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Journals / Re: eveheart's Journal
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:34:54 am »
I ate adrenals with kidney and suet together in a meal, and I was ok, but I didn't feel better, and it was one of my least favorite meals, maybe with greens, and I ate 1 adrenal at a time. 

Primal Diet / Re: BOTULISM
« on: April 24, 2013, 10:53:36 pm »
Botulism is one of the most dangerous/deadly types of food poisoning. Totally agree with what Tyler said and want to pass along that canned food is usually the culprit from this type of food poisoning. If your cooked food friend is concerned tell him to be picky and not choose cans with dents/pin pricks/rust or bulging/lids they are all high risk. Home canning of low acid (like green beans, one of my old favorites) cooked foods can be problematic as well.
   Raw canning, for pickles and sauerkraut is safe because they are very acidic, especially if lacto-fermented, or Kiefer whey.
    The raw honey and baby thing used to upset me, but now I avoid carbs so that seems better for babies to avoid it too. Again it is linked to acid, the botulism in the soil is transmitted to bees so it gets in they're honey. The form is different from other types of food poisoning (sorry I don't understand this well), and is safe after our stomachs produce acid, 1 year and older.
    A sweet girl I worked with suffered from it after eating canned soup. She tries hard to be healthy (although we have different ideas of what is healthy),  so she was miffed about landing in the hospital after eating soup.
   Interestingly, she was always a little pudgy, but after the food poisoning (which I don't recommend), she has been slender. I for weeks I figured she would gain it back, but it's been over a year, and I wonder if the bacteria exposure affected her figure long term.

Health / Re: blood glucose, high fat, depression
« on: March 12, 2013, 12:35:32 am »
Iguana - that was a good share. It helped me to realize I know nearly nothing, which I find liberating, once I am able to hold the terror and let it heal from my love and acceptance into excitement. Not that I presume that I knew you, but still a surprise  ;).

Cheri - you make high fish the same as any other meat? Mine tastes different. I'll try again. Once I've decided I'm not afraid of it, it changes, but that takes some experimenting.

