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Science / Hair and eye Color changes from diet?
« on: March 25, 2014, 11:00:29 am »
My hair and eyes have changed over the past two years and now I am wondering what role my diet could be playing here.

I was unable to find good links to studies. I was hoping someone here might be able to point me into the right direction.
I read a bit about iridology to understand why my eyes might be changing. There hasn't been a drastic color change, my eyes are still green. But I used to have more brown, yellow and some orange parts in my eye, that have been reduced. The color also seems more even, with less of a "wave" like texture. This make my eyes look a bit lighter and I feel sometimes a bit blueish? Not sure. I will have to compare my eyes to old pictures to compare the two. I do remember changes from child hood to adult hood though.

My sister even underwent a lot of changes. Her eyes went from completely green to completely light brown/ hazel by the time she was a teen/ young adult.

I know now that these brown, orange and yellow bits could have been a sign of toxic build up, kidney and liver or digestive problems.

Aside from my eye color, I noticed my hair color changing. I was unable to find anything regarding diet and changing hair colors at all! Of course the change is also subtle. My hair is still dark brown, but the hue is changing. My hair is getting redder! So much that people have actually asked me what dye I am using (I don't dye at all). Especially the past year I have noticed changes, meaning I can even see red tones at the roots already. My hair is darker at the roots and gets lighter and redder as it grows out, but the roots do show it too. My hair color was never an ashy brown, but I really don't remember red tones. I am determined to collect a lot of old images to create some sort of collage, so I can demonstrate the change.
One thing I noticed is that my hair color also changes very much depending on the light and can be more or less reddish/ orange. But in the past it did not matter what light I was in, my hair wasn't this red.
I am by no means a redhead, but I can truly call this auburn. I hope the change doesn't signalize anything bad ;)

Does anyone know why my hair color could be changing? I have only made a few guesses, but I haven't been able to confirm these yet...
My thoughts are that maybe a more nutrient rich diet could have simply restored my hair color to the way it should be? I remember pictures of me as a child where my hair seems more red than when I was in my 20's for example.

I remember a time when I was sick and not eating well at all (I wasn't able to stomach much food) and back then I noticed how my hair color grew in sort of greyish, ashy at the roots, with some very "pale" hairs here and there. None of this is visible anymore.

My diet: I don't eat much raw foods to be honest (I never made the transition fully) :P, but I have been fully Paleo for two years now and made lots of health progress this way also.
I eat a moderate amount of carbs I believe, less than a standard diet for sure, but more than 120 g I suppose. I have added some yellow potatoes to my diet because I digest these well and they helped me gain and maintain my now healthier weight. Aside from that I eat lots of meat and eggs, and some veggies, a few fruits. So for the most part my diet is starch, fat and protein. I eat quality meats raw but most of my meat is cooked, organic beef, veggies and starch always cooked and fruits raw...though my fruits are the not so sweet ones like tomato, cucumber etc.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Parasite cleanse and probiotics
« on: June 18, 2013, 08:55:48 am »
 -vBI started probiotics about 1 1/2 months ago and they bettered my indigestion problems and acne. However, the past two weeeks my problems have been worsening again. Makes me wonder if a different dose would better things again?

I also started a parasite cleanse yesterday and have been having stomach pains, nausea and constipation since. Is this normal during a cleanse?

I was hoping I could keep using the probiotics while doing the parasites cleanse vut I read that the parastroy can actually cancel out the probiotics...can this be avoided?


Wai Dieters / Cutting out veggies for some time
« on: April 16, 2013, 12:34:48 am »
I cut out all vegetables to see if it will help my indigestion problems and the acne I developed since eating a low carb/ ketogenic diet.

When searching for Paleo and Fruit only I came across the Wai Diet. I like some aspects of it, but others I don't, (so much sugar) so I am now trying to tweak it to my liking.

