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Thought i'd make a new thread, i posted this in tyler's journal, basically a theory on why raw paleoists dont exercise, dont take it as fact lol

When i exercise, i never get cravings for carbs for the rest of the day, it's only when i dont i find myself thinking of eating crap lol

Mainly because you're using your fat reserves, far more efficiently for energy, then if you sit around

In order to use fat for energy efficiently you need to expend alot more energy, exercise is a part of that expenditure

Sedentary & endemic carb in tissue, brings on cravings for carbs, as a low exercise body burns fat far less efficiently, cravings for carbs, ie energy which uses less effort to use, occur

Fat is also far efficient then carbs in terms of density

Carbs have 4 calories per gram, while fat has 9 calories per gram

On a ketogenic diet, ie zero or low carb, diet, with exercise you're getting double the amount of calories by burning 1 gram of fat, then you would by burning 1 gram of carb's or sugar

Sedentary lifestyles crave carbs & sugar, because of their inability to use fat efficiently, even with ketogenesis, or on a low carb diet

Why people like aajonus or people who find exercise unhealthy, is because of the periodicity of sedentaryism, or their biological clock, after a term of ketogenesis, ie eating fat as a fuel, being stationary or sedentary forces them to use alternative forms of energy from their liver & muscle, which are different types of sugars from regular carbs, but still burn alot faster then fat

They would need prolonged exposure to exercise to allow their bodies to use energy from fat, when stationary or sedentary, as theyre bodies have adapted to processing sugars stored in their muscle liver etc., when sedentary or stationary

When exercising the adaptation from sugars in muscle & organs, makes it difficult for them to adapt to an efficient fat burning process

Their existing fat & raw food reserves, allows them extended stamina & health, but forced exercise or physical stress forces them to use fat reserves inefficiently, because of their prolonged sedentary, resulting in maladjustment

Why Not Exercising May Be Good For You

You could also argue, because the sugars stored in your body, are also released automatically, if not used, 12 hours for your liver, about 8 hours for muscle

Which is the main reason high carbers, wake up with sugar induced coma's & crystals in their eyes, their bodies dump the carbs stored in their muscle & liver into their bloodstream, every 8 & 12 hours, before it gets stored as fat & back into liver & muscle

The efficient periodicity of the release of sugars, could actually be beneficial over those who exercise & train their bodies to use fat efficiently when sedentary

As you're getting a double release of calories every 8 or 12 hours, & the low amount of energy required to use them, leading to less overall stress on the body as a whole

General Discussion / Raw Eggs VS Raw Fish Eggs - fish eggs much better?
« on: February 06, 2010, 01:40:17 am »
I've finally found some great raw eggs, marshwater duck eggs, ridiculously thick yoke looks almost cooked, but fresh & you need a hacksaw just to crack the damn thing ... the shell's pretty tough, nothing like the regular brittle egg shells, it actually looks more like plaster of paris lol

I've also been eating Herring Melts - Herring eggs, & cod roe, both taste great

Healthwise, the fish eggs give me alot more energy & my eyesight improves rapidly, the raw eggs, dont seem to do anything, the nutrition seems to help, but nowhere as noticeable as the fish eggs

Anyone else tried the difference?

Experimenting with kefir atm, i just got some suet & pigs fat, i was wondering if you can create kefir from Raw animal fats, or at least ferment it?

I really dont like the fact, kefir grains are simple sugars, i'd much rather use a animal based starter

I was also thinking of using tripe, or pigs stomach, as they contain the trichirus whipworm, one of the most advanced & effective forms of treating auto-immune deficiencies, like crohns & colitis

Could also be useful in growing back limbs, unfortunately i dont have any missing limbs to test it on ... lol, refer to regenerative medicine, its use of pigs intestine tissue to regrow limbs & print organs, using tissue printing printers

It's a principle of runelore that all noises are commands. If words are repeated rhythmically as they are in songs, yes they are enchantment. After the French "chanter", to sing.

