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Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Pineapples!
« on: August 27, 2023, 10:01:47 am »
Been inspired lately consuming pineapples because the vendor at the side of the road who sells loads of pineapples has switched to selling pineapple juice instead!

The same fresh raw ripe pineapples, they put in a blender and put a block of ice in a big dispenser.

Then they sell it at 25 Philippine pesos per cup with straw as shown.

So convenient and so refreshing.  I've never eaten so much pineapples on a regular basis.

Their pineapples come all the way from Baler and this vendor stand is in La Union by the beach.

Hope you guys try this idea yourselves, makes feeding the family pineapples easier and more plentiful, super cheap!

Health / Cosmic Death Fungus - I think this is the missing link
« on: February 11, 2023, 08:40:38 pm »
We are a collective of scientists, geneticists, researchers, professors and philosophers. What you are about to read may be the single most important thing you learn in regards to your health and longevity.

I am going to break this down in the simplest, most non-scientific way possible. Sources and more detail will be provided as we dig deeper.

Fungus broke our genetic code as humans approximately 15,000 years ago. We've traced it to a specific geolocation and point in time. The fungus affected our IL17 and IL-22 cytokine pathways, CARD9 and STAT1 gene, allowing chronic systemic infection while we are still in the womb. It takes early control of our bodily systems and uses us as a food source.

It is intelligent and can work in colonies or as one organized collective.

It contributes or is responsible for nearly every disease known, and allopathic (western) doctors are specifically trained to look everywhere but the root of the problem.

It can cause brain disorders, tooth decay, heart problems, organ problems, degrades your eyesight, slows down your brain process, is a primary cause of cancer, anxiety, depression, gout, skin disorders, myalgias, sclerosis, damages your DNA and is one of the primary hidden factors of aging itself.

The majority of the world's population is predisposed to have a lifetime infection and Pass it down generationally to their children. It influences your thoughts, behaviors and eating habits. It prompts deviant and impulsive behavior. It destroys your hormone balance. It can cause a lifetime of illness, depression and anxiety.

No coordinated effort has been made to fight this hidden abomination until now. Which is why we must remain nameless, and why you need to share this information with loved ones. We can all win if we raise public awareness.

latest pdf with full background and studies:

The solution to systemic fungal infection of the brain and body is The Nac Protocol:


*1200mg NAC
*Oregano Oil (min. 40mg Carvacrol)
*Black Seed Oil (1 teaspoon)


*600mg NAC
*Oregano Oil (min. 40mg Carvacrol)
*Black Seed Oil (1 teaspoon)

Continue daily for a minimum of two months and count out 3 weeks with no die off symptoms prior to moving to the next step.

Maintenance Protocol


*600mg NAC
*500mg Slo Niacin (Nicotinic acid)
*100mg Pterostilbene
*Black Seed Oil (1 teaspoon)


*500mg Slo Niacin
*100mg Pterostilbene
*Black Seed Oil (1 teaspoon)

After every 3 weeks on the maintenance protocol, take 1 week off. Continue to use black seed oil during the off cycle.

Fungal die off symptoms may include :

Tiredness, exhaustion, muscle soreness, increased chest or nasal discharge, cold or flu like symptoms, cold sores, headaches, rash, acne, irritability, change in stool frequency, volume or color; bloated stomach, cramps, increased gas.

Original discussion threads found at:

Cosmic Death Fungus - General


Cosmic Death Fungus: This Is Pre Disclosure!


I have saved the 20mb PDF book version 1.4 in our own hosting at

Dr. Bryan Ardis

The C19 scam is they hit you with their cocktail of SNAKE VENOM

Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and remdesivir
part 1/3
part 2/3
part 3/3

Treating snake venom

Nicotine Gum
Nicotine Patches
Vit C


Seems like another good step in the right direction.
Save your loved ones.

Server Upgraded 2021 July 14 - Ubuntu 20.04 and PHP 7.4

The latest and greatest Linux Hosting has to offer.

Please report any bugs or problems here.

If you need amazing website performance, contact me.

Custom VPS and Dedicated Servers on ZFS filesystems.

Protect yourself from ransomware via multiple regular ZFS Snapshots

Hot Topics / How to CURE VIRUSES / VIRAL INFECTIONS - Do It Yourself
« on: January 25, 2021, 04:33:03 pm »
In order to put a STOP to the current FEAR and HYSTERIA over VIRUSES in the 2020s.
I am here to SHARE CURES and De-MYSTIFY VIRUSES for the community.

My claim to this bluster is I CURE VIRUSES FOR FREE
and have been doing so for some 13+ years as of this writing.
Since I cure viruses for FREE, I will tell you what the SCIENCE is.
He who CURES has claims to REAL SCIENCE.

