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Health / Re: Liver/GB Flushing vs Cancer
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:41:28 am »
Sicker like the raw paleo diet did? There's no way for me to be sicker...Why not call the healer? They have an interest in my money, but they also have expertise and a beautiful farm...I always said that I'd go to a retreat place if I had cancer...It just so happens that I have some funds to do it with...It could be my last big trip! I'm already wondering about it now...

wodgina, thanks for your contributions - the fact is that there's nothing particularly wrong with me psychiatrically. Actually, the point is more that my body did not respond well to a raw paleo diet for healing purposes - quite the opposite...

You're all adding insult to injury, particularly because I'm in such a compromised (not imagined) state. You're projecting your own judgements onto me based on some profile that you've conjured, which is pretty inhumane.

Some people have to do liver flushes due to not eating fat their whole lives and accumulating debris in the biliary system - did they know this when they embarked on a young life? It's alright for you with your efficient fat digestion.

Once again, it's that I'm alright Jack mentality - not everything fits for everyone and that's why there has to be compassion and tolerance. What place would you serve in the tribe - the hunting/slaughtering, I presume? Not much room for much else...

Play nice because...did I do anything to harm you? Or is hostility your pervading tone?

Health / Re: Liver/GB Flushing vs Cancer
« on: March 01, 2011, 08:42:07 pm »
Edwin, I just tried to call both the numbers you mentioned but they are "not recognised"...

Any idea why?

Health / Re: Liver/GB Flushing vs Cancer
« on: March 01, 2011, 06:26:26 am »
I wish it was as simple as that...

I'm already with a psychiatrist, who reckons I have a good mind, although I'm apparently suffering from clinical depression and some pharmaceuticals would help...

Do panic attacks leave residual headaches and all over sensations following them? The event happened during a benign moment when I was talking to a girl in a wheelchair in a church...(a rare time that I left the house)

Health / Liver/GB Flushing vs Cancer
« on: March 01, 2011, 05:25:50 am »
Hey all,

I realise that this may sound freaky but since I had adrenal challenges, I now seem to have developed a cancer (just a word) condition, which may have spread from my left testicle (no lumps but change in nature), then to the right testicle (no lumps but change in nature) and now possibly to my brain. Something kinda popped in my head (with increased pressure) after a few sensations and then I felt like I was going to lose consciousness, but managed to stay conscious. I went totally white and my heart was beating like crazy - suffice to say I visited the emergency room, although things calmed down. Now I have a permanent sensation in my mid right brain.

Maybe this has occurred because my immune system has been fighting like crazy over something (maybe a soil-based probiotic I took) with chronic inflammation occurring etc., plus with hormone imbalances, estrogen has been unopposed.

Suffice to say that if I can stay conscious in this realm long enough before being unjacked from the matrix, I will endeavour to save what I have...


Now, the only remaining option I have seems to be liver flushing and coffee enemas to try to get my liver/GB fully back online - this will have to be swift and well planned.

I'm looking for answers as to how I may execute the flushes because everything in the past seemed too difficult, even when I had the energy reserves.


My fat digestion seems rubbish now even though it was good before, which may have caused many stones to come down without actually being expelled. If my fat digestion is poor, that must mean my mineral uptake is poor. The idea with flushing is to improve fat digestion and mineral uptake. Until then, I cannot really thrive on fatty meat as a source of energy or minerals.


Also, what about alkalising minerals?


If you can help me, it would potentially save my poor paleo ass...

I don't know when I will be unjacked from the matrix, so quick responses would be cool, thanks.

Sees you,

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Balanced RVAF
« on: February 20, 2011, 08:25:39 pm »
PD, it was just your manner that seemed to undermine your message, to the extent that I couldn't even understand your message. Why don't you simply speak respectfully, even if I'm in a massively compromised position and you're in a stronger position whereby you can still eat donuts without immediate effects...

I understood generally that you thought that there was a psychiatric component to my pursuit of an opportunity for healing, especially because I was perpetually not that successful, although if this is the only body I have (becoming weaker every day due to ongoing catabolic processes), it's prudent for me to help myself.

What you probably have to understand is that I depleted my body so much with raw veganism (trying to curb tooth decay) that I became virtually dead - physically, hormonally, mentally/emotionally, spiritually etc. For me to continue to live with this mistake, rather than hang myself in the woods, I have to give myself some hope that I can at least reach some measure of balance, comfort and relaxation.