Well, people no longer speak anymore

speaking & thinking in slogans & soundbytes from mainstream science, this is simply a form of chanting

This is the same technique they used in africa to get them to line up for their daily dose of aids, by the doctors

millions of africans chanting facts & research as they line up for their shots of aids & bacterial weaponised chemical injections

This is how they get you, you think you're informed, you've done your research, this is when you're at your weakest, when you dont know something, when you question, you are at your strongest

millions of people chanting facts, as they self poison themselves through their cooked foods & self poison themselves through alcohol, no quing needed

You see the same thing happening with people, chanting facts & research as they walk down the street, to their local chemical engineering centre, also known as a supermarket, to get their latest additives & preservatives, their latest dose of prescription drugs & legalised synthetic heroine in their chocolates & boiled sweets

Children & infants caught up in childhood, too busy being happy to develop their minds

Banned from working on farms & apprentices, under child laws, children grow up undeveloped & dysfunctional, cut off from their food & the people who feed them, abstracted & in states of minimalism

Brain damage the young through underdevelopment & poison the old

True knowledge is to unknow, knowing something, like the 27 letters of the alphabet, causes enchantment, to chant as one

The true danger is the internet, television simply trained us what to chant & how to chant in a materialistic society

television was simply the training

The internet is the true beginning of the end, the age of the bechamel mind, the hive mind, no more personality, no more opinions, no more self reflection

They began with our souls, they took away our spirituality, our reasons to live, our philosphies & destroyed our true guru's, they took away the answers of why we are here, & now the end game, our ability to enjoy & percieve life, even in wage slavery & diseased bodies, it's never enough ....

We live in a nation, where millions have taken vows of spiritual celibacy, they vow never to be spiritual or profound, & take vows to make as much money as they can, they become capitalist monks

They live in monasteries devoted to mana & abstaining from spiritual intercourse, the whore of enlightenment & self purpose & autonomy, are taxed & regulated as guru's prostitute themselves in red light districts

With the new agers & ppl like alex jones & skeptics running sting operations on people soliciting in spirituality & self knowledge

We eschewed real mathematics for simplistic models of thought in the form of 1+1=2 & real science & knowledge for einsteinian, & occultic doctrine, disguised as evolution, genetic & psychology,

& healing as atomism the real name for modern medicine

Chanting, whether its soundbytes or catchphrases, or quotes, or stating facts, theyre all forms of chanting & as any budhist or hare krishna will tell you, designed to disassociate you from reality

So as you chant your facts from the latest research, or website, realise you are no longer questioning or seeking understanding, you are simply in chains of thought

Unknow your thoughts, unplug yourself from reductionist sciences & reductionist technologies

Stop living vicariously through facts & research & science & start creating your own theories, your own thoughts, excercise your right to think, to create & recreate those facts in your own image

Off Topic / Reading & Typing Faster when i semi-fast ...
« on: January 28, 2010, 11:51:24 pm »
After two days of eating & snacking the odd prawn, about 12 a day & very minimal water, about 3 or 4 glasses a day

My reading speed is insane, i can read a whole page in under a minute & my typing speed is alot faster ...

I basically ate tons of liver & kidneys , about 150g of liver, & 100g of muscle meat before the fast, i basically couldnt be bothered to eat for a couple of days, i'm getting some interesting results

I can think alot clearer & retain alot more when i read, it does make you a bit light headed

I use my own speed reading techniques, ive developed over the years, & this fast boosted my speed reading from 2 minutes a page to under a minute a page

I might semi fast regularly because of this ... interesting stuff

Hot Topics / Modern Ultra-Microscope's Prove Antoine Bechamp Right
« on: January 28, 2010, 11:29:04 pm »
Modern ultramicroscopes like Ergonom 400, prove bechamp was correct about pleomorphism & the body environment

"But Bechamp was only the first in a long line of researchers who have found evidence of pleomorphism. Gunther Enderlein, in the first third of the 20th century, discovered form-changing micro-organisms which he called ‘endobionts’. Von Brahmer later called them ‘Siphonosospora polymorpha’. The contemporary Canadian biologist, Gaston Naessens, has viewed and studied the life cycle of such bodies, which he calls ‘somatids’. Over the years, others, including the extraordinary microscope inventor and scientist, Royal Rife, have also provided evidence of pleomorphism.