If you DO NOT CURE... your claim to "science" is MUD.

Now I did not invent these tools, I did not invent these techniques.

I just use them.

Meaning there are more people other than ME who CURE VIRUSES.

My 4 current methods are:


To be sure depending on the severity of the illness, I will want to use all 4.
But usually just either (1) Pyroenergen or (2) Quantumin Minerals Plus
will only need 30 minutes to cure the virus sick.

I will discuss in the next replies each method, how they are used, where to buy them.

Attached are some of these healing tools I have at home.

General Discussion / Raw Beluga Whale meat / fat at 0:55
« on: December 14, 2020, 12:26:40 am »
Raw Beluga Whale meat / fat at 0:55
no seasoning, no cooking
She swears it is deeelicious.

This Inuk Creator is Throat Singing with Her Mom on TikTok
Throat singing was banned by Christian missionaries throughout the 20th century — now Inuk creator Shina Novalinga is using TikTok to keep the practice alive and teach others about Inuit culture

Hot Topics / Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 03, 2020, 07:43:09 am »
I wrote and sent this message to all the mothers of my multiple children. 
Including my current wife who still has yet to bring forth children.
Sharing to this community who I owe a deep debt of gratitude over the years.
Thank you all for participating in our conversations!
Thank you all for mentoring me!
And I still have much to learn.

December 2020
Parenting Log:

- The Medical Schools and Medical Institutions were all bought out 100 years ago.
--- They have systematically been teaching everything false about GERMS and DISEASES to their students of medicine.
--- Cancer industry FAKE tests, FRAUDULENT treatments, HOAX info
(anti fungus mold treatments had been deleted / marked as poison in the medical books: for example TURPENTINE and all associated concoctions.)
--- HIV AIDS industry FAKE tests, FRAUDULENT treatments
--- Everything "VIRAL" is FAKE FRAUD HOAX
--- Every VACCINATION theory is fake fraud hoax.
--- Every Germ causing Disease theory is fake fraud hoax.
(the real risks are parasites, constipation, electromagnetic radiation, poverty, malnutrition, fatigue, drugs, vaccinations, medical profession scam treatments)
--- Their entire dietary regime malnutrition FOOD PYRAMID is totally false.
--- We humans are deprived of immense health until 120 years on average
--- We humans are deprived of 20-40+ IQ points not realized.
--- Fertility rates are at the LOWEST in recorded history!

I am fortunate for the Universe / God blessed me with TRUE KNOWLEDGE about health and healing.
Why I can CURE diseases for FREE consistently over the years.
Truth - Knowledge is POWER.
And the truth has always been hidden from the public.

- The current virus COVID 19 SARS 2 is totally FAKE, FRAUD, HOAX

--- brought on by the New World Order:
------ Technocrats, World Economic Forum, Depopulationists,
------ Money Masters, IMF, Central Banks, UN, WHO, Puppet Governments

--- for the purposes of:
------ Global Financial Reset with total monetary control via blockchain technology bringing on total slavery, surveillance, and mass unemployment, mass poverty
------ Further Depopulation via forced vaccination, false health protocols, travel restrictions, social restrictions, virus fears
------ Technocracy Tyranny worse than Orwell's 1984.

- What challenges for our children?
--- Old style schools are rendered obsolete, they are a waste of time, money and energy
--- Old Mating / Reproductive opportunities are stymied with the WEF Chairman gloating at the prospect of further depopulation
--- Avoid forced vaccination, infertility, death, poverty, slavery
--- Avoid 5G mitigate against 5G
--- Avoid techno brainwashing dangers, it used to be TV and MSM, it is now Google, YouTube, Facebook

- Actions to take?
--- Educate ourselves about the dangers and new opportunities in this new technocratic society
--- New style real education to make money, gather resources to THRIVE in the new abnormal
--- New socialization strategies to find non-zombie, non-brainwashed mates
--- Educate the children ourselves - Mentor them personally on health, money, life, new opportunities
--- Their teenage years and 20s must be made healthy, fruitful / reproductive, enjoyable, and wealthy.

"In 2013 he stumbled upon a blog by a man in the Philippines who adopted a raw food diet to cure his eczema. It inspired Mr Li to adopt a cleaner and healthier diet."


Hosting Upgraded from Php 7.0 to Php 7.2

From Debian 9


Ubuntu 18.04

Please report anything wrong, amiss or malfunctioning.

Sorry I've been very busy guys, life just changed so much with the virus HOAX.

5G cause of ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), Covid 19 blamed.
I will discuss this thread with just ARDS and not mentioning Covid 19, Corona Virus, Chinese Virus, Kung Flu, etc.

This thread is dedicated towards investigating the TRUE CAUSE of the current epidemic of ARDS  (acute respiratory distress syndrome),

All around the world, dramatic cases of ARDS are being reported.