Until recently I ate a  omnivorous Paleo Diet with cooked veggies and some cooked meat. 
I don't have a lot of options. I CAN NOT go low carb again, because I don't have a spare liver or thyroid. My health was bad then and adding carbs resolved all the problems. So that is just not for me right now.
I also don't want to eat extremely high carb, and it seems loading up on fruits that can happen.

The diet allows raw meat aside from fish nowadays, which made it a lot better. My plan is to eat raw fish as well as raw grasfed and wild meat.

I want to cut out veggies until I get relief and then carefully reintroduce a few, one at a time.

I the meantime I am wondering how I can reduce the sugar in this diet and add some fat aside from olive oil.
What would be some good not so sweet fruits that still have a decent amount of calories and nutrients?

At the moment I am eating about 200g of raw meat or fish a day. Can't afford to buy much more (I still get a stomach ache and soft stools from raw meat, but hope it will stop). I eat bananas, coconut, avocado, cucumber, tomato and zucchini too. I don't season and drink only water. (the adding juice with oil part sounded a bit extreme)

I want to make sure I don't lose weight, as always. I get to 2700 cals with this diet, that is more than before, so I suppose there is no way I would lose weight?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Bloating, digestive problems?
« on: March 27, 2013, 06:30:55 am »
 I have come to believe I may have a digestive / gut issue. 
Because I am very freaking bloated right now!  :o I look pregnant.
I have been having worse problems since getting off of a low carb Paleo diet. As some may remember, vlc (25-69 g of carbs shared with the baby I breastfeed) was not good for me. I lost hair, my hormones went all over the place, I started having acne, severe PMS, my thyroid and liver enzymes skyrocked, I was tired and had inflammatory pains....I am probably forgetting a few things...but you get the picture. It was bad. I don't have a spare liver or thyroid.

I am not sure what causes the bloating at this point. It seems like everything gets me bloated. I only know my worst enemy is sweet potato and rutabaga.

I know there are diets like AIP,  GAPS etc. that could help with this. Maybe it is SIBO. 

But my problem with giving these a try is that I am worried I will have a hard time getting enough calories (I was underweight 99lbs, don't want to go there again)  from my usual fat sources and it would also be hard to get enough carbs it seems.
Currently I eat a lot of bananas. But I was diagnosed with a fructose malabsorption before....I don't seem to have many options here...

To summarize my symptoms again: bloating, stomach belching, sometimes constipation, mild cramps in my intestines. My stools are sometimes hard, but mostly okay, normal brown, I think I have seen some fat or something on them before? Def. no blood.

I have had digestive issues since I was a child. So I tend to forget it is not normal. It worsened in my teens, and in 2006 I was diagnosed with a fructose malabsorption. I felt a lot better reducing fructose and reintroduced it after a half year. I always felt like I was able to tolerate a moderate amount of natural fructose.

I really feel I have had issues there for a while and I want to take care of this problem now, because I can see it causing (or having caused) a lot of damage.
I would appreciate recommendations regarding gut healing tailored to my needs.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Could my hair loss be connected to my diet?
« on: January 16, 2013, 10:33:15 pm »
I recently posted about hormone related issues and PMS. One thing that I thought was hormone related was my recent hair loss.
But now I had it stop several times for a few days, which makes me think it is not necessarily all hormones.

One day I got in contact with wheat on accident. I had ordered all meat but it seems the chicken was lightly coated in flour. I react to it Celiacs do. I get really sick, stomach pains, nausea, pains in joints and muscles, brain fog, acne, and the last time ai also noticed hair loss, after it had been gone for 4 days.
It stopped after 1 1/2 days and I started feeling more normal again too.

But I also had this when I did not eat any wheat, so I don't think it is only that. Maybe my body reacts to something else (the only "cheat" food I had when out was peanuts, but I have been on a very strict diet). It might also be a lack of something, I don't eat a lot of meat due to the costs, but I thought enough to be okay, once or twice a day about two to three pieces (not sure of the grams).