Muschlein’s work with the Ergonom 400 follows in this tradition. "Von Brahmer and others found a special microbe in the human blood," Muschlein says. "This microbe is present in all human beings. In its early stages of development, it is symbiotic, living friendly within the body, in harmony with the immune system. When a person becomes weakened, by surgery, infection, vaccination, stress, and so on, the microbe changes its cyclogenia (cycle of development). It becomes larger, aggressive, pathogenic, parasitic. These larger forms are found in the blood of people threatened by, or suffering from, cancer. With the Ergonom 400 one can observe at what stage this microbe exists."

By examining the stage of development of this micro-organism in the blood, Muschlein says, one can determine the state of health, or conversely, the level of pre-cancerous or cancerous conditions in the body. One substance that tends to change this micro-organism into larger, more aggressive forms is that old nemesis, sugar. "That means a cancer patient cannot eat refined sugar," Muschlein says. Beyond that, anyone who is sick who wants to heal should also not eat sugar, he contends. "

Off Topic / 5% of the Earth's crust is made up of mono-atomic atoms
« on: January 28, 2010, 09:30:17 pm »

David Hudson; a cotton farmer, who while investigating soil problems on his farm, suddenly made my life very much more complicated, when he discovered that approximately 5% of the Earth's crust is made up of mono-atomic atoms, that normal test equipment can't see. He spent 8.7 million dollars of his own money to acquire the services of the best people and equipment on this planet in conducting his investigation. He was able to determine that plants and animals have a large percentage of these monatomic atoms in their makeup.

I'm researching fats atm, i was wondering what peoples views were, on the composition of animal & body fats?

What are they made of, do they contain stuff like neoplasmas? etc

I'm trying to research the similar compositions of fat & tumours, as from my own research states they have very similar compositions

Could anyone point out what the similarities are? thnx

Off Topic / Sesame Street & Why we have the G8 - Glen Kealey
« on: January 28, 2010, 07:35:06 pm »
ALL slogans & sayings & fables, are really forms of memetic enchantment, or imitations & slogans of occultic practise, for example the saying "Life begins at 40"

Glen Kealey talks about pilgrims, brainwashed by catholic missionaria to participate in freemasonry rituals, at tour st jaques

"The Way of St. James (ie: The Way of Western Freemasonry) is first and foremost a French road (Grand Orient). 80% of all Pilgrims who assemble in Paris at the Tour St. Jaques to undertake the journey into Spain are French, while the remainder speaks mostly English or German. On "The Way" French is the language spoken at all the Monasteries and Cathedrals.

The allegory behind the quest is that of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. Upon their return to Paris, Pilgrims will stand at the door of the Louvre Museum in Paris and proclaim out loud "Open...we are Friends" (Open Sesame - open meaning "ouvre" in French, plus we know that there is no "L" from the Christmas carol, "Noel, noel".

Also, phonetically speaking, Sesame in French is C'est amis; or again in English, "Its friends").

Now you should also overstand why Jim Hansen produced Sesame Street, the baby-sitter who indoctrinated your kids early. Remember the photograph depicting the leaders of the worlds largest economies, the G8, standing before the glass pyramid in front of the Louvre Museum? Those people were representing Ali Baba and his 40 Thieves who come to the Louvre Museum requesting admission to Freemasonry's 40th degree. For them "Life begins at 40"."

Health / Great Article on Healing a Persons Eyesight
« on: January 27, 2010, 08:57:22 am »
"Dr. Bates, a man that taught people how to see clearly without lenses. recounts that many school children would be able to read all lines on the chart - so long as their mother was in the room! As soon as the mother left the room, the child could barely read the top line. What does this say?

 That stress and strain can blur vision and that comfort and support can clear it. There are countless examples of people totally improving their eyesight from 5 year old children to 70 year old women. This is another example of behind the times money grubbing ignorance hiding the easier way life can be. Don't be fooled. Even the medical school textbook that prescribes glasses has the answer to blurriness if a person looks for it. The textbook is about defining reality - and holding it static, treating life as automatic. The reality is different. You can relax. You can avoid strain. You can let go of the strain and let the eyeball retake its shape.

I've been craving for fish lol, i found a supplier with flash frozen giant prawns in their own sea water , with the shells still on & some sablefish, are the mercury levels a problem?