The bad part is that the WHO and Mainstream Media and Social Media companies are censoring conversations in favor of only the WHO narrative.

I call bullshit and must investigate with my OWN EYES.

And I see 5G.

Wherever 5G runs, ARDS cases are reported.

I will be posting news reports, links, data, etc.

I hope people will contribute to this investigation without pushing any WHO narrative.  We are already saturated with that Bull Shit.

Any support of WHO narrative on this thread is not welcome and will be deleted, you can go to MSM sources for that.

I would like to have the freedom to discuss every other angle besides the WHO narrative.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Major Server Upgrade 19 October 2019!
« on: October 19, 2019, 06:15:20 pm »
Major Server Upgrade 19 October 2019!

Website and database has been moved to server with all new tech!

From an i7-6700 to an i9-9900k

From regular linux raid 1 tech to open ZFS raid 10

This is a major upgrade for me and my company.

Report any problems.

If you have dedicated server requirements like custom wordpress websites, massive emails, or massive forums, contact me at

General Discussion / New web hosting for
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:13:59 pm »
I have just moved the hosting of from Ubuntu 16.04 to Debian 9.
Hopefully, it will be technically more competent than the previous hosting platform.
Especially tracking IP addresses of posters.
Moderators, on the righ bottom of each post, you can now see the poster's correct IP address.

Please reply here if you notice any problems.

Screenshot of a twitter thread with some fellow XRP enthusiasts who were interested in going VEGAN.  Duuuhhh..

So I tell them right off that paleo is Da Bomb! (Best)

Some pompus self important environmentalist feeling he is the authority on being the guardian of this planet is against paleo diets because he thinks:

Paul Howard

"Your personal health is less important than the Earth's vital ecosystems. The modern situation demands forward human evolution, whereas you are trying to go backwards."


What nerve of this ass hole.  He does not care about the individual sick person.

So my last reply to the health seeker was:

"If it is your personal health, or you are sick, you look out for #1, and that is YOU.  Find the diet that suits YOU best.  For YOUR SAKE."

The asshole is mind fucking the health seeker not to go paleo for the sake of the earth.

Surgical castration for pigs eliminated through gene editing

“Alliance to End Surgical Castration of Swine” developed an approach that prevents sexual maturation in swine without introducing any foreign material into the genes of pigs.


Will the do this tech on other animals? beef? sheep? goats?
How does this affect human beings who eat them?

Info / News Items / Announcements / Updated CleanTalk Anti Spam
« on: July 16, 2019, 11:42:08 am »
Hi Guys,

I updated cleantalk anti spam.
If you have problems posting, send me a Private Message.
If PMs fail send me an email at:


I think most life on this planet was CREATED INTENTIONALLY.

(Who knows, maybe we are a science project by "high school students" of some SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE.  Maybe we are experiments in a science project competition of sorts.  Hey... look at what I created...  Still waiting for these geneticists to find some sort of branding in our dna... maybe it says LEGO, HASBRO or MADE in the PLEIADES or whatever)

I do think humans specifically are recently genetically manipulated, hybrids.

Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time
30 May 2018, 7:01 am EDT By Nicole Arce Tech Times

Science / Ancient Earth, Prehistoric Earth - Research
« on: May 12, 2018, 12:35:58 am »
Are we existing humans a product of just plain old evolution?  Are we a product of hybridization? Genetic engineering?

What were earth conditions 200++ years ago? 2000 years ago? 10,000 years ago? Hundreds of thousands of years ago? Or even more?

If we are fruits of evolution, then what were the conditions that we evolved from?

In this thread I invite you all to post your research, papers, videos, presentations.

I will start off with GIGANTIC TREES... kilometers long... possibly FORESTS of these GIGANTIC TREES.

Then there are the ancient mining and ancient excavation and earth was QUARRIED world wide.


There are no forests on earth! (English dubbed)

Published on Jul 10, 2017

READ BEFORE COMMENTING!   This channel does NOT agree 100% with everything said in this video such as what nukes are.   The narrator did a live read from the original video and narrated word for word keeping the creators exact narration.  We are fully aware if you do a 360 you are right back where you started from. Everyone is aware there are large areas of trees that we call forests however they do not compare to what forests really were.


Watch in full before you comment.

If we humans evolved with these GIGANTIC TREES, then we are missing our home environment, our intended diet, etc.

If earth was full quarried... then we are missing a lot... a lot... what we are left with are scraps from a fully quarried planet.

Hi Guys and Gals,

As you know, this forum and our collective knowledge is a labor of love on our spare times.

Always thanking Tyler for his hard work and leadership... hope you guys and gals appreciate the debates.

The moderators help clearing out spam and maintaining civil lively discussions.

