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General Discussion / Re: Rapid Evolution Counterargument Against RPD?
« on: February 12, 2010, 02:08:17 am »
meh, not even sure i should even bother posting, some idiot admin is likely to ban me again

Semiotics is more to do with the self organising, emergence movement in the 90's, when super fluids & self organising systems & intelligent crowds were all the rage, its also a bit crap, like most academic attempts at being creative, ie stephen hawkings black hole's & singularity ... oh yea & dark matter lol

No one has ever proven a black hole, or a singularity to exist ... it's just brainwashing & propoganda, the regular tools of modern day organised fanatical religions like science

Also take into account, general relativity falls apart in the sub-microscopic & sub macroscopic levels, including causality & time, & you've got basically what amounts to alot of people practising a fanatical religion who base their facts on faith & belief then real proof

Modern day evolution, albeit still wrong is trying to reinvent itself, like the even crappier theories, such as psychology, & its successor evolutionary psychology, both statistically based, monstrosities of disinformation & junk science

It's trying to include stuff like information science & developments such as super fluids & self correcting systems, & aspects of emergent systems, & complexity theory, to give it some sort of credibility,

Unfortunately for it, no one's forgotten its originator's were white supremacists, yes darwin & his family have a long history of being white supremacists & believing in the uber man, they were believers of gene pools, & superior genetic bloodlines, decades before darwin published his works, where do you think he got his influences from?

Which explains why their theories were used to justify the holocaust, nazism & apartheid & decades of oppression & racism, which continue to this day

So why do we have these false theories being popularised, & presented as facts? Basically politicised science, which is the correct term for most science today ....

Off Topic / Re: Unusual media article
« on: February 12, 2010, 01:37:06 am »
All light skinned people are of caucus descent, feel free to ban me for a day for that one too ...  l)

General Discussion / Re: Rapid Evolution Counterargument Against RPD?
« on: February 11, 2010, 10:35:25 pm »
"Yet when we observe human behavior all around us, we see people who “choose” between possible theories like a vain person in a clothing store – trying them on, preening, looking at themselves in the mirror, and then buying one. (The best dressed of all dress up like Cardinals.) They then feel obliged to fight to the death for a particular theory as if it were part of their body, regardless of evidence or of objective, good judgment. Is this really just one of many examples proving that human brains (let alone mouse brains) totally lack any kind of tendency at all towards rationality or intelligence as I have described it? Does it totally invalidate this class of model of the mind?

            Not really – and I was fully aware of such behavior when I first started to develop this kind of theory. What it shows is that humans are halfway between two classical views of the human mind. In one view (espoused by B.F. Skinner and one of sides of the philosopher Wittgenstein), humans play “word games” without any natural tendency to treat words and symbols as if they had any meaning at all; words and theories are truly treated on an equal footing with other objects seen in the world, like pants and dresses. In the opposite view (espoused by the “other” Wittgenstein!), humans are born with a kind of natural tendency to do “symbolic reasoning,” in which words have meanings and the meanings are always respected; however, because modern artificial intelligence often treats “symbolic reasoning” as if symbols were devoid of meaning, it is now more precise to call this “semiotic intelligence.” (There are major schools of semiotics within artificial intelligence, and even Marvin Minsky has given talks about how to fill in the gap involving “meaning.”)

My claim is that the first is a good way of understanding mouse-level intelligence. But human intelligence is a kind of halfway point between the two. Humanity is a kind of early prototype species, like the other prototype species which have occurred in the early stages of a “quantum leap” in evolution, as described by the great scientist George Gaylord Simpson, who originated many of the ideas now attributed to Stephen Jay Gould. (Though Gould did, of course, have important new ideas as well.) As an early prototype, it has enough of the new capabilities to “conquer the world” as a single species, but not enough to really perfect these capabilities in a mature or stable way.

Unfortunately, the power of our new technology – nuclear technology, especially, but others as well – is so great that the continued survival of this species may require a higher level of intelligence than what we are born with. Only by learning to emulate semiotic intelligence (or even something higher) do we have much of a chance of survival. The “semiotic” level of intelligence has a close relation to Freud’s notion of “sanity.”

