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Off Topic / Re: Processed meats as dangerous as smoking
« on: October 24, 2015, 04:37:15 pm »
I don't have anything to add to SaberTooth's comment.

Info / News Items / Announcements / Re: Vitamin C and carnivorism
« on: October 24, 2015, 04:33:08 pm »
Nice post:
while I was aware about all the rest (uric acid, less free radicals and so on), I didn't know about the "hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline" aspect.

So, I shall leave a comment on this thread so that I might find it easily in the future, if it need to.

Personals / Re: Dating a paleo man
« on: September 17, 2015, 09:18:11 pm »
Nah, c'mon... I'd think that nowadays  it would be pretty easy to find a "paleo eating partner".

Now, finding someone who is "raw paleo" and lives nearby might be harder.

General Discussion / Re: Is slow cooking on low temp ok?
« on: September 17, 2015, 08:53:24 pm »
Should i perhaps do both?
Yeah, that is what I would do (and I do, indeed).

I personally have stopped eating raw pork or raw chicken, but I don't eat them often anyway.
Instead I still eat beef raw most of the time, but in many of those instances I actually eat grounded beef.

Do you have any problems with raw ground beef too?
I'd say it's pretty easy to digest (probably the thing I digest the best) and quick enough to eat.

General Discussion / Re: Humans Natural/Optimal Habitat
« on: September 17, 2015, 08:23:23 pm »
I was too until I noticed that Charles silenced or banned anyone who reported bad results from ZC. LOL  The ZIOH forum is a lot like the 30bananasaday forum in the way that coctivore ZCers do.
Yes, Charles did talk about vitamin C and scurvy quite a bit and I questioned Charles face-to-face on it years ago and he didn't have a good answer. Wish I could remember the exact question. I do remember that he wasn't as knowledgeable about it as he pretended, but his devoted followers ate up what he said anyway. I didn't pursue it further to avoid stirring up a hornets nest of anger at a friendly gathering. :)

That doesn't surprise me in the least.

I'm ZC most days of a year, and among the other days I'll probably be VVLC 80% of them. That tells you a lot.

But I totally agree about the similitudes between ZIOH and 30Bananas, in those regards.

Many ZIOH members are delusional, first and foremost their leader.
For sure,  the fact that you cannot gain weight, or that you'll lose weight on the long term, just by eating only animal foods, is easy to refute.
Type of meat, cooking, salting, flavoring, and such, have a lot more to do with it.
In spite of being ZC/VLC, on the subject of weight loss, I lean more towards the importance of "reward" of foods vs. "insulin" effect.

Everyone can try eating bacon, ribs, cream, butter, and so on, "at libitum", for 6 months in a row, and most people will eventually get fat.

Simply, meats, on average, are less rewarding than many carbohydrate rich foods, plus eliminating variety, as one does being ZC, helps in that sense too.
Of course if you were obese you'll generally drop weight.
ZC foods take you to a lower "set point", than including foods like pizza, icecream, sodas, nice pastas, fries, and so on.

But thinking that eating bacon vs. raw suet, or even grilled ribs vs. raw ground beef, would make no difference, weight wise, in my opinion is almost laughable.
Same thing for the stance that the reason nuts and dairy might cause weight gain is because of their small carb content.

And there's no way that they'll let you point it out things like that.
Even if you actually eat ZC.

I know plenty of ZC's aren't, after a long time by now, even close to the weight they'd like to be at.
Nonetheless, no one should dare question ZIOH efficacy.

I pointed out the weight (loss) aspect, because, again, it's a pretty easy one to refute.

from today's entry:
You eat meat and drink water in crazy quantities. You don't gain. No obese person ever gained significant weight on ZC. They didn't lose what they wanted sometimes but they did NOT gain. You can eat as much meat as you wish to yet you don't gain!
Yeah, sure... try that with bacon and let me know how it goes.
 ;D ;D

Off Topic / Re: Durianrider / Freelee
« on: April 27, 2015, 11:22:27 pm »
When I was zero carb, I still needed to brush and floss. Just my own experience, FWIW, not saying it applies to anyone else.
What does the word "need" imply?
That you'd get cavities, or plaque anyway, otherwise? Or something else?