I'm getting them from here :

Or if anyone can recommend a seafood supplier in the u.k


Hot Topics / How to Create REAL Raw Paleo Honey
« on: January 26, 2010, 07:05:36 pm »
After researching my material into the deleterous effects of honey, I realised the honey combs & honey sold today is UNFIT for consumption

The main fact i realised is the lack of a queen bee in modern hives, without a queen bee, royal jelly & grubs are severely reduced, the main components of honey

Because of the chronic low levels of royal jelly, protein from grubs & lack of wax which contains & stores the propolis & pollen,  without them honey is simply a high concentration of sugar

I've found a way round this & we can quite easily create a honey almost as close to raw wild honey

Using my research i created what I call the Raw Paleo Honey Recipe

The Raw Paleo Honey Recipe is ...

All bee keepers & farms, who grow their honey by hand, sell the stuff they scrape off the frame by hand as Wax Clippings

These wax clipping contain high amounts of pollen & propolis

You can also buy the Royal Jelly from bee farms who specialise in raising queen bee's

Royal jelly contains massive amounts of protein from bee grubs or larvae

Also you can buy freeze dried pollen

Combine the above & you have a honey high in protein from bee grubs & tons of wax & pollen & royal jelly, as close as to raw wild honey

All this WITHOUT the high sugar & glycemic index of honey

The raw paleo honey recipe, wax clippings, royal jelly, freeze dried pollen, dipped in small amounts of raw honey

This describes the main reason why honey as sold today, even organic is completely unsuitable for consumption

Also i'm pretty sure, unless you have a large amount of wax & propolis & royal jelly, to dilute the sugar content of honey to a manageable level, it will not work as aajonus recommends

aajonus uses im guessing undrained honey, honey in its purest form, or from a wild hive

honey with the grubs & wax clippings surrounding the frame, a large amount of propolis is around the frame of a beehive, which gets heated off

Also dont buy from apiaries or beefarms, who use stuff like frames, as they dont keep the queen bee inside the hive ... so no grubs or large amounts of propolis & royal jelly

It is basically impossible to buy honey from local bee farms, what i would consider beneficial to health, as the queen bee is isolated from the hive, in modern bee apiaries, resulting in a huge decrease in royal jelly & protein from grubs, which is what aajonus refers too

I have however found a way round this & will post in a minute

This also explains WHY raw paleoists are getting such a deleterous effect from ingesting honey, chronic low levels of royal jelly & protein from grubs in modern farms

General Discussion / Can you ingest food through your skin?
« on: January 26, 2010, 08:34:20 am »
I was wondering if a large number of very fine particles of meat, could be absorbed through the skin

If so you could create a dermal high meat patch, for ppl who want to take high meat, but cant stand the taste or smell, ive already got a method for the smell

Raw paleo dermal patches anyone? lol

I got the idea, after thinking about the giant pre-historic tree's & because they were so large, how they mustve sprayed hundreds of pounds of high meat into the air daily, because of the massive dinosaurs around at the time

In the pre-flood pre deluvian times, this is probably how people ate, in the golden age before the flood, they probably bred tree's & plants specifically to distribute food dermally & nasally & buried tree's in meat instead of soil

They probably deodarised the meat

Jus some thoughts

I've been looking for research on hair loss on a raw paleo diet for a while, Pig thyroids bring your t3 & t4 levels up & allow your thyroid levels to grow back hair

Fortunately pig thyroids are very easy to get, ask for pig sweetbreads, & make sure they contain thyroids

Empirical evidence has already led to the belief that hair loss is the result of decreased metabolism in the scale follicles of people with low levels of thyroid hormone, resulting in early release of the hair shaft and root. Hair that is brittle, has split ends and breaks has been observed to correlate with low thyroid levels.

Many physicians and dermatologists diagnose low thyroid based solely on early graying of the hair and the loss of hairs from the outer ends of the eyebrows.

If you are lucky enough to have a naturopath or physician that practices holistic medicine, you will get the natural thyroid replacement, derived from pigs. The pig thyroid hormone is bio-identical to the human thyroid hormone and contains both T3 and T4. The most popular brand of natural thyroid is Armour thyroid. Since this will be recognized by your body as a natural substance, you will not build resistance to it, and there are no undesirable side effects. There are some physicians who have gone into the hormone balancing business who will be willing to treat you with this natural hormone. If all you have is a traditional doctor, you can try being assertive and firm, making it clear that you will only accept natural substances into your body.