ele- How are you doing? I slept out side on the ground atop a soft lamb skin, for some intense earthing. I'm going to go back out soon. It is warm today, last night 38deg Celsius, but I was warm in my flannel and wool. I have been so sure that doing this would have a profound effect, I've almost given it a magical expectation to heal me. Through the night I was anxious because I didn't feel much different. I've had the same thoughts about raw food, cold, dark, rest, etc. This morning I was almost depressed that my experience was not more profound. I know better, but weakness and desperation = irrational, desperate, hopes. The earth and fresh air did feel nice, the trees in the yard were lovely in the morning mist, the water fowl's calls provided distant music, the damp ground smelled of moss and spring, it was beautiful. I knew it, but I was blocked by this fear, "what if I don't posses what it takes to heal, what if it is beyond me, if I've missed the boat, I'm too far gone, too late, too weak...." The words waxed to silent screams, then waned to numbness.  They come from my devils, the cool elusive and the angry berating, I know they are in me, a part of me, maybe not me, but mine. I love them, I want them, they have commanded and controlled me. Recently, I realized they need me, they even want my love, or respond favorably to it. That was just enough to get past the block.  I lay there feeling my life force energy move quietly in my chest while my devils tapes played in my head. I waited for something to evolve. Nothing did, but I'm proud that I stayed with it.
    When I was first sick with diabetes, before I took insulin and I was wasting away without enough of my own insulin, I read a book called, The Dark Heart of Healing. It is a woman's account of how separate she felt as a sick woman in the world around her. The gem of that book was to love yourself. The human race as a whole is very poor at it. Some know how to entertain themselves, distract themselves, pleasure themselves (oh,la,la), but to feel love for ourselves, especially when we are weak, afraid, ugly, sick, is a rare treasure. I have been reaching to be that for years, and it is slow.
     It takes 8-10 years to become a skilled nurse in 1 aspect of nursing. How long then, will it take to become, unconsciously competent at loving myself with all of the facets of life's experiences? At least a nurse has veteran nurses to go to for advise.
   Depression is when I am blocking something I am afraid to feel. All distractions are temporary, feeling remains, feeling has been elusive, because mind is in the distraction habit. Also, powerful, feelings are often surrounded by shock. I mean, "what if I really don't have what it takes, what if I'll never be good enough?" All of these ideas came from the Healing to wholeness website, and I've done the work, but I want to give credit to them for the path.
    I have a success story. I had asthma since I was a teen, triggered with cold and exercise.  It seems to be gone. I felt for a long time that there was a phycological component, that triggered or held the physical form of bronchiole constriction and thick mucus secretion that occurs with an "attack." I rarely used an inhaler, but I would wheeze for hours and work to breathe, often going to sleep would reset me.
    I was meditating while walking in the cold and I decided to feel the constriction. To love it. The plan grew and I was holding and loving it. My love grew for it, for the wheezing part. I slowed my pace so that I could breathe, but would speed up again when I felt it pass, because I wanted to hold it, to stay with it as long as it was their. The energy that was so tight, began to move, to unfold and swirl. It was enjoying my attention, and I was enjoying it. Tears of joy streamed down my face in the cold wind. I really loved this energy, it was a beautiful part of me, that needed me. I had held it outside of my love and judged it as an enemy for so long. I realized how beautiful it was, and I promised I would always love it, then I felt into it and embodied it, I  felt how good it felt to be loved and desired exactly as I was, perfect as is. Then I embodied myself as my own spirit healer, and looked down at myself and the part of me that had been so inaptly named asthma attack I had to laugh, and I held all of me, and drew it together, one whole complete being. This practice is on the website and I have tried to heal my vision and other things. I have had success always, but only once, so far has it led to a physical manifestation of healing.
   I that was over a year ago, once I felt a little reminder and I was able to pay close attention, because of the relationship I have with that energy. I realized that the fear was that it would stay, that it would be permanent. To be ugly, sick, weak, is not that scary if it is temporary, the fear is of being stuck. Pregnancy, makes us fat (in a way), a flu makes us weak, for a time, not really scary. Energy is meant to move. To change and I am meant to be healthy. To self correct. Energy blocks may hold sickness with the energy, or sickness may develop form blocked/trapped/suppressed/hated energy. Is diabetes so different from asthma? One difference is I don't feel it in one place. It is through out my system. Another is that asthma did abate for a time without medication, and diabetes has only once, and that was many years ago. Could the root of it still be an energetic need to be felt and loved? Could holding it outside of love, even hating it be constraining the energies own desire to self correct? Ad much as I want to feel into it, I still tell myself I can't, I don't know how. Logically, it should be much the same as before, but I haven't dove in. So, I watch, and feel, and pray and trust that it will come.
  I haven't read the article you sent me yet. I think I'm a little afraid, I like not eating carbs, especially recently, since I'm not craving them constantly.

Health / Re: blood glucose, high fat, depression
« on: March 08, 2013, 08:46:57 am »
How do you ferment your fish? I haven't had good luck with making high fish, but I'd really like to try it.

Health / Re: blood glucose, high fat, depression
« on: March 07, 2013, 09:49:21 am »
I forgot, if you do take insulin, you'll need dextrose tablets, they are crap,  most even have dye and preservatives, but you only need 3-4 tablets to save you from coma and death, so you have to have them on hand if you take insulin, you can find pure dextrose tabs online, you wont need more than 2-3 packages. You might drop your blood sugar quickly as you heal and you need a source of dextrose, no fructose, the tabs are good because they're portable and you can take only the minimal, also if you try to eat for sugar you'll over eat, it take 15-30mins for your sugar to come back up, you can eat an amazing amount of junk in that time, and the whole time, your body is screaming for it to save its life. The tablets are effective, measured, and no fructose, dextrose only which won't give rebound cravings like fructose.

