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Off Topic / Earth's shape?
« on: November 07, 2015, 03:08:54 am »
A ball or flat?
Both same material. First video (about 2 hours), second in written form.

Considering majority of mentalities and "opinions" on this: Before you say anything, and especially if what you intend to say is negative, like "total nonsense" or "bullshit" or anything like that. Best you watch the video or read the book first (both same material, of which some points might be false, but that doesn't mean all of them are; because all of them definitely are not false, especially some of the most direct and important ones).
Then think it all (enough of it) over with an unbiased mind, advisably relying mostly on info originating from personal senses and experiences and mental unbiased reasoning, focusing on that which you personally can with certainty verify for yourself (as opposed to parroting-repeating what someone or something you might or might not regard as authority consciously or subconsciously, dictates-decides what and how you must think and say without yourself actually understanding anything you are thus thinking and saying). Because there are many things Earth being a ball and rotating fast would simply make impossible to be, yet are; and/or would make this "Earth" to be different than it is.

Hot Topics / Parasites really are severely underestimated.
« on: April 01, 2015, 06:21:04 am »
Parasites are severely underestimated...
If you behave in some certain way, or eat something specific, or do or say something... Is it really you?

It's rather odd noticing yourself "craving" sugary stuff when you consciously know for an absolute fact that sugars in such amounts are only harmful to you. And your body knows it even better, down to molecular level and very probably much smaller. So, the "craving" does not come from you, nor comes it from your body. Yet there it is... So WTF!?! Where's it coming from??

Presently our environment and us are so toxic that parasites don't really have to do much to keep themselves well and fed and very comfortable. They have food in immense abundance, I'd say far more than we humans have food for ourselves. But imagine a world that is clean, there's not much for parasites to eat, like the times thousands of years ago. The times when parasites would have had to see a lot of effort to get what they want and need. Right now it's a small nudge here and there, more than that simply isn't necessary, but back then... it would have been more than just a nudge. Enough to call someone a "demon"? Possessed and literally not in control of own body.

How many people do things that are harmful to them, while knowing very well it is harmful? And are seemingly incapable of not doing it.

Obvious connection between present-day "parasites" and "demons" of old.

Parasites can and do manipulate your actions and behavior, what you eat, what you like or dislike, etc. How they affect us is far worse than how they look.
Since they use our own nervous system to make us get them what they want, we aren't even aware of if we haven't first acquired the awareness that such a thing actually is going on. The cleaner the body, the easier to notice how they manipulate, so someone with a very toxic body (like most western-world people) is screwed.

Mass-produced food full of toxins and chemicals and sugar absolutely is extremely high quality food. Just not for humans. But for parasites.
Mainstream food industry and medical industry, etc., is literally not for humans, it is all for parasites living in us.
The crap most of humanity eats today would have been thrown away in old times, because they would have known it is not food.
Almost the entire "modern" world is not for us. Is for parasites of various kinds. Through us they keep themselves growing. We're just a resource for them.

Something I conceived a few weeks ago. Now occurred to me the demon part and the past - that in old times parasites were (probably) known as demons.
Thousands and thousands of parasites, the kind eyes cannot see up to many meters long parasitic worms. Does it end with those many meters long parasitic worms? I'd say no... so whatever else possible.

Two videos, total ~17 minutes as a complement. Found them saying essentially the same things I had already come to on my own.
It's "nice" to see youtube burying essential information...

So... Who are you? Who have you been most of your life? Who will you be in the future? A human or...?

Now kind of interested in reading old (and hopefully uncorrupted) texts on demons, possessions, and such... using the new perspective.

------- edit: View the same videos in this forum ----------

Parasites - The Demons Within : Introduction

Parasites - The Demons Within : Introduction Part 2

General Discussion / Silica from sand?
« on: July 05, 2014, 02:06:54 am »
When I was a small child I used to eat sand, repeatedly (also chalk and this stony white foamy-looking construction block and egg shells)... probably rather common thing but now silica got my attention and, well, sand is silicon dioxide...
Tried googling this a bit but didn't find anything satisfying at all. The little I found says toddlers/children are curious and experiencing new things. But then why would some, like I did, eat it over an extended period and basically whenever they can? (Though eventually I stopped.) Curiosity and experience, or simply like the texture as some explain it? I rather highly doubt that. I'm more inclined toward silica deficiency from "normal" foods, assuming you can get it from sand...

Wondering if anyone has some info on this and whether you can get silica from eating sand.

"Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here?"
Been asked for pretty much forever. And never an answer.