My PMS was better this time when I ovulated, like almost not there and my acne has improved dramatically since taking milk thistle, burdock root, DIM and chasteberry. My hair loss was reduced, but not stopped when increasing my Vit. D3 intake from 2000 to 5000 IU. Not sure if more Vit. D would help, it is a lot to take with supplements, but increasing it naturally never worked for me. That said, the hair loss was gone for a while on 2000 IU, so I don't think that alone is the problem either.

What else could be a cause for on and off hair loss?

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Foods to help regulate hormones
« on: January 02, 2013, 12:40:04 am »
I just went through the worst PMS of my life, with pain that made me wonder if something worse was going on than PMS.
I never had problems during my period, until 4 months ago, when I had my first postpartum period, while breastfeeding around the clock still.
Maybe it was a bit early.

The pain/ symptoms (back, joint and body aches, abdominal cramps, general feelng of being sick, nausea) have gotten worse not better. My cycle seems to be long, not totally irregular, but just weird, with a lot of black blood and not much else after. I bleed very lightly (spotting) for over a week. (I used to have a 29 day cycle with 3 days of light bleeding before pregnancy)
I also experience acne and hair loss, so my guess is that I am dealing with  raging hormones.

I want to see if I can alter my diet to help my body regulating its hormones soon.
What would you recommend?

I have eaten some dairy lately (cheese), but am planning to cut it out again to avoid unwanted effects on my hormones. I eat raw butter daily, which I need for calories. Not sure if the butter could cause problems.

Primal Diet / What nutrients could I be lacking that dairy provides?
« on: December 25, 2012, 08:23:53 am »
I usually eat a partly raw, partly cooked paleo diet. Not too many carbs, but some to maintain my weight.

I also eat raw butter to maintain or even gain, and I feel good on it. I usually avoid other dairy, but a while ago when there was not much else to eat and supermarkets closed I ate a large amount of cheese.
Lately I haven't been looking as well, maybe a little sick, with dark circles under my eyes that I usually don't have, but the next day I was glowing, with clearer skin and no dark circles.
At first I did not even connect it with the cheese, but whenever I snuck some cheese I noticed a change, sometimes even the same day, like my skin would be less greasy and softer.

When I first transitioned to a paleo diet, my skin was great. I did not have problems, but it looked better still, just healthier and more clear.
But after a little while, I noticed cheating even the slightest bit can cause me acne for weeks. Atm I have a hard time getting rid of it, which also might have to do with the return of my period since the birth of my son, but certain diet habits at least better it.

I would have expected dairy to cause me to break out, not the opposite. I don't really want to consume dairy, so I am hoping to find out what dairy provides that I might be missing?
Is a lack of calcium really a myth? Could it be my body is so used to the hormones from dairy that my skin does better with it? (not that I want the hormones :/), I remember the birth control pill having a similar effect, not taking it atm.

I would like to find whatever I am lacking in other foods.

Health / Repetitive strain injury
« on: November 02, 2012, 08:08:35 pm »
It seems I have overworked my wrists. I knit and sew and sell items online to be able to be a stay at home mom. But I think I really overdid it, since my wrists are in pain, especially the right one. I used to have a lot of problems from using a mouse (or mouse pad) at my former office job, or if I use the mouse too much. But some rest usually helps.

But now it hinders me from knitting and I had to close my shop.

I also had pain in my left wrist when my son was 6 months old, from holding him all day. It took months to heal.

What can I do diet wise speed up healing? And avoid a tendency for it in the future. I am wearing a wrist brace (the one I got when I had problems from holding my son), but I am unsure it is helping much. It keeps it still, which is good, but the pressure can hurt.

I read somewhere a lack of certain vitamins and nutrients can make problems like this worse. I assume I might have a tendency for inflammation? Since I had Hashimoto's, which is pretty much gone, but I still have some anti bodies.