Now because my body is turning itself into a baggy mush, I reckon I'm going to be dying soon anyway, but still, I don't wish to give up.

Hot Topics / Re: Paleo mind body connection. Dr Kurt Harris chimes in too
« on: February 20, 2011, 04:18:50 am »
Recovering from TMS (after reading Sarno's work in 2003) saved my career and life - little did I know it would start a chain of downward events that would ultimately see me with a fully rationalised eating disorder.

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Re: Balanced RVAF
« on: February 20, 2011, 03:48:16 am »
Thanks for some of the constructive responses, which I found useful. I'll try to post my teeth/gums (not literally) tonight when someone co-operates with me to do a photo.

@Paleo Donk: I aspire to your smug, condescending position - probably why your blog is devoid of any content, useful or otherwise. It reminds me of the line from Clerks "What's your encore? Do you like anally rape my mother while pouring sugar in my gas tank". I realise you're trying to wake me up to the inherent uselessness of any eating/cleansing approach, although if the waking phenomena I'm experiencing is torturous, why shouldn't I try to seek the forward escape through best endeavour? What's my alternative - become a junkie? Visit allopathic doctors for synthetic hormones and pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories? Have my teeth filled with mercury amalgams because I no longer have the income to afford otherwise?

Most people in that "I'm alright Jack" position tend to scoff at those who fail in most persevering attempts. Conversely, there's a battery of people who actually wish to help fellow members of their human family (e.g. pssst, look at this...what about this?). I'm struggling at the moment to find equilibrium in diet, whereby now I've fallen into a crevasse from which there could be no return - does this mean that I shouldn't glean ideas from communities that I've contributed to myself in my recreational time?

Are you the kind that leaves people for dead on the battlefield and then flicks ash on their grave? I started raw paleo with the best of intent - not as a suicide mission. Did I know the bigger picture of metabolism and macronutrient ratios etc. when I started? Did I know about dysbiosis and the requirement for balanced minerals? Did I know about chronic inflammation and acid/base balancing/buffers?

If anything, it's your sadistic posting that's stifling constructive answers to my questions. Maybe you're proposing that my position is deadlock and the raw paleo scene cannot progress to help more individuals, who're experiencing problems? Maybe this forum is just for people for whom meat/fat/organs/fruits works and the rest can push off...That wasn't the impression I had though...

Omnivorous Raw Paleo Diet / Balanced RVAF
« on: February 19, 2011, 10:10:38 pm »
Hey all,

I had a break from RVAF for a while, mainly because of a plethora of problems that arose, which I've still not resolved.

However, I've been suffering too at the hands of neolithic foods (which I was eating for more energy), so I was trying to refocus again on raw paleo, although I'm so dysregulated now that I just don't know what to eat/incorporate.

I watched a documentary about mongolians using golden eagles to achieve their hunting in the mountains, which was amazing and inspiring - I really wanted to emulate their paleo hunting way.

Suffice to say, I'm wondering again what you're eating daily - muscle meats, organ meats, fat/marrow etc.?

I think my body is too metabolically and nutritionally damaged from past SAD/abuse and raw veganism to heal now (especially maybe because my gut is totally dysbiotic and my stomach acid and bile output are insufficient), although I can still just do my best in this situation out of respect for life. Who is taking HCl and bile salts with their meals?

My teeth still suffered on raw paleo as well as my gums (receding), so I can imagine that I wasn't getting sufficient minerals and fat-soluble activators (or maybe my uptake was poor). Metabolically, I wish I'd chosen raw paleo over raw veganism in the beginning - maybe then I'd have had the "fire" to digest better and not be so depleted in the first place. I was so naive at the time though and green smoothies sounded easier than raw liver.


Health / Re: Prostate Problems All Cured with RPD?
« on: February 19, 2011, 08:54:10 pm »
Estrogen dominance is the mediator of prostate enlargement. The organ that removes estrogen is the liver. If the liver is occluded and/or if bacterial overgrowth deconjugates bile in the intestine, estrogen backs up or recycles - causing excessive estrogen.

Maybe removing debris from the liver is a means to bring the estrogen levels down, as well as improving many other liver-related challenges. I'm not sure how straightforward this would be for older men with gallstones.

Worth considering though...