Unfortunately, Freud sometimes uses the word “ego” to represent global understanding, sometimes to represent the symbolic level of human intelligence, and sometimes in other ways; however, the deep and empirically-rooted insights there are well worth trying to disentangle.

We do not yet now exactly what a fully evolved “semiotic intelligence” or sapient would really look like. Some things have to be learned, because of their complexity. (For example, probability theory has to be learned, before the “symbolic” level of our mind can keep up with the subsymbolic level, in paying attention to the uncertainties in our life.) Sometimes the best that evolution can do is to create a strong predisposition and ability to learn something. But certainly we humans have a lot to learn, in order to cope more effectively with all of the megachallenges listed on my homepage. "

General Discussion / Re: Rapid Evolution Counterargument Against RPD?
« on: February 11, 2010, 10:03:10 pm »
 "We cannot begin to make that same assertion for the nuclear realm. There are people who will defend QCD far more ferociously and unscrupulously than I have ever seen anyone defend general relativity. They will tell you that “QCD has been confirmed endless times, and of course it has predicted everything correctly.”

But in reality, it has only managed to fit a relatively meager set of things it has tried to predict, and there are major empirical indications which cast doubt even on the things we do know how to test with QCD. Following the scientific method, we should be giving top priority to exactly those kinds of experiments which cast the most doubt, and would pave the way either to greater certainty or to an improved theory.

(One thing is for sure. We know from the existence of dark matter and dark energy that there is something out there beyond the scope of the standard model. How else could we hope to find out what it is, if we do not probe our areas of weakness and doubt first?) But this is not being done.


Even though I had taken a graduate course in nuclear physics at Harvard, I was still quite surprised years ago when I read a then-new book by Makhankov et al (The Skyrme Model) describing the present realities of nuclear physics.

(Makhankov was then director of a crucial piece of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, JINR, Dubna, one of the world’s very top centers.) He explained how QCD was utterly useless for predicting or explaining the wide range of nuclear phenomena they focused on there. These included “low and medium energy” scattering, where “low energy” includes what we would see in an H bomb or a fusion reactor. We are all obliged to start with a prayer to QCD, insallah, and prove that we are among the faithful before our work can be published, but many empirical researchers really wonder if there is any connection at all between the world we actually live in and that mythical paradise.


More concretely, the challenge of predicting and explaining the masses and lifetimes of the hadrons is a central challenge in physics today, as important as the challenge of explaining atomic spectra (colors) was at the start of the twentieth century. Some thought that this was a minor part of physics at the time, but it is what really led to quantum mechanics. But could it be that we are offered a similar revolution in understanding, and will never achieve it, because we are now too jaded to take that kind of empirical challenge seriously enough? Why has the careful empirical work of Palazzi and MacGregor not received the level of deep appreciation, respect and follow-up that it deserves from people trying to formulate general theories of physics? "

"But here are the weird things, which I tend to despair of orthodox physics of accepting.

            First, the time-forwards dynamics implied by the classical fields and the P mapping (the free space master equations derived in the most recent paper  at by myself and Ludmilla) are not really relevant to the statistics we observe


in experiments. That is because the conventional notion of time-forwards causality simply does not work at that level.

(Our notion of time & cause & effect... if it doesnt work on the sub-microscopic level, or the sub macroscopic, as this article states, how can we assume it to work on the macroscopic, or in our reality ?
Once you go past the curvature of space, either sub-microscopically, or sub macroscopically, time forwards causality ceases to exist, it also ceases to exist outer macroscopically, it's only when it is distorted within a narrow range by the curvature of space we get the illusion of time & causality - Roony)

            Second, what does work is the quantum Boltzmann equation. For any pure classical state, {p, j} across all space, we know that Tr(r(p,j)H) equals its energy. Thus the classical Boltzmann equation is exactly the same as the grand ensemble quantum Boltzmann equation.