It may take a series of baby steps to get your thyroid level adjusted to where it should ideally be. Many physicians are reluctant to prescribe a dose that will bring your levels of T3 and T4 back to levels considered prime. Many use tests that compare you to others your age. If you are 40, your level will be compared to the 40 year old population which includes many people with underperforming thyroids. So you will have to make it clear that you want to be supplemented to the ideal level. Once your thyroid hormone levels are stabilized in an ideal range, your hair loss or graying will eventually slow down and finally stop, and you will probably have a lot more energy.

Understanding hair loss

There are three common types of hear loss. General shedding occurs throughout the head. You notice more hair in drains, hair brushes, and on the bathroom floor. This is the most common form of hair loss typically found in people with hypothyroidism and also those with hyperthyroidism.

The second type of hair loss involves circular patches of hair loss, or complete hair loss resulting from many such small patches. This is usually the result of a fungal infection or autoimmune alopecia, and is not particularly associated with thyroid problems.

The third type is male pattern hair loss, and although men are the most susceptible, women get it too. It is concentrated on the temples and top of the head, and is caused by the enzymatic conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This conversion makes hair follicles shrink up and disappear. If you have been receiving thyroid treatment and your hair loss continues, this conversion is the most likely reason. It is easily remedied by taking Saw Palmetto, an herb sold in health food stores and by online health retailers.

Men with hairy bodies but little hair on their heads are usually converting much of their testosterone to DHT. This conversion may also put them at risk for prostate problems including prostate cancer.

Other alternative treatments

A recent study at Portsmouth University found that 90 percent of women with thinning hair were deficient in iron and the amino acid lysine, although this does not imply a causal relationship. Fish, meat and eggs are the only dietary sources of lysine. A vitamin, mineral and fatty acid supplementation program may also be helpful.

Hot Topics / Kamal Meattle: How to grow your own fresh air
« on: January 25, 2010, 08:08:42 am »
you can never open a window for the rest of you life and always have the freshest air!


We have herbs, roots & spices in our environment for a reason & we need herbalists naturopaths with their knowledge of nature, to help us where paleo diets dont work

There are plenty of dangerous strains of parasites & mutated forms of bacteria, a paleo diet will not protect you from, fortunately for us the advanced immune systems of the cows & animals we consume, kill most of those for us

Which is WHY we dont eat soil & grass & leaves, UNLESS theyre specifically edible for humans, they contain dangerous strains of parasites & bacteria FOREIGN to the human body

The birds & animals & insects around us CONSUME incompatible parasites & bacteria from the air around us, they also recycle the toxic gases & radiations of the sun & our solar system

Birds & animals & insects & plants, are our Secondary Immune System

The reality, a diseased body will attract those strains & we're affected by the sun etc., precisely because we're not mentally in tune with the ecological cycles around us, eating is one thing

If we dont get out of our cities & blocks of rooms, or if we dont stop using artificial concrete & bricks which poison the environment around us, those dangerous strains of parasites & mutated forms of bacteria, will attack us & destroy our civilisation

We're destroying our SECONDARY IMMUNE SYSTEM

The stark reality is, we DONT have the technology to kill those parasites or bacteria, they resist EVERYTHING, x-rays, radiation

The ONLY thing we have to keep the incompatible parasites & bacteria is OUR ENVIRONMENT, without it we will get overtaken

The ONLY reason it's safe for us to eat bacteria & parasites, is because our environment MAKES IT SAFE

The only reason we get stuff like building sickness, & poor air quality, is because there is NO environment in our flats & apartments

It's one thing to eat raw meat, if you DONT create an environment to process the incompatible parasites & bacteria, you are in GRAVE danger of becoming infected by parasites you CANNOT cure with a raw diet

We HAVE to create SECONDARY IMMUNE SYSTEMS within our homes, for the sake of our children & future generations & our relatives