Health / Goodsamaritan, can you help me please?
« on: January 30, 2011, 09:39:02 pm »
Hey Goodsamaritan,

I think I have a serious problem with estrogen at the moment, which my liver is probably not clearing (due to liver stagnation).

I'm trying to design a program to help me through these difficult times, which I know you have experience with.

Could you pm me your phone number or e-mail address please? I would gladly donate too...

Thanks for your help.



Health / Re: Estrogen Dominance
« on: January 30, 2011, 07:59:40 pm »
I was raw paleo for 2 years...My implementation of the diet may have been incomplete because it never quite agreed with me to eat more than 200g meat. I was trying to eat meat and fat to appetite, but then my digestion went downhill, whereby I could not tolerate fat anymore in any quantity at a meal.

Also, I often didn't get enough fruit in a day to stay out of ketosis, which I accidentally dipped into slightly on many occasions.

Ultimately, I think this wrecked my metabolism and as a knock-on effect, my digestion.

Now I can't find a style of eating that suits me, so I'm having to eat "just anything" for energy.

I discovered from a salivary hormone test that my estrogen was high and that's probably the reason why I have extra tender tissue in my right breast - quite unbelievable really. My weird adrenals kicking out excess cortisol is probably the reason that there's not sufficient progesterone to oppose estrogen.

I'm in chaos now, wondering what to do or eat next, depending on the fact that I cannot digest fat that well.

Suffice to say that keeping the metabolism up is important over a matter of years, whether you're eating paleo or junk.

Health / Re: Estrogen Dominance
« on: January 30, 2011, 03:37:27 am »
Nice one for the quick reply. Pine pollen is an interesting suggestion - I think I heard that from Daniel Vitalis (good marketing name) once...

Currently, my testosterone is in the okay range, although it could be higher. My concern is really the accumulation of estrogen, which is prob'ly down to liver stagnation.

I have no sex drive whatsoever and with my strange hormone dynamic, I do not even feel human - there must be an impact on neurotransmitters, I'm sure. Maybe my gut is too destroyed also, which could be attributed to a soil probiotic I had a negative reaction to once.

I'm going to try to get the liver moving with some Chinese herbs and maybe flushing, although I don't want to rock my bowels too much because any loss of electrolytes (through loose stools) really puts me in adrenal stress territory, which I cannot handle.

All of the healing tools seem to have catch-22 elements for me, which is very frustrating. Oftentimes, it seems that all of my endeavours are catch-22 challenges!

Nettle root is good for freeing up testosterone - maybe you could try that...

Health / Estrogen Dominance
« on: January 30, 2011, 02:10:55 am »
Hey gang,

I realise that my attitude in previous posts was very maligned and less than productive for myself and others, so I've decided to change my demeanour somewhat.

As you know, I'm currently *working* to overcome some problems I encountered in my journey of trying to recover my health.

8 weeks ago, I was swamped with some major symptoms, which align with adrenal dysregulation. I've since discovered that my cortisol has been very high, as well as my ESTROGEN! Yeah, I have high estrogen...

Strangely enough, in the last day or two, I have a tender swelling in my right breast. This is on top of deteriorating vision, loss of collagen from my skin/joints and many other things like constant dehydration, fluctuating pupils, inability to handle stress etc.

I'm now wondering if everything goes back to my liver, which is responsible for clearing estrogen. Maybe my unfinished business of liver cleansing actually contributed to estrogen dominance, which may have contributed to adrenal fatigue (or not).

Also, my eyebrows and eyelashes have become unbelievably bushy.

The point of the post is to appeal for anyone here with experience of combining raw paleo with liver/GB detoxification in the context of adrenal dysregulation.

Let me know if you can help me with any suggestions.

Nice one,

Health / Re: Desperation For Health & Metabolic Ruin
« on: December 23, 2010, 03:47:16 am »
Matt Stone made the interesting point of eating "to appetite" and for a time, I gained some nice weight eating the pseudo-paleo tubers, feeling much more energised than usual. However, my teeth suffered more than fruity raw paleo, so I toned it down again.

I know that the mineral content of my paleo diet was not enough because as soon as I experimented with nettle/oatstraw infusions, I felt my teeth mineralising and strengthening from the copious minerals in those plants (something that I had to quit due to side effects from the herbs).

So while I was trying to find a nice source of balanced minerals (calcium, magnesium, silica), I was suddenly presented with the onset of severe adrenal fatigue - something that could have plagued me initially since my raw vegan days of hair falling out and eating insufficient calories (but only in the early stages).

