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Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: January 14, 2021, 09:56:29 am »
My fungus mold infection was cured by the knowledge of:

anti-fungus / mold diet, food: italian seasoning, garlic, onions, there are cooked recipes, I cured a friend of "cancer" with these raw.
raw spinach, blanched broccoli

pure turpentine! (from pine trees)  not more than 1 tea spoon a night.  not one drop more than 1 teaspoon.

absolutely no wifi while infected. wifi agitates the fungus mold to produce 600x more toxins.  either you have pain or itches.  hook every computer to ethernet lan cables.  phones connect via 4G / LTE.

absolutely no alcoholic beverage.

consumption of lots and lots of various probiotics, various brands, various forms, therapeutic doses.

Journals / Re: Ramblings of a madman...
« on: January 14, 2021, 09:11:18 am »
Brother, I too suffered from fungus / mold infection.

Mine was mold in the walls of leaking water pipes, living under mango tree and santol tree, and in a previously flood submerged house.

I solved my problem via consulting with in 2016.  And moving to a new home. 

(not an advertisement).

I'm sure in 5 years he knows much more.

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 14, 2021, 06:30:31 am »
I'm not American.
The server we host on is not American.

Wow Respect.

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:49:25 pm »
I just want to leave society at this point.

I left our capital city, 5G, tyrranical governance.
Migrated to a secondary tourist city... without tourists because of the plandemic.
Exploring far away independent farms... as I envisioned... those places are the best so far.  See above.
Saw the movie starring Tom Cruise...  Minority Report... the characters who wanted peace, lived in the far outskirts.
Now planning on how to make so much more money to afford multi hectare lots and their development.

Most people are masochists, they actually enjoy accepting the fear porn from the medical religion / superstition. They've long feared fake cancer malignancy tests, fake HIV / AIDS tests, whats one more fake test? what's a couple more fake vaxxes?

Hot Topics / Re: UK will be requiring Covid vaccines EVERY YEAR
« on: January 11, 2021, 11:33:34 am »

It appears the UK will be requiring Covid vaccines EVERY YEAR!

(If your choice of vaxx brand requires 2 shots this year, you will have to get as many shots per year as their tech "progresses")

Are you slaves ready for this?

Probably instead of shots in your arms, take the shots up your ASS.  Pun intended.

(If you are new to this forum, you need to catch up to the scientific experiences we have had over the years that this is not how health works.  In my opinion, everything the medical profession tells you about their bogeyman "viruses" has been absolutely FALSE POPPYCOCK for DECADES!)

Primal Diet / Re: YouTube Censorship Against Raw Meat
« on: January 11, 2021, 07:30:21 am »
Best we start diversifying posting and viewing of videos:

Post more alternatives

Hot Topics / Re: Lockdowns were never about a virus or a pandemic.
« on: January 07, 2021, 04:24:06 pm »

“Artificial intelligence has applications in nearly every human domain, from the instant translation of spoken language to early viral-outbreak detection. But Xi [Xi Jinping, president of China] also wants to use AI’s awesome analytical powers to push China to the cutting edge of surveillance. He wants to build an all-seeing digital system of social control, patrolled by precog algorithms that identify potential dissenters in real time.”

“China already has hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras in place. Xi’s government hopes to soon achieve full video coverage of key public areas. Much of the footage collected by China’s cameras is parsed by algorithms for security threats of one kind or another. In the near future, every person who enters a public space could be identified, instantly, by AI matching them to an ocean of personal data, including their every text communication, and their body’s one-of-a-kind protein-construction schema. In time, algorithms will be able to string together data points from a broad range of sources—travel records, friends and associates, reading habits, purchases—to predict political resistance before it happens. China’s government could soon achieve an unprecedented political stranglehold on more than 1 billion people.”

“China is already developing powerful new surveillance tools, and exporting them to dozens of the world’s actual and would-be autocracies. Over the next few years, those technologies will be refined and integrated into all-encompassing surveillance systems that dictators can plug and play.”

“China’s government could harvest footage from equivalent Chinese products. They could tap the cameras attached to ride-share cars, or the self-driving vehicles that may soon replace them: Automated vehicles will be covered in a whole host of sensors, including some that will take in information much richer than 2-D video. Data from a massive fleet of them could be stitched together, and supplemented by other City Brain streams, to produce a 3-D model of the city that’s updated second by second. Each refresh could log every human’s location within the model. Such a system would make unidentified faces a priority, perhaps by sending drone swarms to secure a positive ID.”