(2 hour long video, but well worth it. I'd say absolutely essential to anyone who cares about true reality. Is it actually true? Don't know, but what other possibilities? But what we do know and can know, with absolute certainty, is that the official stories, by the governments and institutions, are all dead-wrong.)

Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong

Even though there is no truly "palpable" evidence, it nevertheless is extremely logical and thus extremely likely. Because we do not fit here like do all the other animals. We simply do not fit as well. Something is off, it is dead-obvious to anyone whose mind is "pure" enough. We here, as we are, does not make sense at all from a natural way of process. We fit yet not quite.

This complements the previous very well (2 hour long as well, and as well absolutely essential).

That humanity in its almost present state came out of Africa? It may well be very much true.
Did we mix and interbreed with others outside Africa? Definitely. But before that were we "designed"? Very likely.

Evidence speaks for itself. This said there's so much indicating something entirely different than that what the "authority" is telling us.

General Discussion / Body pH
« on: May 07, 2014, 05:44:53 am »
I stumbled onto it and... haven't noticed anyone speak of it. Today read about it first time in my life.
Foods certainly have different pH levels. Could explain why sometimes some foods don't want to go down, or vice versa, even when the item either has something in it you need or not. That some "cravings/wants" and good tastes have nothing to do with nutrients in them but instead the pH level.
What I read says pH level plays a role in metabolism. That you can eat as healthy foods as you want, but if your pH is off the nutrients won't be as bioavailable. Could be a cause for some health problems that don't seem to go away, because pH is not addressed.
Another aspect of health to consider. Especially for beginners.
Between 7 and 8 is supposedly the right range of pH.

Meats are acidic, minerals are alkaline. Could explain why ZCers seem to need more minerals for optimal health. Greens are alkaline (carnivores tend to munch on greens from time to time).

It seems sort of similar with "Schumann" resonance. The first astronauts got sick in orbit not having Schumann resonance up there... they equipped all manned vessels with a Schumann resonator - fixed the problem. Speaks how important it is. Down on earth, now, there's wifi, cell phones, towers, etc., getting in the way of and overpowering the Earth's natural frequency aka Schumann resonance. (Those really do affect people... got wifi straight through my head for months... Eventually I began having this urge to get away when sitting in front of the computer. Then the headaches came. Thought it was low magnesium, extra magnesium made it a little better for several days. Then got rid of wifi and voila! The urge to get away is gone, but now have to heal from direct wifi damage... energy weapons... eh, in my home... killing me. An experiment was done with plankton once; wifi, and similar, killed them eventually.)

General Discussion / Grainfed and grain-finished beef fat
« on: March 08, 2014, 03:53:09 am »
Do they have an identifying flavor, smell and taste? As well the feel to the touch and tongue. Compared to grassfed.
Has anyone noticed a sort of distinct difference between those and grassfed?

Took some out of the freezer yesterday and it doesn't have an exactly palatable smell, nor that good a taste... feels different too, too grainy and dry.
I once tried pig fat, it was disgusting, extremely disgusting. This fat has a similar flavor, far far far less strong but still there.
When I smell it, really take it in, I get this "throw it away!!!!!!!" response... I've smelled beef fat before, so this is new.

The fat came in bulk some time ago. I have no idea whether the animals are fed grains or not, all I know is they definitely aren't locked up all year round, or if they are at all. The farm was branded "organic" or such a few years ago, but this label means "raw-wise" as good as nothing.
I know young lamb tastes bad. Perhaps some fat from a young animal ended up in the box? The pieces I took out do look kind of miniature...

This is truly idiotic. In times when we shouldn't any longer worry about where to get food, we have to search for it... We have technology, knowledge, people - we have all that is needed for mass-production of quality food. I would very much not waste my life searching for food. I have other plans and I have far more potential.

General Discussion / Seaweeds, self harvesting, Baltic sea
« on: February 05, 2014, 04:55:02 am »
Are all seaweeds edible? Where do they specifically grow, and how far and in how deep water? When what kind are in season (if they have these) and are some available during winter?
I will go check the shores myself anyway but I'm waiting for winter to pass and would very much like to know what I'll be getting myself into.
What to look for and where.

I'd rather harvest myself without paying for something I could potentially get for free with the expense of seeing and touching nature.

Interested especially in the ones in the Baltic sea, as I actually live about 30 km from the shoreline.