Most people around here talk about "adrenal fatigue" as if it's just lack of energy, although adrenal fatigue has much more wide-ranging effects like severe insomnia (due to dysfunctional cortisol), water/sodium losses (due to low aldosterone production), catabolism of healthy tissues (due to chronic high cortisol) and plenty of other neurological manifestations.

If one's body is breaking down each day with noticeable effect, is it simple to not be concerned/alarmed, even though one knows that this could feedback into the stress loop?

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater and putting one's paleo principles in the background seems half-sensical, especially when one has desired to heal. After all, isn't that what drew people to paleo in the first place - a more optimal approach to life?

Self-presentation in this life is important for securing pleasurable work, new relationships etc. and my will to improve my teeth and now recover from adrenal fatigue is part of just being meticulous from the perspective of Weston Price and most people around here healing themselves etc. Most people from the naturopathic colleges here don't even know about phytic acid, let alone AGEs, PUFAs etc., so I'm not sure if there advice is complete.

@PaleoDonk: I did enjoy our discussions myself and I appreciate your kudos/comradeship. I seem to remember that from your pictures, your skin, hair and teeth aren't as "unhealed" as mine, so you have the buffers to enjoy the wider limits of donutdom. Respectfully, your point about not stressing over diet is appreciated, particularly at this time, although it seems to be reckless to introduce "any old thing". Funnily enough though, I've found myself becoming stressed about what to eat next and how it might affect me. I really wonder if I can keep a well-stocked paleo cupboard with enough calories and minerals all the time.

Sometimes, I suppose the answers do "come from nowhere", but I have read so many success anecdotes over the years and rationalised many parts of my diet, which others have claimed successful.

The question is, can one implement the "wisdom of ancient tribes" in this domesticated ecosystem successfully? In my case, I'm not certain...yet my demineralised teeth will tell their tale...

Health / Re: Desperation For Health & Metabolic Ruin
« on: December 22, 2010, 07:09:38 pm »
I've just stopped working altogether for now, which is the dire state I'm in - the doctor can only sign me off until I get conclusive test results back from the hospital though...At which point, I may have to give up my job and house - and any semblance of a good quality diet...

I am a paleo casualty, it seems - I feel like an animal in nature that has lost its habitat and simply gets driven to extinction...

Health / Desperation For Health & Metabolic Ruin
« on: December 22, 2010, 06:29:04 pm »
Hey all,

It's a while since I've been around here, mainly out of severely poor health with apparently nowhere to go anymore. I'm in complete turmoil and have no idea if there's a way out for me. I'm so underweight with no possibility to gain any weight.

I have developed serious metabolic problems to the extent that my muscles have wasted, my teeth are crumbling and my sleep cycle is totally nonexistent. My body seems to be in a severely catabolic state and I can't eat more than a small amount of fat without diarrhea, plus I think too much meat/fat and maybe not eating enough has driven me into this hyperadrenal stress state (along with cumulative stress throughout life).

I've been on some forums for adrenal fatigue, although it seems that megadosing on synthetic vitamin C is often the answer, along with other stuff like regularly eating neolithic foods etc. Many people report that adrenal glandulars make them worse etc., so I really feel I'm in a hole here.

Thinking about what to do and what to implement to turn the tide is proving to be massively overwhelming for me, thinking about the myriad of possible paths I could take according to my dampened intuitive sense.

I'm also thinking that I will have to remineralise with calcium/magnesium, although I've tried so many things to do this in the past, I already know it's a challenge, especially on a paleo diet. Dairy makes my teeth brittle.

Ultimately, it seems that most SAD dieters are far healthier than me and I really wonder what a wise move could be in this situation. I seem to be beyond what could be healthy now, so it's probably more an exercise in damage limitation.

Very low carb seems to have pushed me in the direction of low body temperature and metabolic ruin, although I'm not confounding it totally.

Does anyone have any wisdom for me to seek in these tricky times that are threatening my livelihood/life?

I would really appreciate anything you can offer because this thing seems to be taking me under right now.

Please help my soul...

Very best,


Health / Re: Adrenal Fatigue/Burnout/Insufficiency SOS
« on: November 24, 2010, 02:57:51 am »
I've had to live with my parents for the last 2-3 weeks due to being hopeless from insomnia - I'm surprised that I still have my job and after sticking it out for 2 weeks, I've had to resort to pharmaceutical sleep, which is far from natural.

