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Exercise / Bodybuilding / Re: Calories or macros (protein)?
« on: July 30, 2017, 01:58:23 am »
thank you Tyler,

But Im not sure why he'd want to do that UNLESS he needed to "gain weight" and he could only gain weight by eating more calories -if that is what determines ones body size outside of lifting heavy or lots of cardio? 

See that's what I'm not sure about -if macros ALONE are enough To effect our body size/weight or if it's calories in/out that determines weight?

Exercise / Bodybuilding / Calories or macros (protein)?
« on: July 29, 2017, 11:40:20 pm »
Since adding animal protein, likely being too low protein for decades as a vegan/raw, my macros look Very different But my activity level is the same and I'm pretty sure calories are close to the same -
Will this alone (macro switch) effect my body size? If so in what way?

I'm not looking to lose or gain weight, nor lose or gain size so I'm hoping this will all work out.

Also do we absorb more from "raw" meat so maybe we'd need less animal protein than if we were eating the same cooked?

I've been getting 60-80 gr of animal protein a day but all in the late afternoon/evening (intermittent faster) This is recommended amount of protein for my hight, weight, activity level. I use to only get protein from daily juiced greens, and the. fish or egg yolk I'd have on rare occasions. I know - Crazy!

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:56:34 am »
I'm not jumping in high meat either for similar reasons. I'm doing fine without it.

Also I always look at what the guru/health teacher is promoting as a reflection of what occurs on that lifestyle . AV didn't look terribly unhealthy, but I'm female so I tend to look at the woman on any lifestyle.... 🙄💭well that actually practice the lifestyle too. That's the kicker, we all can't promote or even have our own teachings on something BUT who really knows  if we're practicing what we preach.

Health / Re: Meats fully digest leaving no waste?
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:49:41 am »
 I need to change my forum name from "pumpkin" to "auto correct disaster" 🤦🏻???😂

Health / Re: Meats fully digest leaving no waste?
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:48:16 am »
Yah, blackening and cooking all the way is  noticeably harmful .

Here's one thread I saw about the  comparison of wrong to partially raw meat'cooked-meat-paleo'-t-to-'raw-meat-paleo'/

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:44:51 am »
🤦🏻???ugh sorry , didn't read through auto correct at top.

" i'll try the vinegar and lemon juice when I have steak.... I prefer ground meat over steak due to  Chew-ability  "

" I do take and herbs as tinctures ..."

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:42:00 am »
Well I try it when I try steak, I've never been a steak person though, it was soft enough like ground meat.

I do take her so tinctures still and make teas from dried herbs. I use to get colonics the first years I was raw and I could tell once I stopped eating raw veggies, even though they did what you notice too- help move  debris through the intestines, I didn't need colonics anymore to get all that fiber out.  Ha ha like you said it's all about the dose , even with food.

Which leads me to  something that is weighing heavy on me, now that I'm having to research food again esp meats/protein,  and maybe it's because keto is the latest fad. 🤷🏻??? BUT all I find are warnings on not over consuming protein...especially animal protein...AND especially in a meal.
Considering I'm only eating 1 (!!!!!) real meal a day aside from the fresh juice and Handful of grapes or apple (if needed) do I REALLY need to limit/ restrict myself if I feel fine having 50-70 grams of protein a night? 

 I'm not trying to be ketogenic, mabe that's why they have all these warnings out about extra protein in a meal turning into glycogen,  is glycogen going to age the body if you're not loading the fat in too?

I may have to start a whole Other post For this topic, i  haven't  found it discussed yet in the archives.

Health / Re: Meats fully digest leaving no waste?
« on: July 27, 2017, 09:52:53 am »
Yes,  definitely I will 😀
I was Looking up some things on meats in the forum &  saw many long term raw meat eaters say that theres not much, if any, difference they noticed in eating red meat cooked rare/med rare compared to all raw. It's all about not cooking/heating the fats, which turns them rancid. So I'm not as concerned about the repercussions if I have to order rare over raw. I've been to restaurants that offered seared tuna salad and they refused to serve it to me raw, they were required to sear it. So I just cut off the cooked part when they served me.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 27, 2017, 09:43:42 am »
Fenrir- that's so good - your intune with your body, despite eating addictive foods (fried) for awhile. The great thing is that Once they are out of your system your appetite isn't crying for them anymore. It's all about what you leave out, even cooked food is addictive (not as bad as processed though) for many ppl so if your finding cravings for anythibg there's a clue it's addictive. Fruits, raw veggies in themselves I know for sure aren't addictive. I'm still pretty new to eating animal foods,and I eat raw,  but so far they arent addictive for me. 

