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Health / RAVF and skin health
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:07:57 am »
I want to discuss mostly external application of RAVF on skin, but of course diet is the foundation of health.
      I've been using raw coconut oil and other oils on my skin. It has improved, but I'd like to see more dramatic results. I had a bad acne break out in the last month, the coconut oil didn't touch it. It was the obnoxious hard acne, not just a little stress white head. It has been on my face, neck and shoulders. I've eaten junk repeatedly! I know that's why and I'm cleaning it up, but I've noticed big improvements with topical stuff. I want to share.
   First noticed big improvement with lemon. I had some on my fingers in the morning before I showered and I just patted it on my skin all over pimples.  It dried and stung a bit before I was ready to wash so I rinsed my hands and patted water on, it was a bit tight, which I fear pulls my delicate 40 y/o skin, so I moistened again and  applied a bit of olive oil. My skin was much better, but it got bad again due to continued binge cheating. So, I continued to do this and it continued to improve. It is almost gone and honestly, I was still cheating daily, mostly chocolate and not tons, but it's added carbs and stress = BAD. But something good has come because I've been paying attention to my skin improving. I've been smearing whenever I have time in the morning. I've tried kefir, avocado, tomato, egg, and even some meat juices. All with excellent results. It seems good to vary it all too.
   Sulrin mentioned breast milk for healing acne (what prompted me to try kefir). Brest milk is good for healing most skin and mucus membrane problems. Also, good for eyes. - sorry, tangential.
    Stem cells are being used with great results in and on skin. Mostly plant stem cells are being used on skin. Maybe this is part of why my skin is improving, because my lines and tone of skin is improving not just the acne. I'm still eating well but not as well lately so there is no other explanation, for the recent improvement.
    I found an article today where sheep umbilical cord blood stem cells are used to make a facial serum. I don't have that now, but I'll try to get that from my farmer. He might freeze one for me.
      The human studies are harvested from bone marrow, which is the richest source in adults. We can all get frozen animal bone marrow. I'm pretty sure they freeze it, b/c they keep it for months while they continue to harvest more as a person only makes so much at a time. The bone marrow has nourishing fats too, so I tried it. It was more bloody than fatty and it itched like the lemon as it dried, so I rubbed some x-factor butter oil (I think it is pasteurized), then I just went nuts. I massaged a little bit of everything in my fridge onto my face.
    I haven't washed yet, it feels really good. I smell like cod liver oil  -v but, I look normal so, I'm going for a bike ride then, I'll wash and post my results.  I'll try to do this as much as I can and see if there are any long term benefits.  The lamb stem cell serum claimed it reduced wrinkles and healed broken capillaries and fine lines in weeks. I think fattier bone marrow might be fine alone, but this had almost no fat and dried quick, tight, and itchy. I have some fatty beef bones in the freezer for the rest of the week. I'll eat some every day too.

Display Your Culinary Creations / success with fresh meat storage
« on: May 16, 2012, 07:14:36 am »
Hi all,
   I just had such success with this I wanted to show off. My butcher gave me about 5lb hunk of lean beef. I put bamboo skewers though the holes in my colander as shown and covered it with a paper towel to keep my family from being upset by meat I am so proud of. l)
   It developed a tough, chewy skin in spots, that I didn't enjoy so I just rotated bits off as I wanted them. It never spoiled or went bad in any way. No more pre-frozen meat for me ;D, Thank you to RawZi, Inger, Sabertooth, and I think Evehart had an older post on keeping meat in her fridge too. I am so happy

I think the trinity deserves its own area. Diet is an equal part of the trinity and we are all raw, so I don't feel like it belongs in hot topics. The idea is to balance metabolism, hormones, endocrine system, and longevity. So, I put it in health, but I don't care we're it goes only that our forum is able to share with each other.
     The cooked version of the trinity and excellent starting place is available at