Personally, if I don't eat carbs I don't worry about brushing.
More often than not I end up doing it all the same, at least once a day, apart from the seldom occasions in a year when I might stay at home not seeing anybody for 2 days straight.
Though, I mean, as you could guess, the brushing & flossing aren't driven by fear of tooth decay and such.

Off Topic / Re: Update on Freelee and DurianRider
« on: April 09, 2015, 07:32:21 pm »
I almost died when I did an extreme cooked ketogenic diet for almost a year. I'm not blaming Gary Taubes and others for it. I own my body and I own the decisions I make with it.
What does "extreme" stand for?
Otherwise I don't see how a cooked ketogenic diet might kill someone in less than a year.

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / Re: Reason for going zero carb
« on: January 17, 2015, 07:56:12 pm »
Is it safe to say what causes an insulin spike in one person, might not in another? Or is the list of insulin causing foods pretty cut n dry?
Well there might be some variance, but for the most part I'd say it's pretty "cut n dry".
Macronutrients that spike insulin the most are:
and  2)proteins (some proteins like whey, more so than others).
Fats spike it very little.

Anyway, one of the many reasons to go vlc/zc, for me, is/was: no tooth decay.

Yeah, I get in a state of discomfort, kind of similar to nausea, after eating enough cooked fat.

Instead I can eat chunks of raw lard (not cured) without having that feeling at all. Quite often 100-150gr, half a pound, in one sitting, easily.

Thank you.
I personally  do short fasts (22-36-48 hours) often, and sometimes even longer fasts, so I'm happy to read this kind of studies/articles.

Chris Mason, Professor of Regenerative Medicine at UCL, said: ...
“But I think the most sensible way forward would be to synthesize this effect with drugs. I am not sure fasting is the best idea. People are better eating on a regular basis.”
So typical.
And those regulare basis meals I guess should contain plenty of healthy, well cooked, whole grains.

General Discussion / Re: diarrhea from raw fish?
« on: May 21, 2014, 07:28:55 pm »
Have you tried other kind of fish? I would not give up so fast... try raw fresh oysters too, they are amazing! Best food on earth if you ask me... :)

might be your body needs to adjust too

Yeah, I don't seem to have any problem with both Oysters and Tuna.
Only with Salmon (and at least a couple of times, I'm pretty sure it wasn't "farmed").

General Discussion / Re: diarrhea from raw fish?
« on: May 21, 2014, 06:02:58 pm »
I personally seem to get diarrhea as well if I eat a sizeable enough (so, I'm not speaking about 2-3 sushi pieces) portion of raw salmon. 

I might try to eat it again in September, but since it happened in a few instances and weeks/months apart, I honestly doubt it could have been a coincidence.

Interesting, thanks.
Good to know, I already eat for the most part that way but I might implement raw shrimp, or such, if I were able to find them from trustable sources.

Anyway, reading the whole blog-post, relatively to many paragraphs (not the ones here), honestly I wouldn't be able to tell whether he is extremely brilliant (cutting edge etc.) or if he jumps to quickly onto conclusions that are actually quite far-fetched.

Hot Topics / Re: How much fat needed to consume in cooked paleo diet
« on: March 24, 2014, 04:50:49 am »
I don't know.
Though, I must say, I always found a bit odd the argument in favor of quite high ratios of fat , coming from Paleo proponents.
Whether it's good or not, it never struck me as realistically " very Paleo".
I might be missing something but, otherwise, I see it as a substantial contradiction.

General Discussion / Re: Raw rotten Mackerel and Tuna, DANGEROUS?
« on: March 04, 2014, 11:01:24 am »
"Avoid making high meat out of most fish, When many types of fish, such as tuna and mackerel, rot, especially at higher temperatures, they accumulate histamine, which can cause a severe allergic reaction that can result in death if not treated immediately."
To what degrees is "higher temperatures" supposed stand for, in the above context?

