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I have been getting that date stop, but I might not be sensitive enough yet to catch it before overeating.

Also, I forgot to mention, thanks Iguana for the invite to join you in this exploration! Where are you living? Looks tropical.

Yes, the so-called "instinctive stop" is most of the times very gradual and we are much better off if we stop as soon a food becomes less tasty or less satisfying, instead of going to the extreme end!

I'm in Algarve, Southern Portugal, 25 km from Lagos. We have tasty tropical fruits as well as Mediterranean ones, a huge choice of fine seafood, all kinds of nuts and vegetables. Plenty of wild boars come to my land and even around the house at night, but I could not yet get my hand on any. I hope to get the meat of one very soon.

Yes Arrow, that "too sweet" taste feels like a burning sensation when we have eaten enough of a sweet food such as dates, honey or cherimoyas. Other body feelings can be repletion, a slight nausea or any subtle discomfort with the particular stuff we are are eating.

Even if we don't eat much vegetables, we better put a choice of them on the table every evening. Even small amounts are useful and certainly necessary for a balanced diet..

I would recommend eating only 1 large meal a day, or even only one large meal every 2 days. Intermittent Fasting is a great way to increase longevity and health, just look at all the online studies supporting it. It is true that one needs to eat high quality raw foods, but the fact is that digestion occupies a lot of the body's resources, so that not eating/digesting all the time allows the body to focus on healing more. As regards variety, this is important as , in palaeo times, our ancestors had access to a far wider variety of foods than in modern times. The other point is that one's tastes change on a RVAF diet. For example, when I first started going rawpalaeo, I would eat lots of raw cod, since then I cannot stand the stuff, for whatever reason. The result is that I regularly change my raw foods  to avoid a monotonous dietary regime.

Good advices, I totally agree. If one can do that for a while, it's fine. On the long run, one meal per day would not be enough, I think. Two meals/day have been found to be the best compromise for most people. If we finish dinner at or before 8 PM, it leaves 16 hours of fasting until noon the next day.

Hi Arrow!

It's difficult to start alone without serious coaching. Anyway, there's not only 'taste changes" to tell you how much to eat, but a lot of other body feelings that we should respect.

Generally, 2 meals (lunch and dinner) per day with nothing eaten between works best.

About dates, in the beginning I ate up to 80 in a meal with nothing else. This number gradually decreased to a point where I can't now eat more than 2 or perhaps 3 maximum and they become too sweet (not sour). If you need/like dates so much, make a meal of it, exclusive of any other food.

We don't generally eat much veggies, except if we really like some, for example green-peas or tomatoes. Some in the evening, a while after an animal food (meat or fish or shellfish or eggs) or one kind of nuts, or avocados. It's very important that the meat and eggs are totally OK, from animals having no access to heated, processed food and wheat. I wonder were you find suitable eggs because it's normally not available unless you have your own poultry. When not available, I eat wild seafood instead, as Tyler suggests.

Where are you? If you could come here, we can guide you and we have access to a broad range of foods (probably the best in the world!) including our eggs, ducks and cocks/chicken, perhaps wild-boar or maybe mutton.  :P :)

By the way, GCB's main book is now available in English in a new updated edition:   

Primal Diet / Re: Experienced weird "detox" symptoms with Raw Milk
« on: October 12, 2018, 06:11:52 pm »
Well, after going RVAF, I would experience very powerful, invigorating feelings after consuming  raw dairy products, especially after consuming raw milk. This  was very drug-like in effect, and very addictive indeed. However, I soon recognised that raw dairy, over the long-term, is very, very harmful to me, given various dietary experiments etc.
That fits exactly with what is written in my signature!

General Discussion / Re: Carnivore diet burnout
« on: September 30, 2018, 06:18:59 pm »
Humans and other primates are omnivores rather than carnivores. Except in very rare exceptional cases, no wild animal drink milk of other animal species, and no adult wild animal drink milk anyway. Paleo diets exclude dairy.

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Portugal
« on: July 07, 2018, 05:01:38 am »
Hi Denis!

Why are you interested in GCB's fate and projects ?

By the way, he has answered to one of your posts here,29.msg706.html#msg706 and I have unbanned you on Paléocru to give you the possibility to answer. 

Welcoming Committee / Re: Hello from Portugal
« on: July 01, 2018, 04:59:30 pm »
Hi Bfcp!

You can come to see me, I live near Aljezur, in Algarve. I found a permaculture farm in Alentejo, they have sheep, exclusively grass fed. But there's a broad choice of excellent seafood in Portugal.Fruits and veggies are first class as well, much better than in France. There are almonds, walnuts, peanuts, chestnuts, olives, etc. Papayas ("mamao") and some mangoes from Brazil are cheap and excellent too.