A pioneer in cold training is Wim Hoff. He is known as the ice man a has a book I liked on cold training. He has fee info on his website
 I found out about cold training through Wim Hoff and followed his work to allow me to enjoy the beauty of winter in comfort and hopefully to run barefoot in snow.
I am taking cold showers with straight cold water for 71/2 mins. My experience is relax and make room as warm as possible around 70 degrees to mentally prepare. Deep relaxed belly breaths in and out through nose to warm organs and prepare get into shower and expose legs 1st. Progressing toward upper body and face. Then turn around and expose back starting at butt up to neck. I move around to give parts time to warm up a little after I am numb, but not stiff, I expose my head for a few seconds. I continue my little circle dance with the cold water, always checking that my skin is bright red not pale. After the numbness I experience a strong desire to get out. I get out then and dry off I the warm room. It is amazing how warm I feel after leaving the shower. That doesn't last long. Shivering starts and continues for variable time. Sometimes I drink warm tea or stand by my wood stove sometimes I'm OK and I feel extra warm all day.
       I have been no carb for 2 days and I've been much colder and more tiered than ever. Low BS is a big factor for me. The trinity is a process. I'm excited for each new day and night because sleeping is an equal part of the trinity. I believe that when I am hungry, cold, and tiered it reminds me of how off kilter I had become and that I am experiencing deep healing.
       I am going to the fish market to buy wild omega 3 rich fish, I need to look into how to protect myself from the poor polluted fish. Omega 3's are especially importand during cold training. I bought Jack Kruse's cook book and I am very dis sappointed. It's just another paleo cook book not even low carb, and  not particularly omega 3 rich. I was eating a little fruit, avocado, and coconut oil, but I've cut out fruit and avocados, and I'm cutting way back on coconut oil. I'm going to restart butter, continue with egg yolks, and frozen suet and marrow bones. No fresh beef for 2-3 weeks.
       For sleep I'm keeping the lights off after dark and lighting candles. I go to sleep at 8 or 9 if possible. I am sleeping much better, even after the first candle light night. I know this is equally as importand, but it is my worst behavior, so I'm keeping an eye on the clock to make sure I get myself in bed
        I'm hoping Inger will post because she's been doing this the longest and was pretty healthy when she started.

