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Primal Diet / What would AV say, re honey/teeth?
« on: December 20, 2010, 11:57:17 pm »
In my first somewhat extended (2-3 weeks) attempt at RP recently, I was eating quite a lot of (unheated raw) honey.  Some of this was with fat--not, however, raw butter, because I couldn't get any--and some not, just because of my really poor digestion.  At one point I got some migraines over a couple of days (I was living on mostly raw eggs, and I assumed the migraines were detox--I used to get them a lot years ago), and dealt with them through the solution given in WWTL, which is to eat a little honey every 5 minutes or so until it goes away.  That worked fairly well.

At first with the honey, I seemed to handle it well, without getting noticeable blood sugar issues.  And it didn't seem to bother my teeth, which usually will react fairly quickly to a lot of sugar eating.  In fact, my teeth seemed to get less sensitive; I didn't have any problem rinsing my mouth with cold water, for example, which usually is very uncomfortable.  But then suddenly, when I was getting the migraines, I got a fairly bad toothache, and I ended up losing some dental fillings, which will happen if I eat a lot of sugar.  So I dropped the honey immediately.

I'd already called Aajonus the day before about something else, and money being tight I was hesitant to spend another $35 to ask him about this.  Can anyone hazard a guess about what he might say about this honey issue?  He seems to think that unheated honey can't cause problems with teeth, from what I've read.  Mine aren't in very good shape from everything I've gone through digestively in the last 15 years.

Health / On raw eggs now; advice on wait time between feedings?
« on: November 21, 2010, 01:47:25 am »
I've started on the raw eggs this morning, which I figure I'll be doing for at least a little while, until I'm ready to try meat again.  Had two for first feeding.  I'm wondering how long I should wait between feedings.  Assuming I can only eat 2 at a time, and that I'll probably want to get a goodly  number (considering my present limited capacity) in for the whole day.  The thing is that my stomach still has some of that full feeling, which started about an hour after I ate the eggs (last night as well)--although I'm less afraid of it now--so I don't really have any hunger sensations to guide me, just the feeling that my blood sugar is getting too low.  (Which, really, is the way it has been on cooked food too.  Either the clock or low blood sugar prompted me to eat.)  I know I have to go by my bodily signals to some extent, I just basically want to know what the minimum time I should wait is.  I have built up a lot of fear during my years of eating difficulties about eating too close to my last meal.

General Discussion / High meat risks?
« on: November 20, 2010, 12:43:21 am »
Several people on here have suggested high meat to my newbie self for my desperately bad digestion.  I was going to dive right in, but then I read this post:

So I'm wondering, have there been other reports of problems with high meat on here?  How risky is it?

I'm particularly concerned because I am without a spleen (I was born without, was removed several years ago when a bullet happened to go through it).  Which apparently increases the risk of immune system problems, though I haven't experienced any yet.

Health / Is Aajonus trustworthy?
« on: November 19, 2010, 10:58:42 pm »
The last few days I've been trying to do raw paleo, and I ended up just killing my already terrible digestion.  Today I can't eat anything at all, my digestion is just dead.  May be the worst episode I've ever had, and I've had some terrible ones.

I happened to get an email from Aajonus telling about his upcoming appearance on the 26th at a city within a day's drive from me, giving consultations.  I emailed him, prior to this bad episode, asking if he thought he could help someone with as poor digestion as I have.  He replied that he's helped people with worse digestion and told me to eat whole egg, starting with the white, to heal the digestive tract.  And then for indigestion, his book says to eat raw honey.

Can he be trusted?  Should I go down this route?  The guy I've been following on diet, Matt Stone of 180 Degree Health, has written:

"The number of negative long-term health stories that I hear from former followers of AV far outweigh the number of happily-ever-afters. In fact, some of the most tragic dietary prisons I’ve seen people live in (barely live), were constructed around ideas gleaned from Aajonus’s “Primal Diet.” "

But I'm in a big hole.

Health / Can't eat very much
« on: November 19, 2010, 04:02:22 am »
I'm new here, just starting raw paleo, and just posted to the Welcoming Committee forum about my severe digestive issues.  The biggest problem is that I can't eat much at one time.  If eating raw, I can only eat about 2 oz. of raw meat or 3 egg yolks.  It seems to be like gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying), might even be that, except I don't have nausea or vomiting.  So I'm wondering how I'm going to get enough to eat.  It's clear that I don't need anywhere near as much as with cooked food.  I had some fruit (canteloupe) this mid-morning and it brought me down, so that might suggest that fruit during the day will be bad for me; eating it last night didn't seem to bother me.  I guess I can try multiple meat feedings, with fruit during the evening.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Also, I'm considering doing the coconut oil detox.  Do you think it's too early for that?


Welcoming Committee / Hi all
« on: November 19, 2010, 03:46:58 am »
It's very good to be here.  This forum is so helpful.

I'm 48 years old.  I have for the last 15+ years been having gargantuan digestive problems that started with a switch to an Ayurvedic vegetarian diet and, after a few weeks of that, a week of an Ayurvedic treatment called panchkarma, which entails eating a very lowfat vegetarian diet.  After that I started getting full too fast and having difficulty swallowing normally.  This gradually spiraled, after a couple of years, into a severe digestive episode from which I never recovered, and from then on I could only eat small amounts of food at a time.  I spent the next 8+ years eating mostly cereal and milk (soy, mostly) to which I added sugar in large, sometimes huge amounts (in order to be able to swallow it and in order to be able to eat enough) and some other sweets--a lot of soy milk was involved.  I also developed a terrible case of OCD around eating and eating environment; for example, if there was any noise, no matter how slight, or reasonable possibility of noise, I would get too anxious to eat.  I started eating meat again in 2004, thanks to the Warrior Diet, but it's been very hard.  Got into Weston Price, and Matt Stone's 180 Degree Health has been helpful, but still no really substantial improvements, except for a fermented raw milk cure which cleared up my chronic severe constipation.

I also have some longstanding and terrible issues with my lower body--legs, low back, buttocks, knees.  It's extremely weird and difficult to describe, but I can do very little physically.

I'm 6' 2" and currently weigh 135 pounds.  I was around 145-150 earlier this year but the milk cure had some bad effects because I couldn't digest it well and was forcing it.  So I had enormous trouble eating this last summer and lost 30 lbs.

Lately I have been feeling very depressed--more than usual, I mean.  I knew diet was involved, but I didn't see anywhere to go dietarily; I had tweaked my cooked food diet about as much as possible.  Something I read prompted me to eat some raw egg yolks, and within a few seconds, it was like someone had turned a light on inside me.  I've tried eating raw egg yolks and raw meat before, having mixed experiences--some really good.  But I know more now and can see some things I was doing wrong.  And last night I had some plain raw fish--in previous attempts I would put coconut oil or raw butter on it, which apparently makes it harder for me to digest--and I just felt so marvelous afterward.  So I'm hooked now.  I came across an article by Good Samaritan that really cleared things up for me.  So I think I'm on my way.  But I can only eat about 2 oz. of meat at a time, or 3 egg yolks, and I don't know how that's going to work out.

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