly  be a total beast of a man for the next 3 decades?

Time will tell, and it would be helpful to know exactly what if any drugs the man may be using.

He had admitted himself that those are implants..

he is not just taking drugs he is abusing them.. .

His diet is not RAW PALEO..he only show RAW PALEO on camera because it sells.

He eats grains and cooked meats and takes human growth hormone , thyroid medicine, insulin ,and all the anabolic steroids spectrum along with anti estrogens(cancer medicine) to keep estrogen in check.

you have to be a complete idiot to believe he is doing raw Paleo diet lol

General Discussion / Does raw meat gets cooked in the stomach anyway?
« on: October 17, 2022, 04:55:24 pm »
I saw some videos of raw meats and eggs being put in Hydrochloric acid and it seem like they are getting cooked..

If so then the problem is not cooking.. but perhaps overcooking?

the acid just as heat breaks it down.


General Discussion / Re: How can I make raw meat taste nicer
« on: October 17, 2022, 02:53:46 am »
when the animal is healthy it's meat should taste good otherwise it's your instincts telling you the meat is not healthy and do not eat it.

It's really that simple.

The guy has ABS IMPLANTS.. signs of continues human growth hormone usage on his abdominal skin and is bigger than the average hormones using bodybuilder.

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