I know my bowels had lots more movements after switching over from steamed veggies to raw veggies, that's why I made them into raw blamed soups instead Or juiced them as I do now. I'm not zero carb, but I'm zero fiber the last few days and feel awesome. But it hasn't eliminated BMs. at first, like i was told, One may have the breif period of the runs as your system adjust to the switch in bacteria. I think in time all works itself out.

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 27, 2017, 08:15:52 am »
I like that idea! I think I could try that and like that with steak meat, citrus juice or vinegar. After I left this morning I actually was thinking I'd like ground meat tonight, maybe tomorrow bc I didn't pull anything out.

That's odd Steve, about the tuna and a darn shame! It's so YUM!
I picked up tuna steaks tonight from the fish counter at Sprouts to eat for my meal today. Thinking I'd have to  make it into ceviche or Sear it. Wow! No! It tasted great untouched, so sashimi it was. But my stomach is in shock still with protein/fat amounts. Drinking some ACV and taking digestive enzymes aren't doing it for me. Hope my body adjust soon to this, if I can break my meal into 2 sittings (4 pm and then 6pm with 3 to 5 oz at each) rather than one sitting I bet I ate 10 oz tonight overall 😲  (I eat slow to to try to help ) maybe the Rock in my stomach wont be there.

Hot Topics / Re: TOO MUCH protein bad for kidneys?
« on: July 26, 2017, 09:45:49 pm »

Many bodybuilders inhale unholy amounts of protein, and from what I know they don't suffer higher rates of kidney or liver disease. However, people taking low amounts of protein usually develop deficiency problems. High amounts of carbohydrates exert a protein sparing effect on people eating low amounts of protein.

I've assumed Traditional bodybuilders  end up with kidney issue bc they eat Poor quality and prepped foods.
cutting (low -carb, salt, fat) & bulking (eating poor quality fatty "in and out burger" meat and dounuts) over and over season after season going to extremes including how much they workout?  All meat is cooked & muscle meats only, processed preoten powders and bars too.  How would a raw fish and raw meat diet with the same amount of protein react in that same guy's body? Would there kidneys suffer as a result? That would be the truer test if protein does in fact damage kidneys or if it's the cooking processes that changes the game completely?

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:51:05 pm »
The experimenting, recording so I don't forget what feels good and what doesn't.

 It's summer here so the fruits are very water rich, to much so for having such a small eating window that I enjoy eating in (4-7 or 8 pm), I drink nut milks & fresh juices in day as often as I like, sometimes I'll snack on grapes if I feel like it. 

Dinner - Fruit based -did not work! too much fiber & water.  Discomfort overnight, peeing, feeling hungry When I'd wake up to pee, etc...outside of apples I find summer fruits Ibs causing in me.

Dinner -salad based .  This actually work the best for fiber even adding an egg or two in with it doesn't seem to negatively effect digestion. Because I don't like to chew so much salad I pulse it through the food processor and add in non-sweet fruits and fats afterwards.  only drawback to salads is you end up in the bathroom quite often ,  although I know some find that a benefit .

Dinner-8 oz rawfish and green juice.  I just went back to this, I initially started this whole experiment bc I was plant based with very low protein.  For the most part I feel satiated eating  Protein dominant food for dinner,  i'm supposing because it's salmon I have plenty of fat already in the meat on top of adding a sauce I makewith mayo wasabi and seaweed flakes. Even though I end up having to pee overnight,  maybe once my body lets go of the excess water that proteins seems to do the trick for, I won't have to pee so much overnight ? Overall I feel good.  I know there's Poopoo and drinking Green juice, I do  Romain lettuce, celery, parsley, lemon juiced daily and feel great on it , adding this to my evening helps.
for an hour or so after I eat I do feel like I have a rock (of protein im sure) in my stomach. Probably need an adjustment period For this,  I have been taking a digestive enzyme sense this much protein is new to my system.   I have been eating 8 ounces of raw salmon in the sitting and I probably could eat more but the steaks only come that large and I'm still not sure how much protein our body can absorb in one sitting & what that depends on??