Hot Topics / Re: Marijuana Causes Long-term Brain Changes
« on: February 07, 2014, 04:38:50 pm »
He seems to put in the same box “food, drugs, alcohol, exercise, gambling, or sex”. But implying that having normal food (raw paleo), normal sexuality and exercise are addictive is a mistake because these activities have no adverse consequences: on the contrary they are beneficial.

I personally like that paragraph quite a bit, instead. I agree with it.

I think that even "normal food" can be addictive. Things like raw meat not that likely, but fruit very easily. But anyway I doubt they were thinking of "raw paleo" when talking about "food".
So can be sex and even exercise, potentially.

Of course they are not in the same ballgame with drugs and the likes of, but I'd have a hard time going against:
"Anything that makes us feel good, causes a rewiring of the pleasure centers in the brain and intensifies cravings for it."
More or less.

Hot Topics / Re: Has anyone tried urine for skin/hair care?
« on: December 31, 2013, 02:50:58 pm »
For me, giving a solid opinion about UT is quite tricky.
I tried it, both drinking it and applying it topically.

I did not notice any huge beneficial effect.
Though, to be honest, I was already healthy and I had no real skin issue etc. . And I didn't continue the practice for too long either.
So who knows.

For the moments all I'm a bit more convinced about is that drinking Urine can have some benefits because of some of the reasons "cold showers" (or exercise or most mild stressors) have some.
You are pushing youself,
Improving "pain" tolerance, resetting receptors (so to speak), and so on.
So you may weaken food addictions, or at least appreciate more simply water and so forth.
The opposite of drugs, sugar, pizza...

There might be something else to it, but, again, at the present moment, from my experience I wouldn't be able to say.

Health / Re: Crohn's
« on: December 05, 2013, 08:34:32 am »
Yeah, what all you are saying is quite true (the"what? I cannot give up cookies and bread and the good stuff. What would there be left to enjoy? No I cannot." and the likes), but still...
Crohn, for G... sake, how much more motivation does one need?

The "funny" thing is that just recently somebody posted  this on the ZeroCarb facebook page.
Only the idea of an ileostomy bag (at 25) made me cringe.

I'd do more or less anything. Try, more or less everything.

I'd like to know more about it, and the full extent of what a certain value means and so on, but for sure sounds great.

As well as  being quite impressed by:
HDL was 119 mg/dl
 Triglycerides 43,4 mg/dl

Instead, to be honest, 108 for blood glucose doesn't seem that amazing to me, but even more the fact is that I wasn't expecting it on a 90% carnivore raw food diet (BTW I eat the same way, that's one strong reason more why I point it out).

Health / Re: Itchy scalp
« on: October 21, 2013, 04:13:43 am »
... fungus also loves omega 6 oils and keratin.

Maybe consider cutting down sugar also

So omega 6 can cause even that?!
Omega 6 feeds yeast, fungus, candida?

Could anyone refer to any links of studies?
Don't get me wrong, it's not like I wouldn't believe it.
And I myself I'm trying, anyway, to cut back on  omega 6 more and more ( starting with eating more raw salmon and avoiding all nuts for a bit).

But I'd love it if there were some studies where they say "this amount of omega 6 raised/lowered this other thing".
Compared to sugar though, the whole Omega 6 - Omega 3, isn't as much backed-up.

Same thing with Phytosterols.
You can find plenty of articles pointing on both directions (healthy vs unhealthy) but there's a lack of solid studies with numeric amounts, values.

Recently I focused my attention to Beta-sitosterol, and while I'm kind of convinced that it could be savvy to avoid it, there's a lack of studies of a certain type. Unfortunately.
So when, for example, I have to face 153mg of Beta-sitosterol contained in an average avocado, I don't even have any idea how to evaluate 150 mg.
For all what I now it could be a huge amount as well as a totally negligible amount. Damn.

General Discussion / Re: so few people.
« on: October 11, 2013, 04:40:10 pm »
Guilty as charged.