General Discussion / My wisdom teeth (pulled 12 yrs ago) are regrowing...
« on: October 12, 2012, 04:11:59 am »
I had discomfort, jaw pain and swollen gums and now little teeth are popping through in the back. They were pulled 12 years ago (actually removed surgically). How can that be?
And I am unsure what to do about it now. They were pulled because my jaw was too small for them supposedly. But I don't want to have them pulled and then they just regrow again.
Has anyone ever had that?

Health / I keep losing weight!
« on: July 24, 2012, 05:57:44 am »
Gaining weight was always impossible to me, even as a child.
My body was burning over 2000 calories a day just resting (had a metabolical test). My husbands thought was that my body does not absorb certain foods well and therefore does not gain weight from it, plus my metabolism must be messed up due to my former SAD diet.
Since getting off of carbohydrates I have been losing weight. Despite me scarfing down as much raw butter and olive oil as I can take without throwing up  -v.
I am terrified to lose even more, I have nothing left to lose. I weight roughly 47 kg's at the moment.

We don't have the budget to eat actual raw paleo, and can not afford to buy a lot of meat, avocados, we avoid some of the worse things at least and focus on me gaining weight without grains.
Right now I eat raw butter with lunch meat, since lunch meat is cheap. I know its not great. Sometimes some aged cheese. I eat about 125 grams of butter
I also supplement with cold pressed olive oil. 5 table spoons a day. I eat some fruits throughout the day too.
I chose olive oil and butter over other fatty foods, because I will be able to ingest more fat/ calories with a lesser amount of food.
So things like raw milk, cream, avocados...will get me full before I have absorbed enough calories.

I have eaten some bread here and there on occasion because we had not groceries and a bakery across the street, but it seems my body can not deal with it anymore. I get stomach aches to bowel problems, a weird hazy feeling and I break out!

Anyhow, I need to figure out how many calories I need to take in to gain weight, and how and what.
I am breastfeeding and my son does not eat solids yet (only test out some foods once in a while), so I need even more calories than I normally would. To gain AND make enough milk. He is 11 months old and needs a lot of calories (he is 27 1/2 in and 23 lbs so nice and fat).

Can someone help me develop a plan? Maybe I need to eat more often than I am hungry. Could I add more olive oil? I am somewhat worried that drinking oil is unhealthy.
Is there maybe a low cost way to get my hands on high calorie raw animal fat, and would it provide me with enough calories?
Is my diet maybe the reason I am not absorbing enough calories?
Seriously any advice you can give will help me see this more clearly. I need to gain NOW.

General Discussion / How to tell family and friends about your diet?
« on: June 27, 2012, 07:27:06 am »
I usually try not to talk about it. But sometimes it is just hard to avoid. So I am thinking I need a good way of explaining to friends and family why I am eating this way.
Two careful attempts failed. When I told my mother about benefits of raw meat she got VERY upset, saying that I am risking getting colon cancer.
When I told friends I started eating this way for health reasons, and why grains are bad, or cooked foods, they said I can not simply say that one diet is better than another.
They feel a balanced standard diet is just as good and that there is not enough proof for any diet to be superior. Grains, according to them, simply don't "fit" into the raw paleo diet philosophy and concept.

The fact that I got rid of 3 diseases in a short time (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Pituitary Tumor, Pre Cervical Cancer CIN3), does not seem surprising to anyone.

Maybe I used the wrong approach when I told them, but I mean what other good reasons can I possibly give? Its not like I eat this way simply for the fun of it....

How have you told others? I am interested to hear. Do you have any suggestions? I am worried how my family will react once my son will start eating solids...raw paleo solids.  -X They keep wanting to feed him Sausage and Cookies (I was raised on Cookies, Cake, Coffee, Wurst, Bread and Tea I think :P)

Health / Sore throat after eating fish?
« on: June 12, 2012, 09:31:46 pm »
Been having this weird reaction to fish only lately. It started with eating raw wild caught fish like salmon, a few hours later my throat was sore and I also had a stuffy nose.
At first I thought it might have been bacteria from the raw fish, so I tested cooked fish, but I had the same reaction.