Health / Re: blood glucose, high fat, depression
« on: March 07, 2013, 09:34:02 am »
my turn, Ele I want you to read every word. This took me a long time to write. Read it 2x. Its solid gold to you now.
   I know exactly how you feel. I was under 100lbs , and I'm 5'8'', before I broke down and took insulin. I went 3 years before I broke, I'm no sissy, more like a bit too stubborn.
    Don't you dare commit suicide;  you're going to heal, and if you let me I'm going to help you. ?Tomorrow, Thursday, let me know when you can skype or gmail chat and we'll have a heart to heart. I have very little good news for you, but I'm going to give you the realistic basics, in case you don't read further.
  You could heal, without taking insulin, but it requires 10x the effort, and as demanding as your life sounds, you just don't have it. I think you could come off in a month or 2, but you'll be sick for a lot longer if you try to do it all natural, because, you will almost defiantly cheat, because your body is starving and it can't feed itself much until your sugar comes down. Raw ZC, rest, dark, cold, and tons of water with electrolytes, like mixed with seaweed, will help, but it will take so long that I think you will binge, and /or cheat with sugar. I've been a diabetic under stress for 17years, I know this. Take a little insulin, you could go to a clinic, learn to take shots, by regular insulin (it's cheaper) and take a little while you eat ZC, has to be ZC!!!! and high fat, and you CAN'T CHEAT AT ALL, or you'll feel like shit and have to start all over. I'm not sure how long it will take, at least 1 month, maybe 3, but not much more, if you can be very strong, and focus on your self. Then, you'll be much stronger and be able to give from your abundance.
    Do not exercise!!! Barefoot your dead wrong. Ele, it feels good because you're so sick it's killing you and your cortisol (stress hormone) shoots up from the stress. It feels good when that happens for about an hour, maybe 2. The steroid, feels like energy, your joints move without pain, but it lasts only a few short hours and then your dead on your feet and eating do to the sugar spike from the, fake energy high you just enjoyed. After your blood sugar is good around 100 you can exercise. Months from now, you can exercise exactly as barefoot says, for now his good advise stops after barefoot (sorry barefoot, I like you lots, but you don't get it).  Rest as much as you can. Rest your body and your mind, give your worries to the universe, when they come, train your mind to find peace. Say what real choice do I have? And let it go. Play meditation tapes, even if it means EMF's but that does stink, sorry I hate the EMF's too. I'm struggle with that, they are so prevalent in my life, I feel them so strong, but don't go to crazy with that yet. Your bath tub is a grounding experience if the house has a grounding rod ( try cool, but comfortable water, for a long soak, then cold at the end). I', going to try Inger's copper grounding rod to bed too, but don't worry about every cell phone in the area, if it is easy to control do it, if not let it go for a month or 2 and then get back to it. You are young. You will heal quickly, and then you will be able to think and act efficiently, now you're a mess.
  The next thing I'm going to say is going to sound crazy, but it's true. You're not skinny, in fact your fat. Your body won't burn fat as long as your blood sugar is high. It can't burn carbs without insulin and your not making enough now, so your body is digesting it's muscles for their protein, to make energy through gluconeogenisis. You can't absorb carbs, and your breaking down your muscles and even organ tissue, so all that will be left of you is fat. Don't bother learning about it, please just trust me. I really know this. Your just dehydrated, severely dehydrated. I gained 50lbs the day I took insulin. THAT DAY!!! I see it every time a new diabetic comes to the hospital. They take insulin and every drop of water is sucked up by their body. You'll be shockingly swollen, it's uncomfortable for about 3 weeks, but if you eat zc, drink tons of water especially with seaweed, and eat all of the clams, oysters, and anything else with sea water. Your cells will heal and they only then, will release the excess water. I don't know if it would work to just collect sea water and dilute it with as good a quality water as you can get. I add good quality dirt to my home made distilled water. It's not as good as spring water, but its the best I can manage for now. Dehydration is a serious problem and all of the fluid you put back into your cells should be the best you can get.  The weight will come off and it is mostly water, but your cells need to swell as part of the healing, keep drinking water only, take a little insulin (you have to use your blood sugar meter if you do take insulin, or you won't know when you don't need it and you'll have lows and have to eat sugar, or die immediately), and rest. Resting will help you to loose weight, so will dark, and cold, and barefoot on the earth, or in the sea, and sun is good too, all to help balance hormones. Insulin is a hormone and the faster you balance the faster you will loose the water weight. When the water comes off you are really healing, keep taking insulin, if you need it to keep your BS at under 130. Over 130 and the cravings will attack. You need to keep it over 75. I like to stay over 80, or you could start with cravings from a little low. 100 is the sweetest spot, it feels like peace, it is better than raw chocolate. Through that shit out.