Journals / Once I realized being "normal" is being ill.
« on: January 04, 2014, 06:58:45 pm »
In december 2012 I had these weird instances, at work, where I simply had to stop moving, had to sit down or just lean against a wall and rest 'cause my vision got slightly blurry and just felt a little weird, but it went as it came, rather swiftly. A physical job, in a fruit and vegetable, and such, warehouse. An easy job, constant moving around lifting boxes and crates, checking the quality of goods, it was an active job. Didn't know then the blurriness and weird feeling was of any indication of something bad, didn't then know anything really, so I just went on the same. It got progressively worse over about eight months, to the point where I had several instances of those a work-day, the need to rest going up to twenty or so minutes before getting better, to not listen to my body and simply going onward despite it would've resulted in loss of consciousness, I have no doubt in that. Never went that far with those fits, thanks to me being rather sensitive anyway, so I noticed before too late.
All that time I was on the "normal" diet.

At one point I decided to eat something else for a change, went for f-ing spaghetti. the result was the kind of tummy ache/nausea/hell I have never had in my life before. Lasted for about five hours, constant suffering. While suffering I had some of the spaghetti left, on the fridge, just sitting there, and repeatedly my focus went to it with an emotion/feeling/notion indicating "do not eat that/never eat that/not food". That notion was repeatedly, every single time, directed at that stuff on a plate on the fridge. At that time I knew as good as nothing at all about diet. So I thought, why would my subconsciousness give me such a message? After all, its spaghetti - a normal food.

Then a few days later I noticed, in facebook, someone sharing an article. About wheat.
It had every symptom I experienced listed there, and more. Grain products out of my diet for life.

Then I googled more and found this forum. Tried raw meat and it wasn't bad. Began adding more and more raw. Got some beef, body began craving it once I showed some in my mouth. Managed to get some beef fat - best stuff I've ever had.

I also was from morning to night, all the time, the entire day, so tired. When I woke up, put my clothes on, I didn't even feel like taking them off again to go back to sleep, for months like that. I, of course, didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Once I changed my diet that got fixed in a few days.

While transitioning I, for about five days, got way too little fat, didn't know to check how much I needed. I still had those fits, and with those five days it got so extremely bad that for about a whole week I couldn't sleep properly, lucky if two hours straight a time. My chest, inside, felt like it was burning and swollen, like there's not enough room. It was palpitating, could visibly see my chest going up and down in my heart's rhythm.
Left the job of course, would've left either way. The workers there were kind of morons anyway, the manager the biggest of all.
On raw diet, as much as I can here. Just suffering and waiting till it gets better. Did, still does, get better, but so slowly. Heart doesn't heal quick.
As well, from my work they sent all employees to check their health, primarily heart and related, that was in march or april when I already had those fits rather regularly. In hindsight you'd think they'd find something wrong, but no, I'm one of the healthiest persons they've seen. Imbeciles.

Right before the fits turned into a real heart problem I had some days of real clarity, physically and mentally. Vision got better, like I can finally see the world I live in in true clarity. As well I noticed my teeth getting stronger and healthier, my hands feeling better from handling fat barehanded, as well certain mental "blocks" I've had my whole life just were gone, and I didn't before even know I had something like that.
There's this compulsory military service thing here. I didn't go of course, they branded me "asperger's", I know now for a fact that psychology is total BS as well. Not to mention many characteristics they ascribe to that "condition" are in fact the kind a person should envy if doesn't have him/herself.
As well, in hindsight, it seems I was constantly depressed, or something like that, with some moments of clarity. Once diet changed that all went with the crap.
Brain begun working right, more or less.

The heart problem kind of debilitated me for months, still in effect. I used to work out and run/jog regularly, but haven't done those for about 4 months now. It's like my muscles go ahead and my heart is dragging a furrow behind, if I try something physical.

Now, this year, as of about 5 days back my messed up condition seems to be significantly better, weird to coincide with the year's change like that. I'd estimate perhaps 6 months to take it slowly, and begin exercising again easily, very easily. And perhaps a year and a half from now I'll be back up and running.

Didn't go to any doctors, and why would I? I was sent from work to check my health and they say I'm fine... I wasn't fine. So what the f are they doing, what are they good for? Morons, put very lightly. I've had problems with health before as well, when younger, the doctors were clueless as usual.

It's very hard to find food in my country, as there's pigs everywhere. I tried pig's fat, it was absolutely disgusting. I'd rather eat it cooked than raw. And unfortunately that's how it has been for about 3 months, as I haven't gotten any fat from anywhere. It's some smoked rib fat and over the months I've noticed a degradation of mind, I've got nothing else to connect it with as everything else is raw. Before the smoked crap my mind was clear, aside the heart's effect.

Perhaps (more like "I must get" 'cause living with crap being my energy source is no option any longer, I feel like crap too, wasn't so with raw fat being my energy source) will get something in the next few weeks, I put up a request on a site. Best to try and get month's worth of food and just store it in the freezer. This country is... if a black hole went through here, well... it wouldn't go through, it would get lost.

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