Now I am thinking maybe it is some sort of poisoning:

1.1.1. sounds like my symptoms, it does not feel like the conventional sore throat, more like swelling in the back of it or swelling of my tonsils. My tonsils used to cause problems but haven't since 2004 so I don't think they just have a random flare up, and I think an allergy would be unlikely too..

Maybe it is the place I buy from or the fact that it is wild caught?
Does anyone know more? It would suck if I could not eat fish anymore, but the swelling is bad.

Health / Impact of a C-Section on the body
« on: May 29, 2012, 05:57:33 pm »
I can't help but think, that a C-Section could have an impact on the body on the long run, other than just lengthy healing.

I had to have a C-Section. I went almost 43 weeks in pregnancy (which also seems weird), and my baby's heart beat dropped to 50 during a check up (placenta was old). I was literally slapped on the surgery table within seconds (I agreed to it of course).

Anyhow...many other mothers always rave about how quickly they "healed" from a C-Section, and many would do it again or prefer it to natural birth.
To me a C-Section seems so wrong. I still somewhat feel down about the fact that I was not able to give birth naturally. It does not feel like giving birth, I was not able to hold my baby right away, breastfeeding was harder because of it.
No doubt, I felt okay and like I could manage after, even with a very low dose of pain meds, which I had requested to be low. I was able to get up the same day, walking was never a problem...but I did not feel good doing all that.
Aside from the obvious pain at the incision site, it felt like there were all kinds of things wrong, uncomfortable and achy.
I was able to function once at home, but I did experience prolonged pain. Up to 6 months postpartum it was worst, and even now at 9 months postpartum I still experience minor pains. Recently I worked out for the first time since pregnancy (pilates our neighbor teaches) and some of the moves were just impossible to do because I felt like my stomach was going to tear apart (I also had diastasis recti, abdominal separation).

Long story short, I really wonder if a wound this dramatic has any impact on my body other than the obvious risk for future pregnancies. In nature you would never survive if someone tore your stomach open! Makes me think if my body is always somewhat dealing with the aftermath, using extra strength to fix me up (I could use that strength for something else)...

Next child, I am really hoping for a VBAC, natural birth after C-Section. But the risks scare me...another C-Section scares me too. I really want more children, at least one sibling for my son would be wonderful :(

Can anyone tell me more about it?

Journals / a strong mother...
« on: May 13, 2012, 05:54:55 am » what I want to be and this is my journal.

I have/ had a few diagnosed health problems:

- Hashimoto's Thyroiditis since 2009/10
- Pituitary Tumor since 2009/10
- HPV and pre cervical cancer since 2004/2010

They are somewhat better nowadays. I went off meds during my pregnancy to be able to breastfeed. No one could really tell me about breastfeeding with a pituitary tumor, so I just did my own thing and I'm fine!
Since then, my thyroid is functioning normal and my prolactin levels are also normal.

I am pretty fed up with doctors by the way, their way of "treatment", the negative thinking. This started during my pregnancy - I was pregnant, no surprise to me because my body has been functioning normal despite "all my conditions", but doctors were freaking out all over the place (is that possible ^^?), treating me like a medical wonder during my pregnancy ("we want to try to get you to the third trimester")...and acting like things could go bad any minute.
But, my pregnancy went REALLY well, and I started feeling more confident in my body.
Not just that, I refuse to believe that I am really so so sick, and that there is nothing that can be done.

I am only slowly transitioning to raw paleo. I tried going almost cold turkey once and it was not pretty. I need all my strength as a mom to a baby, and I also don't want to detox through my breastmilk.

I used to eat a lot of grains and pasta and now I am down to whole grain bread and the occasional rice dinner, without suffering from hypoglycemia. I am working hard on getting used to raw meat (raw fish is not a problem).
My diet is probably somewhat primal because I do eat large amounts of raw butter (and other fats from nuts, avocado) to stay "plump"...well I'm actually not plump, but I am not too thin atm, just really don't want to lose (been there) and I think I might like to gain a few pounds.