“An authoritarian state with enough processing power could force the makers of such software to feed every blip of a citizen’s neural activity into a government database. China has recently been pushing citizens to download and use a propaganda app. The government could use emotion-tracking software to monitor reactions to a political stimulus within an app. A silent, suppressed response to a meme or a clip from a Xi speech would be a meaningful data point to a precog algorithm.”

“All of these time-synced feeds of on-the-ground data could be supplemented by footage from drones, whose gigapixel cameras can record whole cityscapes in the kind of crystalline detail that allows for license-plate reading and gait recognition. ‘Spy bird’ drones already swoop and circle above Chinese cities, disguised as doves. City Brain’s feeds could be synthesized with data from systems in other urban areas, to form a multidimensional, real-time account of nearly all human activity within China. Server farms across China will soon be able to hold multiple angles of high-definition footage of every moment of every Chinese person’s life.”

“The government might soon have a rich, auto-populating data profile for all of its 1 billion–plus citizens. Each profile would comprise millions of data points, including the person’s every appearance in surveilled space, as well as all of her communications and purchases. Her threat risk to the party’s power could constantly be updated in real time, with a more granular score than those used in China’s pilot ‘social credit’ schemes, which already aim to give every citizen a public social-reputation score based on things like social-media connections and buying habits. Algorithms could monitor her digital data score, along with everyone else’s, continuously, without ever feeling the fatigue that hit Stasi officers working the late shift. False positives—deeming someone a threat for innocuous behavior—would be encouraged, in order to boost the system’s built-in chilling effects, so that she’d turn her sharp eyes on her own behavior, to avoid the slightest appearance of dissent.”

“If her risk factor fluctuated upward—whether due to some suspicious pattern in her movements, her social associations, her insufficient attention to a propaganda-consumption app, or some correlation known only to the AI—a purely automated system could limit her movement. It could prevent her from purchasing plane or train tickets. It could disallow passage through checkpoints. It could remotely commandeer ‘smart locks’ in public or private spaces, to confine her until security forces arrived.”

“Each time a person’s face is recognized, or her voice recorded, or her text messages intercepted, this information could be attached, instantly, to her government-ID number, police records, tax returns, property filings, and employment history. It could be cross-referenced with her medical records and DNA, of which the Chinese police boast they have the world’s largest collection.”

“The country [China] is now the world’s leading seller of AI-powered surveillance equipment. In Malaysia, the government is working with Yitu, a Chinese AI start-up, to bring facial-recognition technology to Kuala Lumpur’s police as a complement to Alibaba’s City Brain platform. Chinese companies also bid to outfit every one of Singapore’s 110,000 lampposts with facial-recognition cameras.

In South Asia, the Chinese government has supplied surveillance equipment to Sri Lanka. On the old Silk Road, the Chinese company Dahua is lining the streets of Mongolia’s capital with AI-assisted surveillance cameras. Farther west, in Serbia, Huawei is helping set up a ‘safe-city system,’ complete with facial-recognition cameras and joint patrols conducted by Serbian and Chinese police aimed at helping Chinese tourists to feel safe.”

“In the early aughts, the Chinese telecom titan ZTE sold Ethiopia a wireless network with built-in backdoor access for the government. In a later crackdown, dissidents were rounded up for brutal interrogations, during which they were played audio from recent phone calls they’d made. Today, Kenya, Uganda, and Mauritius are outfitting major cities with Chinese-made surveillance networks.”

“In Egypt, Chinese developers are looking to finance the construction of a new capital. It’s slated to run on a ‘smart city’ platform similar to City Brain, although a vendor has not yet been named. In southern Africa, Zambia has agreed to buy more than $1 billion in telecom equipment from China, including internet-monitoring technology. China’s Hikvision, the world’s largest manufacturer of AI-enabled surveillance cameras, has an office in Johannesburg.”