If we consider what patterns of correlation, causality, and scattering networks occur within a periodic space of volume V, and let V go to infinity, we can see that all the scattering predictions and spectral predictions of quantum field theory are embedded in the quantum statistical mechanics.

Consideration of the eigenfunctions of H is essentially just a calculating device for characterizing the properties of the quantum Boltzmann equation, which are exactly equivalent to the classical one here. (Caveat: the usual invariant measures do happen to be equivalent, as noted in the earlier paper by Ludmilla and myself. However, the set of density matrices considered allowable in quantum theory is more than just the set which are reachable as P transforms of allowable classical probability distributions; see my arXiv paper on the Q hypothesis. This may or may not have important implications here, where the Boltzmann density is itself P-reachable; this is a question I need to look into more.). What is most exciting here is that a purely bosonic theory with a small h(¶mQa)2 term added may give us what we need for a completely valid quantum field theory on the one hand, and that a quantum Boltzmann distribution based on that same Hamiltonian may be exactly equivalent to the same statistical distribution we expect for the corresponding classical PDE;

thus a full “return to reality” may well be possible, not just at the level of philosophical possibilities, but at the level of specific well-posed PDE which fit empirical reality better than today’s “standard model of physics.”

Unfortunately – this is the conclusion which emerges from combining the various threads I have been exploring, each one of which already stretches the present fabric of physics because it connects areas that are not often connected in today’s overspecialized world."

General Discussion / Re: What exactly are paleolithic forms of carbs?
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:22:11 pm »
    Which sugars do eggs have?

lutein? lol

Welcoming Committee / Re: m and my experiences
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:20:29 pm »
    Coconut kefir?  The bubbly stuff that comes from culturing liver just right?

    I agree, straight milk is good for mammal babies.

    Does KD have to go ketogenic?  I'm not sure of that.

Culturing liver to make kefir?

Havent heard of that one, how do you culture liver to make kefir?

He doesnt have to no, its upto him at the end of the day, if he's terminally ill, or plain sick, he might have to

Hot Topics / Re: Tapeworms.
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:12:58 pm »
When you say that white meats and fish give the heaviest detox, these would be the meats likely to contain the most bacteria/parasites.

You use the word 'designed' a lot... How could parasites and bacteria be designed to clean people up? Do you mean that: If someone's cells are weak, because they contain, or were built in the presence of toxins they are vulnerable to the (minor)parasites/bacteria. If this person stops ingesting toxins, their new cells they build will be healthy, and the parasites/bacteria will speed up the removal of the older,weaker more vulnerable cells? Similar to how maggots consume damaged flesh, as this is weak and vulnerable to them, but so happens to be beneficial to the person as it clears the way for new, healthy tissue.

The tapeworm would not be affected by this, since it feeds directly off of your food?

"Why would the parasites kill their host?"

"Why would humans destroy their environments?"

It's not a case of them being stupid. If their host starts to reject them, or their host isn't giving them what they need, they they might turn on the host in an effort to survive. Also, another parasite might not expect a long life, and be more 'interested' in passing its' eggs on to another host, than living with its' present host... If something exists, it exists. It will continue to exist, so long as it exists. It doesn't have to fit in perfectly with its' neighbours to exist, it just has to exist to exist...

Yes, fish & white meats, contain the most bacteria & parasites

Designed as in mutated specifically to deal with extreme toxic environments

You're still relying on germ theory, bacteria & parasites dont feed on us

This is one of the biggest lies of germ theory, bacteria & parasites do not make us nutritionally weak, it's almost impossible

Parasites dont feed on us, WE feed parasites

This one of the most important distinctions, in understanding bacterial & parasite immunology

Our bodies deliberately maintain & breed & feed parasites, yes even tapeworms & actively feeds them unprocessed undigested nutrients

In return our bodies get some of the most nutrient concentrated forms of dense high meats, from their faeces & excretions, as well as viruses & massive colonies of new fresh bacteria

The same applies to bacteria, our body breeds them like crazy, alot faster then it does human cells