I'm doing the hosting and network administration.

I and others thank everyone for participating in the lively debates and testimonials and knowledge contributions... all of which has made our lives richer and HEALTHIER.  I continue to be in good health... have made more children; and heal patients even on just temporary raw paleo diets... recently I cured a friend of painful bone cancer with a customized version of raw paleo diet with some raw milk, some spices and electro magnetic medicine and herbs... super easy.

The concepts on this forum have helped most of us in many ways.

The reason I think our forum has to remain open despite the availability of Facebook which has consumed most other forum topics is that we offer some form of ANONYMITY that some people need.

Every few years the domain needs to be renewed with some tiny donations.

Expiring 2018/05/21 - - any donations?

Domain renewal is only $15 / year.

Renewals at 1 year to 10 years max.

You may send donations via:


Bitcoin BTC: 3CbYHNMBqfu1GNudmrS8tMiF9XM5vsjLak

Ethereum ETH: 0x1c7cba97feb7f9102e581ecc74898633528b1802

(Notice that crypto currency has arrived!)

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Coconut Worms anyone?
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:19:36 am »
Coconut Worms in Thai Fish Sauce.

Anyone try this?


Just now April 2, 2018 at around 00:50 my time, I had reinstalled the raw paleo diet forum using a FRESH install.

I maintained the same database.

I am reinstalling modifications one by one.

The first one reinstalled is about Pretty URLs

The other adjustment is to display all in https - SSL
(you will see a green https:// at the top of your browser.

I have yet to install a responsive theme... maybe next week or so...

I will be on vacation with my kids this week, so I will have spotty internet in a far away beach.

Some things that seem to have been fixed with this reinstall are:

-- editing posts now work.
-- adding topics in the parenting forum now work.

Please reply with the things you see, observe and are still missing.

In the next post I will show the previous modifications of the forum.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Forum now running on SSL with https
« on: November 19, 2017, 10:10:34 am »
Hi guys,

Our forum is now running under https, you can see in your bar it now says https:// which should be green.

Hopefully with this we can improve our SEO scores.

As for allegedly securing passwords... I don't really trust these so called SSL authorities...

Info / News Items / Announcements / New Hosting - PHP7 - SSD Hosted database
« on: September 26, 2017, 02:21:36 pm »
Hi guys and gals,

It was just time to upgrade virtual machines and we are testing this new PHP7 hosting platform for the first time.

The database has been moved to SSD hosting.

Please report bugs.

I have yet to check mails if they are working.

Stand by.

Steak Aging Goes Beyond Weeks to Months for Some Chefs

The hottest menu item at New York restaurants may be a plate of rotting beef.

Dining spots around town are offering steaks that have been aged anywhere from 90 to 180 days, pushing the limits well beyond the typical aging period of 21 to 45 days. Restaurateurs and chefs say the added time allows for greater tenderness and depth of flavor than the norm.

“I’ve been describing it like the taste of roasted hazelnuts and dehydrated mushrooms,” says Billy Oliva, executive chef of Delmonico’s. The lower Manhattan restaurant is marking its 180th anniversary by offering a 180-day dry-aged bone-in rib eye, served on a keepsake plate, for $380. The special is offered through Oct. 14.

There is also the care that chefs take to make sure the beef, which generally sits in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, doesn’t develop too much “green fuzz,” as Mr. Oliva calls such unchecked growth.

Off Topic / Why Traditional Wives Rock
« on: January 20, 2017, 11:34:54 am »
Chatting with a traditional provincial Filipino wife this morning.

She's 21. Myka. Lives in the province of Antique.

Why traditional provincial Filipino women rock.

A normal conversation:

-------- Tagalog Language -----------

Me: Basta malinis ang bahay, masarap ang pagkain, bagong ligo ka at maganda ang smile mo at asikasuhin mo sya na parang hari pag dating nya, eh di okay lahat di ba?

Myka: ..sympre inaasikaso ko sya ng mabuti kuya. wla nmang asawa na d inaasikaso ng asawa dba. tpuz sinusundo ko pa siya sa trabaho nya..

------- ENGLISH TRANSLATION --------

Me: Of course you keep the house clean, the food tastes great, you are fresh from a bath, and you have a warm smile when he arrives and you attend to his needs like a king when he arrives. Everything is good then, right?

Myka: Of course I attend to his needs really well. There is no wife that does not attend to her husband's needs, right? I also pick him up at work on his way home.


This chat was done today, January 20, 2017 at 10am.

Myka used to work with us as a house maid some 2 years ago.

She's back in her home province and is married to a husband (30) who has a good job and they are trying to start a family.  She's asking me for baby making tips.  They have been trying for a year now.


Why I know there are UNICORNS out there in the provinces for my sons.  They are out there and we will find them.

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