We NEED soil in our homes, we need butterflies & birds in our homes, we NEED butterfly poop, we need small bird poop, fertilising & sterilising the air around us, we need small animals & plants to keep our homes fresh & clean

IF we as a race want to break the 100 year age limit, we have to create secondary immune systems & we have to study how to use our environment to  keep us NATURALLY SAFE FROM THE ELEMENTS right now

We HAVE to create BIO ORGANIC LIVING air conditioners, out of LIVING birds & butterflies, we HAVE to create BIO ORGANIC air filters out of plants & soils, we have to make streams INSIDE our homes to hydrate our living rooms & living spaces

We HAVE to learn how to make mountains & forests & streams in our living rooms

History has shown us we dont get many chances to create civilisations, we have to enjoy & recreate nature within our homes

Hot Topics / The Brilliant Richard Schulze On Lobelia & Smoking
« on: January 24, 2010, 10:24:21 am »
I'm surprised no ones hear dof Dr Richard Schulze one of the top, if not the best herbalist in U.S, here he talks about the amazing lobelia, & how easily it can make people stop smoking, nearly all of his interviews with sam biser are ridiculously informative, well worth googling

This year 500,000 People will DIE from Cancer, FAST and PAINFULLY! Learn about an Herb, Lobelia Inflata, which can HELP People to STOP Smoking Cigarettes -- after the "Patch" and ALL Willpower have FAILED!

This Herb is VERY POWERFUL, but is VERY UNPOPULAR! You will NOT read about it ANYWHERE else. Herbalists and Medical Officials are convinced, that it's TOXIC, but they're both WRONG!

Lobelia is a GREAT LIFESAVER, and it can HELP People, who have tried and FAILED, and FAILED again, to QUIT Smoking for GOOD! Lobelia is NOT a CURE for Lung Cancer, but it can SURE make you want to QUIT -- before the Cancer does start GROWING!

In America, the Herbalists are SCARED of Lobelia and don't know how to use it, but in England, it's sold in the BIGGEST Pharmacies for Lung PROBLEMS! Even there, NO one knows it can HELP People to STOP smoking for GOOD!

In this EXCLUSIVE Interview with Medical Herbalist and Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Richard Schulze, let's learn how to STOP Tobacco from KILLING 100's of 1000's of Men and Women.

SCHULZE: All of the other Herbalists are AFRAID to touch certain Herbs! We saw it with Chaparral, when Chaparral was politically INCORRECT. And for 5 years, American Herbalists ABANDONED it. Well, Lobelia has been politically INCORRECT for over 20 years.

BISER: What's the PROBLEM, since it's just an Herb?

SCHULZE: Well, it's a STRONG Herb. And see, with Chaparral, the Herbalists COMPLIED and and STOPPED using it, but after a 5 year period, it was realized, that the Herb wasn't HARMFUL, and now it's back in VOGUE again.
But Lobelia is a MUCH STRONGER Herb than Chaparral and in fact, it's one of the STRONGEST Herbs! Now Sam (Biser), we should mention, that the Phytochemicals, which are in Lobelia, are called Alkaloids, which are one of the STRONGEST of all of the 1000's of Plant Chemicals! In fact, Lobelia has Lobeline, which is one of the VERY STONGEST Plant Chemicals and Lobelia has 14 known Alkaloids, making it one of the STRONGEST Plants in the Plant World!

BISER: On the Planet?

SCHULZE: That's RIGHT! Lobelia is one of the MOST POWERFUL Plants! There's only a few Plants, that have MORE Alkaloids, and one of them is the Opium Poppy, from which we get Morphine and Codeine and other EXTREMELY STRONG Alkaloids. Of course, ALL of these are CONTROLLED by our Government.

The Medical People have decided to have a WAR against Lobelia and People have been HASSLED for manufacturing their Formulas with it, eventhough technically, it's LEGAL in America! And so Herbalists are AFRAID to touch it, because they might get SLAMMED by a Medical Group! Lobelia is considered an EXTREMELY POTENT and POWERFUL Herb, meaning that you will FEEL something, when you take it.

BISER: You mean that they would rather sell a MILD Herb, such as Chamomile?