“In 2018, CloudWalk Technology, a Guangzhou-based start-up spun out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, inked a deal with the Zimbabwean government to set up a surveillance network. Its terms require Harare to send images of its inhabitants—a rich data set, given that Zimbabwe has absorbed migration flows from all across sub-Saharan Africa—back to CloudWalk’s Chinese offices, allowing the company to fine-tune its software’s ability to recognize dark-skinned faces, which have previously proved tricky for its algorithms.”

“Having set up beachheads in Asia, Europe, and Africa, China’s AI companies are now pushing into Latin America, a region the Chinese government describes as a ‘core economic interest.’ China financed Ecuador’s $240 million purchase of a surveillance-camera system. Bolivia, too, has bought surveillance equipment with help from a loan from Beijing. Venezuela recently debuted a new national ID-card system that logs citizens’ political affiliations in a database built by ZTE…”

That gives you a chilling outline of Lockdown, phase two.

Lockdowns were never about a virus or a pandemic.

Lockdown Civilization has been in the planning and development stage for a long time.

People say, “Why? Why are they doing this?”

The short answer is, because they want to and they can.

Technocrats don’t view life as life. They view it as a system, and this is their most comprehensive system to date.

« on: January 05, 2021, 08:47:12 am »
Learn what the entire Covid BULL SHIT, Warp speed vaxx crap, US election crap, US BLM crap, Crypto Currencies and more is all about and how they are connected.

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown
2,340,564 views • Dec 22, 2020

Truth Matters
63.5K subscribers

This sit down interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in.

It was conducted as apart of the full length documentary. We are releasing the full interview for the betterment of public understanding of the situation.

Catherine's analysis can be found at:

The full film, when released, will be available at

Sign up to receive notification of the release of the feature length documentary film and full interviews by clicking here:

We are not monetizing these video but do request anyone to make a donation to fund more videos like this:

On Bitchute as well:

Someone created a French version that can be found here:

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 30, 2020, 07:55:44 am »
Visited a 1st generation couple. 

Recently retired ROCKER and DENTIST. Both only 42 years old.

With 3 young sons.

Bought a 2 hectare mango farm beside a brackish river where fishermen dock their boats.

Bought a 6 hectare lot with private beach front.

Amazing people, they have just started, added some creature comforts to their beach and mango farm.

My take on digestion:

probiotics / cultured / fermented food

Add liver flushes, apples.

Have not found the need personally for myself or my family to add parasites intentionally.

I'm open minded and wish you the best in your experiments. 

Do report share your results as the months go by.

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 27, 2020, 09:02:07 am »
Multi Hectare Mountain Property
Established by visionary great grand parents beginning with 8 children.
Now a thriving private community!

Christmas celebrations are immensely more fun in the provincial far mountains!

Party party party!

Children, seniors, no masks, no face shields, no social distancing, loud music, laughter, singing, dancing, party games, feasting, drinking alcohol... for 2 straight days!

Ah this is what I've been dreaming of and some people have already achieved this and these are the fruits of their labor!  This is what success looks like!

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 23, 2020, 10:12:32 am »

Nice discussion there about embedded in the 8th chromosome... any links you have?  More info?  Interesting rabbit hole there.

I found something

but YouTube censored the important video.

Here is another link

Hot Topics / Re: Modern Medicine is a Satanic Cult
« on: December 22, 2020, 10:57:41 am »

How could a large segment of the medical profession collude with the Illuminati bankers in bringing society to its knees?

Modern medicine is a branch of the Illuminati, a satanic cult which controls and exploits society by making people sick.

See how the profession is ruled on pain of losing their medical licence.

In this 2019 article, Dr. Reizer compares modern medicine with a "religion."

If you had experienced REAL VIBRANT HEALTH like we have had here following Paleo Diets, Raw Paleo Diets and plenty of real healing protocols... then you can see this reality in PLAIN SIGHT.

By this time I have been CURING cancers and viruses (and other ailments) for FREE for 13 years... so I know what I speak of.

Hot Topics / Re: How 5G fits in with the Plandemic
« on: December 22, 2020, 12:16:20 am »
How 5G fits in with the Plandemic

See at 8:50 for the 5G and Coronavirus discussion
(this link is banned on FB messenger, you cannot share it on private messages)

The study being referred there:

My note: The Powers That Be can tweak the 5G output frequencies to induce any "viral" output in people that can be "detected" in their corrupt PCR Tests.  They can tweak the 5G output to produce Covid 19, or Covid 21 or whatever creation they want.  The Powers That Be can bamboozle the low IQ public in any direction they want.