I feel like I've been kicked from my ivory tower and I've had to compromise a few times with meals, particularly to keep my energy levels up.

I've been reading about copper toxicity as a driver in adrenal problems (and also as a result of adrenal fatigue, because the adrenals work with the liver to bind unbound copper for utilisation/chelation). Funnily enough, I'd tried this dumb practice (from Ayurveda) of drinking from a copper cup and I'm really wondering if that's trashed my adrenals.

Funnily enough as well, increasing meat consumption increases zinc, which displaces copper. Copper creates all kind of symptoms if there is overload and it's "on the move", so maybe my problem with meat is copper overload and displacement. Of course, I'm hypothesising, but still, it's interesting to uncover.

Copper, Low Rate of Metabolism and Insomnia

    Individuals with a high copper level, together with a low rate of metabolism, frequently suffer from an inability to fall asleep or remain asleep. They frequently get up at night and go out for a walk, or drink hot chocolate. This increase in activity results in an increased rate of metabolism, which enables them to go back to sleep.
    Copper-toxic individuals are unconsciously, temporarily changing their mineral levels towards a more favorable balance, which is helpful to promote sleep.

Health / Re: Adrenal Fatigue/Burnout/Insufficiency SOS
« on: November 22, 2010, 02:59:49 am »
You make sleep sound simple..."So get some sleep" is an insensitive thing to say to someone with insomnia from dysfunctioning adrenals, who can try (or not try) all night to sleep. Sleep is controlled by hormones...

I go to bed and lay there all night waiting for the lull of doesn't happen...I have to take pharmaceuticals to sleep at the moment...

I believe that it was eating excessive meat along with ketosis (not enough carbs) that pushed my cortisol out of whack. Now I seem to have high cortisol at night time (when it should be low), which prevents serotonin/melatonin kicking in and producing natural sleep. The adrenal fatigue has also given me poor digestion and it's affecting my energy production, so I'm becoming a skeleton with wasted muscles (catabolism).

The crisis is nutrition and health...

Only those that "know" of the experience of adrenal fatigue can identify with its all-encompassing crippling effect on all body systems...

Health / Adrenal Fatigue/Burnout/Insufficiency SOS
« on: November 21, 2010, 08:57:20 pm »
Hey all,

Can anyone experienced here help me with impending/onset adrenal fatigue/burnout/insufficiency?

It seems that accidental ketosis started the cycle (I seem unable to stay out of ketosis with only fruits) or flicked the switch and now my circadian cortisol production is out of whack (no sleep), plus my body is constantly losing water (low production of aldosterone to maintain sodium levels).

No sleep and chronic water/sodium loss seems to be destroying my body (muscle, bone, connective tissues/collagen) and I need to initiate a program to break the cycle and support my adrenals (if the origin isn't actually more pituitary like some believe).

I'm classic low-adrenal here (, even to the extent that I've lost lower leg hair (weird symptom) and I'm growing hairs in weird places (eyebrows particularly more full).

At the moment, it seems that the only way to combat low aldosterone production and resulting sodium/electrolyte imbalance is to drink unrefined salt water, but I'm sure this is also creating other imbalances (maybe overdosing on trace minerals).

Here're some suggestions for restoring/supporting the adrenals, which I may consider...

Too much longer in this metabolic state will easily suck what I have left of my health, so if anyone has anything to contribute, it would be most appreciated (trying to maintain calm)...

SOS, thanks!

Health / Re: Sleepless...
« on: November 19, 2010, 04:20:17 am »
You're a sound man (wise teaching) and I've just been contemplating popping one of my prescribed Temazepams (I know benzos are bad) early doors to get me into the circadian jive...

I did seem to reach a few days of less dysregulation after my first prescription nap, but maybe the tide turned again because I broke off the prescription too early.

I love your prescription of future planet fiction and Bill Murray (awesome!), although I'm unsure as to the creeper coming back when the lights go out, if you know what I mean.

What's your experience of insomnia anyway? Did you break the vicious circle by hitting the meds yourself or was it self-prescribed cannabis ingestion or something?

I'm fairly sure that too low carbs rewired my circuits after a collective period of covert stressors like negligence for aspects of life, job performance, nutritional pressure, loneliness, relationship breakdowns/obscurities. Being Zen I suppose should allow the wisdom of the "atman" to shine through, but I suppose that's how spiritual colours are gradually accumulated - through direct experience.