SCHULZE: That's RIGHT! Because what you don't want legally, when you're treating someone, whether it's an Herbal Manufacturer or an Herbalist, is a REACTION. A REACTION means that you could have Legal Exposure and so it's MUCH SAFER to produce Herbs and/or to manufacture Herbal Products for the Public, that they know are NEVER going to do ANYTHING and now the Manufacturers and the Herbalists in America have pretty much decided across the board to NOT touch the STRONG Plants! And at the TOP of this Herb List is Lobelia and so NOW it's considered EXTREMELY politically and herbally INCORRECT!!
Now something, that I find very interesting, is on the other end of the Spectrum, if you go to what's considered the TOP book of Medical Chemistry in the United States, the Merck Index and of course, the Merck Manual. They state that Lobelia is a Respiratory Stimulant and AN Expectorant. In other words, it STIMULATES your ability to breathe EASIER and it HELPS you to expectorate things, like the Tobacco Tar, that's in your Lungs

BISER: What do you see with Lobelia?

SCHULZE: Lobelia has 14 Alkaloids and one of them is Lobeline, which is VERY SIMILAR to the Alkaloid, Nicotine, that's found in Tobacco. And so it STIMULATES your Body in a similar way, and it's also NOT HARMFUL to you! And you don't get ANY Tar, because you're NOT smoking a Cigarette.

BISER: How did you find-out that Lobelia could help?

SCHULZE: I had heard from a few old Herbalists, that while the Person was on Lobelia for Asthma or Bronchitis, they noticed that as a Side-Effect, some of these People would STOP smoking Cigarettes and didn't have ANY TROUBLE doing it! And then I thought, "What if we used Lobelia on purpose for getting People to STOP smoking Cigarettes?".

In my first few attempts in my Clinic, I mixed the Lobelia with other Herbs, but after while, I just gave People Lobelia Tincture ONLY and was SHOCKED at how EASY it was for MANY People to STOP IMMEDIATELY!! They didn't even have to WEAN-OFF of Cigarettes and they didn't have the physical CRAVING for Cigarettes either!

Alf I.
   .. March 20, 2008 5:13 AM

In the Clinic, I would give Lobelia Tincture to People and tell them to start INCREASING their Dosage of the Tincture, while they're TAPERING-OFF their Cigarettes.

Most People, who weren't SUCCESSFUL, STOPPING smoking Cigarettes all at once, were those People, who can put their mind to doing something and do it NO matter what, but that wasn't the VAST MAJORITY of my Patients.

Anybody out there, reading this, who is TOUGH, and who can put their mind to NEVER smoke again, I suggest you STOP smoking Cigarettes IMMEDIATELY and take a STRONG Dosage of Lobelia Tincture (5-10 drops) at anytime, that you're wanting to have a Cigarette. I'm talking about Drops here, NOT Dropperfuls, which you can put in a SMALL amount of water and then drink. These People, who are STRONG-WILLED, can STOP smoking Cigarettes IMMEDIATELY, if they take 5-10 drops of Lobelia Tincture!

BISER: What happens?

SCHULZE: The FIRST thing, that they'll notice, is a SCRATCHY or a BURNING feeling at the back of their Throat, because that's what the Lobeline in the Lobelia does. It's VERY SIMILAR to the feeling that you would get, if you chewed some Tobacco and swallowed it.

BISER: In fact, Lobelia is called Indian Tobacco.

SCHULZE: That's RIGHT! In fact, there's a past history in America of People smoking Lobelia, and noticing, that after they smoked it, that they got a HIGH, such as what you get, when smoking Tobacco, but their Lungs were also OPENED-UP! And if Lobelia is consumed in a Tincture, there's NO HARM to your Lungs whatsoever, since there's NO Tar going into your Lungs. In fact, because Lobelia is an Expectorant, it'll HELP to get RID of the Tar, that's in your Lungs!

BISER: What happens; do you just don't want to smoke?

SCHULZE: You won't have ANY desire to smoke that Cigarette! Of course, for the first couple of days, you'll MISS the usual hand-to-mouth motion, because smoking had become something, that's exotic and sensual. The REALITY is, that Lobelia STOPS the physical urge to want that Cigarette and to want the Nicotine and other Chemicals, that are in the Cigarettes, to which your Body had become ADDICTED, and so the urge DROPS-OFF, after a few days, when taking Lobelia Tincture, and so you'll notice that you don't want to smoke a Cigarette ANYMORE!

