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Suggestion Box / Color scheme & Spell Check?
« on: October 13, 2011, 10:53:16 am »
The international flaming orange color is a bit overwhelming.  Can I change this to something a little more subdued?

I also miss spellcheck.  It wasn't perfect but it did help a lot - especially since the window where we can make corrections is so short.  Do you plan on bringing this back?


Hot Topics / Stephen Morrissey - vegan
« on: October 26, 2009, 11:53:41 am »
Has anyone noticed that Stephen Morrissey, a committed vegan, has such poor health that he not only recently collapsed early in a concert, but has had to cancel a dozen or so concerts and appearences due to failing health.  Still he clings to the no animal food of any kind mantra and will fire anyone working for him caught eating any kind of animal food.  He's only 50.  His health certainly doesn't make a compelling case to follow his dietary path.


Off Topic / Cooked-Zero Carb "Meatup" in Los Angeles
« on: October 14, 2009, 11:44:29 am »
The Zeroing In On Health (ZIOH) forum, run by Charles Washington, had a gathering at SAMBA Brazilian steak house in Redondo Beach last Saturday evening. I think there were 18 or 20 of us total.  A couple flew in from Chicago, and there was a couple from Chico but most of the rest were from around Southern Calif.  Charles has been flying all over the country to host these get togethers and it truly was fun. I took some pictures and MAC, one of the moderators, posted them for me.  If you are interested you can find the pictures starting here:

All the pictures on pages 20 and 21 are mine with the exception of 2 pictures posted by Mariel of Charles dancing with the 'hired help' on page 20. Also, all my photos were taken without flash so you get the full effect of the lighting in the restaruant.  Further on others have posted more pictures as well.  I only attended the dinner, but Charles was here for the better part of 2 days so there are some pictures documenting much of his trip.  I think Charles posted a short video he took as well.  


Off Topic / Lex's latest project
« on: August 13, 2008, 09:14:54 am »
Contrary to popular belief, I do have a life outside of paleo forums.  I work on clocks, watches, small models, electronic circuit boards and do metal engraving etc.  I wanted a work bench that would look nice and fit in with the other furniture in our family room and couldn't find anything commercially available so I decided to design and build my own.  The attached picture is the end result.

All the dark colored wood is Red Oak stained in Mission Cherry and then finished with MinWax satin polyurethane.  The top is Hard Rock Maple that is finished with Tung Oil and then hand rubbed. I chose not to finish the top with stain or polyurethane as it will receive a lot of abuse and varnish or polyurethane will chip or crack.  The oil finish soaks into the wood and to deal with dings and scratches just requires an occasional application of thinned oil. A varnish or poly finish, though harder and tougher to begin with, would require full stripping and redoing the finish from scratch to properly repair. The top is 26"x52" and is about 2" thick.  I think it turned our rather well.

The Rube Goldburg contraption is an articulated stand for a stero microscope I use for working on clocks, pocket watches, and doing metal engraving.  The wooden box is a circa 1940s Gerstner Machinist's Tool Chest.


Exercise / Bodybuilding / Study on Muscle Fibers
« on: June 29, 2008, 12:24:54 am »
This link was posted on another board and I felt it very appropriate for this one as there is a good bit of interest in sports performance.
The title of the article is "Endurance muscles: Why endurance athletes cannot afford to ignore the vital contribution of fast-twitch muscle fibres".


General Discussion / Temperature Tolerance
« on: June 20, 2008, 09:41:27 am »
One thing I have noticed since I went to a high fat all meat diet is that I tolerate heat and cold much better. In the past when the temperature got below 70 or so I was turning on the heat and if it went above 85 I headed for the air conditioner.

Today it got up to 89 in the house and over 95 outside and I didn't even notice it.  Same seems to apply to cooler temps. My wife is grabbing blankets at night and I'm quite comfortable without them.

The temperature range I'm comfortable in has almost doubled. Anyone else experience this?


General Discussion / Trouble in Paradise - leg cramps
« on: June 18, 2008, 01:26:03 am »
About a year ago I started waking up with cramps in my calf muscels. I added a bit of salt to my diet (about 1g-2g per day) and the problem
cleared up.

A bit over 2 weeks ago I transistioned from a diet of 68% calories from fat/32% calories from protein/zero calories from carbohydrate, to 80%
Fat/20% Protein/Zero Carbohydrate. I continued to use the same amount of salt.

For the last 2 nights I've been awakened by severe cramps in my right leg. On one night it happened twice -once about 3am and again about

Any clue what might be going on here?


Journals / Lex's Journal
« on: June 14, 2008, 01:54:49 am »
Here is a graph of my baseline blood glucose curve before changing the fat ratio.  I will add an updated graph soon for comparison.