Hot Topics / Manifestation brainstorm
« on: February 27, 2012, 06:55:11 am »
 I regularly manifest health and healing. Now I am manifesting fine friends to dive deep into imagination with and fine tune our art. I hope at the very least it will be fun. I doesn't matter to me if the source is a book, dream, metaphysical experiment, all are welcome. Anything brought forth in the spirit of love, joy, wholeness, and health is welcome.
      Mostly I resonate with the Right Use of Will series of books and the process coaching website. I have been manifesting consciously for at least 20 years. I have felt majick move through me to make real my desires. Still, the power to recreate the feelings has often been elusive. I wonder if the majick was a gift to let me have a taste of the sweetness so that I am enticed to hunt for it's beauty and power again for always.
       Or is sorcery a reflex like breathing,  twisted and corrupted by my choices that with perseverance I can remember. Is it a a dichotomy, continuum, both?
        I decided to share a practice that I enjoy. I do the basic stuff:
1. witness body and mind (physicality and thoughts).
2. Breathe soft and deep feeding the energy of the spirit of the air into self and feeling for the draw
3. pick a part to focus on maybe its a sore belly or a head ache. Maybe more elusive and undefinable area that needs energy-attention-love so that life force energy can flow.
     feeling the place where healing can happen, connect to  higher self. Imagine higher self very physically, not a ball of light, but ______, for me it's vampire-witch me. It is future self, ALREADY a  master, here to heal self. I know vampire won't work for most people so, they shouldn't use that. For me it works. Vampire-witch me is my likeness, I am strong, sexy, smart, quick, and as dark goddess like as I can imagine. I can see her and feel her within me. This expression of future me has my face, heart, legs. She breathes and moves with me. Vampire me is amazing to behold as I have created her. She is the truth of my soul manifested within me. You get the idea. I am in love with vampire me and she with me. She loves to be with me in all-ways, especially to witness the transformation- the path unfolding one small barely perceptible part at a time. She is the dark goddess within me. She came from the darkness it is the origin of her power. She already went to all of the terrifying, sad, angry, places and she's what love restored to what is desired, and so meant to be. She is also evolving, she isn't done either she can change and become. What ever I want goes. I also have amazing special effects going on through the whole thing. Down playing the drama didn't work for me. I'm not suggesting getting stuck in "story" either. Just feel what's there. No right or wrong, good or bad, only is and is not. The "special effects" help to move the drama like a fantasy movie. I feel pressure in my chest. I imagine a bright red hot pulsing orb intensifying, cracking, streaming out, and releasing my life force energy in a supernova like explosion. Not working to make fantastic just feeling what is and feeling the awesome in that.
    The key parts to why this works for me are: It is future me not some other being or god. I know me. I am invested in me. It is fun light easy and pleasurable. It is physical. I want healing in the physical. I am most draw to the experience of having a healthy FEELING body. Imagining it is going to be and so already is feels true to me. It is the easiest way for me to swallow my whole picture of health, because I believe it could be so.
      Back to the manifestation meditation:
4. majickal vampire self lovingly feels presenting part: is the energy hard or soft, tight or loose, warm or cool, moving or still
5. continue to feel the energy loving this force of life,
      -- force of life I could mean head ache, because the aching head is not some outside agent, It is my head ache my life force it there, so I can deny or accept it. I love it, if I am overwhelmed in the future I can deny it. NO future commitment necessary, that means nothing. Only do I want to experience my life forces as it is showing up now, if yes then I definitely want to show it love.
follow it intuitively and if in doubt, do nothing  - lovingly feel self
   Most of this manifestation exercise is a hodgepodge of info I learned from process coaching I don't mean to represent this as my original ideas, only a healing practice I enjoy.
   Vampire me has a theme song it is Eyes on fire, by Blue foundation from the Twilight sound track. I love that this is ridiculous. It is fun. It immediately manifests joy in my life. 

Info / News Items / Announcements / Raw paleo video help
« on: February 26, 2012, 05:27:52 am »
I would like to make some videos too. I like them so much I want to contribute. I have never made one. Can somebody list some suggestions that help to make the process smother?

Health / Healing damaged ACL
« on: January 18, 2012, 07:13:06 am »
     I had injured my knee just before Xmas. I finally broke down and went to an orthopedic Dr. he did ant drawer test and said he believes my ACL is completely torn, I'm having an MRI Thursday to see exactly what damage there is. He said even if it is a partial tear. It won't heal. I'm fighting depression. I love to run through the woods and jump and climb up stuff. I've been walking slowly it's pretty, but not the same. I'm sure my BS will be better if I get more aerobic exercise. I have a stationary bike. I think I'll get on that tonight, real light resistance. I do exercises from PT 2x/day, but not the same. I want to eat carbs, b/c I'm having trouble with depression, I haven't but it's tough. I started eating btwn noon and 5pm. I think I will try it the rest of the week, but it is tough not to eat a ton during that time. I know a RAF person who healed an autoimmune knee problem with a long fast, but I can't do a long fast with diabetes. I think I can adapt to  eating in a 5hr window. Has anybody else healed an injured or torn ACL, by any natural means? I really don't want surgery, but I can't not run. As soon as my body can take it I'll be on that tread mill. I break into tears just to think about not running in the woods.  Jumping is a big part of the fun. I don't think I will do well in my head for long if I don't get to play hard in the woods again soon.

General Discussion / how to butcher sweetbreads?
« on: December 07, 2011, 09:58:44 am »
Does anybody know how to butcher pancreas, adrenals, thymus, thyroid, ovaries,or anythings else that's nontraditional organ stuff? I have a farmer/butcher in  a csa that will butcher theses things for me, but says he doesn't know how. He raises and butchers cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, and I'm hoping to get a deer and I like to know what I'm looking for ahead of time.

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