I have to add another plus to this dinner - I'm not a fan of high fiber from any source, it's left me so much discomfort for years eating vegan then raw vegan. My colon is so happy when I leave the fiber out which means I feel really good without it.  I'm sure I still get some fiber in my juices and fruit snack here and there but nowhere near what I used to eating plants/vegan.

 For some reason I still can't stomach (mental I know) eating raw meat at least enough of it  to be considered a Meal -  which I'm going for .  I'm buying some wild tuna today but the recommendation from the supplier is to cook it,  if you've ever bought tuna that doesn't taste great raw does searing it do the trick?

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:18:08 pm »
So interesting Steve, there are so many different schools of thoughts on how do anything. I've not played with organ meats like you have so I'm excited to see what happens for you.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:14:05 pm »
Great! Thanks Tyler! I hadn't thought much about bacteria, most ppl speak of negative bacteria in animal foods (conventional animal foods). Having been treated for parasites long ago (horrific drugs! Rather have gone with herbs after the fact) now I always freeze fish and red meat with the idea in the back of my head that if there's parasites alive in there they won't still be alive after being frozen for a few days.

Health / Re: Meats fully digest leaving no waste?
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:05:40 pm »
Pickled herring isn't cooked. It is raw; even when you buy it from the store. The only thing cooked in it is the fact that it's made with conventional distilled vinegar and sugar; both of which are heated during processing, which is why I would like to start making it myself so I can make it with raw cider vinegar, and raw honey if I want it sweetened which I probably wont; and have it totally raw. I have more energy going raw and fewer health problems. You can easily find jars of raw honey while traveling. You can also go to the meat department and ask them to slice your meat so you can eat it right out of the package without too much trouble. You can even ask them to grind it for you. I love ground heart. Every supermarket I have ever been to does that for free.

Both great ideas!!

Although that would make business dinners very awkward to either never eat or pull out a package of raw meat 😄.
The topic that started this thread reminds me of an article/link I came across on marks daily apple -top ten nutritional myths -

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: New to this and looking for feedback
« on: July 26, 2017, 07:49:31 am »
Fenrir- the foods your having now all sound good. I didn't find raw rough veggies healing esp not for hemmoroids. Do you know what lead to the hemmoroids Perhaps if you really want raw veggies, maybe even do this with your steamed veggies, blend them yo make a raw soup.

TYLER  - the bacteria in meats/fish is active again once unthawed, is that a good thing?

Health / Re: Meats fully digest leaving no waste?
« on: July 25, 2017, 09:26:00 pm »
I eat jars and jars of pickled herring. Been considering doing it myself so I can make it without the sugar they put in it. Right now it's the only thing I still eat that contains processed sugar and distilled vinegar, both of which are cooked foods. I pickled some onions to go with it and used raw vinegar and spices. Going to try adding fish as soon as I get around to it.

Is this the only cooked animal food you still consume?
What differences do you notice, if any, in your body from eating raw meats/fish/chicken(?) from cooked meats/fish/chicken?

I just know in order to live the life I have (travel especially)  I'm going to have to eat some cooked animal foods at times so choosing the least negatively impacting ones & preparations of them is what I can do 🙂.
I'm thinking steamed white fish or seared tuna/salmon isn't terrible and I can find that at most places/restaurants. 

Health / Re: Meats fully digest leaving no waste?
« on: July 25, 2017, 05:07:29 am »
Also keep in mind that the more cooked your meats are, the worse they are in terms of constipation.

How about steaming white fish? Or what's the best way to prepare fish for best digestion/assimilation that "needs" to be cooked? Any fishes you've avoid cooked and/or raw?

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:39:38 am »
Sorry I didn't check for autocorrect screw ups before I posted,  I hope you can read through that middle paragraph Okay.

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 23, 2017, 02:37:31 am »
SURFSTEVE - were/are you recovering from something? How are your adrenals? I know when my we're down meats really lifted me up/gave me energy, now they don't do that for me I guess bc my adrenals recovered.

Gods herbs/natures botanicals have an adrenal, and other organs to choose from, they are super super effective.  I got perathyroid and adrenal and I couldn't take them because they were so strong,  my gut feeling was because I'm such a tiny person that goes for me needs to be much smaller than a comes in, so a man likly really dies well with them if he needs it. You can look at the herbscin there herbal formulas here,

But I'm not sure what your doing, maybe you've already had your "cleansing" period ( you played around with Breatharianism so I'm guessing you've Soent time in the cleansing/detox diets- juices/raw vegan/fruitarian ) . Maybe your in the rebuilding/ replenishing  period?