Below the graph are also links to PDF documents showing my Blood Test Results for 2007 and 2008.  For the 2007 results I had been eating a 68%fat / 32%protein diet for a over 1 year.  The 2008 results I had been eating 80%fat / 20%protein for about 6 weeks prior to the test.  Almost all numbers improved.  Everything has improved dramatically since I started this adventure over 3 years ago, but especially since I started eating Slanker's grass-fed beef a bit over 2 years ago.  In 2005 cholesterol was 230, HDL/LDL ratio was 4.7, fasting glucose was 140.  From the blood tests you can see the on going improvement from eating grass fed beef for over 2 years.

Below I've added a PDF of my current 24 hour BG curve with comments.  Compared to the initial curve it is a rather dramatic change.

General Discussion / Fat ratio experiment
« on: June 14, 2008, 01:50:24 am »
A few months ago I was prompted to set up an experiment to see what would happen if I changed the ratio of fat to protein in my diet.  For the past several years my diet has been meat and fat only with a ratio (by % of calories) of 68% fat to 32% protein. My weight has been stable at about 160 lbs for almost 2 years.

I set a base line of Blood Glucose and urine Ketones and came up with the following results:
BG was about 95 just before my single afternoon meal
BG rose to about 120 over a 2-3 hour period after the meal
BG dropped to 106 and stayed there for about 18 hours
BG dropped to 95 about 2 hours before meal time

Ketones always measured between zero and Trace.

As of June 1st I changed the fat ratio of my food to 80% fat and 20% protein by adding addition suet to my meat mix.  I have a commercial fat analyzer used by meat markets to test the fat content of their ground beef so I'm able to measure the fat content of my mix fairly precisely.  After 2 weeks on this new diet I have the following results:

BG is now 80 just before my single afternoon meal
BG rises to about 96 over a 2-3 hour period after the meal
BG drops to about 87 by bed time
BG is usually about 80 upon arising in the morning
BG jumps to about 90 about an hour after arising
BG slowly drops to 80 and stays there for an hour or so before I eat.

Ketones have jumped sharply to Moderate (middle color band) and on occasion to Large (next to last color bad)
I also dropped 2 lbs in weight even though total calories have remained the same.

This morning for the first time my morning BG dropped to 75 and then rose to 80 about an hour after arising so it is clear that things are in dynamic flux.  It will be interesting to see what happens over time.

Also, you'll notice that my BG jumps several points in the morning even though I haven't eaten anything and won't eat again for another 9 or 10 hours.  The theory for this is that either the liver is dumping glucose to meet the needs of new muscle activity as I begin to move around for the day, or that the adrenals are signaling the body to break down body fat for the same purpose.  I expect that it is the breakdown of body fat as this would cause the ketones to rise (which they have) and release of glucose from the liver would not cause this rise in ketones.

I put this first post in the General Discussion area so people would see it.  I'll be making future posts on this subject to the Journal area.'s-journal/

General Discussion / Rendered fat from Wellness Meats - buyer beware.
« on: June 03, 2008, 01:48:50 pm »
Some of you may know that I'm working on expanding my $10 jerky dryer information to include a step by step procedure for making pemmican.  Not everyone may want to render their own fat so I looked for sources of pre-rendered beef tallow.

US Wellness Meats advertises 3 lbs tubs of rendered fat from grassfed beef on their web site.  It is not inexpensive but might be useful for someone who just wants to make some pemmican without the mess and fuss of rendering their own fat for the occasional camping or hiking trip.

I received the fat a few days ago and was rather surprised - it was almost snow white in color when solid and crystal clear when melted.  The fat I render myself from suet purchased from Slanker's is a rich butter yellow when solid and a light golden honey color when liquid.  Ted Slanker tells me the yellow color comes from the Omega 3 fatty acids. 

For comparison I got some fat trimmings from regular grain fed beef from a local butcher.  When rendered it look identical to the tallow purchased from Wellness Meats.  This makes me suspicious that the rendered fat from US Wellness Meats in not grassfed.  The label on the tub only states that it is USDA Inspected Pure Beef Lard.  The only mention of grassfed is in the website address on the bottom of the label. 


Welcoming Committee / Hi All
« on: May 15, 2008, 10:55:46 am »
Just got back from vacation and Craig's email inviting me to join the forum came to the top of the to-do pile.  I think I got the registration thing right, though my being well over the age of 30 makes that suspect.

Craig, you have my deepest respect.  I'm not sure I'd be willing to commit the time necessary to manage a forum.  You, Dean, and Geoff deserve medals.

BTW - Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Spell Check option.  I really miss it on some of the other forums.  Having gone to public school, my spelling is atrocious.


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