The only reason we get sick from vaccinations, & toxic environments from sick buildings, is because the poisons in vaccines etc., are so toxic, the detox elements from the poison, as it gets broken down, is so toxic, it destroys neighbouring cells, basically a chain reaction of hundreds of different types of poisons, as it breaks down by the secretion of bacteria & microbes, the bacteria & microbes in return have to mutate increasingly in response, growing more virulent in response

The fact vaccines use a toxic load, deliberately designed to trigger this chain reaction, is proof they're biological weapons

In order to understand why bacteria dont destroy the host, you have to understand the TRUE biological function of the human body

Bacteria are the oldest & easily the most technologically advanced creatures on the planet, yes even us, look up Howard Blooms Global Brain, for more research on this

Their practically indestructible, can survive in any atmosphere, even the vacuum of space, able to communicate instantaneously across millions of miles, even globally & have had the most advanced global communications network for billions of years

They process trillions, almost an infinite amount of gigabytes a second everyday globally, they process information so fast & adapt so fast, they could terraform our whole planet in days, in their present state

The reason we go through periodic ice ages, like the one we're going through now, isnt solely because of the astronomical changes in our solar system, it's because of the HORDES of migratory bacteria, as they swarm across our planet

Yes all bacteria, migrate in swarms around our planet like birds

As bacteria & parasites & microbes migrate & swarm across our contintents, they alter everything from our atmosphere to our life expectancy rates as a civilisation

A migratory pattern of microbes could be responsible for lengethening our lifespans, to 4 or 500 years, or shortening them

Who's to say when the swarms of bacteria & parasites & microbes responsible for the jurassic era, will return & terraform the planet back to the way it was before?

Basically instead of locating to external environments around the world, bacteria & microbes & parasites, created localised environments

Called the human body

We're basically localised portable environments, advanced sentient skycrapers, living cities

What else do you expect from something as advanced & technologically advanced as bacteria, with that sort of processing power?

Instead of creating toxic buildings, it co-exists so efficiently with nature, it created some of the most sophisticated buildings on the planet, so sophisticated & so in tune & in harmony with nature they literally created a new life form, us

But this isnt the reason why they dont attack our bodies

Bacteria have literally created an environment, which feeds them, an environment so efficient at feeding them, they absorb up to 100 times their body weight in waste & toxins, our environments are so rich & nutritionally dense, they dont need to break down healthy tissue to survive, they attack damaged tissue & poisons, in the same way an orchard raises fruit or veg

Welcoming Committee / Re: m and my experiences
« on: February 10, 2010, 11:24:11 am »
Please, stop with the absolute blanket statements.
If I had done this "absolutely necessary" course of action when I started I'd have gotten much worse much quicker.
If you feel the need to push something like raw dairy please do so in a properly tempered way such as "In my experience raw cream & butter are great ways for a beginner to transition". It's not hard to take the extra two seconds.

I explained why it was necessary

Obviously if you cant tolerate dairy dont take it ...

You need animal fats to transition to a ketogenic diet, raw cream contains a good mixture of high fats & carbs, i dont recommend milk for reasons in my main post above

Kefir is even better & highly recommended over raw dairy

Welcoming Committee / Re: I just thought I'd say hello ...
« on: February 10, 2010, 11:17:33 am »
I don't know if it was correct, but TD posted something to do with mercury not being a problem from raw fish. Again, I didn't actually read the link, and don't know if there was anything to it.

The bones in the raw sardines I ate weren't edible...

Yes i know what he's referring to, but im not ingesting 5-10% mercury, i'd rather ingest a low mercury fish & ingest 1-2% mercury, sardines can go contaminate vegans for all i care

Hot Topics / Re: Paleo - just a nother eating disorder?
« on: February 10, 2010, 11:14:41 am »
Whaaat? The low fat guru has seen the light, and gone high fat?
He does push carbs.

You need a url for that whopper.