Given my signature text, the lines "fate is not without a sense of irony" and "be careful what you wish for" are most bemusing/amusing...

Tyler Durden's words "everything is a copy of a copy of a copy" strongly resonate with me now, hehe.

Health / Re: Sleepless...
« on: November 19, 2010, 03:07:09 am »
Well, I've been off the forum again due to major sleep deficiency and fatigue.

I've toyed with the transdermal magnesium chloride and I can say that it's nasty stuff - left me with relaxation of too many smooth muscles, particularly of the small/large bowel. Magnesium transdermally also caused racing heart and totally exacerbated my insomnia.

I must conclude once again that magnesium from rocks/salt is not designed for humans.

Anyways, I've tracked my possible dehydration down to aldosterone, which is made by the adrenals for controlling re-uptake of sodium and release of potassium by the kidneys.

With my chronic sleeplessness and dehydration, coupled with deranged digestion, I can only now conclude that I'm walking the path of adrenal fatigue/exhaustion, which is a very bumpy ride.

The "final straw" with my adrenals (the night I went to bed "wired") seemed to correlate with accidentally entering ketosis (had ketone breath) and increasing meat consumption along with decreased fat consumption.

My paleo journey seems to be a horror story compared with everyone else.

Every time I eat excessive meat and insufficient carbs, I'm laying in bed wired with a racing heart. It seems my cortisol is disturbed whenever I kill the carbs and increase meat/fat. The only thing is now with my electrolyte problems and sleeplessness, it seems my adrenal cortex is FUBARd.

I'm clueless is to why adrenal recoveries have been reported on raw paleo diets when it seems to have constituted the final straw in my case.

Trying to not try to try not to be anxious is an experience of swimming against the tide at the moment!

Anyone recover with wholefood vitamin C and raw glandulars, along with adaptogens? I'm reluctant to do this "on my own" given my poor experiences with just about every trial I make...

Help me please! (thanks!)

Health / Re: Sleepless...
« on: November 05, 2010, 10:33:49 pm »
Hey ForTheHunt,

Nice one for the advice - fruits (simple sugars) + standard probiotics is something I was considering myself (a la the SCD diet), so that seems like good advice to restore some kind of normality, although I read these SBOs can be very persistent in their "task" depending on the strains, which I'm yet to discover via the importer.

I ordered the Natren probiotics, which are especially meant to be the best, particularly having no nasty fillers like magnesium stearate. The only thing is that they were delivered to my office, which I would have to visit to collect.

Natren formulates a probiotic called "Healthy Trinity", which is very potent but contains sunflower oil, which totally discouraged me. I ordered their dairy-containing powders, which despite the trace dairy seem the most benign (if trace dairy could be benign), although some people have said that only the Trinity formulation works (I read that after I made the decision).

The more I continue on this journey, the deeper I seem to get into complications, when all I'm looking to do is simplify. I suppose hindsight is always 20/20...

Thanks for your wellwishing and if the avatar is your physique, well established!

Health / Re: Sleepless...
« on: November 05, 2010, 10:02:57 pm »
I've not managed to reply on this thread due to major health problems (and trying to keep my day job), whereby I'm still not sleeping and now it seems that I'm not producing any bowel movements, plus I'm losing weight rapidly, even though I'm eating plenty of food and certainly not constipated/bunged up.

I've thought back and recalled that I tried taking a soil-based organism probiotic called "Prolisan" from Harmonic Health in the UK (I was also buying kombucha capsules from there), which must have kicked it all off (the maldigestion).

In the absence of stools and weight gain, I'm concluding that I'm not absorbing my food and that these proliferated organisms are consuming it on my behalf. From the perspective of no nourishment (starvation), severe sleep deprivation (no chance to fall asleep) and no elimination (no stools produced, only gas), I'm presuming that I'm on my doomed last legs with no clue as to what to do...I don't know what my inner ecosystem must look like now, but I can guess it's deranged somehow. I would try high meat and probiotics, but I'm wary about poisoning myself even further, given that I'm not fully compus mentus.

Another problem is that when I'm digesting, my electrolyte balance gets disturbed, so I get dehydrated, which further damages my skin/collagen - this is noticably aging my face.