If I was to put in a side-note of almost guaranteed FAILURE for People, I'd tell People to make SURE that for a couple of weeks during their Wean-Off/Cold-Turkey Period, that they STAY-OFF of Alcohol. When People start consuming Alcohol, the next thing, that they usually want, is a Cigarette. They also have to AVOID Bars, Clubs and Restaurants, where other People are smoking. Usually, when my Patients FAILED, it was usually based around Bars and Alcohol.
A GOOD time to take your Lobelia is after a meal, because after a Meal is when EVERYONE wants to smoke a Cigarette. Or take your Lobelia, when the Phone rings or when someone knocks on your door. In other words, it's usually after a Meal or when there's an interaction with another Person, when a Person usually LIGHTS-UP a Cigarette

General Discussion / Trying to Find Fully Pastured Chickens in the u.k
« on: January 24, 2010, 08:42:50 am »
I'm having a hard time finding finding fully grass fed, ruminant fed chickens here in the u.k

Anyone know any suppliers?

General Discussion / Is chilli or cayenne bad for you?
« on: January 24, 2010, 05:23:35 am »
I read somewhere on this forum chilli pepper or cayenne was bad for you, anyone know why?

Primal Diet / Why Honey's Good For You - according to aajonus
« on: January 24, 2010, 03:26:43 am »
Bee's have an insulin like substance, which converts the carbo hydrates & sugars into enzymes, helping digest fats & proteins, fruits dont have that

enzymes arent alive - no nucleus, no respiratory system

Anyone know what the insulin like substance is? he mentined inuline ...

I was wondering why people died from easy to cure diseases, such as malaria, typhoid, vector born & none vector, without antibiotics, on regular diets

I always thought it was systemic toxemia

The only reason hunter gatherers didnt live long lives, was because they had malformed communities & no effective forms of communication, resulting in whats known as socially induced apoptis, cell death

Poor health didnt kill them, it was loneliness ... & no real communities or relationships to convince our biology, which is hard wired to survive in a community & through relationships, simply doesnt work in the face of a life time of solitude, or a life time of long spells away from loved ones

Longevity has very little to do with nutrition, apart from regeneration & healing, its well formed communities & the relationships we create, which give us the reason to live,

Its proving to our natural selection of cells, through complying with the natural social checks built into our cells, designed to weed out ppl who cant function in a community, or form healthy & long living relationships with the people around them, our very own cells start to kill themselves, if we cant communicate effectively in a community & relate to ppl

The MAJOR factor in modern longevity, is nobody is ever really alone, thanks to telephones, televison, the internet, we convince our socially hard wired cells to let us live longer

This is why hunter gatherers, & other older tribes & cities had such short life spans, fractioned communities with none functioning relationships & poor communication, induces socially induced cell apoptis

Our cells dont work, if we dont have relationships to use them & diversity afforded of complex communicative relationships

It's no coincidence, with the rise of the mechanical print & the invention of wireless & telephones, the mortality rates of people, living in isolated communities & poor functioning relationships, started to rise

The Diversity & complexity of communication, allows us to form more effective communities, & relationships, which convinces our socially hardwired cells, for working in tribes & packs, to stop dying

Our biological cells are hardwired to naturally weed out anyone who cant function in a tribe or a community, even if that person is in full health

If all our televisions, phones, internet, stopped functioning, millions of people, even if they were all on raw paleo diets, would start dying of socially induced cellular apoptis, because of the lack of diverse communication between hundreds of different communities & relationships they no longer have.

General Discussion / Recommend Sashimi or Sushi Recipes for newbies
« on: January 20, 2010, 09:05:17 pm »
I've found by calling raw meat sashimi & relating it to sushi & pointing out spices & rubs, kill any germs, most newbies are willing to try raw meats

I was wondering if there was a list of recipes for sashimi, or asian raw food recipes, i've tried raw beef sushi in sushi bars before, & they taste amazing, if ppl could recommend some tasty recipes for raw beef sashimi or raw beef sushi

I've got a few people coming down & i need to prepare a few platters


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