All his interviews on Mercola, are low carb

General Discussion / Re: Rapid Evolution Counterargument Against RPD?
« on: February 10, 2010, 07:08:11 am »
Ah yes, realising our fractioned states of omnipotence, the main reason science will never work, is that distance & time & volume & mass, are simply curvature's of space

Trying to create scales of units, & algorithms & philosophies, according to a simple distortion in space, is sciences biggest mistake

The curvature of space gives the illusion of time & distance, & scales of units & known's, it gives the illusion of communication, when we are one omniscient, & the illusion of solitude when we are all, ie. omnipresent

Like looking through a prism in space, it divides our reality up into time, distance & volume, giving the illusion of abstraction & minimalism, when all we're seeing are abstractions of infinity being warped into objects & thought's as they intersect a distortion in space

What we think of the seperation of thought & imagination & objects in reality, are in fact the same, our thoughts are the tree's & air around us, our dreams are the flowers we hold, our idea's are the animals we walk with, our aspiration's are the bacteria & parasites who continously rebuild & sustain us, they are our imagination, our thoughts simply displaced by a distortion in space

We have to realise, it is impossible to make a mistake, it is impossible to be wrong, we dont need the internet, our ability to reason & think is far superior to any book or ideology, as our ability to reason & think outside of ourselves is infinite

We simply have to stop thinking of our thoughts as singular & concentrate on the probabilities of our thought's & idea's & stop concentrating on the actual words, it's the infinite nature of reason & idea's behind ourselves which creates those around us

Welcoming Committee / Re: Raw-vegan and raw-paleo and other Questions
« on: February 10, 2010, 05:40:46 am »
I also have acidic urine (around 6).  However, like you and Lex I have so far not suffered any bone or tooth problems.  In fact, my teeth have become less sensitive since I started eating more meat.  I have tried to find scientific papers on PubMed and the like that validate the Acid/Alkaline theory but so far have found none.  I'm beginning to think it's probably pseudoscience.  The body very tightly regulates the ph of the blood and other important things as part of its homeostasis.  The idea of the body being acidified by a certain type of diet doesn't make immediate sense to me, and as long as you are getting enough raw materials for it to maintain homeostasis I don't see how anything could disturb it one way or another.

The acid/alkaline theory is barely pseudo, its completely wrong, all the organs & different parts of the body have different types of acidity & alkalinity, there is no uniform acidity or alkanity in the body as a whole ...

Welcoming Committee / Re: I just thought I'd say hello ...
« on: February 10, 2010, 05:31:59 am »
Kwl, i still wont be eating them, not eating fish with that high mercury content, even raw, i prefer whitebait but need to chck its mercury content

hmm, anyone know small fish with edible bones?

Welcoming Committee / Re: m and my experiences
« on: February 10, 2010, 05:23:38 am »
    Hi KD.  Good to see you posting. 

    I haven't tried charcoal or clay, but if it was me I might give it a shot.  I don't know if you've tried them.  It's not me anyway. 

    I've never been treated for cancer nor been treated with steroids or any of your meds, so I don't know from my own experience what may work for that.  I did take a medication at a fairly high dose that is typically used for depression, anxiety, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, PMDD and/or anxiety disorder.  I was also taking (at first natural and then) synthetic thyroid hormone at the same time of the antidepressant.  The natural I did not take very high of a dose, but the synthetic was slightly high, but still was according to what they found worked for me.  I was able to get off all medication fairly quickly.  I did have other medical conditions, but I refused treatment for them before the doctor even got the words out of the mouth to prescribe. 

    I have to hand it to you.  I would have felt too bad psychically to accept any more than I did from them.  It can take bravery to accept these helps that are so drastic.  I didn't have the guts.  I also had behind me knowledge of raw and health etc, so I felt a surety in avoiding medication.  I guess I was always trained against chemo and steroids to some extents from a very young age, or I trained myself from what was shared with me. 

    In my situation, one thing that has helped me from reabsorbing my toxins, is totally raw and grassfed unsalted (kind of hard textured) cheese before each thing I eat or drink every time.  I don't know if you have tried this, but if you have not, it may be worth a try.  If you need an additional source, I can try to help you.