I saw my doctor today, who has prescribed temazepam for sleeping and reassured me that I will not die, with an optional referral to a gastroenterologist, although I'm not so convinced. I've tried contacting the importer in the Netherlands (Green People) for a description of the specific organisms, but they don't answer the phone yet.

All in all, my health seems a little trashed. I was considering some kind of beam ray practitioner, but they don't really seem to be available in my region (UK). I suppose a zapper might be an alternative, but I'm damned if I know frequencies and things.

I should have better known better from past experiences with other-than-foods, but this sounded pretty natural to me, so I didn't even think twice.

As you can imagine, I'm currently in hell with sleep deprivation, malnutrition/starvation, anxiety and no elimination. It reminds me of the Laurel & Hardy saying "that's another fine mess you've got me into Stanley".

I'm not sure if this will be my last post, so I wish you all well on your healing journey, be it short and direct or long and winding.

If anyone has insights about Royal Rife/Zapping vs SBOs, it would be greatly appreciated, especially in the UK.



Health / Re: Sleepless...
« on: October 30, 2010, 04:13:24 am »
No, I decreased my fat intake again (according to your advice) and increased meat intake. There's no way I can take anymore than 200g meat per day - it destroys me. Even my instinct rejects eating more than that. I know it doesn't reconcile with everyone's experience but frankly, too much meat is not good in my opinion - maybe it's a kidney insufficiency thing, particularly with renal acid load. I really think those bubbles in the urine are from bicarbonate buffers made by the kidney in the presence of acids - the more meat/eggs, the more bubbles. There is something nice about those bubbles though, I have to admit - I can almost feel comfort in past paleo lives looking at those bubbles, although maybe they wouldn't be so self-evident when pissing up a tree or in a stream (certainly not into the wind).

The other problem I discovered with high fat is that I have to eat it 30g per serving, otherwise there's too much bile in my intestine and the resultant peristaltic waves push sodium-rich fluid down the small intestine (before reabsorption), resulting in severe dehydration and new facial wrinkles (from water moving out of cells due to change in osmolarity, causing shrinkage and death).

Also, I think insulin promotes potassium loss (kaliuresis) vs sodium recycling (antinatriuresis), which is another interesting electrolyte fact - maybe a little salt is good for seasoning, especially as a source of chloride for stomach acid.

Health / Re: Sleepless...
« on: October 29, 2010, 02:48:22 am »
Thanks for the insightful answers, which are most appreciated.

I ended up gorging on fat the other night (according to advice I chose), which massively released bile and moved too much water from my upper intestines, thereby dehydrating me and adding/extending a few new permanent wrinkles on my face. I've noticed this about dehydration and my face - more pronounced/extended wrinkles!

Anyways, after eating the fat, I was awake the entire night with an unbelievably powerful, steady heartbeat - not one wink of sleep, nevermind reaching REM/delta sleep. Today at work was a disaster but the funny thing I'd noticed is I'd been neglecting the carbs (someone astute mentioned carbs later on before bed) and I had that familiar ketone breath (I actually like the sensation of ketone breath). When I somehow managed to arrive at work, I decided to type "ketosis" and "insomnia" into Google - that was a revelation...It also reminded me of The Hibernation Diet (, which I always found particularly effective.

Good advice on vitamin D - I've actually ordered a vitamin D lamp for over winter, so that should be useful.

Magnesium was always trouble for me in rock/chelated forms (my first severe dehydration causing wrinkles), so unless it's a food complex, there's no chance it's passing my lips. Transdermal is a good idea and I'm yet to buy some of that oil - does it affect the bowel in any way?

Funnily enough, on the matter of wrinkles, I've directly experienced wrinkle healing with daily kombucha (a source of bounce tissue building blocks like GAGs) and L-proline/L-glycine, along with amla/triphala (high vitamin C).

I agree about bone broths completely - they are currently poisonous for me given the excitotoxicity, although maybe there's more to the puzzle of excitotoxicity in certain brains - e.g. magnesium and B6 as calcium channel blocker, as well as sufficient taurine (maybe low stomach acid is implicated in not enough amino acids uptaken).

WAPF certainly does not have the whole picture, although observing primitives is a good foundation.

I love Washington state, so Seattle is a great idea...Touche!

I started to eat more meat as a means for more minerals and more weight gain. Instead I got bloodshot eyes and wired insomnia - the saga continues...

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