Health / Healing Lupus and MS w. diet, resources, examples.
« on: April 27, 2012, 10:23:21 pm »
I have a favor to ask.
A friend of mine just received very bad news regarding her health. She suffers from lupus and multiple sclerosis and has recently been treated for it with light chemo therapy (!!!) :(.
Her health is worsening dramatically though, especially since the treatments. Here is what she wrote:

I have had 2 rounds of chemo in the last two months. I'm in kidney and liver failure officially. My ms has gotten so bad I lose speech 3 times a week and I am frequently paralyzed. I will be permanently paralyzed within 5 years and most of my cognitive function will be gone in 1o years.

She is a mother of a 6 months old baby. It breaks my heart to think she won't be able to hold him and ultimately not even be able to be there for him anymore.
She does not know about the dangers of a SAD diet, nor the health benefits of the raw paleo diet. I don't know her very closely, but seeing this I offered advice, risking that I might be called crazy....but rather 'me-crazy, than her-sick' imo.

I would like to send her a lot of good info about how she could better her health with dietary changes. Links, experiences and info from your side, studies, stories about people that did get better...anything helps.

I am also asking for some info that would convince a newbie. I am sure she will be worried about getting sick off of raw food etc. Or she may not believe it because the standard nutritionist will give completely different advice.


General Discussion / transitioning to raw paleo for thin nursing mom?
« on: April 15, 2012, 09:29:20 pm »
I wasn't sure where to post this exactly.

I know enough about the paleo diet to really change my eating habits, but what has been a problem for me so far is that I am losing weight rapidly as soon as I cut out certain foods (carbs!).

Even with a standard diet I have always been unable to gain weight, and was struggling not to lose any. I need to eat so much just to maintain, it is not fun any more.
Now it seems harder than ever to transition, because I am still breastfeeding my 8 mo. son exclusively, without adding any solids (and will continue to do so). That makes me burn extra calories.

My first attempt a half year ago failed (I don't think I was eating enough fat). My weight dropped from 119 to 109 in a very short time and I had to stop because I was getting too close to being too thin. I also felt dizzy and weak, which is not something you can deal with when taking care of a baby.

This time I want to carefully add and replace foods, making sure I at least keep my weight or ideally gain a bit.
Currently I am supplementing with cold pressed olive oil, raw butter, avocado and macadamia nuts/ cashews. Especially the butter and oil seem to do the trick tbh. I add about 3-4 tbs of olive oil and I eat chunks of butter on whole grain bread (I have not been able to get off grains fully yet).
My weight slowly creeped up to 111lbs (I know about dairy not being ideal)

I recently also started eating raw meat here and there to get comfortable with it. I am eating the "pretty pieces", not sure when I will be able to eat just about everything...fat and organs...I wish though.

Knowing all that, how would you recommend for me to transition? What would suit me best right now?
I DO want to make big changes, but keep in mind I am also still battling the "gross" factor. :(


Edit:  Just want to be clear that I would like to be grain free, dairy free, sugar free eventually. I want to cut out as much bad foods as I can.

I should also add that carbs, especially from bread or pasta, seem to give me "energy". I had problems with dizziness and passing out without them, so for now I only reduced my intake. We suspect I might get hypoglycemia.
I am certainly not diabetic.

Welcoming Committee / for health reasons....
« on: April 12, 2012, 08:11:48 am »
...did I register here. My husband has been a member here for quite some time. He has convinced me (or what is written here and elsewhere that is), that this is the healthiest way to eat. It just makes sense to me.
I have a bunch of "health issues"(according to doctors, not that I notice), I don't need any more, so I am willing to give up my much loved bread, cookies, pasta, you name it...
Transitioning has been hard for me, because I shed pounds faster than you can say 'diet'.
I also seem to have a problem with hypoglycemia.

Last but not least, I am nursing my 8 month old baby and I often worry about my "grain fed" breastmilk :(, I know it is still best, but for sure better on a better diet.


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