I recommend charcoal, as its the first thing used for poisoning, even chronic poisoning, short of stomach pumping ... all pharmaceuticals are poisons, as theyre synthetic or extracted from their natural state

Clay is also good

Easily the best way to to go off medications, without the side effects, & withdrawl symptoms of ingesting toxic pharmaceutical poisons

hmm, i'd have thought pre-digested mud would be great, why make them spit it out?

Welcoming Committee / Re: I just thought I'd say hello ...
« on: February 10, 2010, 02:10:33 am »
Next time I want to buy fish I will ask the fishmonger and find out for us.  (But that might be a long time off, as even the thought of it makes my stomach turnover.  The poor man might have lost a customer for life.  :lol:)

Yes, salmon is often farmed.  Maybe because they have a freshwater phase and it can easily be done in rivers and estuaries, but as I say I'm no expert.

lol, you have to be crafty with most fishmongers & farmers, they shoot farmed pheasants too ... I normally ask the origin & ask what they were fed

Welcoming Committee / Re: I just thought I'd say hello ...
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:28:40 am »
I am buying the most expensive food available, so on that basis they would be wild.

Are there saltwater fish farms in the UK?  Doesn't the sea have to be very cold for these kinds of fish?  Wouldn't a farm in open sea around Scotland be wrecked by Winter storms, and effectively unmanable because of rough waters.  Isn't it just easier to have a boat and fish.

I've looked for sardine and herring farms on google in the UK and none come up - only farms where the farmer's name is Herring.  Yet there are lots of links about herring fishing with trawlers and the UK/Scottish herring fishing fleet.

I'm no expert roony, but I think you are wrong.

I said i've seen herring, gl finding wild sardine

Theres plenty of salmon farms in britain

General Discussion / Re: Rapid Evolution Counterargument Against RPD?
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:25:25 am »
Yes of course. Evolution is first of all just a fact, whether one likes it or not. Period.

Darwin's natural selection and more recently complex systems theory is a theory that may explain or explains yet a good deal of the characteristic features of evolution, whether one likes it or not. Period.


Go & prove it in a lab, experimentally unprovable theories, only a fundamentalist would ever refer to an experimentally unprovable theory as fact

Which spells out the type of people, irrational & fundamentalist, who'd consider an unprovable science such as evolution as fact, fundamentalists, fanatics, extremists

Pretty much sums most people who believe in something as racist & eugenic as evolution, with its roots in aryanism & supremacy

Welcoming Committee / Re: I just thought I'd say hello ...
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:13:51 am »
They were expensive.  Certainly expensive looking - packed in ice, laid out under glass in a beautiful old worlde  shop with a fishmonger dressed the part with a striped apron and straw boater.  In the UK where I am, I'm pretty sure herring and sardines are fished wild out of the North Sea.  They are saltwater fish, and I don't think they are ever farmed here, although I might be wrong.

I'll ask the fishmonger.

I'm in the u.k & i've never seen or heard of wild sardines, the odd herring, but theyre expensive

Hot Topics / Re: Tapeworms.
« on: February 10, 2010, 01:12:04 am »
It may be what you consider killing the host.  Try going to a medical library and look at the books on parasitology and look at some of the infested organs of humans.   It may change your opinion.

Only if they're diseased & suffering from toxecimia, in which case those very same parasites repair & clean up, if the person continues to eat toxic foods, such as cooked foods

If the person is so far gone, & toxic, ie eating cooked foods for long periods of time, he will get extreme virulent parasitical infestations, especially designed to clean & repair toxic environments, created from eating cooked foods, or vegan & other nutrional regimes

Extreme parasitical infestations, are also the result of toxic buildings & sick buildings & toxic city urban environments, they like rodents & insects & bacteria, keep toxic environments in check & extreme bacterial mutations from reproducing

Welcoming Committee / Re: m and my experiences
« on: February 10, 2010, 12:56:25 am »
Raw cream & butter are absolutely necessary for beginners, you also need to include something like charcoal, to help deal with the extreme detox situations they might find

Charcoal is amazing for dealing with clients on medication, for any period of time