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 22, 2017, 11:13:23 am »
According to this website:

10 to 35% of your calories should come from protein

20 to 35% from fat

and 45 to 65% of your calories should from carbohydrate
of which 14 grams per 1000 calories should be fiber.

My diet is probably a lot lower in carbs,a lot higher in fat and a lot  higher in fiber.

Yah mine too, well fiber and carbs but I'm playing with that and inceasing fat and protein.
So far This week I found my body does great on romaine - dinner salads with fat (egg yolks) and protein (poached whites) with nonsweet and acidic fruits. Tonight I did raw wild tuna in a big bowl of lettuce, cucumber, and papaya, do well see how I sleep. Nothing beats the dinners of only fish though - slept better than I had in years.

I was going to tell you if you weren't already familiar -Natures botanicals, Dr. Robert morse uses them in his clinic, are really good . I've used there "fab 4" - kidneys cleansing & strengthening herbs are in that kit, or you can buy them alone. They got my kidneys filtering.  doctor Christopher herbs that target certain areas Ive used and liked. doc. Christopher's are less expensive on Amazon with free shipping too. You may have already used these in the past, but in case you haven't - they are good.

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 22, 2017, 03:11:36 am »
^ likely because my protein intake has been fairly low since my protein usually comes from juiced greens .
 I know it's about balance since we are omnivores,  we don't have to eat mostly/only from one food group like  herbivores or carnivores.  But it seems like there would be some ratio involved in how our bodies are made ?

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 22, 2017, 03:08:13 am »
 Thank you Tyler and Sabertooth.

I completely see that omnivores would likely be the conclusion based on our history as we currently see it.

 What I'm uncertain about is how many grams/oz of animal foods a day or week or month etc...(body weight and sex likly factor into it) is needed for body to "thrive?"

Have they ever done legit studies on that? 

There's so much propaganda/bias it's hard to know. I have gone by my body all these yrs but also my mind as of late bc vegans the cool thing now. I've  primarily been eating vegan most my life, I'm 41. i'm not dogmatic though, I've always just wanted to do what's meant for my body and so my experimenting with animal foods, the healthy animals, is minumum.  But like this experiment has proven to me I feel so much better eating raw fish than I do eating a bowl of fruit .


Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 21, 2017, 07:06:17 am »
TYLER - thank you for the link. I do remember that now about glycation, didn't link it to kidneys but the whole system and cancer.

I think your a great person to point me to viable research/info on the human species digestive system
 from mouth to anus and what's our true species specific diet based on that?  I know we're not herbivores from experience and common sense, but coniferous vegetables (?) even those seem not ideal unless we cook them and that's not natural either, fruits super easy in my experience, and do we in fact easily break down more than a few bites (quantity?) of animal organs, muscle meats,  fish, chicken and if meats what our systems are designed to eat is raw the only way it likes it etc... I recently heard Nora Gedgaudas interviewed on her new book and she stated our stomachs are designed specifically to be breaking down meats shown by the level of acid our stomachs contain.  Yet I've seen the the teeth argument that we have same teeth and intestinal length as frugavores (So only insects and by accident)   🤦🏻???🙉
Like you guys, I've had a long time of eating only plants, or fruits, or juicing

Journals / Re: Experimenting animal & produce ratio (fiber)
« on: July 21, 2017, 03:29:17 am »
I often wonder whether my high meat diet contributes to kidney stones. It probably does. But like you agree with. Balance is key. So I guess I just need to consume a lot more herbs responsible for dissolving them and more liquids to flush them out if I'm going to maintain good health on it. Especially living out here in the desert. I should be fine as long as I reduce my intake of them this winter or don't go to such an extreme that I deplete my body of minerals. I think the key lies in learning to recognize the signs and correct them in time. I believe, much like riding a bicycle or surfing this is something that needs to be learned on an instinctive level before you can accomplish.

Oh, I was under the assumption that bc you have your animal protein "raw" the kidney stones are no longer an issue or no longer forming?

I wish there wasn't so much bias (on various sides) on the animal food topic for humans and if it really does harm us when eating in certain quantities etc.... I'm sure cooked doesn't have the same results as uncooked foods regusrldss of what it is.

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