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Welcoming Committee / Ciao
« on: September 12, 2013, 07:38:12 pm »
I'm 33, live in Florence.

My story:
March 2010 - feeling more or less good, not awesome but no ailments of any kind, really, I started paying attention to my nutrition because in last 2-3 years I had started putting on some weight (always had been skinny effortlessly before that).

April 2010: I did cut out sodas and started going running a bit more again
May 2010: cut off  juices, sweets, added sugars
June 2010: cut back on fruit and started to eat more "low glycemic index" carbs cooked "al dente" (cooked until just firm)
August 2010: cut back on carb ratio all together, my macronutrients composition resembled a "Zone Diet" (even though technically I wasn't following one)
October 2010: Low Carb

February 2011: undestood that if I wanted to be slim one cannot gorge on cream and bacon, and still have abs only because he is avoiding carbs (that raise insulin, Taubes*, and bla bla bla)
*I like him and think he is on point on a few things, but that one is just silly.

June 2011: VLC-Paleo , many days ZC

March 2013: cut off all dairy (that I love), cheats aside, a part from Butter

25 August: VLC Raw Paleo, most days Raw ZC/Carnivore

Why I'm trying raw?
My health is ok, the only things I'd actually have to improve (and I don't know if it is possible) are a bit of myopia, a couple of brown spots, undereye bags and whiteheads that keep coming a bit too abundant onmy nose. Nothing terrible.
But I always loved "steak tartare" and cooked steak as little/rare as possible, so I'd say that compared to others I wouldn't have had such a hard time trying it out.
And besides some literature that seems pointing towards eating raw (or at least less cooked) meat, I spontaneously discovered that, for example, when I cooked ribs at high temperature in the oven, and probably more in general, I always seemed to scratch my palate. Plus some times I had a bit more itching, that otherwise I though would come only from eating carbs (I'm not diabetic at all, but I'm very tuned in feeling even a slight itching that often surfaces when I ate something that's not that great, bread being probably one of the worst offenders).

So here I am.
One of the biggest steps, recently, was giving up Butter.
I'm not sure if in the long run I'll give up dairy all togheter, but from a practical stance, since I don't have a source of raw dairy day in and day out, I'm quite a bit.
I missed it a lot, but eventually managed, for the moment, to do without it. And not later than yesterday I discovered that raw bone marrow is awesome and supplies most of the things I love of taste of butter. Wish I would have know before.

Other things I'm doing, trying, health-wise, beside diet are:
-reasonable physical activity (alternating during the year between gym, running, swimming etc.)
-barefoot walking twice a week and wearing "Correct Toes" at home
-Cold showers and aside from exceptions no shampoo no body soap, no perfume
-Plus lenses 30 min a day, and for the rest of the day trying to use as undercorrected lenses as possible
(I got "inspired" for the last two things from the blog "gettingstronger", but for the eyes I have been doing as well some Bates exercises and some looking at the sun for some seconds (only before 9 a.m. when it's weaker) or near the sun till 10:15 am)
-I use an "Inversion Table" and stay 12 minutes upside-down.

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