Charcoal is the first thing i introduce, along with raw cream & butter & some bee pollen to add some flavour to the cream, delicious

Also get kefir as soon as you can & replace the cream with it if you can

If you're not taking something like charcoal, or clay, you're opening yourself up to very dangerous detox symptoms, such as eczema or extreme allergic reactions, from medication & other toxic poisons which might be stored in your body

The raw cream & butter & to an extent milk, help ease beginners off a high carb diet & transition safely into a low carb ketogenic diet, without the energy problems most beginners experience if they try to transition on muscle meats alone

Charcoal in some water, before you eat, & take the cream as a pudding, with some bee pollen, or before you eat a main meal

The main mistake most beginners make is to go for the expensive, low fat cut muscle meats, most beginners need to go for the CHEAP fatty cuts, like brisket, or tougher cuts, like breast of lamb

Roll the cuts in butter or cream & take some charcoal before eating, to help deal minimize the detox symptoms & help your digestive system adjust to the changes

Also take plenty of organs, you only need a small amount, about 25 grams per meal to start with

I dont recommend raw sea food, or white meats, for beginners as it causes you to detox initially almost as fast as high meats

Doing the above will allow you to safely go on a raw paleo diet, even if you've been taking meds

Welcoming Committee / Re: I just thought I'd say hello ...
« on: February 10, 2010, 12:40:17 am »
Thanks for the tip William.  I'll certainly not be trying them (even dried) until they stop giving me the "dry heaves" just to look at! :lol:

They were probably farmed, or at least not wild, wild sardines & herring, are hard to come by & expensive, after researching them ....

Hot Topics / Re: Paleo - just a nother eating disorder?
« on: February 10, 2010, 12:33:20 am »
L. Cordain is a troll, and his so-called paleolithic diet is neolithic, and designed to comfort those addicted to carbohydrates.
Bear has it far more right than wrong.

Cordain promotes a high fat diet, he doesnt promote fruit & nuts or carbs ...

Hot Topics / Re: Paleo - just a nother eating disorder?
« on: February 09, 2010, 10:22:02 pm »
It is a well-known fact that frutarian are all obese  :P
Fructose does not exist alone in natural food. In fruits, fructose naturally form a good balance with glucose and each follows a different metabolic pathway. So it is a non sens to talk about fructose alone.
Carbs, like protein, can make your blood sugar skyrocket only if you overeat them.

Non sens

Depends on your body chemistry make up, as Cordain points out, ALL fructose & carbs will raise your blood sugar levels, how high depends on how poor your immune system functions, ie your insulin response & your resistance

How effectively you dampen or absorb the results of those blood sugar levels, is down to the individual

Hot Topics / Re: Paleo - just a nother eating disorder?
« on: February 09, 2010, 08:10:36 pm »
This girl's very rapid recovery is indeed most remarkable, thanks for sharing.

I hope wheat will never become a staple food in your country too, GS.

Rice in Asia or tubers in Africa also make people eventually overweight but seem much less harmful for kidneys and probably other organs.

Also from Cordain ...
Loren Cordain: Wheat, rye, barley, and perhaps oats are problematical for individuals with celiac disease. Wheat seems to be associated with many auto-immune diseases.

Ironically, whole grain cereals (which are thought to be more healthful than refined cereals because of their greater nutrient and fiber content) have a greater potential to disrupt mineral metabolism because of their higher phytate and anti-nutrient content.

Although high grain cereals intrinsically contain higher nutrient levels than do refined cereal grains, the biological availability of nutrients in whole grain cereals remains paradoxically low because of their high anti-nutrient content.

On the plus side, whole grain cereals, because of their high fiber content tend to have superior glycemic indices than do their refined counterparts. Obviously, low to moderate amounts of cereal grains in the diet presents little or no health problems to most people. The majority of the grain products consumed in this country are refined, and consequently many of the anti-nutrients are milled out.

Robert Crayhon: Such as the bran?

Loren Cordain: Yes, exactly. There's a tradeoff. Milling takes out the anti-nutrients, but it also lowers the levels of vitamins and minerals.

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