OK next is the long list of what not to eat.    Eat as much raw or minimally cooked as possible.
No beans, not even green, the only vegetables you can eat for about 3 good months are: anything from the sea and as much of that as you want. Not more than 1 small bowl of greens of any type raw, and only 1/2 if cooked ( you loose all of the water that you need, if you must cook them, because they are tough, cook them in a lot of water (like 2quarts or more, and add oil (olive/coconut/lard) and drink all of the water first then eat the greens). You can also have any herbs you like to season, or in tea. Sometimes stress gets to me and I think I'll loose it if I don't crunch on something. Eat radishes, broccoli, and /or cauliflower, but not for health, just to ease the need to crunch.  Your fermented veggies, are ok too, but no beets, or carrots, just pickles, greens, and sauerkraut and only a fork-full/meal. No eggs, no butter, or dairy, not even fermented, no grain, no sugar, no carbs, no nuts, no avocados, no caffeine, if you're a big caffeine addict, go to green tea and wean off as fast as you can. After your off insulin and your blood sugar is perfect you can eat the good healthy foods in moderation, and if you must cheat a little do it then, not now. PROMISE YOURSELF, you'll get through each day, one moment at a time, get a calendar and mark it. The first 3 weeks will be the worst, then it will slowly get better. If you insist on no insulin, and I totally understand (remember I fought insulin for 3 years, and hated myself every time I cheated, but the insulin, will take away the horrible cravings and nothing else will except not cheating and time, you need insulin, to heal and you're not making enough of your own right now, so just consider taking the pharmaceutical garbage, briefly, you need to make it as easy as you can, because there are so many other factors pulling at your strength), you won't get better in 3 weeks and the cravings will just about make you crazy, but you will still heal (if you don't cheat or over eat protein or vegetables), it will just take much longer.
   I'd like you to try hard to get high meat soon, It has been very helpful to me, and you most certainly have an overgrowth of yeast with any blood sugar problem, high meat is more powerful than fermented veg.  Just 2-3 chunks/day, best spread out with meals.
   Do eat, the fish guts and heads, and all of the fish, and shellfish you can, but you need fat. NO BUTTER, NO EGGS, not now, in about 3 months, or whenever your off insulin and have perfect blood sugars you can eat eggs, butter, and milk, and exercise, but now those things are BAD, and will hurt you and drastically slow progress. You must weigh your protein, not more than 6oz/meal, and only 3 meals/day. No snacks. No eating before bed. You can eat beef, pork, lamb, whatever meat is good quality and raw, if you must cook it, minimal. and with lots of fat, animal fat, especially bone marrow. Lard or tallow like for pemmican is ok, if you can't find raw. It will feed you and it won't raise your blood sugar, it will heal your hormones too. Fat is good, you must eat all that you can. NO BUTTER OR EGGS, not now. Coconut and olive oil are OK, but  won't due for more than a meal or 2, you need animal fat, and you can supplement with oil. Buy it online, freeze it, cook it, if you have to, but eat it every meal until you can't eat more, then have your small meat portion, sea vegetables, and greens. You will be full if you drink enough water, eat enough fat, have a small portion of meat, and get enough rest. If you are hungry between eat your next meal early, if your starving eat 4 whole meals. Just stop early in the evening and go to bed early.
   I like Ronsdale, and Bernstien, but my way is faster, better. Eat that stuff, later be strict now, and heal faster. They will be good for maintenance.
    Also, insulin is tricky, with zc. I want to help you. Maybe you could go without it, if you went 1 week with out cheating, and you checked your bs at least once in the morning, before eating, and you were under say 150, that would be a good sign, I would feel OK about no medical insulin, because that would mean your body was able to recover quickly, but you'd really have to check to know. My heart is with you.  Please follow my advise. I'm absolutely sure, because I've lived it myself. NOBODY else here can tell you that. They just don't really know.
   Lastly, you need to take a little time for you. Not long away from it all, or you'll not do it, 15 mins minimum. You are spread to thin. Be out side, alone at least 15 mins, just be with yourself. No planning, eating, talking. Just you in the prettiest, most comfortable outdoor place you can, or sit in a room alone by the open window at least 1x/day. You can walk or sit, as you prefer, but give this small gift to you.

Ok my sweet suffering ele. I hope you have a little peace within your hell this day.  Call me, I'll look for you, Thursday, it is my only day off. I'm sending you my cell, I want to have a nice chat, but I must sleep now too.


Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 24, 2013, 06:43:37 am »
I have my own degree in physics, thank you, and I hold my statements. I'm sure everybody's just trying to be helpful. I don't care if he's right, he helps my mind to stay open and interested, and my body to be strong.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 24, 2013, 06:29:05 am »
Francois there is a slight scientific mathematical chance that we could walk through a wall, and everything else he mentioned is within in the statistical realm of possibility also. Hard to prove, does not automatically make false.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 24, 2013, 04:32:26 am »
Anything that isn't mainstream is pseudoscience. Don't follow what doesn't make sense to you Francois and DaBoss, but I like what Jack has to say and there is no reason why Inger shouldn't have posted it. All you have is opinion, Inger's, Jacks, Francois, a random physicist, DaBoss, mine. NOBODY KNOWS!!! All we have is our own experience. Thank you all for sharing, but it is ignorant to claim fact.  Why are you so attached to being right. Is Inger in some danger??? She is healthier than ever by her own account.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Moving like a caveman?
« on: February 22, 2013, 02:15:15 am »
Going barefoot is a transition, it requires diligence. My feet are out of shape, but last spring after being shod for winter. They remembered and transitioned rapidly, and improved past my previous year. I'm starting ct for my feet again, I want to be able to walk indefinitely through the snow. I only go 30secs before I run back in, but I think circulation will improve quickly, with frequency.
    Gravel teaches us to walk lightly.  Some gravel is sharper than others. You have a more intimate connection with the earth. Go slowly, 5mins or less daily. If you injure yourself then never make progress.
    I find the same is true for balancing. Working 12hrs today :(.

Personals / Re: Back online, gearing up for warfare!
« on: February 20, 2013, 03:07:48 am »
That sounds great!!! I'm in, but I'm mostly useless for the next 2 years  :(. Then, I'll have free time for about 2-3 week intervals, every 2-3 months. Until then, I could manage a road trip you are 10-15 hrs from Syr. I couldn't do more than visit and turn around. Would you happen to be surrounded by rolling hills and woodlands? What is the nearest town?

Most think of themselves as making healthy choices, by there own evaluation. But, I agree with Eve, every able older adult is most remarkably peaceful and indepentant of  thought and action, though not often demonstrative about it. Those few that are more outspoken/lively are full of good humor.
    99y/o reciently in hospital. Adorable gentleman, retrieved my pen from the floor, when I dropped it, before I could stop him, and I moved quickly. Insisted I call him by his first name, say that his father was Mr. So and So. He was tall, built sturdy with good tone and sharp whit. He couldn't come up with any reason he was healthy. He said it's not genetics, my kids are all sick, and in fact, the 2 I met looked older than him.
    Most seem to enjoy life, no matter what they are doing or what's going on.
Diet is important, but I agree attitude trumps it.

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Moving like a caveman?
« on: February 18, 2013, 11:19:51 pm »
Beautiful! Thank you for the video.

Personals / Re: NYC
« on: February 18, 2013, 11:13:38 pm »
Move to Syracuse, and I'll hook you up. I eat well, mostly local. I wish I was near the ocean so I could do CT in the winter water and harvest my own seaweed, though. I want to make a 5 day road trip this spring and fill my trunk with seaweed, not sure NYC is a safe place to eat costal vegetables from, but I don't want to drive too far either. 

General Discussion / Re: How does sugar affect you?
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:06:18 pm »
Wow, it's insidiously easy to forget how horrible sugar made me feel, and raw natural sugars didn't make me feel bad, just not good. As a diabetic, I'm used to living with a range of BS from 75-250/daily. When, I'm super strict and all of the planets are aligned, I'm under 150, then I'm amazed at how much better I feel.
    Point is, IMO sugar addicts get used to feeling bad, but no matter how bad it gets, the withdrawal and sugar crashes feel more urgent and scream louder and more irratioally than any desire to be healthy in the moment they are occcuring.
     I looked so aweful after a binge, I would explain my resulting agony as molten glass running through my veins. It is hell. I had to get clean for a couple of weeks and rest, because the detoxes would wipe me out too. Then, I was able to think clearly. I have pages of notes to myself on my iPhone. Some motivating, others terrifying. When, I've had cravings I read them to help me through it. Not one bite of sugar since Nov. and I still get cravings. I wanted cigarette for 10 years after I quit cold turkey. One day at a time. Good luck to your friend.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 15, 2013, 08:40:37 am »
Barefoot -thanks but I've had a chocolate problem too, and I haven't had a bite of chocolate since mid Nov. I'm hoping to pull myself out of the nut binging, but I let myself have them for now, since I haven't been able to pull together the other important elements of rest and exercise.
    I do sprint up a steep hill every day because I barely make the time clock. I really enjoy it. Hills and climbing of all sorts make my heart pound, love it.

