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Exercise / Bodybuilding / Calories or macros (protein)?
« on: July 29, 2017, 11:40:20 pm »
Since adding animal protein, likely being too low protein for decades as a vegan/raw, my macros look Very different But my activity level is the same and I'm pretty sure calories are close to the same -
Will this alone (macro switch) effect my body size? If so in what way?

I'm not looking to lose or gain weight, nor lose or gain size so I'm hoping this will all work out.

Also do we absorb more from "raw" meat so maybe we'd need less animal protein than if we were eating the same cooked?

I've been getting 60-80 gr of animal protein a day but all in the late afternoon/evening (intermittent faster) This is recommended amount of protein for my hight, weight, activity level. I use to only get protein from daily juiced greens, and the. fish or egg yolk I'd have on rare occasions. I know - Crazy!

Journals / Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:35:51 am »
Coming from a vegan eating style (only raw fruits/plant foods vegan) for over a decade.

Usual lifestyle before this experiment:
Fresh vegetable juices (11-4 pm) and a raw meal at night (5-7 pm)  - fruit first followed by a raw soup or raw pasta, sometime raw nondairy coconut ice cream if I'd want dessert.
1-2x a week average I'd add in egg yolks and Or raw salmon or tuna.

I've repleaced my dinner meal of vegan foods with only raw fish - salmon (2nights) and raw tuna steak the other night. 3 days total. I still enjoy raw juices (no fiber)  when I want through out the day, I rarely felt hungry until late in the day so this is natural to me. All 3 nights dinners were 8 -9 oz raw fish each night with full fat mayo.

RESULTS- Felt completely satiated, no fiber "fullness" which was unusual , did not feel hungry before bed like I usually do, Slept nicely (improvement from vegan), woke up a little nauseous, no bowel movements in these 3 days ( felt ick left side of torso, not sure what eoykd have happened if I kept going, what's normal in that kind of raw but no fiber lifestyle of a female?) .

Followed this by :
night 1 and 2 to eating only fruits for dinner ( veggie juice in day hours). Helped bowels move, got rid of some fruit I'd have to toss if I didn't eat it 👍🏻 BUT Omg 😦 Up all night with gas, discomfort, could easily eat a snack before bed but did not bc I felt waterlogged and fiber-full...
day 3 (last night) I did a few oranges then a raw carrot soup. Still discomfort in intestines and not satiated nearly as much, gas and not sleeping well overnight.

I'm shocked at the difference of not eating fiber but more raw protein and animal fats does for this body of mind over all. I'm planning on going back to no fiber or very low fiber, but I'd like to have my bowels moving without issue if that's going to be more my lifestyle.

I have deer meat in the freezer and more raw sushi grade fish and our neighbors chicken eggs on hand.
* If I eat eggs for meal I'd like to have the  protein (whites) too BUT is that a disaster to poach the whites? I tried raw whites and gagged most times and it's not satiating raw either.

General Discussion / All sushi grade fish is farmed?
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:36:01 pm »
I've looked and called all local places that sell sushi grade salmon and tuna and it's ALL it's all farmed (Atlantic farmed).  Is it going to hurt me to be eating sushi grade that's come from farmed?

I did try some higher ends stores for wild, freshest they had,  -X it was so fishy couldn't eat it. I've been Researching this and it says to never eat wild salmon "raw", it's worse for you than sushi grade that's been farmed?

What's the deal on all the sushi grade salmon and tuna being farm raised, can we eat say 8 oz a day of this and be healthy or are they really full of bad fats and antibiotics etc...? What to do if they are, what fish can we eat safely raw? I really want to make raw fish work, as much as I try red meat cooked or raw doesn't appeal to me at all.

Health / Meats fully digest leaving no waste?
« on: July 06, 2017, 11:08:28 am »
So I was reading Fiber menace & Gut Sense and the author states meats (cooked im sure in his world, I know raw is even better) are fully used/absorbed by the body, very small amount left is ash.

..."What little remains from digested foods is called ash, and ash represents between 0.2% and 1.2% of total stool weight. This means if you eat a pound of meat, cheese, or rice, only 1 teaspoon of ash, about 5 grams, will reach your bowels, not enough to play any role in a bowel movement or constipation."

Really, there basically no waste from meats?  You know most ppl think/preach it's meats that rot in the colon, it's all meats fault...bc "meat is constipating". But really it's the fiber foods - like all these plants (veggies but fruit is pretty low fiber yet it's still fiber) we base our raw diets around???

Now I really wonder if it is healthy to go a few times a day, or everyday for that matter!? Maybe it's all been the opposite - maybe we're wearing out our bodies by eating fiber?

 I may experiment and cut of solid firm produce for awhile, stick to green juice and raw meats and eggs. Maybe even do that most of the time if that's healthier and easier on the body. 

Thoughts? Wisdom? Experience?

Health / Bowels - only meat
« on: March 11, 2016, 03:30:43 am »
I've learned that I get really nervous having to poop when I'm around anyone, esp my husband. We will be staying in a hotel this week for 4 days so I know this means I don't go, not our of conscious choice just don't get the urge and trying makes it worse.
Question, if I only eat meat (no produce but I may have some fruit out of I'll be in the tropics!) will this allow my colon to be empty and not piling up hardening stools?
I'm very regular otherwise, but traveling no matter what even taking best laxatives - nothing moves.

Thank you :)

General Discussion / Eating excess fat?
« on: September 18, 2013, 11:05:30 am »
I heard a doctor, who uses ketogenic diets to treat cancer patients,  say fats do not, can not, get stored as fat.  the body will use it & any remaining fat eaten gets "excreted. "
But Glucose gets stored as fat. Precious fruit!  Weight gain (fat) is due to stored glucose (carbs and excess protein). Bottom line sounded like fats are not a problem so ketogenic lifestyle is best for us.

Your thoughts?
And is that rights? All excess fat gets eliminated thru bowels & does not store on the body?  Then How are all these fruit eating fruitarians so scary skinny if glucose turns to fat?

Health / IBS ,hemorrhoids, spastic colon
« on: November 14, 2012, 02:55:37 am »
What would be the ideal food choices (and ratios of protein/carb/fats) for someone with a super tense colon and internal prolapsing hemorrhoids that are always swollen? they are swollen and large b/c toilet time turns into 30 minutes of pushing with fist on left side of stomach to get the bowels to move and never fully empties :-(

should one take most or all fibers out? Or cook veg rather than raw? eat a lot of fat and some protein?
i've read several things from high fiber to no fiber to be a raw vegan to no plant foods only meats and a lot of fat grams to blend all food up like baby food...
so what really works? 
Im thinking raw paleo may have some answers to making the bowel run nicely??? just not sure what form of raw paleo is the best for this condition?
help, please......
please share some knowledge with me.....

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