Honestly, though:
1) it's not like I have significative health problems.
2) plus, I made the transition to RAF in slightly over 3 years (LC, Paleo-LC, ZC with steak tartare and rare cooked meats, RAF).
So I don't  really have many questions left.

Both the arguments (protein denaturation, lipid oxidation, AGEs, HACs, ROSs, HAMs, enzymes destruction, vitamins reduction, and so on)  and my personal body reactions, convinced to switch from cooked VLC-ZC (again, with a lot of rare cooked stuff and some raw) to RAF.

I only started at the end of August - beginning of September, so it's probably savvy if I use these four months (till 1 January 2014) as a test period. And who would take advice from someone who has been on a diet for, like, only 3 weeks, anyway?
But even after that, I can't promise I'll post as much as I once thought I would:
apart from english not being my first language, the fact is that on RAF I find that there isn't really that much to debate, to tweak. Especially compared to other diets.

Welcoming Committee / Ciao
« on: September 12, 2013, 07:38:12 pm »
I'm 33, live in Florence.

My story:
March 2010 - feeling more or less good, not awesome but no ailments of any kind, really, I started paying attention to my nutrition because in last 2-3 years I had started putting on some weight (always had been skinny effortlessly before that).

April 2010: I did cut out sodas and started going running a bit more again
May 2010: cut off  juices, sweets, added sugars
June 2010: cut back on fruit and started to eat more "low glycemic index" carbs cooked "al dente" (cooked until just firm)
August 2010: cut back on carb ratio all together, my macronutrients composition resembled a "Zone Diet" (even though technically I wasn't following one)
October 2010: Low Carb

February 2011: undestood that if I wanted to be slim one cannot gorge on cream and bacon, and still have abs only because he is avoiding carbs (that raise insulin, Taubes*, and bla bla bla)
*I like him and think he is on point on a few things, but that one is just silly.

June 2011: VLC-Paleo , many days ZC

March 2013: cut off all dairy (that I love), cheats aside, a part from Butter

25 August: VLC Raw Paleo, most days Raw ZC/Carnivore

Why I'm trying raw?
My health is ok, the only things I'd actually have to improve (and I don't know if it is possible) are a bit of myopia, a couple of brown spots, undereye bags and whiteheads that keep coming a bit too abundant onmy nose. Nothing terrible.
But I always loved "steak tartare" and cooked steak as little/rare as possible, so I'd say that compared to others I wouldn't have had such a hard time trying it out.
And besides some literature that seems pointing towards eating raw (or at least less cooked) meat, I spontaneously discovered that, for example, when I cooked ribs at high temperature in the oven, and probably more in general, I always seemed to scratch my palate. Plus some times I had a bit more itching, that otherwise I though would come only from eating carbs (I'm not diabetic at all, but I'm very tuned in feeling even a slight itching that often surfaces when I ate something that's not that great, bread being probably one of the worst offenders).

So here I am.
One of the biggest steps, recently, was giving up Butter.
I'm not sure if in the long run I'll give up dairy all togheter, but from a practical stance, since I don't have a source of raw dairy day in and day out, I'm quite a bit.
I missed it a lot, but eventually managed, for the moment, to do without it. And not later than yesterday I discovered that raw bone marrow is awesome and supplies most of the things I love of taste of butter. Wish I would have know before.

Other things I'm doing, trying, health-wise, beside diet are:
-reasonable physical activity (alternating during the year between gym, running, swimming etc.)
-barefoot walking twice a week and wearing "Correct Toes" at home
-Cold showers and aside from exceptions no shampoo no body soap, no perfume
-Plus lenses 30 min a day, and for the rest of the day trying to use as undercorrected lenses as possible
(I got "inspired" for the last two things from the blog "gettingstronger", but for the eyes I have been doing as well some Bates exercises and some looking at the sun for some seconds (only before 9 a.m. when it's weaker) or near the sun till 10:15 am)
-I use an "Inversion Table" and stay 12 minutes upside-down.

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