Overall, I find that Portugal is one of the best countries in the World for its choice of tasty raw foods - and other things as well!  :)   

Doesn't it become too hot in the sun, specially if on concrete or on stones?

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat changing one`s character?
« on: June 06, 2018, 02:19:28 am »
Yes, I agree with you all 3, even if I don't know anything about this apparently crazy Sv3rige.

Thank you!

I started to eat "instincto" at 41 years old and I've always been much more attracted by aged meat, finding it more tasty. The only meat I really liked fresh was kangaroo, when I could buy some - unfortunately not anymore.

Burger's warning is about eating mammals meat too regularly for long periods (i.e. every day during several months and years) and vary instead with poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs and if possible, insects since their proteins are more different than ours and less likely to trigger auto-immune reactions in the long run.

I have 2 fridges, an old and small one that doesn't automatically defrost and a bigger one which does. I hang the meat first in the small one so that it dries on the surface and then I put it in the big one before it becomes too dry and hard. I've now also put a small fan from a PC in the big one, so that the meat can be matured in it also. I keep the temperature around 5°C without worrying much about it.

Below is the big mutton leg after 4 months in those fridges. Not much is left now!

General Discussion / Re: Raw meat changing one`s character?
« on: June 05, 2018, 10:06:56 pm »
(...) after he starts eating raw meat in the videos he become more and more hmm lets say he insults people a lot. Not to judge anyone but I wonder if this is a thing. I have also felt like i have become more agressive and selfish and some people around me also commented on this. Do you have a similar experience or is it just in my mind
That happens when someone eats meat from badly fed animals. It doesn't happen with meat of wild animals having no access to human garbage and leftovers, neither with meat of domesticated animals properly fed, i.e. exclusively on the raw foods their specie is adapted to. 

Thanks for that! I didn't read the whole article, but we've always found that we like aged, matured meat better. Presently, I have still in my fridge some of a mutton leg and other chunks that have been stored 4 and half months! Very tasty!

Quote from INSTINCTOTHERAPY - Instinctive Raw Paleolithic Nutrition
Translated from the French book "Instinctothérapie, Manger Vrai" by Guy-Claude Burger, pages 90-91.
Given results like that, I can hardly cast aspersions on meat as do some vegetarians, and as I myself did at one time. Overly strict prohibitions that have no basis in science are always suspicious; and one should guard against giving in to them or any other form of fanaticism.
With our method, we’ve been afforded further insight: especially meat left out in the open for a while is sometimes appealing to our instinct, exactly as any natural food. It would be surprising if this instinctive appeal went wrong. Considering the good results, there’s little room for hesitation.
_According to you, then, meat left in the open was part of man’s initial diet?
o According to archaeologists who have studied old bones whose flesh our ancestors ate, meat was eaten in substantial amounts some five million years ago.
_Why did you mention meat left out in the open?
o There are two schools of thought: one, involving the theory connected to hunting, and two, the theory relating to scavengers. If our forbears were hunters, they possibly ate meat fresh. If they gathered the remains of carcasses left over by predators, they had to eat them more or less matured and gamy. In fact, one can tell apart several groups of animals. First of all, the fresh meat-eaters_i.e. carnivorous animals who instinctively catch their prey and eat it live. Most of the time, they only eat part of it, beginning with the guts; they then leave the body that begins predigesting itself through the effect of its own enzymes and yeasts that develop subsequently. When it becomes rather stale, it gives off another smell, that is felt to be appealing to a second group of animals including warthogs, rodents, monkeys, etc. Finally, the body, if anything is left of it, turns into carrion. Then real scavengers step into the picture, i.e. jackals, vultures, etc. who find the smell of carcass, which we find repugnant, most certainly very pleasant otherwise they wouldn’t approach it. The only thing left after that is the final clean-up performed by maggots, cockroaches and other forms of life that disgust us because they very much conjure up a feeling of danger associated with rotten meat, which is toxic for us, or our own death which is another form of rot.
By comparing rib steak to carrion as a matter of course as your friend does, he’s jumping the gun as far as the natural process of things is concerned and he forces disgust in where there is none. Raw meat seems wonderfully enjoyable and fragrant if one needs it, when it has matured just enough. Man probably belongs to the intermediary category of carnivorous, somewhere between carnivorous animals and scavengers. It’s not by chance if butchers allow meat to stand for a few weeks before selling it.

A fully revised and corrected English translation is available on pdf for the forum members who ask me and provide me their e-mail address — we can't attach documents on PMs.

Shellfish is salty, fish flesh isn't.

We can drink some seawater also, this has been discussed several times here.
Didn't the sea level vary over time?