Inger - I reread what you wrote and I'm concerned that you are letting people drain you. I NEVER WANT YOU TO FEEL DRAINED BY ME. If you do, just don't read my stuff, or tell me, maybe that's what your trying to do. I'll back off, because I want you to have whatever space you need to feel good inspite of my sitch.
We having a loving, healing friendship, and I always want my presence to feel good to you, ie. no draining.
    I believe the constraint I've been experiencing is a great teacher, sadly elusive so far, but that doesn't mean I won't have my inspiration to change tomorrow. Until then, I do my best. There are lots of people that like to suck energy. I learned early in nursing how to really separate  myself.
I want to try to tell you how, maybe I'm way off here, ignore it, if I am. You can still love and care for others, but when you feel suckled, just pull your focus into yourself for a moment and feel your body, your physical borders, your skin and hair, then your cloths then all of the space that is between you and the other, even if you are holding hands, feel the border of your hand and become aware of the atomic space between your skin and you. Then, tell yourself, "this is me, my first priority. I don't choose to give my energy in anyway that doesn't FEEL honestly good in this moment." This is particularly powerful in partnership and especially sex. It's  easy to pick up too as a habitual response too. There's more if it is applicable let me know.
   I had a little raw onion alone and it's not as bad on my breath as it used to be. Maybe it won't smell tomorrow.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 14, 2013, 07:44:42 am »
BTW, I agree with everything you said in theory, I just haven't pulled it together in reality yet.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 14, 2013, 07:43:29 am »
   What do you mean think all new. I assume you mean find a creative way to live healthy, but how do you do it exactly? Would you give an example of a time you, "thought all new" about something that allowed you to life the dream, that brings health and happiness?

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 13, 2013, 10:04:47 am »
I'm glad you posted your approximate intake with portions for the day. I was content eating fat, maybe even less than you, but I tried to cut back because I stopped loosing weight. I think its chronic lack of sleep and low mitrochondrial function that is keeping me fat. I started eating more vegetables to combat the hunger after decreasing my fat, but that has actually made me fatter still.
I'm getting to bed now and eating more fat tomorrow.
Did you get info on Jack's mithochondrial webnair? Would you share some if you did? Also have a bad problem cheating with large nut/nut butter intake. If I have one nut I keep at the bag until my stomach is sick and my thighs are fat  :'(.
I suspect that your breath is much milder than mine after onions. It passes quickly when I mix with oil/ACV, but I prefer them alone.

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:10:07 am »
Do you marinate the onions? I hate onion breath, but I love onions, especially the little red one's. I like them alone like an apple, but my breath is bad for 3 days!!! It is in my lungs, no amount of brushing can control it. What is your experience? Does it stop happening with improved digestion? Or are you just less social for a few days after eating them?

Journals / Re: Inger's healing journey
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:05:06 am »
Inger, you are adorable in your icy pool. Is that a fur hat? Did you make it? There is a river by me, but it can be seen by the road, and I haven't gotten up the courage, YET! I'm totally inspired to move forward, thank you, beautiful pioneer woman.

Personals / Re: NYC
« on: February 06, 2013, 08:13:46 am »
I'm in Syracuse, 6hrs west, you are welcome if you make the drive.

Health / Re: Whooping cough
« on: February 06, 2013, 08:11:23 am »
I had it as an adult 10 years ago. I was in bad shape. The problem is that it grips you for 3months. A whole season of sickness. It wasn't so bad that I took time to deeply rest. It wore me thin, but it finally passed. Do all of the same things you would do for any cold (rest, fluids, nutrient dense foods), but keep doing them for what may seem like eternity. If its gone in less than 3months, thats a speedy recovery.  Also, fresh air is supposed to be particularly healing. I went for long walks that winter, but I would get very tired and need to lay down. I would even fall asleep sitting on a rock and wake up as I was falling off. It wakes you up in the night. The cough launched my body up from deep sleep. So, you don't get a good night's sleep for 3 months either.
    Your daughter will have life time immunity. 

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Could my hair loss be connected to my diet?
« on: February 06, 2013, 07:59:25 am »
Suiren - I feel much better, zc. I had problems when I transitioned to zc before, but this transition, was Ok. I don't understand what the difference was. You always do what's best for you, and I'll reciprocate, but we already were doing that  ;). Love, love, love your hair, btw

General Discussion / Re: Avatar / Signature
« on: February 04, 2013, 09:48:39 am »
On your forum profile

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