If for some reason the PDF is deleted in that website, I have attached it to this post.

Learn more about 5G at

« on: December 20, 2020, 10:47:29 pm »

A collection of links / info to help you research this multi-year intentional planned HOAX.

Knowing this is plandemic is a total HOAX is just the first step.

So what are you going to do to improve your life in the next 10 years?

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 16, 2020, 01:30:24 pm »
Pfizer CEO won't take his own CRAP VACCINE... why would you?

video here

General Discussion / Raw Beluga Whale meat / fat at 0:55
« on: December 14, 2020, 12:26:40 am »
Raw Beluga Whale meat / fat at 0:55
no seasoning, no cooking
She swears it is deeelicious.

This Inuk Creator is Throat Singing with Her Mom on TikTok
Throat singing was banned by Christian missionaries throughout the 20th century — now Inuk creator Shina Novalinga is using TikTok to keep the practice alive and teach others about Inuit culture

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s - Avoid all VAXX
« on: December 07, 2020, 07:21:49 pm »
Avoid all VAXX

The entire "science" they present to you is absolutely false.
There is zero health benefit for you.
All pro-vaxx info are TOTAL LIES.
Whether this vaxx or previous vaxxes.
Yes I observe and researched all childhood vaxxes, their "science", their "history", their "studies" are all manufactured BULL SHIT.

You never know what they are really jabbing you with.

I cured my young nannie of ovarian cysts and breast cysts and infertility for free.
She became pregnant... success... she went home to her provincial mountain home town, at 5 months, some "doctor" convinced her to take a vaxx, in 1 week her child in eutero died.  This happened mid 2020.  Be warned.

Hot Topics / Re: Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 07, 2020, 07:36:11 am »
Crypto is the lottery ticket Ive bought into for the past 3 years.
Bull run is coming 2021.
That money may help us buy some more freedom and security beyond the current measures we took this 2020.

I've seen some of my friends bug out already ahead of me with this same plan in mind.

I have an invite to visit a good friend in their bug out farm next week.

Farm living is something I have never experienced, I have zero expertise.

What I'm thinking is inviting friends or hiring employees to do the farming part.
Learn as it goes.

I'm an IT entrepreneur.

Please let us know how this goes.  This is a dream of mine, to live off the land and be left alone.  One tip I can think of if you decide to buy this land or lease it, is to look for land in a mountainous area.  Many valley/flat land owners (farmers) are being forced by the government to sell their land to big developers.  Right now Amazon and FedEx are doing huge land grabs with the help of the government in order to have more warehouses (in the US at least).  I'm sure they have a plan to do this all over the world to kick people off their land.  A mountainous area will be more difficult to do this, because they would have to do dynamite/blasting in order to make it flat enough for a warehouse and connecting roads.  Mountain areas also don't have city water/sewer or many powerlines so that would be a huge deal to set up as well.  Also, I think (although I could be wrong), there will be more wild animals in a mountainous area that you could hunt.  Animals don't go into valleys and flat lands because they know people are there and they want to stay away.

In the meantime, this secondary vacation city we moved into is pleasant.
Renting has always given me the freedom to move effortlessly at the drop of a hat.
I'm looking for a 2nd home office next month, maybe a detached house with high walls for when the forced vaxxing comes.
Also looking to hire personal assistants if the tyrants decide they require vaxxed / marked of the beast 666 only people.

Thanks for the contribution Smokey Quartz!

Guys, please add your ideas here.

Another way I'm looking at is finding a way to be wealthy enough to purchase / lease multiple hectares of land where we can live in peace and be left alone, wall it all if possible, better if we have access to a beach where we can have boats for fishing or go island hopping.


They have done this before with their fake Spanish Flu 100 years ago in 1918... their hoax arrived in Victoria Australia in 1919 where it was documented here and the hysteria lasted some 7 years:

I have been curing viruses for free for 13 years, those spiky ball models and alleged infectious nature of viruses are all INTENTIONAL LIES.

Fake hoax plandemic, false medicine 100 years ago, the same fake BULLSHIT in the 2020s.