Off Topic / Re: Raw Paleo Diet Forum Statistics
« on: April 03, 2018, 04:42:38 am »
Though I am relatively new to the forum, I've also noticed that there is seemingly less activity nowdays. Looking at archived threads, it seems to me that they go deeper, by discussing topics for many more pages. In addition, I don't see old members on the forum anymore, which is a shame, because they have the most experience. I would love to find out how they are doing, in terms of health and diet.

On the other hand, I am glad to see that you (TD), Sabertooth and Eric are still active.

I'm still here too though less active than before, mainly because of what you wrote above: most of the ones who were responding and with whom we had interesting discussion have disappeared without a word, without saying goodbye. God knows what happened to them. For example I sent two PMs to Inger, but no answer.

Now there seem to be a rotation of newcomers who again disappear after a while and are replaced with new ones, who in turn soon disappear again!

General Discussion / Re: Storing raw meat
« on: March 11, 2018, 06:30:00 pm »
BTW, I eat a lot less mammals meat now and more fish, shellfish, poultry and eggs. We now have many ducks hens, cocks and we eat the males: were tasty meat. I'm convinced it's better and safer since their proteins are further away and more different than ours.

I wanted to add this to my above post, but it doesn't work. GS, are you still here?

General Discussion / Re: Storing raw meat
« on: March 11, 2018, 06:17:55 pm »
a small computer fan, placed inside fridge works well.  Wires are slim enough to not cause a leak when slipped through the door opening.   
Yes, that's what I've done in my new fridge.

I have been eating raw wild boar and raw moufflon in large quantities since c.2010/2011-2015, with lesser amounts consumed since then. Never had a problem.

Me too, a lot of wild boar but moufflon only once. If the animals live in their natural environment, not too polluted areas, have no access to garbage and human denatured foods, I confidently eat their meat and I've never been aware of any parasite infestation.
"Privately raised" means they feed them with God knows what.

Off Topic / Re: Interesting insight into Indonesian Hunter-Gatherer tribe
« on: January 07, 2018, 03:42:01 am »
What is your standard of health? Being obese? These guys look fine and healthy to me.

It happens that I have a book in which there's a chapter about these people of Mentawai, with nice photos also!. I remember very well reading the text about them, really cool guys. I'm happy to learn that they are still living the same peaceful and undisturbed life!  :)

How does a plastic bag taste?  ;)

Off Topic / Re: What are you currently reading, watching, learning?
« on: November 16, 2017, 07:42:31 pm »
Thanks, ys! Excellent posts.

Off Topic / Re: Origin of plastic in oceans
« on: October 13, 2017, 02:48:56 am »
The study follows a recent report that pointed the finger at China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam for spewing out most of the plastic waste that enters the seas.

The Yangtze has been estimated in previous research to dump some 727 million pounds of plastic into the sea each year. The Ganges River in India is responsible for even more - about 1.2 billion pounds.

A combination of the Xi, Dong and Zhujiang Rivers (233 million lbs per year) in China as well as four Indonesian rivers: the Brantas (85 million lbs annually), Solo (71 million pounds per year), Serayu (37 million lbs per year) and Progo (28 million lbs per year), are all large contributors.
It's not really surprising. Most people in these countries have no idea of the problem and they don't care at all.

General Discussion / Re: hanging meat in your fridge
« on: October 09, 2017, 03:56:56 am »
 ;D  My bad. I wanted to ask  how often we have to use the "FAN" in order to air them? I hope we don't have to keep the fan on for 24 hours a day.

It depends on the temperature and what you intend to achieve. The meat can stay at ambient temperature in still air for a while, but for my taste it ages better with a fan, if at room temperature. Outside in cool temperature or in a basement, it can be kept without a fan. Just check often how it evolves and if the smell suits your taste!

While traveling in a van, I hung a chunk of meat under the rear view mirror and kept it in the wind with a window open when driving... ;)

General Discussion / Re: hanging meat in your fridge
« on: October 08, 2017, 06:26:15 pm »
(1) Is it enough to preserve the meat in such Pantry (without the Fridge)?
(2) For how many weeks/months could be meat hanged in this way?
(3) How often does we have to air, and for how long?
(1) Yes, but it will age quickly depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Better with a fan in front.
(2) it varies according to the temperature, humidity and size of the chunks. In a fridge, 2-3 months. If the fridge is auto-defrosting, it generally needs a fan. If it is an old fridge with manual defrosting, the meat will become dry quickly and too hard to chew after some weeks, depending of the size of the chunks.
(3) When hung like this it is always aired!

The thing from e-bay looks fine.


I concur with Eric. Just add that you should easily be able to find wild fish and shellfish in Florida. Meat satisfying to our requirements is hard to find in most places and when I don't have any, I rely on seafood for animals' proteins.

BTW, have you been affected by the hurricane?

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