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Hi, There:
I have been eaten raw meat diet for about two years, my usual daily diet is like this: breakfast: 4 raw eggs with milk, some nuts and cereal; lunch: one piece of raw chicken breast, one piece raw fish filet, one slice of bread, some vegetable salad; dinner: raw beef, one slice bread and vegetable salad. I used chew down beef, as well as chicken and fish. Later I switch to eat grounded beef, found it is much easier. Now I still chew down my chicken and fish, but it take a little bit longer time for a lunch. I am considering prepare them as smoothie and drink down my lunch and dinner. My QUESTIONS are : does anybody know how to make raw meat smoothie? What equipment (blender or food processor) I need? Could you recommend a good one? preferably, I want to be able to make smoothie directly from chicken / fish/ beef filet without pre-cut, is it possible? I want the process easy and simple. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

General Discussion / Does anyone eat raw shrimp?
« on: March 11, 2016, 11:53:04 pm »
If so, what are the pre-cautionary considerations? Is there any risk (no matter how unlikely)? How do you prepare (do you remove the skin and intestines (the black line in the middle)?

General Discussion / Does anyone eat raw chicken legs?
« on: October 27, 2015, 03:00:04 am »
I have been eating chicken breast (frozen) for about 10 months  now, quite like it. I wonder if the chicken leg will be taste as tender as the breast?  Is there anyone eat chicken legs before? How it taste comparing to the chicken breast?

Besides tuna and salmon, what are other fish species are good for eat raw? fresh or frozen?

Carnivorous / Zero Carb Approach / My experience of eating raw meat
« on: March 12, 2015, 02:54:33 am »
Hi, everyone:
I am new to the forum and I started eating raw meat (beef, chicken and fish) a little more than one month ago. I am glad to find the group where I can ask questions and expect respectful discuss.
For the last month or so, every day I ate raw eggs for breakfast, raw chicken or fish for lunch (because I want include some white meat in my diet, not eat only red meat) and raw beef for diner. So far, my body take this diet well, did not have any problem. Actually, I like the taste of raw meat and do not feel like to eat cooked meat any more.
For chicken, I only eat frozen chicken breast (from Publix, organic raised, no anti-bacterial and hormone,   individually wrapped) and frozen chicken patty (extra lean). The reason for frozen chicken is because chicken have higher chance to carry parasites, frozen will reduce the chance to get infected. For the chicken breast, I thaw it and cut it (remove any fat or tendon tissues) to small pieces, seasoning, and eat. Raw chicken taste delicious, tender and easy to chew (though breasts from different individual wraps taste slightly different, I guess some are from younger chicken or fresher, some are from older chicken or not as fresh which is not as enjoyable). While the frozen chicken patty is almost tasteless, but very easy to eat (almost no need to chaw because it was grounded, and does not have the meat texture and flavor). I prefer the chicken breast better.
For beef, I do not want eat ground beef because feel it have more fat and not from the good cut meat, also the ground process may have higher chance to be contaminated. I get my beef from super Publix, mainly from customer cut counter. I tried tenderloin steak, T-bone steak, New York steak, sirloin steak, and eye round steak. Just like eating chicken, I cut the steak (remove any fat or tendon tissues) to small pieces, seasoning, and eat. In general, tenderloin steak is most tender, have less tendon tissue, and of cause most expensive; T-bone steak, New York steak are acceptably tender, but need spend more time to remove the fat, bone, and tendon tissue (there is always some tendon remaining and they are hard to chaw, I have to spit them out after I chaw out the lean meat); sirloin steak, and eye round steak are tougher to chew even for the lean meat, and it have much more tendon tissue, it is hard to eat the way I eat them (I am considering try to ground the eye round or sirloin by myself, to see if it is ok) . If the steak is really fresh, it tastes good, I like the meat texture and flavor, but if the beef is not so fresh (the meat is not firm, kind of flabby), the taste is not as good.
I know there are many experienced raw paleo dieters here,  I welcome any comment and suggestion.

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