Hot Topics / Re: THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!! Vaccination cards will be issued
« on: December 05, 2020, 11:20:52 pm »
WELL HERE IT IS FOLKS. THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!! Vaccination cards will be issued to everyone getting Covid-19 vaccine

Hot Topics / Thriving and surviving in the 2020s
« on: December 03, 2020, 07:43:09 am »
I wrote and sent this message to all the mothers of my multiple children. 
Including my current wife who still has yet to bring forth children.
Sharing to this community who I owe a deep debt of gratitude over the years.
Thank you all for participating in our conversations!
Thank you all for mentoring me!
And I still have much to learn.

December 2020
Parenting Log:

- The Medical Schools and Medical Institutions were all bought out 100 years ago.
--- They have systematically been teaching everything false about GERMS and DISEASES to their students of medicine.
--- Cancer industry FAKE tests, FRAUDULENT treatments, HOAX info
(anti fungus mold treatments had been deleted / marked as poison in the medical books: for example TURPENTINE and all associated concoctions.)
--- HIV AIDS industry FAKE tests, FRAUDULENT treatments
--- Everything "VIRAL" is FAKE FRAUD HOAX
--- Every VACCINATION theory is fake fraud hoax.
--- Every Germ causing Disease theory is fake fraud hoax.
(the real risks are parasites, constipation, electromagnetic radiation, poverty, malnutrition, fatigue, drugs, vaccinations, medical profession scam treatments)
--- Their entire dietary regime malnutrition FOOD PYRAMID is totally false.
--- We humans are deprived of immense health until 120 years on average
--- We humans are deprived of 20-40+ IQ points not realized.
--- Fertility rates are at the LOWEST in recorded history!

I am fortunate for the Universe / God blessed me with TRUE KNOWLEDGE about health and healing.
Why I can CURE diseases for FREE consistently over the years.
Truth - Knowledge is POWER.
And the truth has always been hidden from the public.

- The current virus COVID 19 SARS 2 is totally FAKE, FRAUD, HOAX

--- brought on by the New World Order:
------ Technocrats, World Economic Forum, Depopulationists,
------ Money Masters, IMF, Central Banks, UN, WHO, Puppet Governments

--- for the purposes of:
------ Global Financial Reset with total monetary control via blockchain technology bringing on total slavery, surveillance, and mass unemployment, mass poverty
------ Further Depopulation via forced vaccination, false health protocols, travel restrictions, social restrictions, virus fears
------ Technocracy Tyranny worse than Orwell's 1984.

- What challenges for our children?
--- Old style schools are rendered obsolete, they are a waste of time, money and energy
--- Old Mating / Reproductive opportunities are stymied with the WEF Chairman gloating at the prospect of further depopulation
--- Avoid forced vaccination, infertility, death, poverty, slavery
--- Avoid 5G mitigate against 5G
--- Avoid techno brainwashing dangers, it used to be TV and MSM, it is now Google, YouTube, Facebook

- Actions to take?
--- Educate ourselves about the dangers and new opportunities in this new technocratic society
--- New style real education to make money, gather resources to THRIVE in the new abnormal
--- New socialization strategies to find non-zombie, non-brainwashed mates
--- Educate the children ourselves - Mentor them personally on health, money, life, new opportunities
--- Their teenage years and 20s must be made healthy, fruitful / reproductive, enjoyable, and wealthy.

Hot Topics / Re: Covid - how is everyone
« on: October 30, 2020, 03:44:25 pm »
I moved out of the big metropolis to a secondary city.
To avoid tyranny and abusive cops.
To avoid 5G.

Cooking up plans for my own multi-hectare private walled property so my descendants can live in peace.  Some friends have forged ahead with similar plans.
Teaching teens to have skills that make money without being a slave worker to some "office" where they have to wear masks and forced to be tested every 2 weeks.

"In 2013 he stumbled upon a blog by a man in the Philippines who adopted a raw food diet to cure his eczema. It inspired Mr Li to adopt a cleaner and healthier diet."


Off Topic / Re: Slow Cooker
« on: October 01, 2020, 05:04:51 pm »
I have a slow cooker,  it only says low or high or warm.
Pretty low tech stuff, but hey it works for bone broths.

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